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Hi Must be a small question. I wan to know how to impliment Two point calibration and slope/Offset calculation. ExampleL If you have a temperature sensor and you like to calibrate it with two know temperatur levels. There must me some error or difference in the known values and the value given by your sensor. in software calibration the soft
Hi, In the opamp design, first u assume the amount of current to flow at the tail, let say about 100uA. Then to find out the value of λ, take a single PMOS or NMOS. You fix the gate voltage and u sweep the VDS (Drain voltage). Later you plot the curve IDS Vs VDS. So, you can measure the value of ro (output impedance) from the slope. Then co
If its linear, and you have two points, namely, thinner doping and thicker doping values, make a line and find its slope. X-axis is the distance. Y-axis is the doping profile. I am not too sure about my answer, but the reason I think its not a bad method is because the gradient is in cm^-4, which is (cm^-3)/cm. Kinda reverse answering.. If an
why the slope of fequency response of gian in Gray's book is -6dB/octave? i know the slope is -20dB/decade, and i calculate it as follows slope=-20dB/(log8x-log810x) =-18dB/octave what's wrong with my calculation? Thanks!
The key parameter for EKV is 'n', the slope factor. Our foundry gives us S, the subthreshold slope, which can be converted to n by S=ln(10)*n*Ut. The rest of the parameters for calculating Ispec are process parameters which are easily obtained from the model card. Then I size my devices according to weak and strong inversion I-V equations. How did
Hi I need advices on noise calculation of ADC. I'm designing a single-slope serial ADC. A two-stage comparator compares Vin with Vramp and drives an NAND-gate. The output of the NAND gate then activates a counter. The counter operates at much higher frequency than the -3dB freq of the compartor. I want to calculate the thermal noise of t
Nominal Resolution of dual-slope ADC is usually referring to the resolution of the time measurement of de-integration phase and is simply given by your hardware design. Usable resolution is a matter of various error terms and more difficult to determine. Ponts to consider are - integration capacitor loss factor - comparator response time
you will have burden resistor on the CT you use for current sensing, to add slope comp to the signal from this resistor there are myriad ways in the literature to do this. slope comp of current signals is only required for pwm >49%. Regards, Orson.
Transformer calculation v0.1 is program for calculating number of coils and wire thickness. If you have some experience in assembling transformers, then this program is perfect for you. Info: Transformer calculation - Vypo
Freeware LAKU is a program for loadflow and shortcircuit calculation in electrical networks. The program is running on a PC under Windows 9x, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. LAKU supports the languages german and english. Data input can be done best with the graphical editor NETDRAW. Both programs can communicate with ea
Here is appcad for DOS containing helical inductors calculation. Software runs from floppy disc (FAT32 problem).
RF Workbench v4.0
Circuit design & calculation program OS DOS Description: Circuit design & calculation program
Actually I am trying to design a Induction Heat machine. I need information about the calculation of section of Ferrite core to manage the necesary power. The machine will work to 50khz or up. Thanks brothers.
Transformer calculation is program for calculating number of coils and wire thickness at transformer.
I am wondering how could I calculate voltages on resistor network ar maybe better resistor mesh. I have thick film resistor with large area. I am wondering what is the voltage distribution on the surface. I have assumed that there are a lot of nodes on surface, and calculated voltages from Kirchoff law. But even use of mat*lab for simple Kirchoff c
Dear all, Xilinx advertizement or datasheet says about the size of FPGA as System Gate. Does anyone know how to come up with the calculation of the system gate? The largest Virtex-II XC2V8000 is about 8 M sytem gates. Does this mean I can implement 8M logic gates? I guess this is definitely not possible. Thanks.
Hi ! Does anyone have Infrared Com. calculation Software or some Optical Link Calculator. ?
The AlCap design tool dimensions the capacitor banks required to implement link-circuit capacitances. When you enter the specific parameters of your application such as voltage, current and ambient temperature, the tool calculates a range of key data including useful life, price index and lists ordering codes for numerous solutions. The database us
where can i find RCD soft clamp calculation?
can anyone kind to provide me with the formula or calculation used in desining a fractal antenna. as example , calculation determine the feeding point calculation determine the impedence and other parameter thanks regards danesh
calculation of simple arithmatic than usual method. like for example: if u want to multiply 99971 by 99988 without using pen/paper 99971 *99988 -------- 100 - 71=29 100 - 88=12 then 29* 12= 348 ,so put 348 at end then since the numbers are five dig
I'm now doing my project on LNA with embedded active inductor and now I've succecfully design the active L. My problem is I would like to calculate my noise performance of the active L and then prove the calculation via simulation! :cry: A lot of books and paper/journal tell us how to calculate but there are no explaination on how to do our no
ti and onsemi website have application note about slope control of current mode smps.
I will really appriciate if anybody can give some References/Links for hand calculation of poles and zeros in cmos amplifiers..
Below are the equation for MOSFET of 1/f Vn(1/f noise) = rt where Kf = Flicker noise coefficient f = frequency r0 = output resistance of the circuit Problem 1. What is the value of the ferquency? f3db@GBW@frequency that we pick? Example kf = 2f gm = 2.83m Cox =
How can I determine the dominant pole of an opamp by hand calculation? I am confused with associating each node with a time constant and things like that......where can I find good reference about that? I read Razavi's simply does all the calculation and I don't really get any insight of the circuits......any idea? Thanks a lot. :D
Dear All: Today I use report_lib to read some lib information. I am not sure what does the slope, fanout->length mean. Such as: Name : 5KGATES Location : ssc_core Resistance : 0.00012 Capacitance : 0.000266 Area : 0.5 slope : 50.9049 Fanout Length Points Average Cap Std Dev
Srivats.. ...please remember following 2 rules for current mirrors.. 1. always use Channel length which is 4-5 * Lmin ...(though this is ideal for DSM i.e < 0.25u)....the best thing wud be for u to characterize the MOS and see for which 'L' Id slope is less...use that length 2. Ensure that Vds of mirror X'tors are similar..this takes out (1+
Lot of computing can be done with fixed point, which is much faster than floating point calculation on microcontrollers. For which application is the floating point necessary in microcontrollers systems?
How to do power calculation for Xilinx FPGA ..??? I heard xpower tool is there for Xilinx FPGAs.. but what if I dont have...
hi, how i can calculate the power for this ckt? can the ckt carry double the current capacity of the mosfet? thanks Binu G
These are ordinary quarter wave transmission lines. They are sometimes made slightly shorter so that the capacitor between the open end and ground can change the resonant frequency. The reactance slope is determined by the loaded Q. You control this with the source and load impedance.
Hi, Question: Why many output softwares don't give the H-field in the far field calculation? Maybe am I missing something? Thanks, Mica
Is it possible to switch between floating point and double precision in MWS? I know from my experience with other software that floating point calculation may increase the speed a lot and reduce the memory requirement. Still the accuracy of the calculations arent to bad at all.
hi, is there any symbolic math calculation library for C, especially in the calculation of Laplace transforms and its inverses... ??? or how do u handle symbolic manipulations? pls give me an overview! :) thanks. /cedance
hi friends, I am looking for the fast calculation book..if any one having please send the book or link to ut.. tnx in advance.
hi, I have started with HFSS recently, i want to know that how to find the value of tangential field component of a structure and how to physically identify the resonant modes formed in the models of HFSS 9.0.
Does anyone knows the loop filter calculation for the MC145170 PLL. Iknow that the data sheets are available but I need a layman's methos (direct formula) to calculate values.
Hi, i got this error message ( in the logfile) when i try to simulate a project in MWS 5 using a copy of project model from the old version 4. "Parallel symmetry planes! No farfield calculation possible" can somebody explain what i've done wrong. what i did was, i open a project (previously simulated with MWS 4) with MWS 5, save it wi
the slope for 3rd harmonic is 1:3 for any condition? for example : substrate , temp or power?
For current mode DC-DC design, a artificial ramp is added to inductor current signal to aviod sub-harmonic oscillation. The slope compensation is chosen: 1/2*Mlslope. Ma is the slope of artificial ramp.
Could anyone suggest reading material for slope compensation
Could someone please guide me to amterial on slope compensation
Try this first: You can also go to the TI website and search for "slope compensation". There should be lots of material.
Dear all, Where to find theory and examples of signal flow graphs calculation? Cmunikat
When you trace an Id-Vg @ Vd=contant courve of a MOSTand you draw it on a logarithmic vertical scale, you will notice that, for Vg < Vth, the Id current (in the log scale) increases linearly with Vg. The slope of this section of the couve is called the WI slope or, more exactly, the inverse slope. It tells you how ideal your transistor (...)
Hi, I've been reading some papers on the common gate LNA recently. I'm confusing by one of the noise issues: most of the papers say that the channel induced gate noise is decoupled and should be neglected, however, the other papers do account for the gate noise in the noise calculation. I'm wondering which one is correct, and why? By the way
Help is needed for calculation from near field to far field in MWS CST. In simulation, forgot to put the far field probe in some positions, the simulation is very time consuming. Does MWS CST support this kind of calculation to users? Thank you and Regards,
I need some information about ths topic : " open loop parameter's calculation in the feedback system through closed loop parameters" any help would be appreciated.