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smd = surface mount device which means literally, the device of smd type are mounted on the surface of the circuit board
I have these bad smd transistor in METEX M-4660M Q9,Q10 &Q11 and it's number is KY& AAX can any one tell me the replecment of these transistor or have the wiring diagram ?
Hi I have a smd transistor (SOT23 package) with the marking 72kCB. I checked out a number of websites, including the smd Cook Book and there is no reference for it. Does anyone know what part number this is? Thanks in advance.
Hello dear friends :-) Does not anyone know what is mean smd transistor with label KN please ? which one would be replacement ? Thanks and have a nice day Marian
Hi all. After several hours on Google, I couldn't find any informations on a smd transistor marked "NHR8", in SOT-323 (or 23) package. Someone's got some specs or type for this transistor ? Thank You.
hey guys i have an inverter with "W1P 98" smd transistor number what does it means from where i could fing the datasheet ??
im looking for part number of smd transistor here are the details: type: smd transistor written on it: 41k package:sot323 this transistor from a Rf Transmitter. i search internet and look for many data code pdf but no luck. i can upload picture later thank you
smd transistor is having code. you can find the code in below given pdf download smd code
I have a PCB which requires smd transistors in SOT23 package but the problem is the pin configuration. Standard SOT23 transistor has the following configuration: 1 = B 2 = E 3 =C I need: 1 = E 2 = B 3 =C Does someone know of SOT23 npn transistors with this pin configuration? Thanks. DrWhoF
i took some smd transistor like devices off a board of some broken VCR's, the markings on them were originally blacked out, removing of black paint on top of them revealed these: ZS (on most of them) BS (on a few) BQ (on one or two) just two letters, other than those two letters, there seems to be no room for any other markings. they all
Hi to all, Do you have any info. about that transistor? Regards. Hunter
BC328 -> BC807 Looks a good match. BC338 -> BC817 Looks a good match. Note the lower Collector Power Dissipation 625 vs 310mW due to the smd package. T
Hi, Can it be? a 18/22V zener: BZT5218/52C22S_SOD123 or BZX384B(C)18_SOD223 packages... K. BZX84C18W SOT-323 WN/KP6. BZX84C20 SOT-23 WO/Y7 Dont worry, the smd-marks are not the same from all producer!:-(...
I found this: Semi-conducteur: BLY93A (BLY 93A) - transistor SILICIUM NPN / 65V / 2A / 25W / 175MHz... . Hi John, Thanks for yr pointing. As I mentioned its a SOT23 package smd transistor marked 93A. Still don't know what is the part number of this ma
TIP122 is a 8A device that can work with up to 65W with a heat sink, with an smd transistor you will not be able to handle big currents because of the low cooling surface and there will not be an option for heat sink either. Do you want to use it in a low power application? Alex
but if it is restricted just to ground and power (apriori nown current direction) - use smd transistor arrays with several transistors in one chip .
Instead parelleling two Micro pins, using a smd transistor to switch the motor will yield better current i guess.After all the required current is just 48 ma as mentioned...Cheers
Can you, please, indicate what is your radiometer operation frequency? In my experiments I have used low-cost satellite LNBs at 11 GHz; at that frequency, e-b diode of a RF smd transistor can be used as a good noise source with ~30 dB ENR, for free. I used similar setup to measure sand moisture on sand moving on a conveyor bel
I am working on LCD TV, Sanyo DP37647, have a power supply problem. The 25volt supply is only 16volt, found smd transistor that reads wrong, need diagram to confirm type of transistor. Thanking you in advance.
betwixt. You are entirely right. I was confused about the connections and what were I thought that were only varicaps there are at least one smd transistor. I was wrong at the number too 043A instead of 034A it was good that you saw the photo. Marked as helpful and closed Many thanks
Hi Guys. I,m in the middle of repairing a skytronic 12v 1000w pure sine wave inverter which originally came in with no AC output.With no circuit diagram to hand it can be tricky to fault find.The no output problem was caused by two s/c irf740s ,two s/c irf3205 mosfets,a s/c smd transistor and o/c 100 ohm smd resistor,both in the drive of (...)
Hi Ameya You can use vibrator motors (say pager motor or cell phone vibrator motor) if weight of your bot is less. you will need to do some calculations to see if they fit your requirements. These motors are readily available in India. I'm sure you'll find a good deal of them at lamington road. Or just go to any mobile repairing shop, and ask for
Hi, Check markingcodes' original type no is our major job.Welcome to join our gold member. The markingcode promblem you post, i checked them for you.see below: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- M6 BSR58LT1G SOT23 transistor-Small Signal JFET T ... ON/ --------------------------------
Hi, I need to use an smd equivalent of the npn transistor BC149C, is there any device that meets the specs?? thanks a
Hi again, This is very usefull book for smd component codes Regards. / Warning #1 - File deleted. Don't upload files from the net, just post link:
Hi elcielo !!! You can try this (** =tt). Maybe help you . jackrs
Try this
Hi, I have a burned sot23, but it is difficult to identify with what I'm dealing with. On top of the package is written: "JP 3 K4" The various guides for translating smd markers gave me two results: K4 - BCW71R and JP - BAS19 The device has designator with a starting letter "Q" next to it which suggest that the component is t
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Hi, is there anyone who can tell me a site or a way to find BC327C and BD136 equivalent in smd package?
For smd marking codes
can u help me , how to identify the model of this smd RF transistor since it only have "Ek" or "Eg" marking, and there is no product code .i really need the datasheet for the RF transistor to make some gain adjustment for LNA. here is the pic of RF transistor
I need footprint for MMT3799 transistor mmt3799 smd.pdf - - 0.03MB According to www.americ
WJ: This site suggests Vishay BZT52C15S zener diode: WJs: This site suggests Siemens BCR135 NPN transistor: a7w: This site suggests Philips BAV99 dual diode: 5CW or 5C-: This site suggests Philips BC807-40W PNP tran
I have downloaded the following table from here mosis has given design rules. SCMOS Layout Rules - Active Rule Description ------------------------------------- Lambda 2.1 Minimum width - -------------------------------------------- 3 2.2 Minimum spacing
Its a MMBT2907A smd marking 2F SOT 23 !.
Hi who can help with the data sheet of this smd code E1 P50 this is the low noise preamplifier transistor in Star com LNB for satellite receiver Many thanks
As per the smd book here There is no transistor in AJZ series. Instead i refered AJ series which is BC107 transistor. You may have a look at the code book. Good luck
I am trying to identify a FET or perhaps transistor that is used in the Eflite Blade mcx 5-in-1 controller. I fried mine the other day and want to see about finding a replacement set for future use and possibly to repair the one I damaged,, thouh I suspect it is useless as the pcb is fried and a trace lifted also...;) all by itself! This part i
Hi Ross, I would recommend to use a standard NPN transistor with a high current gain, e.g. BCP54 as smd or the BC635 as the thruhole variant. Connect a 160R resistor between PIC portpin and Base (to limit the bias to 25mA), Emitter to GND and Collector to the load (which is
Ok, it's a Fujitsu medium power RF transistor in XM case style, can be series FLUxxx. I'm sure near EX smd code must be other numbers that identifies it more precisely. Here I found some but you must search more to be sure: FLU17XM FLU17XM pdf, FLU17XM description,
Anyone know of a forum dedicated to RF smd parts I might post this question in?
What is this transistor? smd code is Br. this is used in frequency generator output section. If any substitute have this transistor Please help
There are still remainder stocks at some catalog distributors. Generally, the same chip is available as BFR92 in SOT23 smd package.
Go to this web site and click on the code then you can download the pfd.
smd code book 72 2N7002 Sil M SOT23 n-ch mosfet 60V 170mA if you are sure it is a transistor, use a standard n-channel MOSFET and wires. For example IRF 840 I'm not sure that is a MOSFET, as this page is a schottky diode, may appear that looks like a transistor ( Click 7 and read : "72 RB161M-
Added: Or you may like showing the components that bias the smd PNP transistor i dont understand Show us your circuit schematic, so that we can determine how you are using the transistor and why it is getting hot.
semiconductor search, smd Marking transistor Zener Diode-MOSFET-IGBT-CAPACITANCE DIODE-IGBT-Frequency Diode Search--PIN-,SCHOTTKY Diode,SWITCHING Diode
Looking at my smd data book there are three possibility for this code depending on the manufacturer. S2A CH3906PT Si-pnp AF, Sw, 40V, 200mA, B=100..300, 250MHz SOT-23 16ta - 3a Chm s2A SMBT3906 Si-pnp GP, 40V, 200mA 250MHz, B=100..300 SOT-23 16ta - 3a Sie s2A SMBT3906S Si-pnp GP, 40V, 200mA, 330mW, B=100..300, >250MHz