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can anybody help with how to simulate smartcard on proteus? thanks in advance!
Hi all, Am working on a TDA8029 smart-card reader controller. Am not able to find the specific fields in smart card where the name of the card holder, his ID and all other details will be stored. Can anyone please help me in this. Regards and Thanks, Ranjini
Hi I have an empty fun card Atmega 163 which I am trying to program. I want to use it for some sample program eg Hello world or serial inout output a value.I can write the program in C or assembly using AVR studio. I am using Cas Interface studio to write the program on the smartcard. This asks me three different files. Flash memory, Internal
"ATR-Analyzer v1.0" or "WinExplorer" might help you. A common smartcard <-> PC interface is known as a "Phoenix" interface, there are many diagrams (and ready made units) available through Google (you might have to find a Windows XP PC that has a serial port!). Another option is to depackage the die from the micromodule and inspect it for markings
does any one have a complet schematic diagram fir smartcard programmer using chip like ttl 74 or upc as pic16f84 or at89c2051 that works with 3.579 mhz or 6 mhz
in the below link i find smartcard reader for iso 7816 smart card then i try to make it but i have some problem with schematic 1. what pin of 7407 connect to Data of smart card ?( pin 8 of 7407 or pin 12 of MAX232) 2 . what is connect to pin 12 of Max232 ? (RST or clk
Hi all I am Pavan Kumar . I am NEW to this Forum. Presently I am working on PIC16F877A to interface the SLE4428 smartcard directly. from the Datasheet I read, the card have to give the dataout of the first 4bytes of memory as ATR(Answer to Reset). what must be that data initially.
Hi... i dont know if is in this section that i can request this... but i'm new in this type of situaction... I need a code in c/c++ for pic16f877 with a RTC(ds1307) and smartcard... the program is that when I insert the card in the smartcard slot, be recorded on the same card the date and time it was inserted and turn on a green LED to inform
I had a look at a smartcard with a chip I would like to make a simple device where a microcontroller can write to the memory of a smartcard. Then another device connected to a PC can read the data written to the card. Dont know where to beging ?
Good evening. I made Phoenix Interface smartcards reader/writer. Is avaiable to it use cards with SLE4442 chip? I'm new, please be patient. Regards, gonet9
Hi, anyone have some idea about interfacing a smartcard with a pic-micro in basic? I'm a newbie and need to understand how to make some macros to develop application with smartcard and pic. Thanks
fun card programer whit software which it's useful - this fun card contents avr micro
Hi. I am reading something regarding this standard and there is a part about smartcard and reset. If the ATR signal consists of some characters then is it normal to look at ATR signal as onto standard serial connection package transfer ? Am trying to define the characters inside the ATR so i can understand how is this transfered from smartca
What frequency? You can find equations for coil design for 125kHz & 13.56MHz on the Microchip website: For details on RFID principles, check "RFID handbook" - Klaus Finkenzeller: and "smartcard handbook" - oriented more on software
PicBasicPro Example Applications (smartcard - RTC - SMS) by FSAN Proteus simulation files.
Range is up to 8 meter and the price is 1500$ with antenna you can contact with
Card Pardaz Pars has a full range of smart card reader products, you can contact them, they also have a reader that can work with SLE4442 and SLE4428 memory cards.
I also need the antenna design of an electronic article surveillance gate (30 point to email :
Hi all! A have a novice problem with a smartcard development. We have buyed a SCR3310 smartcard Reader and 4442 smartcards in my job. After installing smartcard reader drivers, I saw that was installed testing software on my computer (testResMan.exe). This testing program do a scardconnect with the inserted card in (...)
contact to: you can get some SLE4428 sample cards and technical documentation.
Any body who can suggests the material or site for the smartcard project using pic microcontroller
hi all, i am going to work on smart cards. i have got the TDK semiconductors 73s1121F smart card controller. i am looking for a smart card and connector. this is a 8052 core. i am using this smart card for identification of device. some thing like i want to store the device id i that. i am not able to communicate with the controller thr
Your post interests me much. Before clarifying your problem, I would like to ask you some question: - You do yourself your smartcard Reader? Or you buy it from a provider? Which kind of interface it uses (USB or RS232 or RJ45?) - When you send your select command, you send it from your uC or from Computer. If from computer, which program you use
What you need is the footprint for a smartcard CONNECTOR, not the smartcard. In order to find a connector footrpint, you first need to decide which style connector, and which manufacturer's connector you will use - Amphenol, Samtec, etc. Which connector do you plan to use?
Hello i am doing my fourth year thesis project and i want to get my 68hc11 to read from a smart card, cant seem to find useful help in doing that any suggestions or websites i can refer too thank you please
Anyone can tell me something about this? thanks
to all Your questions are too wide in terms of information. You can easily find many information about smart card using This post is just to let you know some information at the floor level. smartcard is something 'smart'. Exactly, it's a microcontroller-core chip in which an OS is embedded. The first Generation of smartcard is
hi, i found this source code on the net hope it help you : /* Filename XSLE4442.C Description SLE4442 smartcard Example Program Hardware START-C51 + smartcard Socket Clock 11.0592 Mhz (x2) Compiler Keil CA51 v5.0 Engineer Sanon & Kriangsak Company Sila Research Co.,Ltd. */ #inclu
Hi my brother! I think Atmel Crypto Memory smartcard devices ideal for You. These components was project specifically for money transactions ! For more information, check in ATMEL web site: Best regards, Gorkin.
Hi, I needed a very small size, cheap and low consumption oscillator, for supplying a clock to a smartcard. I made the attached schematic. It works fine, but since I do not have many experience with analog issues, I want to ask if there is any possibility to have other problems (instability, etc.) over time. I am not particulary interested in high
hi, everyone! who can give me some advice on how to accurately measure the power dispatch of a chip for side channel attack, which is cryptographically attack a security device, say smartcard, by measuring its energy consumption and analysize the trace of power in all respects in order to find something about the sceret keys involved in the operati
i try to compile (SOSSE - Simple Operating System for smartcard Education) u cane fild it at my working file is i using WinAvr but meny error happen like" hal.c:51: error: invalid lvalue in unary `&' " for line " outb(0xFF,DDRC
I got some smartcard ("recycling" ;) almost from trashcan). But I don`t have any kind of documentation. I have discovered something about this card with try&false method. It has 256B or more of memory. It responses for I2C adresses in range 0xB0 - 0xBF with ACK impulse (at other adreses doesn`t responds). For adresses 0xB5 and 0xBD sends some data
Dear all, I am the new starter of the contactless smartcard research. As I know it has Type A or B RF modulation from the card reader to the card. Could anyone introduce to me that which company sales the Type B smartcard development kits? Moreover, my boss asked me to measure the amplitude of the recevied signal in the (...)
You need smartcard standard ISO 7816 part 2. It describes pin assignment and dimensions. Use Google with keywords "ISO 7816". Ace-X.
i want a routine or way to include in the program that im going to write, to get 1- know that the smartcard is inerted 2-some how get/recieve data to the pic in the smartcard im not sure if im making sense hopfully i am. please guys give me some help im disperate for ur help dudes :cry: To get the idea how it c
how the hell can u programe can u make a program for a smartcard goldwafer...contains a a pic(16F84A) and eeprom (24c16) need any hit or procedure of how to make a program for the smart saying any thing man please need u guys help...
:( im a uni student and need to to make a simple program for a goldwafer smart card that contains a pic and eepro 16f84a and 24c16. any body know what are the steps that i should develop the program. im saying any program even it was like a data storage in the smartcard please help me i really need help please :(
has any body please have a program for smart card, my whole year project is to do a locking system for a university, i need some sample code its the first time doing pic please i need smaple code of how to prgram the smartcard and the reader pleeeeeeeeeease som body. i have to use the following smart card and reader a pic 16F84 and a 24C16 E
Hi, Try TE-20 It's JDM based. Use Ic-PROG with it. I re-edit the pcb to remove the smartcard connector because i don't need it. But i forgot where i saved it after the modification SphinX
im lookig for smartcard in-system programming bootloader chip asm or hex source codes for pic or avr smartcards thanks all!
where can I find information about antenna design for contactless smartcard? Any web link or document to download. thank you :o
Is anybody use the IT8708F-A I/O controller for smartcard read/writing? Need example, how to get access in win9x/NT.
So do you already have the hardware interface and need to write some software? Well what kind of smartcard you're talking about? a memory card or a micro based one? and from which manufacturer? :) micro based smartcards communicate via serial asynch: you talk to them as you do with a serial peripheral, what you need to 'say', depends... me
Does anyone have protel libraries for smartcard development including the atmega chip? TIA C
I am making some modifications on a smartcards reader. As you know a generic smartcard uses some signals like : Vcc (Power Supply), Rst (Reset), Clk (Clock), I/O (Input-Output), Gnd (Ground). At the moment I can modify the level of this signal and this means , for example, that if I modify the Vcc to 4.2 Volt, then I have Rst,Clk and I/O to 4.2
Hi... here you can find an old and small interface to SLE4442 smartcard. It' is working on some my instruments. Unfortunately, it's for Z80 components and no comments... but I think this may help you... bye, Ippo
what cpus are used in cpu-based smartcards? I know there's 8051 clone, the microchip pic16xx clone, is ARM used, in particular? eman
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