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The circuit makes no sense. Why would you connect L and C in series with the fan motor? A possible capacitor application would be for a "capacitor-run" single phase motor with two windings.
Dear readers Is there any one with experience on developing and AC V/F motor control. I'm looking for a 1KW AC single phase motor control. Any one interested in helping me building it is also welcome. Let me know Regards Oscar Goos
135403 Hi all, Here i have attached the controller circuit schematics(done in LTSpice) for single phase BLDC motor. The basic working is that based on the hall sensor signal, the current output of H bridge inverter should reverse. Across points A & B we'll be connecting the motor. Here the pulse signal represents the h
Hello,I would like to control the speed of an AC single phase motor I constructed the ciruit as you find in attachment.I have the following problem which I would like you to help me solving: >>Whith the snubber of 1nF/250V(shown by multimeter) and 1.5Kohm is not allowing the PIC to control the motor >>When the optocoupler (...)
The load of a compressor is an electric motor. So it all depends on the size of the motor, so 100W 230 single phase to 20kW 415V 3phase for commercial installations. Frank
I am designing a vfd module for capacitor run motor (like the ones typically used in AC compressors). I want to start the motor at 50Hz and then bring it to 45Hz once the ambient temperature cools down. Is it necessary that I design two inverters for this purpose- one to run the main winding and the other to run the auxiliary winding with a 90 de
What should be AC fuse rating & NTC (-ve temperature coefficient) rating for single phase 230 VAC, 50 Hz, 1 KW AC drive (Max input current is 10 A)??
So are the power factor capacitors fitted directly across the motor? Is there any neutral fitted? Does the motor current pass through the single pahsing detector? Frank
Hello everyone. I am controlling a single-phase-AC-motor, of 220VAC & 1HP, by using a relay. Do i need to add BACK-EMF suppressor with motor or with switch? Thank You.
Do avoid the noise you could used some form of higher-frequency PWM control that uses MOSFETs and not SCRs such as this, but I don't know if those are avail
capacitors? Shower pumps use single phase AC motors and they don't have capacitors with them, other than a few nF for HF filtering.
Can Someone please give me a circuit design for a single phase VFD, emphasizing that it shoudn't be a 3 phase circuit.
I have a cabinate controlling a 3 phase motor. I need to fit a single phase 24vdc out smp in the cabinate. Do I connect the input of the smps between two of the phases to get 240Vac or do I connect between neutral and one of the phases to get 120vac? I think this is probably a conventional (...)
Perform single steps, either in half- or full-step mode. Verify the individual A-D and motor phase signals.
How does the phase preventer circuits works? How does it stops the motor rotation when phase reverses.?
If a three phase motor is running and it looses a phase, it will actually generate 90% of the phase voltage back onto its feed (see rotary phase converters). So to build a loss of phase detector for a single or multiple motors is difficult. If there is a (...)
i am doing my FYP on synchronization of two single phase alternators at 100Hz. i have complete one set(speed control module>12 V dc motor>alternator 150W) and put that on a board. this gives a pure sine wave. now i put another DC motor and alternator on board. now to synchronize the second alternator with first (...)
Dear All, I have a servo motor. I am unable to recognize it as I don't have any of it's data. Couldn't find details of this motor on internet too. Kindly help me in following questions. Is it a single phase or three phase motor ? Output Power mentioned on motor is (...)
A permanent split phase capacitor (PSC) motor is NOT the same as a split phase motor. No it isn't. But the motor under discussion with three wires is more likely a PSC motor. Most small single phase operated motors (if they aren't shadow (...)
hello everyone, i want to know that is there an h-bridge inverter module exists? i have my final year project which is variable frequency drive (speed control of single phase ac induction motor). i have generated spwm signals using pic mcu through which i can achieve variable frequency. however, i am stuck with the inverter and now want (...)
I was thinking how can i make a soft starter (and not speed controller) for a single phase induction motor, like in refrigerator compressors. does anybody know where should i start?
hello everyone, i want to interfacing the single phase AC motor to Friendly ARM.....but before that i will do it on my 51 or avr kit.... i also want to contorl its speed...... can anybody help me for this???? thank you.. single phase or Three phase????
Dear Friends , I am driving a circuit i nwhich in which i am using delta ac drive to control speed of 3 phase motor.The drive converts the single phase to 3 phase voltages . The problem is the moment ac drive rotates the motor , I see noise in the 5V linear power supply or (...)
Hi, I would like to run a three phase motor using triac. Also i want to do using a single pin from the microcontroller ic. I have attached the circuit as per my opinion. 112004 I am new to this 3 phase motor control and all. Please tell me whether this circuit is correct or not? Also Please (...)
Stepper motor configuration Voltage:: single phase 220~240V Torque:: 2.35~20N.m Power:: 140W plz help me...,
i want to repair my ceiling fan motor. it was brunt when running. i search in books and internet to repair this. but i cant solve the problem. the fan is 220V AC (50HZ), 1200RPM it has 2.5uf, 440V capacitor. any body please help me about the number of turns of the coil. and how to connect the capacitor. i attached the photo of the fan [
hi this is shre naik m doing speed control of 3 phase induction motor using single phase 230 volts,50hz supply. i wanted assembly language code for generation of 3 phase pwm signals(6 pwm) to be given to IGBT inverter i am using pic p18f4431,supply frequncy 50 hz,switching (...)
In Gieras/Wing, Permanent Magnet motor Technology - Design and Applications, I find a paragraph about single phase BLDC motor design. They are made e.g. with non-uniform air gap to generate a starting torque. They are basically suited as a replacement for single phase AC (...)
Have you measured the total current when the motor is running in forward and reverse? Most single phase motors have a run winding which always goes across the mains, the start winding (which has the capacitor in series) has the mains applied one way or the other to reverse the direction of rotation. Frank
Hi Folks. I'm a complete beginner so please be gentle. I'm trying to rewind a 240v, 440w, single phase induction motor. My problem is that in taking apart the windings (which were heavily varnished and fairly fried) the coils became very difficult to count so I've ended up with some discrepancies even after several counts. Starter coils: (...)
Hello guys, I am trying to build a control circuit for a single phase induction motor. How do I go about doing this? This motor will be powered by battery. So I would need an inverter as well. The circuit needs to be able to control the speed of the motor using VFD. thanks Hi adnama You can have a bit (...)
Would the single phase motor run slowly or won't run at all if its starting capacitor goes completely bad or capacitor became weak ? Hi Danishdeshmuk, There are many symptoms that will show faulty of motor capacitor : - The motor will not start, but if you spin by hand, the motor (...)
PIC -CCS SETUP_CCP1(); setup_power_pwm(PWM_CLOCK_DIV_4 | PWM_FREE_RUN | PWM_DEAD_CLOCK_DIV_4,1,10000,1000,0,1,0); set_pwm1_duty(duty); hello dears ... can you elaborate ..further ... because i am also trying to do variable frequency and variable voltage for single phase 220V motor Speed control, Us
You do not know how to figure out what the 3 phase motor voltage is and you want to build a single to 3 phase converter from scratch. That's crazy!
Hello guys, I was working with one technician in getting one motor repaired. Was discussing some 3-phase related things with him. Came across one case, where, he was mentioning to use a single phase preventer. Was wondering what it does. He was explaining but couldn't get clarity. I have browsed through several (...)
Hello sir, I am really confused that how to control the speed (rpm) of my single phase 1 HP Servo motor using PWM by PIC16F877A micro-controller. What hardware and Code should i use to interface my 1 HP servo motor with PIC16F77A for controlling it's speed. Please find attachment for specifications of the (...)
I know single phase motor cannot start alone as rotating magnetic flux is not generated with single phase supply. To make rotating magnetic field in stator single phase supply is made like double phase supply with the help of a capacitor and double (...)
hello, this is the first topic in this forum and i happy for register here :-D i have 2 prob. in "single phase induction motor" and i can't solve them ======= ======= 1)360 w , 220v , 50 hz , 4 pole , R(main)=6 , R(aux)=10 , X(aux)=14 , X(m)=48 , constant torque=.72 , rated speed=1440 rpm determine: torque at full load (...)
Hi , I am planning to develop a project using 3 phase line ( 440v) below are my doubts 1.How we can decide the line current is in single phase or 3 phase? because based on the i need to do switch on the motor pump can we measure phase angle using ADC of pic 16 series( need (...)
It is difficult to control a single ph motor using v/f=const. Torque of motor is proportional to V*V. So reducing speed by a small amount reduces the torque to square of it. For wider range successful speed control, use DTC or Vector ctrl.
All induction motor have speed proportional with frequency. When reduce frequency, alson need to reduce voltage to keep same flux. This is automaticaly made by inverter in various mode (depend of control method); when reduce voltage by k, torque is reduced by k^2, so torque may became very low at small speed. May try to use 3-phase inverter for t
I have a triac circuit as shown in figure. The voltage comes to triac and then goes to a relay's open contact then to the load(a 3A single phase ac motor). I first open relay and then trigger the triac but as soon as i open the relay even the triac is in off state, the load gets some voltage for a very brief of time period and then it stops. (...)
DC-bus current ripple depends on load inductance and PWM scheme (2-level or 3-level), but will be generally high for a single phase H-bridge. Assuming sufficient load inductance and preferable 3-level scheme, the DC-bus "sees" the 30 A motor current switched on and off, resulting in 15 A rms ripple current at 50% duty cycle.
Thanks. But, I know the switching strategy of single phase inverter.Its confused three phase inverter High and Low side.
Good day! I saw this code in the internet for single phase AC motor Speed Control using TRIAC. The existing project used AVR microcontroller. I would like to ask help from anyone here who's familiar/knowledgeable in both PIC and AVR in transferring and translating it to PIC18 (both are written in C). The schematic of the project is attached (...)
Good day everyone! I'm new here and I'm new to PIC programming.. I would like to ask help from you guys. I'm using PIC18F4550, zero crossing detector, optoisolator and triac for my induction motor speed control (single phase). I would like to ask ideas from you guys how will I program it or maybe post some codes that will help. (...)
the 1500 watt inverter is a single phase one and cannot drive a 3 phase motor, you need a 3 phase inverter to drive 3 phase motor
how do i interface a vfd drive(single phase induction motor) using a plc. 1. the application is i have a mixer chamber that is to be driven by single phase induction motor using vfd i need to control the speed of the motor to get desired results. 2. please (...)
Induction motor: "The single coil of a single phase induction motor does not produce a rotating magnetic field, but a pulsating field reaching maximum intensity at 0 degree and 180 electrical." 83164 I understand that splitting the phase using capacitors produces a Rotating magnetic (...)
Microchip has published application notes with circuit suggestions for small motor inverters. single phase induction motors are either shaded-pole motors or split-phase motors with a starting or permanent capacitor. Capacitor motors would be driven by a (...)