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Hi For designing power transformers using CRGO and low cost core, normally we use some simple formula which relates transformer cross sectional area, core permeability and some turns/volt etc. Such simple calculations are practically sufficient for our purpose. Just like that is there any easy method for claculating (...)
ELECTRICAL POWER transformer AND INDUCTOR DESIGN : Power transformer & Inductor- Design Principles, calculation, Software BASIC PRINCIPLES, calculation, THEORY, TUTORIALS, AND OTHER INFORMATION Good News : Calculators are there
I designed some smps transformer based on practical method. But the problem is if I change one turn +/- total performance changes a lot. I need the calculation method. Can anyone help me in this case please?
Hello i want to winding my smps transformer.i have three kind of wire (.20 , .15 , .10) and EI25/19 core.and i going to make forward transformer with Pout=60(15 volt,4Amper) and my frequency is 50Khz.could you tell me the calculation and how i can do it? Thanks
If you dont have any experience with HV HF transformers you better start with a step-down transformer 240Vac/24Vac, use bridge rectifier and a ≈4700? smoothing capacitor and then employ one of the switchmode step-down (buck) converters such as LM2576 or similar ( ). Once you gain experience in switch
Hi you will find more than the information you need in any design book of smps I suggest switch mode power supply a book written by Heith Regards
hello all I have jus designed a half bridge switching power supply of 300W , switching at a frequency of 100 Khz. now im in the mode of building the prototype...but i am quite blur on the type of power transformer that i should use...can anyone advise me on this matter. Thank You
I need smps output transformer design calculation. Where should i refer? Please guide me some link or direction.
Can you tell me if my primary wire is too thin on my offline full-bridge smps transformer? The maximum primary current is 2.4Amps RMS. Originally , i specified 84 turns of (2*0.5)mm enamelled copper wire.....-in 4 layers (-thats two strands of 0.5mm enamelled copper wire acting like "one" wire) However, the transformer (...)
Hello i want to create a small smps as soon as possible.i rectifier my voltage and set up an EMI output voltage is now i want to have 15V/4A output.what ic should i choose? could you introduce me some of them? Thanks
Dear Kashif Hi Is it important to use iron core ? why not an smps ? you need just 110 volts 50A ? right ? 5.5kW ? if yes , you can use a simple H bridge . best Wishes Goldsmith
Friends i need the details for Ferrite transformer winding. I am working in the smps design, i need a help for ferrite transformer calculation. Please help me. smps input: 230Vac output: 12Vdc / 1Amps Please help me for, what are the spec i need? How to calculate primary & secondary winding (...)
I once designed an smps with a uc3842. I made the transformer by myself. I wonder are there ready to buy transformers for this type of ICs at some different configurations and power ratings and where can we find like digikey or etc?
Can anyone suggest me the site for transformer design for both linear regulator and smps
For both i.e Step up & Step down for both the frequencies 20 KHz or 50 KHZ for a step-up(car smps) with 12V at the primary, I use 100R & 100n...
Hi, i made a smps with 3842 and 9n80 it works very well at no load or at very few load (its capacity 12v is 3amp)but as soon put an induction load its temp. rises and after some time i.e. within 5min. the fet blown up . What happend in circuit ..................
hello, how do i stop "flux walking" in an offline push pull converter? it can't be done with current sense as this would mean the load current being stopped ?
Hi, I have made one flyback smps with this specification. Vout=100v to 1300v (variable), Iout=40 mA , Vin=22v - 30v (DC-2 Battery) Controller IC=UC3842 , transformer=EE50-42 , gap=1mm , Lp=14 uH , Ls=85 mH , Ip=14A, Np=9 Ns=600 , Bmax=100 mT Is it true? I see one site with below link that calculate all of one smps properties but it (...)
hi guys, i want to make a toroidal iron core transformer.i have searched the net but found nothing .calculations are available only for smps toroids i have made transformer with ei cores.with the help of this eq n(pri)=ex10^8/4.44nfab i want to make 600va 50-0-50 in toroidal iron core with what are the (...)
Dear meysaminter Hi it is pretty simple . what are the specifications of your smps ? out put voltage and current and frequency of operation . Thus i can help you as well . Best Wishes Goldsmith
I assume this is an offline design. i can have a frequency between 29Khz to 200Khz You're referring to a range of possible frequencies you want to try, right? You're going to have a fixed frequency during operating and try different frequencies. Isn't that right? Or do you intend to alter the frequency during the circuit operation o
Hi all, I plan to build one transformer with ETD49 core from Epcos, for a smps power supply. Output: 10 40 V and 20 A continuous, not peak. Frequency: 50 kHz Main concern is about litz wire,and how much current allowed. Power transformer 1:1, after rectifying from transformer RKT80030, chopping and gate (...)
I think that this is a not difficult to be make, all is depend from your skills. If you want good and compact power supply you must use switching mode PS. See link below, this is a very good smps controllers, in the site you an find soft for calculation, but you must know that PSPU quality is directly connected to the transformer quality. (...)