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Dear All, I want to make a smartphone powerbank using 7.2V 2500mAh rechargeable battery pack to charge my HUWAWEI smartphone with 2000mAh 3.8V battery. Is it possible and effective? and please tell me how.
Samsung might have another exploding smartphone. Samsung has come under fire in the last two months after it released a Galaxy Note 7 in August that was prone to overheating and exploding. Soon after it discovered the flaw and customer devices were catching fire, Samsung announced a recall and replaced the handsets with new versions that it said,
Samsung might have another exploding smartphone. Samsung has come under fire in the last two months after it released a Galaxy Note 7 in August that was prone to overheating and exploding. Soon after it discovered the flaw and customer devices were catching fire, Samsung announced a recall and replaced the handsets with new versions that it said,
Samsung might have another exploding smartphone. Samsung has come under fire in the last two months after it released a Galaxy Note 7 in August that was prone to overheating and exploding. Soon after it discovered the flaw and customer devices were catching fire, Samsung announced a recall and replaced the handsets with new versions that it said,
Just over half a litre of urine is enough for six hours of charge time, which can power a smartphone for three hours.The average toilet break produces around 600ml of
There are many companies making batteries for the Galaxy S5 smartphone. None of them say its maximum allowed output current. It is Lithium and it is not protected so its maximum allowed continuous output might be 20A or more. I think your battery will be fine delivering only 1.5A. I use 325mAh Lithium-Polymer model airplane batteries. Its maximum
Hi, I am interesting if during charging smartphone through USB 2 port I can use data lanes (D+ and D-) for any purpose (let's say data transfer) or these pins are parts of the charging process and can not be used Thank you
Hi everyone, I need some Ideas for my project. I am doing a project called Digital Home. Means everything can be controlled by Wifi( smartphone) How can I Dim one CFL or LED-100W ( replacement of Incandescent Bulb). Which(Voltage or current) one should I control In order to make the LED/CFL to Dim
Hi guys, Let me introduce you to HackPOD, an advanced microcontroller platform we developed over the last 2 years. HackPOD is a fast and powerful electronics development platform in a portable smartphone form factor. It is based on a 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4 chip running at a clock speed of 72 MHz and is programmable by the Arduino IDE and C lang
Hi, I heard that Microphone input in smartphones provide some DC voltage for different needs(let's say connect external microphone circuits) If this true, does somebody know parameters of this source: voltage and current abilities Thank you in advance
Hi! I decided to solder a 3.5mm 4-pol phone connector to a 6.35 mm one in order to record electrical instruments (guitar, keyboard... maybe mixing desk too) directly in my smartphone. You can see the first version of this "adapter" in the picture attached. 125598 I used it together with two apps (MyVoiceFree and Wav
The easiest way to interface your microcontroller with any smartphone is thru bluetooth; the modules are cheap, and very easy to use.
Hello everybody! I'm working on an project rigth now and I would need some help finding an Sensor/Development Board. And this is how it should work: The acceleration sensor should transmit the accelaeration data to a smartphone via Bluetooth after beeing activated by an NFC chip. Does anyone know if there is an existing board which combines th
Hi, I have an idea here to power a PC fan cooling pad that runs on USB(5V). The power source is from an AC powered smartphone usb charger as shown here. My thinking is this will WORK if the data cables on the the pc fan cooling pad is
I currently sell a portable consumer product similar to a bike helmet. I would like to embed a Bluetooth headset inside the helmet to allow the user to make phone calls (by connecting to the user smartphone) by pushing a button on the helmet. 1. Would you have any recommendation for an OEM solution that I could embed in my product? 2. Is th
- Can I use a Bluetooth Smart module (embedded in the system) to control/configure and monitor the system through a smartphone? i.e., I want to implement the similar functionality of the front panel through a smartphone. - Which Bluetooth profile can I use to implement my design? - Are there any similar example applications avai
Hi folks, Please excuse me if this post is in the wrong section. This is a generic question, but pertains to my specific problem. The gps is my Android smartphone suddenly stopped working. I tried all the 'solutions' recommended on popular phone sites (hardware, and software, although I'm fairly certain its a hardware issue). No joy. O
i am new to this embedded world i dont know how to write c program for bluetooth module in ARMnRF518225(it has inbuilt bluetooth module) discoverable and pairing with smartphone please help me with your knowledge my objective; press the button LED turn and also buzzer produce three beep sound make bluetooth module discoverable and p
The Aux pin or PGM is used??? Send the schematic of programmer!!! Try too the WINPIC800 or another programmer software. Ops!!! I cannot see the image on my smartphone.
Hi, I need a development board with 4 CAN channels and a bluetooth module. The requirement is to analyse the CAN messages from 4 different CAN channels and respond to a smartphone via bluetooth. Does anyone know such kind of board?
Hi, My chipkit wf32 board act as a tcp server and android smartphone act as tcp client. In wf32 i used DNETck library and in android i am using Socket package. my server will send data at regular intervals. Client will not send any data to server, it just receives. In server, i am calling isconnected(&DNETck::status) regularly to check the stat
Hi i am using Chikit WF32 wifi board as a tcp server and my client is smartphone. WF32 and smartphone are connected via wireless router. I use DWIFIck and DNETck libraries for tcp connection. I need to monitor the status of tcp connection continuously. But when the wifi connection of the smartphone to router is switched off, i cant able to (...)
A lithium battery in a smartphone is about 3.2V when it needs to be disconnected and charged and is 4.2V when it is fully charged. Then its average voltage is 3.7V. It can supply a very high current for a short duration but its capacity is about 2800mAh for a Galaxy S5 phone (all the batteries are different). A Lithium battery must have a circuit
With the development of high end smartphones over recent years, the mobile phone technology has made huge improvement. However such progress has also come with some drawbacks. One of the drawbacks is the cost of mobile phone repairs. Thanks to the introduction of touch screen technology, the cost of replacing a scratched or broken screen is now mor
This one is almost trivial... To parametrize/configure simple DIY boards powered by small 8-bit microcontrollers, one might use DIP switches or jumpers... Last few weeks I am experimenting with another solution - to define parameters on a smartphone GUI and then transfer them into the tiny 8-bit microcontroller using the "Flicker" interface. The
Hi All. I like to make a NFC device for WiFI Password sharing to smartphone. This Activity generally called "NFC Tap for WiFi" ... where, when user Tap his smartphone with the NFC device then smartphone will automatically gets the WiFi Settings from NFC device and connect to WiFi Hot-Spot to access Internet. Can anyone give me idea how (...)
They used to use a GPS chip set called SiRF. From what I know - today many of the smartphone manufacturers use a GPS that's integrated into their SOC. For example Qualcomm's Snapdragon has an on silicon GPS (!)...
Hi, I am new to ChipKIT and PIC. I have ChipKIT WF32 with PIC32. I need to program it to convert sensor's analog output to Digital value and pass that data to a smartphone through Inbuilt Wifi module in WF32. I heard that PIC can programmed using both MPIDE and MPLAB IDE. What is the difference between both approach? and are they both are just
Hello, I recently bought any M2M SIM from "" danmark, one is called by them "GLOBAL" because they work in all countries, and the other "EU Standard" for Europe (I live in Italy). Mounted on a common Samsung smartphone to test the operation, they work regularly. If I put in my project which mounts the SIM900 return "network error", you ca
- You need a GPS on collar then which will send the longitude and latitude info to your device of choice (PC or smartphone). - If you use smartphone as communication option then, you have limited option which are inbuilt into smartphone for communication viz. Bluetooth, SMS (GSM module), GPRS (GSM/GPRS module), InfraRed (if available in (...)
If you want to update your firmware only with smart phone, than you can do it without the need of having USB OTG, by using USB-HID Bootloaders. I had seen USB HID Boot-Loaders fro Microchip PIC 8-bit series of controller's, but you have to write the smartphone application by your own. USB OTG is not required in this case, but if you want to update
Hello, I am receiving ASCII characters to PC with a RF module connected to PC from a board that sends the ASCII characters using its RF module. Is there a way to transmit ASCII characters from PC using its bluetooth to the smartphone through the bluetooth. thanks.
With this battery charger you can use Lithium battery for your projects very simply. All you need is to solder wires from battery and load to the board. Then if you want to charge battery, just plug USB cable in. This board is compatible with almost all modern smartphone chargers. You can run the load and charge the battery at the same time. You
That module operates at 2.4GHz at 9600bps using a proprietary frequency hopping system. I do not think any smartphones that could directly receive a signal from that module. Many smartphones have 2.4GHz radio's for wifi and bluetooth but I don't think they are compatible with the protocol used by that module. Without connecting extra hardware to
hello, I am looking for a document that shows how much power needed to charge a completely smartphone. thank you very much It depends from particular smartphone (big/small screen), battery size (in mAh) and way on which you charge battery (phone is turned On or Off) + losses in efficiency. In any case
Hello everybody, I'm new to any kind of forum and this is my first post. What i'm looking for is a small device in the size of zigbee that transmits wireless signal to a smartphone. I need this because my professor who is guiding me for a project asked me to find some thing like that Please if anybody knows anything about a
Cool, and once they release a phone, do they just immediately start working on a new smartphone? Or what do they do in the middle? i think that might depend on market competition i dunno xactly as i am not related to this field
Hi All, I'm a research student in Vanets field. I focus on the ability to use smartphones to support safety and entertainment apps in VANETs, as smartphones today have a lot of capabilities (Wifi, GPS, 3G, sensors, bluetooth..), so we can exploit these features by using a smartphone as an on-board unit inside a vehicle to communicate (...)
Hi everyone, The mobile market is rapid growth, but it seems like a closed system, i.e in the old days people can build they own PC and have great knowledge about what is inside it (PC) but not many discussion about building smartphone or tablet can be found.. IMO, building them is not rocket science as the market has almost all the modules, ju
Hello, I am working on MCU USB communcation programming, and I got several questions. I hope somebody could help me. I wonder if I could use the USB CDC or HID between MCU and smartphone(iphone)(If I could use CDC, how I can install the CDC driver on smartphone?) Also, I wonder how to program the CDC driver. Thank you very much, Best,
hey guys i'm new to DSP trying to implement Spectral Subtraction according to i have no background in DSP i would love any tip you can give me, this is ment to be for Android Based smart phones //takes only the part of the conversation for pos to pos+size and does hanning
Its fairly easy with a smartphone. Here's an android app: All you'll need is a bluetooth serial module (costs around 10 USD on Ebay). The Android app will send separate characters over the phone's bluetooth. You just need to connect the bluetooth serial module to a PIC and read the incoming data over the se
Hi all, I am looking for HIMAX HX8526 TouchScreen Controller DataSheet, this controller is used on HTC explorer (pico) smartphone. Thx
hi friends, i have a Nokia n-96 smartphone and running Symbian v-3 on it. i want to install a new operating system on it. as i searched and asked before, i've found that its cpu is arm9 family, DUAL ARM9. is it possible to install any distro of linux on it like slackware or ubuntu! or ...? also i mean those versions that support arm9. thank you
Hi What kind of GPS devices are there that transmit it position and allow other devices, eg: smartphone/computer to locate their position? Are they cheap? I have no knowledge on this, sorry if the question doesn't make any sense. This is what I'm trying to do: - Person A have GPS device that transmit it location periodically - Person B, P
How about Astrix PBX + WiFi + WiFi enabled smartphone with SIP client
I am using LG Optimus 2x smartphone(Gyroscope and Accelerometer sensor) for positioning. I want to get correct rotation angles from gyroscope that can be used later on for body to earth coordinate transformation. My question is that 1- How I can measure and remove the drift in gyro sensor. The one way is to take the average of gyro samples (when mo
Hi, I am using Lg optimus 2x smartphone which contains gyro and accelerometer sensor. I want to get correct orientation using gyro, while in motion. How i can get rid of gyro bias and drift?and get correct yaw pitch and roll values. regards ravi Dear sir or Madam : We are a company specilized in accele
I want to know the similarities between those 2 gadget in terms of 1.Size 2.Function 3.Component structure 4.Scheduling 5.Process management 6.File system I've tried searching this information for an about 1 week but still the results disappointed me.. Hope someone can help me.. You may send the information or link to my e-mail [email
hi, I am using smartphone accelerometer and orientation sensors for pedestrian dead reckoning( to detect the steps taken). Orientaion sensors give me three values Yaw (Rotation around Zaxiz) , pitch (Rotation around x axiz), Roll (otation around (y axiz). I am using the following roation matrix for transforming from body to ENU coordinates. (