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hi i am using orcad software(capture for schmatic & Layout Plus9.1 for PCB designing). i need footprint for smd type resistors, capacitors, crystal, LED, 6 to 12 pin IC, max232 & 2 to 16 pin connectors. anyone say where to find foot print for these components in layoutplus library.
1) you need to connect using off page connectors to connect the nets. 2) you need to go through the IPC7351 smd footprint standards to understand the different footprints.
I copied the symbol, so there should be no differences in symbols of these two devices. I made my own package (it is very simple - after all it is just a pin header with a smd footprint), named the pins from 1 to 6 as with the original. But they don't seem to be compatible. And what is strange is this: 1) I have drawn many other pin headers
does anyone has an idea in smd technologie, the problem is that when i design the footprint of a resistor in the datasheet they make only the maximum and the minimum value?? what is the value that i should take to design the footprint?? is the package 0603 standard or it depends on the chip?? regards,
Yes, sure there is some libraries included in orcad, and of course I realize that I have to do a lot of footprints myself (and I do...) But does it realy make sense that everyone is doing the same job over and over again to create very common footprints like SOT223-5 SOT23-5,6 smd electrolyts modern TSSOP and so on. Doesn't anyone know (...)
Dear All: I need to create a customized 0402 capacitor footprint(smd) to use in MentorGraphic Expedition. The recommended size from IPC-SM-782A is too large for me. May I know what is the minimum pad size, pad pitch, solder mask, body outline size etc. that I can use? Thanks in advance. Regards,
MOV stands for METAL OXIDE VARISTOR...a protection device used on teh PCBs. There are disc type, radial type and smd varistors available. Check for varistors, then you should be able to find different types of packages and their correcpsonding footprints.
you need ipc-2222 standart which is include smd and thr footprint size if you are look at tis forum you find it and look at the following adress /**/
I need footprint for MMT3799 transistor mmt3799 smd.pdf - - 0.03MB According to www.americ
hi all, i need an urgent reply on following query: I have three components with same footprint name defined but now i have to change footprint of only two components and i dont have schematic also, kindly help me out. I need to change component CB1 and CB2 to THD package from current smd package (i.e. CAP_ELEC_smd_B to (...)
specify the width used to route the smd components, atmega128 controller
help "decode" the smd code. Thank you in advance for your ideas and advice. PS:Please excuse me for my English. I come from Czech Republic
Hi, i am working on eagle cad and i need to place a smd inductor but i can't find any kind of information about the package other than the lenght of it in all directions. Is there any general group of packages for smd inductors (like A, B, C... for Tantalum) or no? I am going to need to create my own footprint? Any lib for eagle with many (...)
Please who can draw to me or give me the footprint of the coil i have a doubt in understanding the dimension of the coil
Hi Folks, I have a doubt about footprint design. Is there any difference design for a smd pad in wave solder process and reflow solder process? I hope someone can help me with this question! Best regards! :smile:
I have bought several OPTEK OPIA412ATU optocouplers, from the OPIA400 range. The datasheet doesn't give much in the way of soldering footprints, just that this type is "Package Style A", which may be an internal OPTEK name. The dimensions are given
Hi, I want a suitable footprint for smd electrolytic capacitor 470uF/25V and 1000uF for Altium, but can't find any thing. please help me to find it. Thanks.
Hello Electronicers, simple question, I would like to build a 5V regulator with smd components, as shown in the picture: Figure 1. Fixed-Output Regulator from the site: 88722 What is the type of capacitors 0.33uf and 0.1 uf I should use? Tantalum Capacitors
hii all, Anyone have footprint (thru hole/smd) of S/PDIF type connector???
Its a surface mount device, use the recommended footprint is best, the size is going to be so small you would hardly notice. use some other method such as silk, or do what many do and rely on data and pick and place info being correct. I have never seen anyone do a different pad for an smd devices pin 1 (PTH, some use a square pad) but for small SM
Hi all, I want to know the size of micro via for .265mm pad and .4mm pitch WLCSP package. For the same i want to know whether via on smd pad is possible if so what will be the dia of that micro via. Regards, Arunmaran
Does anyone have info about commercial footprint biometric sensors?
that's not the only site, depending of the pkg, and manufacturer more useful is: 1°/ some manufacturers give their marking codes list as for example for General Semiconductors, see: 2°/in some distributor Catalog as Farnell, Dimacel,you can find smd marking lists. 3°/ here are other sour
I know that this is not a new topic, but surely there is someone out there that has company or personal notes refereenceing what is included in orcads standard librars. DIP SIP I can figure out but the others? If any one has any thing that they can share it would be appreciated. Can not understand why Orcad does not supply this information?
smd codes, about 80 pages in english, describe how to use and read codes on smd components Download mosfet power transistors: Download
Hello, I'm currently working on my first full-smd PCB. In the past I used some electrolytic capacitors like a 47?F/6V, 471?F/16V, through hole version for my PCB's. Now I'm looking for smd versions. I need to know the size of the footprints. Are they standardized like the through hole versions. I'm looking for electrolytic c
Demo Version of smd Land pattern calculator available at DrBELL
Hi all, I need to build a small serie of PCB with surface mount, my problem is to buy 1% smd resistors in a reel, to be able use inserting machine. Some one knows, where to buy small quantities of smd in reel?? ThX NeuralC
This link help you to identify the manufacturers' type number of an smd device from the package code
Need the libname AND footprint name of a simple variable resistor. This was is round (mostly black case with in the middle white) Cannot find it !!.... only square ones please help ?
Hi, does anyone knows wich is the footprint for a 7-segement display? If, not I´ve herad that anyone can make its own footprint, how can i do it? Thx
I have designed a board with RCM2200. I have the footprint of this module in Protel99 format, if any need this I can share. Regards.
Search according to quantity, variety of tips. Not always is better pointedly tip. Somewhere in Elektroda is a link to GB site where was described smd soldering technique. If you solder smd components with e.g. 0,5mm pitch is most better do not solder each pin separate but more pins at the same time by sideways moving of the plane (flat) tip. T
hello, i want to design a pcb on which is a spartan II (bga456) too. where can i get the schematic symbol for orcad capture and the footprint for layout? any ideas? thanks in advance, hqqh
How I can find a collection of pictures of footprint?
In the old Orcad 9.2 - how do one go about creating a new SMT footprint - they all seems to be circular/donuts - how do I make those rectangular pad?
Hi again, This is very usefull book for smd component codes Regards. / Warning #1 - File deleted. Don't upload files from the net, just post link:
Hi guys, I am a newbie with Orc@d :roll: and I was wondering how you normally set the "PCB footprint" property. 1) When a place a component in Capture from the libraries the PCB footprint is empty, is that right? 2) Is there a way to just add the component from the library with the PCB footprint set 3) Is the UPD file the (...)
Hi, I'm looking for a visual system to detect presence of smd components in production line, optional read value and position of the component. I know a few systems but they are very expansive, any body know an affordable alternatives? Any information is welcome. Thanks, hc
Hi i wonder if any one can help me in finding a library containing the footprint of generic TV tuner... i am using orcad layout.. and i am new to pcb design.... so any comments or suggestions will be very helpful thanks
Hi i need smd auto transformer. who are the vendors supplies it? i want very small in size. niks
Due to the PCB constraints I need to put DDR DIMM connectors on both sides of the PCB. Unfortunately I can?t find any manufacturer that has smd DDR DIMM socket in a product list. Does anyone know of a manufacturer that make such sockets? Molex and others seems to have only through-hole versions. igorsat
Hi Does anyone have the footprint for RJ 45 for Orcad or Protel ? I need it. Thanks in advance
What website have new footprint and board outline lib for power PCB 4 or 5 update ? Thanks in advance
Hi elcielo !!! You can try this (** =tt). Maybe help you . jackrs
Try this
I have been reading specs for compact flash, and i am not sure to make Compact flash footprint for OrCAD as the way it should be, so I ask if anyone could share it or now in what library i can find it. I have seen that Eagle has it on download section (good job for cadsoft as support), is there anyway to export it that to OrCAD ? Thanks !
I'm designing a DSP board based on TMS320F2812, this is a 176 pins LQFP component. I'm working with ORCAD 9.0 and I haven't got any library with this component or similar (nor symbol neither footprint) :( . Could somebody help me to find an ORCAD library with this component or another similar. The most important for me now it to f