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Hello guys, I need to design an smps for my project. The output is 15V 0.5A with input being 100 to 230v AC. What topology do you recommend will be suitable? The project is based on Altera's EPM3032 MAX CPLD and I am thinking of a power tree of 15V > 5V > 3.3V using Texas Instruments' LM1117 LDOs to obtain 5V from the 15V, and 3.3V from the 5
I want to design a smps with input of 230v A.c and to drive a D.c motor of 24 v D.c, 1.5 Amps specification.Please suggest any design or any suggestions to design coz i'm a newbie to power supply design.
smps with wide input range is the best option Nandhu
You are better off to buy and test smps or use PC PSU and learn before attempting to design anything. Magnetic property selection can be complex with saturation.
Dear all, I need a circuit for a 2 output (isolated) smps which can be connected to the 230v 50Hz mains. It is used to power a PIC micro (5V) and a sim900 device (3.2V to 4.8V 2A). Can you please help me out. Best regards
A very common type of power supply is called a Switched Mode Power Supply (smps). If you wanted a mains to 28V power supply from the 230v mains,the input circuit would rectify your incoming AC, this would give, 230 X 1.4 ~ 325V DC. A high frequency switching circuit would run of this voltage and apply 325V pulses to a transformer which would then r
Hi Bhoobalan, If you are talking about supply to the MCU, then usage of smps is the best. But you also had mentioned that you need varied voltage. Why would you need a varied voltage for the power supply of MCU?
My smps current rating is Input- 230v AC Output- 27 to 31 V DC Current rating is 18A. I want it to increase it to 26A. The PWM Controller IC is KA3525 & MOSFETS are 11NK100Z. Please suggest me what improvement should be done? Hi abhishek.2138 It's not as simple as you think because you are going to increase current capability of a
you can try this one Sorry, but I think this is some inverter which uses 12V as source to make higher voltage, and he need smps psu which make 24V DC from 220V AC mains voltage.
Hi Goldsmith, Its me again. I understand what you have said in previous post. my country's phase voltage is 220v. I have some small idea about smps but not clear concept. Can you please give me some doc step by step, that i can achieve a clear concept about smps design process. Br REZA smps is a large field. There
how can we make the PSU for LED bulb series from 230v ?, Is it safe to go with transformer less ? what does the cheap bulbs from market do for the PSU : ? Cheaper products have voltage lowering with capacitor and resistor in parallel, and products with higher quality have small smps inside. Transformeless is
smps supply 6v 600mAmp power can anyone plz help with circut
hii, In one of my flyback smps configuration working in non-isolated topology iam using current mirror based feedback instead of using optoco upler. The circuit works fine , but under higher main voltage i.e. 40% of 230v. The trannsistor in current mirror Q2, Q3 and Q1 gets shorted which inturns destroys switcher IC. Drain and source voltage ge
Please note that working with AC line voltages and line-powered equipment is dangerous business. You do this at your own risk. The FlyBack design is proper if you consider only a 5W needed power output. You may use: -standard UC 3842 In flyback mode with a mosfet rating of 800-900 volts -the Power Integrations ?TOPSwitch? family ar
Hai i wish to design a push pull smps with 12V input center tapped. I need 230v output. i did a trial circuit, but the mosfet is getting heated (Half bridge). Please anybody help to design a proper transformer and snubber. (1)Check the o/p frequency of the pwm ic or check the same on fets gates with oscilloscope. (
Appliances with wide supply range are mostly powered by smps (switched mode power supplies) in flyback mode, that can easily span the range. Automated switching with relays or triacs/solid state relays can be found in rare cases.
Hi, I wanted to modify the input power range from 120v to 230v Panasonic cordless phone charger smps type, which is currently supporting only 120v AC. I have opened the charger and tried to find the similarity with Nokia charger(100-230v), but not much information. It has UTC MJE 13003L - High Voltage Fast-Switching NPN Power Transistor. (...)
Hi, i need ckt diagram for 230v to 15v,3A Transformerless it possible? how can i make this circuit plz give me an idea? Thank U :grin:
from how many volts DC to 230v AC? and which type? linear push pull, buck boost or smps.
I would like to know the basics of smps design. my requirement is a 12v,10amp from 230v,50hz..but rather i would like to know the general design for any specification.........plz help....
Hi, A possibility if you mean transformerless, is using an RCD-zener stepdown circuit, but you won't be able to get much current. You could use LNK switch or TOP switch smps circuits and you'll get some good output at reasonably small sizes (depending on your PCB design). Hope this helps. Tahmid.
Hi i am totally new to this website and i have a circuit design in which i need serious help with, i am totally clueless! here it is; a switch mode power supply capable of deliverying 2A at 55V Dc. . The energy source will be a nominal 230v 50Hz supply. Protection against short circuits in the output should be provided. That is the circuit
Hi Can any one help me in designing a Switched Mode Power Supply (smps). I want to convert the mains 230v (AC) to 3.6V 2A (DC). I want the design to be as small as possible, so any recommendations for a very small PCB mountable transformers that can handle 2A will be great and also if it is possible a circuit diagram for the smps please. (...)
Hi, I designed an smps using fly back configuration. it's in put is 230v ac supply.out put is 24V dc and 4.2 A. We are getting good regulation with ripple voltage of 50mV around. but i am getting noise at different loads.we are not getting any noise at full load.but from no load to 0.5 A noise is coming and also at 2.0A load also it is com
you won't get more than some hundreds mA with a transformless power supply. that's it. now you can take a look at smps as FvM said. they are now very compact.
what about a transistor buck regulator?, but you will need to get special high voltage transistors, and you still need an inductor (though not a transformer) what i'm thinking of is based on this its something I thought of before and may do one day.... of course there is no safety isolation , b
why don't you try for smps design? they have a good designing tool SIMPLE SWITCHER. there is also also have a good design tool. check this topic Smallest AC/DC converter.. 230v to 12V
Can a smps ferrite-core tranformer used in reverse? Eg. can a 230v/ 12v smps transformer used in reverse (assuming that the same switching frequency is used) to get 12v stepped up to 230v? as anyone try it out? Thanks.
newly i have had another job that i have no experience. At the beginning i was said i have no experrience about smps's. my boss wants me to build a smps for 230v ac to 2.5VDC/24A current. can any one give schematic with mosfets / ics and specifications for transformer to be used. i have to finish my project as soon as possible(probably in a (...)
if you want switching you will be requiring more than one power supply as in smps there is a supply which is always on whether the computer is powered ON or not so when we powered On the computer it switches ON the other supplies so is that you want to switch ON the smps like this??
What I think is that there must be a "Cockroft Walton Voltage Multipliers" it should be potted (epoxy etc). And it is control by some PWM smps.
Hi, Is there any idea to convert 230v to 180v to drive and dc motor. The current is 2 Amps. using transformer is my first option but it is costly and space consuming. The second one is smps, its costs also comes near the transformer Any ideas please Regards Nandhu