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I designed some smps transformer based on practical method. But the problem is if I change one turn +/- total performance changes a lot. I need the calculation method. Can anyone help me in this case please?
Hi For designing power transformers using CRGO and low cost core, normally we use some simple formula which relates transformer cross sectional area, core permeability and some turns/volt etc. Such simple calculations are practically sufficient for our purpose. Just like that is there any easy method for claculating (...)
ELECTRICAL POWER transformer AND INDUCTOR DESIGN : Power transformer & Inductor- Design Principles, calculation, Software BASIC PRINCIPLES, calculation, THEORY, TUTORIALS, AND OTHER INFORMATION Good News : Calculators are there
Hello i want to winding my smps transformer.i have three kind of wire (.20 , .15 , .10) and EI25/19 core.and i going to make forward transformer with Pout=60(15 volt,4Amper) and my frequency is 50Khz.could you tell me the calculation and how i can do it? Thanks
transformer calculation v0.1 is program for calculating number of coils and wire thickness. If you have some experience in assembling transformers, then this program is perfect for you. Info: transformer calculation - Vypo
transformer calculation is program for calculating number of coils and wire thickness at transformer.
Have a question about transformer calculation for half-bridge topology. Want to say that I am not experienced in transformer calculation. I need to design a transformer which should feed the purely resistive load with 850VAC, 60khz. The power of the transformer should be 55W. I have (...)
Hello all. I need to calculate a smps transformer. I found a web page which calculates a proper transformer for my design but it doesn't output any math formulas of how it calculated it. Are there any online transformer design calculators I could use instead to proove my design mathematically? Also looking more (...)
How do we choose the wire gauge in smps transformer. I know the skin depth formula but I would like to design, let said a transformer operating at 500Khz with 6A output, the formula give me a wire AWG 30 (Rac=Rdc) according to each wire support 0,14 A it mean that I need 43 wire ... Is that right ? Is
Can a smps ferrite-core tranformer used in reverse? Eg. can a 230v/ 12v smps transformer used in reverse (assuming that the same switching frequency is used) to get 12v stepped up to 230v? as anyone try it out? Thanks.
xu.hob. Your company sounds good, We wish to order an offline smps transformer. However, we don't know whether or not to add a bias winding, or whether to just supply bias power from a LNK302. So, Please could you tell the approximate difference in price of the following two transformers (our quantities are 5000 per year) (...)
Hello, we wish to wind our own smps transformer prototypes for 15W , offline smps's. Please could you recommend any winding equipment which can help us? At the moment we are gripping the spool of enamelled copper wire between our knees, and winding it round the bobbin with our hands.
Hello, we are winding our own Flyback smps transformer prototypes for , 15W power supplies. We wish to measure the inductance and leakage inductance and inter/intra-winding capacitance, so that we can characterise the transformers, and thus be sure that we have good tolerancing for the several prototypes. Please could your office (...)
Hello, Considering the following smps transformer winding configurations (each one is for the same application) ………….....what would be the cost difference for these configurations? Am I right in presuming that , for example, 1. would be significantly cheaper than 2. ? 1. (PRIMARY) //// (SECONDARY) 2. [
if an smps transformer is heating up too much.... What are the measures that you can take to get it cooler..? is it the following?... 1. Check winding resistance is not too high 2. Check the ferrtite material is the correct one for the switching frequency being used. 3. Check the delta(B) ...i.e. check the AC flux density is not too high
Dear Folks, I want to test smps transformer (230v to 20v). Can I test it by giving 230v AC directly to the primary???.. (In fact I have tested it connecting to 230v AC but the MCB trips when it is tested, is it possible to test a smps transformer to connect directly to the AC ??) . Is the smps (...)
Hi, I want to design flyback smps transformer can you help me....? Thanks, Ashutosh
Hello, I have just designed a smps transformer for a flyback converter. Now i need to make an engineering diagram of it, so that i can get it manufactured. Do you know of any websites that have software that can be used to produce the diagrams of the cross-sections of the assembled transformer?
Do you know if the holes in the PCB for the smps transformer will need eyelets in them? The PCB is single sided, and the transformer may possibly break the copper on the bottom side if the pcb holes for it are not eyeletted. Also, how heavy does a component have to be before eyeltting becomes necessary?
hi, i want to design a Isolated power supply of: Input=10-13 VDC Output= +/- 30 VDC @ +/- 1A ripples less than 500 mV and +5 VDC, +3.3 VDC @ 300mA ripples less than 10mV I have an requirement for flyback converter or smps transformer. but i can't understand the function of auxiliary winding. can anyone please help me. i
Hi Can anybody provide me a link describing a step by step guide on how to design an smps transformer in push pull configuration? I'm stuck in selecting right size of ferrite core . If you don't know the link but have required formulas please let me know. Regards Waqas Shafique
smps transformer are winded in different method
If you dont have any experience with HV HF transformers you better start with a step-down transformer 240Vac/24Vac, use bridge rectifier and a ≈4700? smoothing capacitor and then employ one of the switchmode step-down (buck) converters such as LM2576 or similar ( ). Once you gain experience in switch
I need smps output transformer design calculation. Where should i refer? Please guide me some link or direction.
Can you tell me if my primary wire is too thin on my offline full-bridge smps transformer? The maximum primary current is 2.4Amps RMS. Originally , i specified 84 turns of (2*0.5)mm enamelled copper wire.....-in 4 layers (-thats two strands of 0.5mm enamelled copper wire acting like "one" wire) However, the transformer (...)
Friends i need the details for Ferrite transformer winding. I am working in the smps design, i need a help for ferrite transformer calculation. Please help me. smps input: 230Vac output: 12Vdc / 1Amps Please help me for, what are the spec i need? How to calculate primary & secondary winding (...)
hi,you can visit: h**p:// h**p:// maybe you can find someting useful for you. i know the transformer design have many rules,flayback have it;s own rule,and forward is quite diffrent from that of some case,secondary are more wires than on the primary.for example, the voltage of primary side is 12v
Hi I am planing to design forward off-line switching power supply using UC3842 with the following ratings: Input: 100 -240v outputs: 12v 3A 5V 250MA The problem is that the transformers available in the local market don't have any listed specifications ( Core material ...etc) they are E type ferrite this is all I know so is it possi
Hi you will find more than the information you need in any design book of smps I suggest switch mode power supply a book written by Heith Regards
Is anybody knows about how to design the forward converter transformer using used smps transformer without knowing transformer data?. I have used 350 Watts ATX power supply, I need to redesign the transformer to output DC 5V 50A. Is it possible without knowing the transformer data?. Could we (...)
Hi For designing power transformers using CRGO and low cost core, normally we use some simple formula which relates transformer cross sectional area, core permeability and some turns/volt etc. Such simple calculations are practically sufficient for our purpose. Just like that is there any easy method for claculating (...)
hello all I have jus designed a half bridge switching power supply of 300W , switching at a frequency of 100 Khz. now im in the mode of building the prototype...but i am quite blur on the type of power transformer that i should use...can anyone advise me on this matter. Thank You
Hello, Turn ratio, a = 2300/230 = 10 (for each transformer) Let's look at Figure E2.7, do u think the value of V'2 is correct? In my opinion, V'2 should be (√3) x 230 x 10 = 3984 V. What do you
My flyback smps has following specifications: Vin= Universal Range Vout=5V@200mA 12V@250mA My feedback controll is from 5V At no load power supply does not make any noise and works perfectly, but when 200mA of load is applied at 5V the supply works fine but the transformer makes noise. I havea doubt that whether the problem lie
I try to find welding transformer design-calculation but so far no luck. Any help is welcome. I send for standard EI transformer calculation up to 1KW.
Hello, Do you know what is that website that produces manufacturing drawings of smps transformers when you input the transformer it produces section drawing showing the winding layers etc
Hi, I am designing a Line interactive UPS transformer and am facing some problem w.r.t. the calculations required for designing. The specs for the transformer are as follows: Primary 1 : 225VAC @1A Primary 2 : center tapped 24-0-24 for push pull inverter @15A Secondary : 225VAC @ 1A Aux : 28VAC @5A Freq = 50Hz Can anyone please (...)
Dear Arun Sharma Hello Can you tell me that how much is the frequency of your smps , and it's power characteristics ? ( voltage / current). thus i can help you. Best Wishes Goldsmith
Hello i want to create a small smps as soon as possible.i rectifier my voltage and set up an EMI output voltage is now i want to have 15V/4A output.what ic should i choose? could you introduce me some of them? Thanks
Dear Kashif Hi Is it important to use iron core ? why not an smps ? you need just 110 volts 50A ? right ? 5.5kW ? if yes , you can use a simple H bridge . best Wishes Goldsmith
i want to wind a transformer 48-0-48 for inverter please how do i calculate it?
Hello, I want to design and wind transformer to smps with parameters: INPUT: 160V / 4A OUTPUT: 24 / 26,667A POWER: 640W (this power is needed to start motor, constant power needed is 170W) FREQ: 150kHz I have disassembled PC power supply ATX 300W and get core EI-33C form it, like on screen below 97210 And I ha
Hello, The below Half Bridge smps simulation, has a transformer turns ratio of 1:0.616 Vin = 400V If the transformer leakage is made zero (coupling factor = 1), then the output voltage = 67V If the Half Bridge transformer coupling factor is made to a more realistic value of 0.99, then the output voltage is just 46V (...)
Your maximum output power is 60V*60A= 3600Watt :shock: .are you doing to use flyback converter?Please take out from your mind if you are going to use flyback to make this bulky is not possible with that.You have to use LLC Resonant full bridge will fulfill your need.
Anybody know how to calculate the complete transformer property (dimension, no. of turns, wire type selection) for a transformer rating at 240V,50Hz input and 25V,20A output. Any books or website that 1 can refer u 2 which have a guideline for designing low frequency, high current metal stamping transformer?
Hi Can i use this tester to test smps transformers ? Regards
Are talking about a line transformer or smps transformer. For the fist, there are simplified formulas you can use to design it, fairly quickly. The second is not so easy to design.
Hi Guys, I need an app for drawing smps transformers. Thanks again.
hello .. its my first project on smps transformer design . any guidance on this topic shall be helpful to me . thanks .
see this sites......