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hi i am using orcad software(capture for schmatic & Layout Plus9.1 for PCB designing). i need footprint for smd type resistors, capacitors, crystal, LED, 6 to 12 pin IC, max232 & 2 to 16 pin connectors. anyone say where to find foot print for these components in layoutplus library.
Yes, sure there is some libraries included in orcad, and of course I realize that I have to do a lot of footprints myself (and I do...) But does it realy make sense that everyone is doing the same job over and over again to create very common footprints like SOT223-5 SOT23-5,6 smd electrolyts modern TSSOP and so on. Doesn't anyone know (...)
Dear All: I need to create a customized 0402 capacitor footprint(smd) to use in MentorGraphic Expedition. The recommended size from IPC-SM-782A is too large for me. May I know what is the minimum pad size, pad pitch, solder mask, body outline size etc. that I can use? Thanks in advance. Regards,
MOV stands for METAL OXIDE VARISTOR...a protection device used on teh PCBs. There are disc type, radial type and smd varistors available. Check for varistors, then you should be able to find different types of packages and their correcpsonding footprints.
Hi guys... anyone have all the standard smd footprints dimension (such as 0201,0402, SOT... in pdf format? Appreciate if sharing...
I need footprint for MMT3799 transistor mmt3799 smd.pdf - - 0.03MB According to www.americ
hi all, i need an urgent reply on following query: I have three components with same footprint name defined but now i have to change footprint of only two components and i dont have schematic also, kindly help me out. I need to change component CB1 and CB2 to THD package from current smd package (i.e. CAP_ELEC_smd_B to (...)
Hello, Does anyone have any PCB land patterns for standard SMT parts like SSOIS, SOIC and especially TSSOP parts. The standard libraries don't seem to have these parts. Thanks Sam
Hi, Im new to PCB design in general, more specifically to PCB editor 16.2. I am creating a passive structure with my own package footprints. My problem is that i do not know how to connect two pins of different packages without getting the DRC spacing errors. My pads have smd openings on them. Am I not supposed to use the add connect command(F
does anyone has an idea in smd technologie, the problem is that when i design the footprint of a resistor in the datasheet they make only the maximum and the minimum value?? what is the value that i should take to design the footprint?? is the package 0603 standard or it depends on the chip?? regards,
1) you need to connect using off page connectors to connect the nets. 2) you need to go through the IPC7351 smd footprint standards to understand the different footprints.
specify the width used to route the smd components, atmega128 controller
help "decode" the smd code. Thank you in advance for your ideas and advice. PS:Please excuse me for my English. I come from Czech Republic
Hi, i am working on eagle cad and i need to place a smd inductor but i can't find any kind of information about the package other than the lenght of it in all directions. Is there any general group of packages for smd inductors (like A, B, C... for Tantalum) or no? I am going to need to create my own footprint? Any lib for eagle with many (...)
I copied the symbol, so there should be no differences in symbols of these two devices. I made my own package (it is very simple - after all it is just a pin header with a smd footprint), named the pins from 1 to 6 as with the original. But they don't seem to be compatible. And what is strange is this: 1) I have drawn many other pin headers
Many years ago I did a similar thing with capacitors. How does it appear in the schematic symbol? I would expect 4 pin numbers (if display is activated) for one capacitor terminal. It's similar with the below shown part, that represents a through hole or smd capacitor as assembly variants. Pin numbers are normally hidden. Pin wir
Please who can draw to me or give me the footprint of the coil i have a doubt in understanding the dimension of the coil
Hi Folks, I have a doubt about footprint design. Is there any difference design for a smd pad in wave solder process and reflow solder process? I hope someone can help me with this question! Best regards! :smile:
I have bought several OPTEK OPIA412ATU optocouplers, from the OPIA400 range. The datasheet doesn't give much in the way of soldering footprints, just that this type is "Package Style A", which may be an internal OPTEK name. The dimensions are given
Just wondering, are there any supercapacitors(in mF) with 0603 footprint and 6.6 V or higher rating?
I am trying to figure out how to avoid tracks getting routed in between the pins of resistors etc of surface mount components. I could make up rules for each component on the PCB but that would make a big mess. So I am looking for a global kind of rule that would cover say groups of particular types of components. Anyone who can point me in the rig
Hi, I want a suitable footprint for smd electrolytic capacitor 470uF/25V and 1000uF for Altium, but can't find any thing. please help me to find it. Thanks.
Hi Yursen, you can use smd Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors.
Hi, I have a question regarding dimension tolerances, which are given by manufacturers. For example this ceramic capacitor: . The one I choose is 0603 in imperial. The tolerances for the Length and Width are +/- 0.1mm. The lead width is 0.35mm +/- 0.25mm. it's about 70% tolerance. Since I'
Hello, I'm currently working on my first full-smd PCB. In the past I used some electrolytic capacitors like a 47?F/6V, 471?F/16V, through hole version for my PCB's. Now I'm looking for smd versions. I need to know the size of the footprints. Are they standardized like the through hole versions. I'm looking for electrolytic c
Hi, Could anyone suggest a location where to find smd layout rules, ie come into pads only at right angles, avoid 90 deg bends etc. thnks Peter
Dear all, I have some questions about the RF trace on PCB. I hope anyone could give me the reply. Thanks 1. Trace width problem: For example, I have calculated the width (50 ohms line impedance) of the trace based on the equation. I found that the width = 1mm width (just example), then the trace is 50ohms impedance. However, there are
hi jayasurya, according to your data sheet it is 100% smd component. Anonymous_Ricky's data sheet is also very helpful. the PAD size only directly not mentioned in that. you can grant it as 0.64x3.5mm(approx) Pad size and edge to edge of total component is 15.74mm according to outline drg. you can add 0.254 mm for PAD outer dimension for so
I have a 28V 50A source. I wish to implement a relay to handle this source and have a switch for switching ON/OFF this relay. Any advice or sample circuit design for this implementation? I prefer a smd mount, low profile, small footprint relay.
Hi All, I designing some footprints (quite a few actually) in Altium for a PCB that I'm currently designing. A quick and simple question: If i'm given dimensions in terms of tolerance (i.e. an upper and lower limit) (but no mean value), what dimension should I take for my pad size, chip dimensions etc? The particular chip that i'm currentl
m using orcad 9.1 last 6 months only. i m new 2 this field. in orcad layout library, for smd type footprint what is this, "QUAD.050/44/WG.785" here 44 means 44 pins then 0.05? wg.785?. plz explain it .05 will be the leg pitch 0.05". The WG.785 will be the body dimension I think: 0.785". I think that may
Hi there, guys I worked on this single layer layout the other days, I printed it out, I made it using the photographic method and it came out great ... but my plan was to place my components on top but I can't do that because the layout I made it's only good for placing smds ... what changes do I have to do in order to pla
hi 2 all i request u all pls any one can make me the pcb footprint of ICL7107 ITS AN smd IC AND THAT SHOULD BE SAVED IN PADS2005 WHY WE R HAVING THE LICENSE FOR PADS 2005 ONLY SO PLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS HELP ME URGENT:sad:
Hi, The smd code J3Y is for transistor S8050 There is no problem to put BC817 instead. There is almost zero chance the microcontroller to be damaged - it's connected to the transistor through resistor.
im using altium designer 10 for creating my PCB. now i want to create a smd board but my altium library doesn't have 805 component library.where can i download it?
Hi, How about mounting the resistors vertically or using smd components.
As Kabaleevisu wrote these might be via assigned to pad during footprint creation. These vias take net alias of the pad they are placed. As you can see in blue coloured pads all vias are covered with the shape as they have same net but only yellow coloured pads and vias have isolation from shape. or it might have been that, via under smd, du
Hello. The below part is an H-bridge layout, 2 layers. FETs are smd and use the printed board as Now after some searching I thought that maybe there is a better way from thermal point of view, having less vias. [url
Hi All, For any smd component where should a pick and place point & why? Is the SMT machine automatically detect the pick & place of a component or we have to program that machine to pick component from a certain point? I define pick & place for a smd vol regulator ( Its DD pak 3-leaded) at pin1 but SMT machine can't picks it correctly. Currentl
i am using Eagle Software and want to make footprint but dont know the procedure. My design is MCPCB design contain only top layer,& smd coponent. please help me
hi, I am design one layout for my project in this layout all component is smd package type, I am also given same footprint to it , but still when i completed my component placement it gave me ERROR 136 Something. I also give a snap shoot of that error was occurred images
I am using Altium Ver.10.391. I want to change all of my TO-90A Thru hole to SOT89L smd. I got message : " cannot match pads with new footprint". What can I do to replace them? Thanks DV
Hi, I have identified a SOIC adapter see link, ( ) for the LTC3470 ( ), which is a TSOP23,, TS8 plastic package. Please suggest whether this adapter would be suitable for the device ?? thanks a v
I'm making some PCBs for newbie soldering beginners, thus avoiding the smallest of parts and pitches. One of the goals is to add an extra hole or pads to some parts thus allowing multiple sized parts to be used. I have optional pads for large smd parts too. For IC chips, they are dual-footprint, both DIP and staggered SO packages. I do have som
if the library of layout software does not have the footprint of your component you need to make it by yourself. 1. you need to know the package(smd, DIP, ..., ..) of your componet 2. download the datasheet of your component 3. see the dimension mentioned in the datasheet for the specific package. 4. create footprint using any layout design (...)
There are different MSOP packages in the Altium designer PCB libraries. The first point is to check if 0.45 pad width is appropriate for the respective part. It might be for some power devices that have relative wide pins. Secondly, the solder mask finish depends an actual expansion rules. Now it's apparently about 0.1 mm, which mostly isn't
Hi shabu, Antipad atleast 20-30 mil extra and don't give paste mask top for Through hole component,Tolerance is 3 mil for plated Hole and non-plated 2mil tolearnce ========================== Hi, while creating Through footprint you have to follow this thing Drill Hole-pin +10 mil Pad size-drill +20mil (if it is more then two layer ) if it is singl
Hi aslam Here i attached sample footprint for you (check page no 256 in your datasheet). 1) open your PAD designer (cadence-->PCB utilities-->pad designer-->select Layer mode-->select shape as rectangle in downside )after that select TOP,solder mask,paste mask for smd Package,enter the width and height of the package as mention in rectangle box
Hi Thunaivendan, Drill size, pad size should be determined based on the footprint information in datasheet. Post the part number you are using.There is no specific trace width as is based on the requirement. Follow your stackup. For 6A current you need to use solid shape instead of trace.IRF540 seems to be a smd part not through hole.