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All, Designing a board for an LED project I'm doing. The driver is LGA, and combines pins for one signal. For the pins that are square or rectangular it's okay, Because I can just spot a smd pad with the proper Dimensions and it works well. But when the pins are not and require a different shape, I Can't figure it out, ha ha. Att
As most modern day smd footprints are hard metric and as mm is a standard unit why not work in metric, its a lot better. For inner layers a conventionally drilled via is used or stacked microvias, read this:
I have bought several OPTEK OPIA412ATU optocouplers, from the OPIA400 range. The datasheet doesn't give much in the way of soldering footprints, just that this type is "Package Style A", which may be an internal OPTEK name. The dimensions are given
Clearly yes. There are detailed IPC specifications for footprints, you can also refer to manufacturer footprint suggestions. The most important point is to understand the limitations of smd wave soldering. A lot of modern components (fine pitch, "quad" pin arrangement) can't be wave soldered. In my view, the technique is almost legacy today. So
im using altium designer 10 for creating my PCB. now i want to create a smd board but my altium library doesn't have 805 component library.where can i download it?
hi i am using orcad software(capture for schmatic & Layout Plus9.1 for PCB designing). i need footprint for smd type resistors, capacitors, crystal, LED, 6 to 12 pin IC, max232 & 2 to 16 pin connectors. anyone say where to find foot print for these components in layoutplus library.
1) you need to connect using off page connectors to connect the nets. 2) you need to go through the IPC7351 smd footprint standards to understand the different footprints.
Hi I am doing projects and products mainly using MCU . Presently I am using Orcad for My PCB purposes. I am doing circuits normally with say fits in range of 15Cm*10cm. ~! The components are DIP or smd .Never BGA or any such complicated footprints. So far I have not done any circuit simulation . I wish to learn a simulation tool
PCAD 2002 smd Components Libs