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hi i am using orcad software(capture for schmatic & Layout Plus9.1 for PCB designing). i need footprint for smd type resistors, capacitors, crystal, LED, 6 to 12 pin IC, max232 & 2 to 16 pin connectors. anyone say where to find foot print for these components in layoutplus library.
you need ipc-2222 standart which is include smd and thr footprint size if you are look at tis forum you find it and look at the following adress /**/
As most modern day smd footprints are hard metric and as mm is a standard unit why not work in metric, its a lot better. For inner layers a conventionally drilled via is used or stacked microvias, read this:
Can I use the 0603 packet smd capacitors at 60v. (Capacitors values are 100nF and 10nF.) Also dou you know max. operating voltages of other packets?
PCAD 2002 smd Components Libs
I want to make an 1.5pF Capacitor in series with a 4nH Inductor and then the C+L in parallel with a Resistor. I am wondering how to make the pad design for this three smd compnent? Thanks in advance.
do you know any smd push buttom for altium designer?
I have bought several OPTEK OPIA412ATU optocouplers, from the OPIA400 range. The datasheet doesn't give much in the way of soldering footprints, just that this type is "Package Style A", which may be an internal OPTEK name. The dimensions are given
that's not the only site, depending of the pkg, and manufacturer more useful is: 1°/ some manufacturers give their marking codes list as for example for General Semiconductors, see: 2°/in some distributor Catalog as Farnell, Dimacel,you can find smd marking lists. 3°/ here are other sour
smd codes, about 80 pages in english, describe how to use and read codes on smd components Download mosfet power transistors: Download
Hello, I'm currently working on my first full-smd PCB. In the past I used some electrolytic capacitors like a 47?F/6V, 471?F/16V, through hole version for my PCB's. Now I'm looking for smd versions. I need to know the size of the footprints. Are they standardized like the through hole versions. I'm looking for electrolytic c
Demo Version of smd Land pattern calculator available at DrBELL
Hi all, I need to build a small serie of PCB with surface mount, my problem is to buy 1% smd resistors in a reel, to be able use inserting machine. Some one knows, where to buy small quantities of smd in reel?? ThX NeuralC
This link help you to identify the manufacturers' type number of an smd device from the package code
Search according to quantity, variety of tips. Not always is better pointedly tip. Somewhere in Elektroda is a link to GB site where was described smd soldering technique. If you solder smd components with e.g. 0,5mm pitch is most better do not solder each pin separate but more pins at the same time by sideways moving of the plane (flat) tip. T
Hello people. from where point I with Orcad capture, which footprints allegro Pcb needs? many parts in orcad Capture do not have an entry with "Footprint". can't that be done automatically, how with Eagles or PCAD? Sorry my English is not so well I has google tranlator uses I hopes it it understood :roll:
Hi again, This is very usefull book for smd component codes Regards. / Warning #1 - File deleted. Don't upload files from the net, just post link:
Hi, I'm looking for a visual system to detect presence of smd components in production line, optional read value and position of the component. I know a few systems but they are very expansive, any body know an affordable alternatives? Any information is welcome. Thanks, hc
Hi i need smd auto transformer. who are the vendors supplies it? i want very small in size. niks
Yes, sure there is some libraries included in orcad, and of course I realize that I have to do a lot of footprints myself (and I do...) But does it realy make sense that everyone is doing the same job over and over again to create very common footprints like SOT223-5 SOT23-5,6 smd electrolyts modern TSSOP and so on. Doesn't anyone know (...)
Due to the PCB constraints I need to put DDR DIMM connectors on both sides of the PCB. Unfortunately I can?t find any manufacturer that has smd DDR DIMM socket in a product list. Does anyone know of a manufacturer that make such sockets? Molex and others seems to have only through-hole versions. igorsat
Hi elcielo !!! You can try this (** =tt). Maybe help you . jackrs
Try this
Where to find an Orcad Library with Xilinx Devices - FPGAs and CPLDs. I am looking for a comprehensive lirary with schematic symbols and Layout footprints ! Thanks! :)
I would agree that they are vision targets for the QFP, they would reside on the copper layer with the soldermask removed and no silkscreen anywhere near. pd Sometime there are two big special spot in the two corner of the mounting room for smd Quad package. These spot always left alone and does not connected to any net
Hi, Anybody got any smd Zener diodes with 0.5W / 5.1V rating to recommend ? So far I only got Rohm, Panjit and FairChild. Thanks
Guys, I haven't seen that somebody wrote to the members on the important addition on TI site pages. In its product folders TI introduced the Symbols/footprints section from which sch symbols and layout footprints can be downloaded, for several most famous EDA suites. So, troubles with incomplete libraries go to history, having in mind the size o
i want to know how to program 89c2051 smd type , can i program it by usual 89c2051 programmer ? thank you ,
Hello, somebody knows a Web where recommend the footprints of the components? (sot23, PLCC, 1206, ...) Regards!
Hi all, I am looking for the identity of a SOT89 packaged MMIC with marking code C4 (it runs on about 90 mA, and it is used in the 900 -2000 MHz range). Any hints? 10x in advance, Al PS. I searched Google and the smd code book, no satisfying result.
Hi all, i would like to find schematics or links for a very small timer, it can be smd, it has to power a coil when the count reaches 0, count from seconds to soming like 10 minutes, have a led display, it can also use a cheap pic, (btw i never did) i live in argentina :( , so like i said it has to be cheaper and the components easy to find... and
Does anyone know some OrCAD-Layout to Allegro footprints translation tool ? Thanks
Hi I want specctra to exit long smd pads, like those of a TSSOP case, only at the narrow side, but at the same time it should exit nearly quadratic pads, like those from resistors and caps, at any of the four sides. What's the easiest way tho set these rules? Regards Stefan
Hi, All on Borad of my computer i see very small components like RNx Cx (Defferent color) Rx (x = 1, 2, .. etc) for example RN7 (272), R21 (2) and C34 (gray) Thanks for all probably they are smd components. you can search for smd code to know what the components are.
Hi, I guess I had repeated it earlier. You do not get a smd socket. You can use bread boarding technique. B R M
Hi, You can do yourself smd adapters for : TQFP44 TQFP64 Bye
hi there, i need ff1152 and fg456 footprints for orcad for virtex2 chip range. if someone has to share them with me, i'm ready to give interesting xilinx IP core rewards, or if someone has a problems with sysgen i could help with fixing. greetings
Usually you cant. Very few smd caps or inductors are marked. Unless they are large electrolytics that are marked, you need a DVM.
If someone had info or experience on smd soldering oven. I'll appreciate. I am curently using a classic soldering Iron quite succesfully , but would like to know if reflow oven or air soldering machine are better ? It is only for prototyping and small production. Thanx MDamdam
Looking for PCAD 2002 TSOP32, TSOP86 and SSOP28 footprints - .lib or .pcb
Does anyone have info about a smd chip marked like this ( M ) 635 1475 V25 OD60J QMZAK0241
Hi folks, I need output power: 100mW, 500mW & 1W PA IC smd for 2.4GHz~2.5GHz. Please help me or send any links. Thanks a lot.
Try at have the smd code book.
There's a way to get $200 laser-cut smd soldering stencils for free! see for details mike
There is a new set of standards published by IPC for smd component decals - IPC7351. A lot of information and demo tools are about the new stamdard is available at hxxp:// Hope this helps. Regards, Roslyn
MOV stands for METAL OXIDE VARISTOR...a protection device used on teh PCBs. There are disc type, radial type and smd varistors available. Check for varistors, then you should be able to find different types of packages and their correcpsonding footprints.
I have a PCB which requires smd transistors in SOT23 package but the problem is the pin configuration. Standard SOT23 transistor has the following configuration: 1 = B 2 = E 3 =C I need: 1 = E 2 = B 3 =C Does someone know of SOT23 npn transistors with this pin configuration? Thanks. DrWhoF
Hi, I have a burned sot23, but it is difficult to identify with what I'm dealing with. On top of the package is written: "JP 3 K4" The various guides for translating smd markers gave me two results: K4 - BCW71R and JP - BAS19 The device has designator with a starting letter "Q" next to it which suggest that the component is t