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is there any easy way to create a high voltage supply (~1Kv) from a lower voltage standard bench supply?
I am in need of an ultra high speed switching high voltage supply. 5kV is good and 10kV is better. 0 to full-voltage is okay, but -5kV to +5kV is better. All I need is a square wave with adjustable frequency. All I care about is how fast it can switch and how long it stays on each side. I need about 700 V/us (...)
I need a 1.2V banggap with voltage supply 20-50V. also psrr small than 80db(dc) i think i need a pre-regulator circuit . who can give me some advice or papers about this tks
I need a 1.25V banggap with voltage supply 6-60V. also psrr small than 80db(dc) i think i need a pre-regulator circuit . who can give me some advice or papers about this tks
Hi Friends I want some help regarding high voltage/wattage smps smps rating are 48V/200W and 48V/1000W>please send me any reference designs and some details for study.Also tell me some study links Thanks in advance Vaibhav
has anybody here worked on high voltage smps power supplies (8kV, 5mA).
Hello, I need some assistance on a circuit i have for a high voltage power supply, using a bridge rectifier. There are several things i need to know :cry: I need to know the working voltage of the smoothing capacitor and the ripple percentage when the motor is running and not running? I also need to know what size the (...)
The secondary ground of an offline smps can flot up to dangerously high voltages. Why? An dangerous in which sense? Is part of the reason for the Y-Cap, so that floating up to such a high voltage doesn't occur.................because the leakage current through the Y Cap will stop the secondary ground from (...)
what is your ac supply......... such high dc you need to implement smps design(boost design)...... linear power may not be effective ......
look for some old / bad FM radio .. or smps (could be computer smps or even mobile or laptop chargers) a chargeable battery powered circuit will also do
Hello all, I am testing avalanche photodiode and I need power supply for breakdown voltage.. First I did circuit based on NE555, but precision was horrible (about 2 V ripple, I need very stable voltage). Next I found an118 datasheet from linear. In this sheet is circuit (page 10, figure 24). Author wrote about 2mV ripple so I built this (...)
dear all can anyone share the schematic or proposed model for high voltage power supply.
hi I want to design the smps with below specifications: Vin=220 Vac Vout=1KV to 30KV , Iout-max= 20mA I want to use LLC for it. Is it possible to use LLC for this converter? I want to calculate resonance elements and transformer turn ratio and primary and secondary turns and inductances. The maximum voltage and current that drop on resonan
Hi All, I have a small problem with a Luminglass single ended argon filled display tube 12V power supply. I was wondering if there is any engineer on this forum that designed such high voltage-high frequency power supplies that draw 12VDC 1 AMP to operate a single electrode argon filled 'microwave like glass plate' ? (...)
Hi, I'm searching an high voltage Video Amplifier like TDA6107. (The problem is that it's a tripe Amp and i would like a simple Amp) ~~ BP>4Mhz and high voltage power supply ~~ Have you got other references of this kind of IC ?? others manufacturers than Philips ? Regards
is there a cheap way to do a high voltage driver circuit for mems? up to 100V and using low supply voltage up to 24V input
How do they obtain low voltage (5V/3VDC etc) for control circuits, in high voltage (220VAC) power applications in professional products?
any idea ,how about feedback
I need to design a high voltage opamp with 40V supply, We know that in low voltage opamp design we need to worry about things like input range, output swing,etc. In high voltage opamp design, what should we take care ? Could someone recommand me some related papers or books?
Hi Please advice a simple bjt high voltage amplifier output : 200~400vpp in:1.5vpp BW:1khz output current_MAX:1mA Thanks!
Hi all, what are the various techniques that one can use for making high voltage (4kV/7 mA) dc switch mode power supplies. anything specific about fly back scheme used here. also suggest me some vendors who can provide high voltage fast recovery diodes for this application. here i am not intrested in using any (...)
GAO MCK2812 (high voltage) Evaluation Board Introduction: MCK2812 HV Evaluation Board is designed for high performance DMC system and is based on Texas Instruments TMS320F2812 DSP. It is a reliable and fast servomotor driver solution, which contains three parts: EVM2812 Board (DSP part), HVD (driver p
Attached, I have a pic of the input stage of a high voltage fully differential amplifier (the power supply rails are +/- 100V). There's more to the amp (a single ended VAS stage for each side, output class AB push-pull current buffers), I've just shown the input stage for simplicity. Q1 and Q2 are the inpur pair. I would like to keep (...)
hai all is sit possible to generate high voltage (in kilovolt range) using the electronic components with current in milli amps? is there any such circuits are available for reference? thanking you ml
Is it possible to step down the voltage of the high voltage transformer from a TV to 220 to 240V and more Current (means more Amps aroind 20 to 30A) using a stepdown transformer.. guide me:D
The CMOS process I am using has maximum 6V supply voltage, I'm going to design an op amp using this process plus high voltage protection circuit (18V). Can anyone give me some idea. Thanks a lot!
Dear all In the high voltage dc-dc regulator, typically using internal low voltage regulator(Typ. 5V) to supply the high side NMOS driver with the help of external bootstrap capacitor. My question: How to implement the internal 5V power typically? ( Using ldo? Too wide input voltage, (...)
The power supply delivers all voltgaes correctly so the +B es good. the secondary voltages in the flyback are corect too however there is no high voltage nor audio. In the power supply there are two transistors Q805 and Q806 and in the emitter of Q805 should read 20.5v but there is only 8 v. This (...)
Colleagues, Could anyone give a reference to guidelines for the high voltage (HV) PCB layout? I need to layout a board, which will be powered with 5V and generate 500V internally, using an EMCO Q Series power supply (little brick). What layout rules do I need to know? What parameters do I need to find out from the PCB fab house? (...)
Toronto, Canada - GAO Embedded ( ) offers its DSP based high voltage evaluation board (MCK2812), which is designed for high performance DMC systems. It is commonly used in applications requiring digital motor or machine control, in packing mechanisms, or where UPS (uninterruptible power supply), VFC (variable frequency control)
Hello everyone, I need some help with my (first) power amplifier. the bipolartransistor I'm using for has a breakdown-voltage Vceo = 2.2V and my supervisor told my that I have to use 3.3V voltage supply. So my question is... is it really possible to use this configuration? I mean you have maybe also to consider that there will be a (...)
Toronto, Canada ? GAO Embedded ( ) offers its high voltage evaluation board, as part of its fast and reliable servomotor driver solution which contains a DSP component EVM2812 Board, a high voltage driver component and an interface component IB2812. The evaluation board is designed for high performance DMC (...)
Can logic circuit with tsmc high voltage 0.18um devices work correctly at 3.4V supply?
My mains transformer burnt out. This is in a Hallicrafters HT37 transmitter so is fairly common. I sourced three transformers to do the job of the original and fitted them on the chassis. The new high voltage transformer has a 425v-0-425v 160mA winding and I fitted a full wave bridge which gives me 1100v off load. A full wave rectifier using the ce
Hello, My aim is to make 1xphase supply, 3xphase low power induction motor inverter based on Mitsubishi PS11014 intelligent power module at my Uni. I stuck on very beginning and I have no idea how I should separate high voltage part from user accessible low part voltage to make it “proper way”. If I connect (...)
Hello my friends, I have a battery pack which gives me 65V DC and I need to use that to power a 3.3Vdc circuit (max 35 mA). I need a power supply which would give me low quiescent current and low power loss (high efficency). Does anyone have an idea, how to make that? Best regards, George
Does anyone know how to switch a high voltage across a capacitor extremely fast? Given: 500V DC supply 90pF Capacitor (custom) Problem: Switch polarity of voltage across cap, activated by digital input. The switch should be complete in about 2us. It can switch back and forth, controlled by digital input. The (...)
Members, I am in need to design high voltage Power supply, input is 230V Ac, then converted to +24V DC by rectifier. and then I need to make DC DC Converter from 24V DC to 1500 V DC. total power will be about 25 to 30 Watts. Is there useful circuit is available for this type of requirement? Please send me some references. (...)
I am working on the rail to rail OPA with high voltage power supply. Considering about HV input voltage, HV MOS are used. While worse matching performance exist for HV MOS, and cause bigger input offset. How to deal with it? Thanks in advance
We are making up an 8KV, 1A bridge rec for some testing. I seem to remember in the old HAM power supply section to use a resistor and capacitor across each series diode. Something like 82K, 2200pF.. Is this for equalizing the voltage across the string and possible transient protection ??? Do I need these extra components ?
hi guys: i use a simple Vbe reference circuit to bias my circuit,but it need a start-up my process both high voltage nMOS and high voltage Pmos have a limited gate-source voltage Vgs<5 V, though the drain-source voltage can be 30V. what kind of circuit should be a solution.Thanks.
Hi I am designing a voltage supply PCB that would supply different voltages for the components I will use on a separate PCB. I will use a 12V 200mA AC-DC Adaptor as the main supply for this board and then convert it to the other voltages I need (5V, 3.3V, 3V, 1.5, -5V). I would just like (...)
Hello, I am an IC design engineer at Teratech Corp in Burlington MA. One of our custom ICs is a HV driver chip. It is currently built in 80v CMOS process, but we are looking to increase the operating voltage range. I am looking to compile a list of foundries that will supply wafer service in HV process. All technologies will be considered.
Hi, First of all, this is my first post here, but i've been reading these forums for quite some time now. I'm doing a 9 level Flying Capacitor Multilevel Inverter (50Hz) and the topology for my schematic is: micro (propeller) (3.3v) ----> optocoupler (5v) ----> ir2110 (Vcc=12v) (Vdd=5v) ----> irfp450 (x16) -- (16 caps from 10mF to 47mF 35v
Hi: I need to alter the polarity of a high voltage source connected to a load at around 1 hz. I have a high voltage (2.5 kv) power supply that has positive and negative outputs that can be floated to any ground reference. I basically need a high voltage H-bridge. (...)
dear guys, i assume that the high voltage generator for bootstrap switch in a S/H circuit is quite familiar to most of you. i am designing one using 65nm tech. but i could not find the breakdown voltage for the source/drain junction, and i am not sure how high it can experience without breakdown. with a 1.2V (...)
Hi, Why do Class D amplifier designers prefer high voltage supply rails? Please find attached here two Full-Bridge , Class D amplifier simulations which run in the free simulator called LTspice by Each simulation is of a 4KHz sine wave which gives 100W of power in the speaker. One of the Class D amplifiers has an (...)
Anyone has experience with Miller compensation via mosfet cap for Two stage Class AB high voltage Amplifier, the output voltage needs to be rail-to-rail(high voltage), I tried the methods of series connected pmos and parallel connected pmos, looks that the value of mos cap varies about 100% across the (...)
Hi My friend It depends on the technology that manufacturer preferred . for example for welding system , maximum authorized voltage is around 60 volts , but current is high ( up to 1KA ) . you can achieve it with a simple H Bridge with powerful IGBTs . but UPS out put voltage is around 220 volts ( in my country phase (...)
Hello everyone, I have a high voltage measurement sensor which has one high voltage measurement input (+450V & Gnd reference), operational supply voltage input (+12V & Gnd) and a CAN-bus as communication bus. The sensor measures every second the high (...)