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Hi guys, i'm currently using a PIC16F873A as MCU and siemens TC35 GSM modem for implementing a sms controlled project. Can i request for source code plz? Would appreciate ur help because i've been testing with the existing ASM code that i've obtained from a fren which is not really working. The codes are as below: include "" (...)
u can talk to cel-phone using at commands. for that u to learn 1> at commands 2> sms PDU format u can select any cel phone which supports at command
Hey Guys, I would appreciate it if you guys helped me and proposed ideas for my graduation project in Telecommunications. hi... one of the option is.. :: sms based appliances controlled system. (USING micro controller)
this is my final project we controlled some devices using sms (mobile is sony290i)+pic16f877a and we built alarming system biased in sms this is project book link this a4shared link for the book
hi there are lots of ideas but my advise is to do something interests you. you may do a car control using your mobile's accelerometer. you may control your home appliances using sms music controlled fountain car following car etc etc what is your level? to learn you have to start from scratch and not copy we are here to guide you. by
Hello guys, I've built this GSM security system as my semester project using T290i mobile and controlled my car using it. Please leave your comments about it. If any one needs help in implementing such a system, I can help. Some of the functions it can perform are: * start and stop the engine (without using the key) * stop the engine
hi, i want to do the project sending sms using nokia 3310 controlled by pic16f887. can i use this microcontroller to control the mobile phone to send the message ? i lack the knowledge in this few. have any useful source code or reading material regarding this project ? what method that i can use to control the mobile phone (...)
Use GSM Module (GSM 850/900 1800/1900) with AT command set and RS232 interface on CMOS level. This GSM wireless data module is the ready a solution for remote wireless applications, machine to machine or user to machine and remote data
Sound like this may be need DLL file , collect template to protocal for communication . Library is required from mobile producer , I think it's hard to decise to corperate company. So u may use the sms chip, 2 chips form the communication system, that easy way right.
Hello!!! Everyone i want to make a simple robot, which moves forward backward left right, based on the commands given by us to him. It must be wireless, I don't know which module i have to take to make it wireless. It will be best if i can control that using My Android Mobile, i am having a basic knowledge of Android Programming, and good knowl
Is it possible to make a remote controller out of my cellphone? If possible what parameters are to be considered to make a receiver for a controlled device using a cellphone (example a motor) this project as i think : 1- I heared abut some students who were in my univ. ,they used the sms service to accomplish this task, but there now (...)
Dear friends, I want information about the interfacing AVR micro controller atmega8535 with for sending and receiving the messages through microcontroller unit via mobile phones in order to decode the sms and do necessary process control in the device interfaced with the micro controller. If anybody have any information about the above topic the
Using your PC to send/receive smss: a useful project for demonstrating both bluetooth and sms APIs Hi folks! I would like to propose a working together effort for developing a PC controlled midlet (via bluetooth) to both send and receive sms messages and also, of course, interpreting them as well. (...)
Hi, i final year student. now i doing one project need to focus on sms. beginning i plan using gsm moderm but the problem is it is too expensive. So now i need to use 3310 to do this project. anyone know any program that can control the nokia 3310 when it receive sms or miss call it will straight away or automatic send (...)
Hi! Look at in the downloads section (page in russian, 4 pdfs - english) BenQ M23 Cellular Engine Module Description , BenQ M23 AT Commands , RTC Backup Battery Circuit for M23 , M23_M23G Designguide Rev_01 Most valuable for me was AT commands pdf - I used PC's Br@y++ Terminal (
hey i need the help for the same plz sme1 sort this out ........:?: sms / short hand typing is not allowed in this forum.
Welcome to EDA The coding and functioning seems to be working fine. The problem seems to be in zigbee section. 1. What is the distance between tx and rx? 2. what zigbee module are you usign? Note: sms typing is not allowed in this forum
Your questions not clear and incomplete. You have not mentioned what your sending from host to remote and what are the components you are using for this. i hav even checked source n destination problem with it... There is no need to set the address if you are using only two wireless device. How you are triggering
Hello ,experts i want to start a new project that is , a switch which is controlled by a mobile .(through sms /By calling) i haven't a gsm module. I want use a mobile instead of a GSM module at the both side please help where i start for it ? please give some details ? Thanks in advance
I'm working on a project about remote controlled house (home automation). This is for my capstone project which I'm working on.:smile: I want to send sms messages from my mobile phone to a Telit GM862 GSM device and those messages need to pass throw UART to a 8051 microcontroller (Atmel AT89S8253). The microcontroller (...)
1) For sending data to the board that include GPS device, you could use serial port and RS232 protocol or i2c 2) One GSM module such as SIM300 can take data and send to any phone by sms message or GPRS module can send to the web. 3) For transfer data between IR module and GPS you can use some way such as RF (for example use rfm12) or one wire pro
hi i want use this project for 8 relay (portb0-7) how can change source code for 8 relay ? project link is here : please help me .