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Anyone knows how to calculate active filter noise figure? thanks.
Dear all, How to simulate PLL loop filter noise by cadence spectre? I used 3ord LPF in PLL. As attached figure, dashed lines are resistors noise in LPF and solid lines are output noise after transfer function. Who can help me about LPF noise simulation by cadence spectre. thank you very much. 57617
Ok you have potential ingress from multiple sources; 1. AC Conducted transients: welder & drill motor spikes => possible interference to TV or external Video source like Sat. Dish PS. or Rx - Try good AC line filter 0.01~10MHz with good ferrite chokes and plastic low ESR Cap or .. - Try different AC line phase on ext. cor
Hi everyone, I work for a company making sensitive RF receiver equipment and need to find a suitably quiet 24V 80W+ supply. I could go with a linear supply but my main stumbling blocks there are fitting it in our chassis (82mm high) and having end-user selectable input AC voltage (110/220V is needed). A smps would be preferred if I can make it q
Can anyone give me some tips on how to tame the noise in a MF10 switched cap filter? The background noise sounds like a TV/Radio that hasn?t been tuned into a station! I?m using both halves as notch filters in a phaser circuit (modified Penfold circuit, though the original was just as noisy). The clock is a 4046 VCO (...)
problem. now i am working with DDC. i use CIC filter to change sampling rate. i'v designed a three stages and decimation factor by 20 cic filter and simulate use Matlab simulink. with my ideal's simple model i have not added any noise. just input a discrete sine waves and then use this CIC filter. after running my model come no
I have a switched cap filter to be measured. But I have no idea how to measure the noise of it. I can't use Spectrum Analyzer directly due to the 50 ohms loading. Besides, I would like to get the integrated noise information. Any suggestion about this? Can traditional noise figure meter do this? Thanks,
One input signal whose width maybe less than one CLK, If that happen, circuit should deal as invaild signal, I think sync. input signal use posedge and negedge CLK will be good idea? How to implement the approach? also If I would like to filter noise whose width is less than 2 CLK?
Hi, Is it posible that the output capacitor of the first SPMPS (12V to 5V) and at the same time as the input capacitor of the 2nd smps (5V to 3.3V)? Thanks
Hello, In offline smps the earth connection is often taken onto the smps PCB. Now i wonder. -Is the Earth ground solely for Electrical Safety or is it also for helping to filter noise away ? -Since the common mode filters always seem to be filtering the noise away (...)
Hi, I designed an smps using fly back configuration. it's in put is 230V ac supply.out put is 24V dc and 4.2 A. We are getting good regulation with ripple voltage of 50mV around. but i am getting noise at different loads.we are not getting any noise at full load.but from no load to 0.5 A noise is coming and also at (...)
Hello, The below schematic shows an offline smps with diodes across the filter inductors. The diodes prevent big turn on voltages happening due to LC resonance at switch on (especially if switch on occurs at the main voltage peaks). Why is this technique not more used? (LTspice simulation also attached)
Hey guys, I'm an software engineering undergrad and my electronics knowledge is pretty low. I was wondering if there is a simple circuit to filter out noise from a 5V 1A DC power supply ??? Thanks in advance!
In my opinion linear power supplies are better if you need universal and accurate laboratory power source even if the price paid for that is low efficiency. However it is also possible to combine two types of power supplies in one system: smps + linear to minimize power losses. But one should keep in mind that any smps increase noise levels (...)
can anybody immediately reply me the answer for noise bandwidth
Why some PLL doesn't need loop filter? what kind of technique make this idea work? Thanks,
Hi, Can someone who are good in switching power supply noise countermeasure , gives me some advices, guidances and references such as books or useful articles on how to solve that kind of problem.
normally, people put the channel filter in front of the VGA to get rid of the interference but I found it is still possible to put the filter behind the VGA. Any comparisons of the two choice?
Hi, if i would expect a stream of video pal interlace signals, how would one filter noise in FPGA? My group and i were deciding on using Y value to do comparison between two frames but we known that this is not going to be effective. Any techniques to it? Ultimately, we want to detect motion, so we need a clean slate of a noiseless (...)
As said, the spike is caused by the rectifiers reverse recovery charge. The charge amount only depends on the rectifier type and actual current, the peak current also on the MOSFET's switching speed. Typically schottky reverse recovery is the strongest interference source present in smps, and often producing most of the radiated (above 30 MHZ)
80846 I?m working on a Mixed signal 4L PCB using this stack-up: 1L: Signal 2L: GND plane 3L: Power plane (split) 4L: Signal As you see in the pic The board has two power sources, smps for analog and Linear for Digital. 1-Is it a good idea to extend the GND and Power plane under noisy smps circuits? Or Shoul
what is bypass capacitor required to suppress 30Mhz noise near power supply of 5V DC?
Hey I have used a LNA in one of my circuit. All I know about LNA is from design point of view, there uses parameters like noise figure iip3 point etc. But I was rather curious on how actually LNA amplifies the signal and not the noise? I mean how it actually works? Thanks in advance Aashish
For AC ground safety the requirements are 100mOhm from plug pin to chassis. In my last design with Lucent, I used a chassis masked or powder coat paint with a spade lug to chassis screwed into a threaded pressed insert. When the sheet metal fabricator asked if the paint mask could be removed, I said yes and changed the fastener to use washers relyi
When we place the DC source's decouple capacitor ,next to the DC source or pin of IC? thanks
GUyz, I observe on mother boards, there are a lot of caps. What is the purpose besides charging and discharging the voltage.?
Hi guys: I am reading Razavi's Microelectronics now, I got two problems in Chapter 6 , and think maybe here i can get some useful help. :) 1. In equation (6.3), where does the 12dB of the output SNR system required come from? 2. How does the loss of the image-reject filter, noise figure and IP3 of the mixer govern the gain of
Hello, I need to power a circuit with 3.3V, this circuit includes a ARM7 MCU, a SDCard and a Siemens TC65 GSM Module. I would like to power this module with a Li-Ion 1200mAh battery, for which I own a Charger. The problem is with the power supply design. The LiIon Batt has a 3.7V nominal, and more than 4.3V when charging or charged fully. I w
Hi, I'm trying to understand symbol synchronization. I understand that by using correlation of the received samples with the upsample preample samples, we can find out where is the starting point of the symbols. However how can we use correlation to find the exact sampling point of the symbols. This is what I'm doing: Preample signal --> Ups
Hello all, I have a question about capacitors : i saw a design that use for decoupling capacitor on op amp a standard ceramic cap and a tantal one with a serial resistor. What is the role of it ? ESR compensation ? I thought that tantalum cap need some precautions when used with others caps ... Should I prefer the ceramic one for op amp deco
Dear All, It seems to be a 'weak' problem, but it really troubles me couple of days. My problem is, I got some sets of real-time data from sensor, please see the attachment. Suppose I don't know the so-called 'threshold' value highlighted by red box, how to identify the 'spike' highlighted by [/COLOR
Hi, I am a newbie to the electronics world. could any one help me understanding the function of capacitors and inductors in the attached circuit. Regards
I've got an idea for a receiver project, it's not commercial, just as a hobby.... Part of the idea needs a single LC tuned circuit to work at maximum 'Q'. The frequency would be around 150MHz but it has to be tunable say +/- 10MHz using a varactor diode. What I would ideally do is show the tuned frequency on an LCD display but a superhet with loca
I have seen analogy between voltage follower and PLL somewhere telling that both uses negative feedback. ie voltage follower tries to track input voltage where as PLL tracks input signal's frequency and phase. Ok right. But I know that voltage follower amplifies current signal too. My doubt is that, to follow the input phase or frequency why
I've designed a PIC16F716 Microcontroller Board which detects battery voltage (12V Battery) using ADC and turns off the load when battery voltage is low (11V). Also 4 LEDs indicates the battery level. The board works perfectly with 12V bulbs and LED panels. But when a 12 fluorescent lamp driver circuit is connected at the load the battery level in
Hi, Use a low noice regulator like the MIC5205 from micrel (used by me in a PLL system works perfect, very very low noise) or LM2905. Check the diagrams for optimum capacitors for your frequency range. In my design I used a switching mode power supply at 260KHz and the power supply is used for the PLL too, I pass the smps through the MIC5205 an
I am using commercial smps +5, +/-5V output. Against smps output, I applied LC filter, and achieved 45mV noise down to 20mV noise, but I need about 5mV or below. Please anyone help me about how to find cutoff frequency not easy to figure out The microscopic view is after currently (...)
Hello, I have never dealt with smps and I'm now planning to use a smps-module from TI (PTMA401120) to power my system which has noise sensitive areas. According to datasheet there is Vo ripple 85mVpp, and I have read that smps can cause some amount of ground noise. I'm thinking about using (...)
I would like to design a noise shaping filter to shift the quatization noise to higher spectron . Currently , i found a lot of papar said i can use the SDM as noise shaping filter but i dont fully understand because most of them are papers not enough detail and i wondeing is there another way to do this ! (...)
How can I do noise simulation for switched capacitor filter in Cadence Spectre Simulator? Thanks.
I'd like to design DSM. While I study the basic principals in DSM design, there are some questions. which is the relationship bet. "loop filter gain" and "Quantization noise"?
Hi all I have some questions about the simulation of the noise of SC-filter. Nomally we can easilly simulate the noise of CT-filter, but in the SC-filter,it's possible to do that if the cutoff frequency of filter is very low. Anyone can help me?Thanks a lot!
Hi guys, Question : i am designing a voltage amplifier with AC input. The frequency is (1KHz to 8KHz). As i increase the frequency value, the noise also increases. Is there a way i can get rid of the noise. This is also happening when i increase on the voltage supply. How to solve it? Thanks Raintree
I see an algorithm for making noise reduction using adaptive filter control by X-LMS mathematic. From my previes knowlege of analog circuit there is a problem of phase shift when using wide band filter. Is there the some problem with the adaptive filter or the X-LMS calculation fix it for all freq?
Hello, I am designing a noise cancellation circuit using Kalman filter (or LMS...). Is there anyone expert in this area Or any good reference? Thanks
hi everyone ! can someone explain to me on noise filter ?
I designed a SC filter of which the noise is quite high. Any guideline can be used to reduce the noise? Increase the OPamp bandwidth? Increase the Cap size? Please give recommendation, thanks.
Hello, I'm gonna use the filter from the following application 4 figure 4 The filter is R7-C3-NPN transistor. They say that this filter supress the noise with 50dB. I'm wondering how this work. Does this filter hava a special name? Grtz Troela
Hi, Put a large inductor in series with your FAN +Line. and a diode needs to be placed from the +line to ground before the inductor. Like a step-down smps. regards, Paul.
How could I eliminate the acoustic noise in my smps. It bases on the TOP245 chip from PowerInt. It's nothing more than the application example circuit. Input: 120VAC 60Hz Output: 24VDC @ 1.2A Please help. Thanks.