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Hi I am making a gsm module controlled circuit for a project, I have designed the vast majority of this, its going to be controlling a pressure alarm system (basically turn off/on a water pump and alarm via sms) I have got everything up and running except the sms module part because I was waiting for it to get (...)
Hello ,experts i want to start a new project that is , a switch which is controlled by a mobile .(through sms /By calling) i haven't a gsm module. I want use a mobile instead of a GSM module at the both side please help where i start for it ? please give some details ? Thanks in advance
Welcome to EDA The coding and functioning seems to be working fine. The problem seems to be in zigbee section. 1. What is the distance between tx and rx? 2. what zigbee module are you usign? Note: sms typing is not allowed in this forum
hi there are lots of ideas but my advise is to do something interests you. you may do a car control using your mobile's accelerometer. you may control your home appliances using sms music controlled fountain car following car etc etc what is your level? to learn you have to start from scratch and not copy we are here to guide you. by
this is my final project we controlled some devices using sms (mobile is sony290i)+pic16f877a and we built alarming system biased in sms this is project book link this a4shared link for the book
Hi guys, i'm currently using a PIC16F873A as MCU and siemens TC35 GSM modem for implementing a sms controlled project. Can i request for source code plz? Would appreciate ur help because i've been testing with the existing ASM code that i've obtained from a fren which is not really working. The codes are as below: include "" (...)
Using your PC to send/receive smss: a useful project for demonstrating both bluetooth and sms APIs Hi folks! I would like to propose a working together effort for developing a PC controlled midlet (via bluetooth) to both send and receive sms messages and also, of course, interpreting them as well. (...)
u can talk to cel-phone using at commands. for that u to learn 1> at commands 2> sms PDU format u can select any cel phone which supports at command
Is it possible to make a remote controller out of my cellphone? If possible what parameters are to be considered to make a receiver for a controlled device using a cellphone (example a motor) this project as i think : 1- I heared abut some students who were in my univ. ,they used the sms service to accomplish this task, but there now (...)