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I have sms kit (Silicon Chip). It is based on AT microcontroller and it has come with pre-programmed chip. However, the hex file can be downloaded fro Silicon Chip web site. Is there any chance of disassembling this hex file and translate it to common 8051 source code?
Check out this sms controller: It has complete assembly source code and also uses the popular AVR MCU. This project was published in Circuit Cellar issue #142, which can be found here:
I need help to convert 8Bit to 7Bit , and 7Bit to 8Bit for sms , i'm using AT89S52, can somebody give me sample ASM program or procedure to convert it..:.please...Thanks
I am making a C program which will read & write sms through the use of AT commands. Unfortunately, my phone only supports PDU format for sms. So I am able to read the message but unable to make any sense of it since it is in PDU format. Can anybody give a link/program for the conversion from PDU to ASCII & vice versa?
Hello, I am doing a project, I have to send and receive sms using microcontroller. I am using AT89s52 microcontroller and nokia 6610i mobile phone. I have successfully sent and red sms from hyper terminal of PC. So nokia 6610i supports required at commands. Then I cut the serial data cable (DUK 50) of nokia 6610i, and made serial
does any1 knows a good freeware hex editor? i want to use it to manipulate .hex for microcontroller. ty :-P dont use sms format of messaging or short hand languages in this forum
hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i need vb6 program to send sms to cell phone.i use nokia supernova 7610 series.using at commands how can i write the program?i wrote the at commands in hyperterminal .but no message is sent and no eroors also.why s this ? is not supported by nokia?i need vb6 program to send sms using at commands.can anyone help with th
Hello, At the moment I am trying to send an sms with my nokia 6210 via fbus and a microcontroller. The microcontroller I use is the Atmel atmega8. The RX Pin of the Phone is directly connected to the TX Pin of my microcontroller(only a resistor is between them, to get the right current for the phone). TX and GRD Pin of the Phone are also direc
connect your GSM module with the serial port and in the hyperterminal send AT commands to send sms if it is working without any problem.the problem may be with the microcontroller program add one push button with the controller (if push button pressed once then AT command must be sent) and change your program (connect RX line of GSM modem with the
HI, I connected SIM900 modem to PC and sending commands through Hyper terminal. I am able to call. but i try for send sms it got stuck after entering Message. and i wanna us it again so i have to power off it and again power on it. i am trying like this AT enter response is OK at+cmgs="90xxxxxxx" enter response is > Now i enter messa
hi all, can anyone help me i have siemens tc35 gsm modem and at89c51 controller basically i want to operate the Relay's via sms sending please if someone have hex coding for that project then please share with me . with best regards, sheroz
I think there is a problem in putchar sequence.. Try the below method it will work.. 1. Send AT+CMGS="phone number" //phone number should be withing quotes followed by ...hex equivalent 0x0D... 2. Wait till the SIM900 module responds with ">" //hex equivalent 0x3E... 3. Send the actual message(sms CONTENT) to the SIM900 (...)
hello. i do not find site -- picall Firmware .hex thank you.
Hi Dis51 is a simple 8051 disassembler for Unix-like systems. It may even compile under Microsoft Windows, but that has never been tested. It takes an object file in Intel hex format as input, and outputs an assembly language file. This disassembler assumes by default that everything in memory is data, and nothing is code. It starts at any numbe
The latest issue of circuit Cellar has an artical on using a PIC to send and receive sms using an Ericsson phone. It is explained easily and simply, even I understood it first go. I have uploaded the artical and software to FM1 directory BobP Have fun....
Anybody would have the software corresponding to this no longer supported device (Eprom & PLD) programmer from sms GmBH. This programmer is connected to the P.C. with an ISA internal Card it is "model S100". Thanks for any help; sms GmBH has been bought by DATA-IO but DATAio no longer give any support for the EXPERT version. MB.
hi i nedd info and pic hex code for panasonic dk2
8051 bazli sms sema+source code plesae
Hi all, I'm testing IAR and MTOOL (Mitsubishi Tool) with the M16C uC. My problem is that the flash loader (from Mitsubishi and also the one from Triaptic) all ask me for MOT files and I can't get IAR to generate them. What do I need to convert the IAR output (motorola S format) to MOT ? Thanks. P.A.
How to wirte code for send sms from webbrowser Ex. . I looking for information and code example. thank you
What's sms ???
For a new project i need Library or source code Need GSM - sms code in C for embedded ? Thanks bobi
hi How we can disassemble an hex file of 8051 fimily when there are lookup tables of data in it and we do not know the location of it? I have problems when disassemble these hex files. bye
hello guys been working on hc11 and i want to convert the decimal numbers entered by the keypad to hex so i need a routine for decimal to hex any help out there thx in advance
Hello, i go in search of a AVR or othe uC Programmer Soft in Visual Basic (source Code), that can read and write *.bin and *.hex Files from and to Disk. THX Nick
Sorry for multiple posts. All the files are in the attached archive. (I should have done it before). BIN2hex.EXE - Converts an absolute binary file to a 16-byte/line Intel format hex file. BIN2MOT.EXE - Converts an absolute binary file to a Motorola S1-S9, S2-S8 or S3-S7 hex file. (...)
This simple program perform the conversion from an intel hex format file to a vhdl prom file. This can be useful when you have to simulate a processor core. Actually the vhdl output file support only 16 data width, but if someone need a different data /size I can modify it.
Hello I have written a program in C in k**eil for 8*051 can I get the output file in assembly instead of hex file?(the assembly of the total project not a file of the project). if it is not possible how can I get it by trying manually? bye
Hi Could someone exlain me differences between ELF, COFF and hex files ? What is S-record, which file format does it correspond to Thank in advance TOTO2001
I want in-system programming of Atmel flash AT29c256 which is mapped from 0000 H to 8000 H. I am planning to use internal ram to store the 64 byte page and then program the flash in page mode. Can some one tell me how I can 16 byte Intel hex format to 64 byte Intel hex format? Can it be done using keil oh51 or some similar tool? hock
This would have been enough: regards
Hi, I have several hex files for 12c508(9) but I need 100% working file. Thanks Ziko
I need hex file from ADDS-21XX-EZLITE or ADDS-2181-EZLITE development board. Thanks in advance!
Any body have schematic and sample code how to build sms Standard Phone ?
Hello, I would like to see an example of a programme with visual c++ for loading a .hex file and then sending it via rs232 or Can. I would like to see how to make the visual application (I am junior with C++). Thanks a lot and best regards, mimoto
Hello, Is it possible to receive sms mesagges without a mobile phone, with a modem and a MCU for example? Thank you very much.
Hello again, I will try to be more specific. Anyone could share a dll or source code of a intel hex editor that open an intel hex file and shows in a view. Thanks a lot and best regards, mimoto
Does anybody know a (free or cheap ) simple calculator for windows, that can do conversions from/to hex, decimal, ascii and binair?
anyone got a quick routine to converte hex to decimal (8 bits only) for 8051? Thanks RAF
hi, which software for PIC? It'spossible? 8O
hi friends i want to save the Ram Data into pc as hex/bin file like EEPROM or EPROM files online. i have ram rom and uprocessor in uporc. starter board and i can offline the rom, uproc. and other components except ram. i can connect it to any eeprom/eprom programmer what will be the interfacing . suppose ram is 58256/62256/62128..... i
I have an old MPLAB ICD 1 with PIC16C73B-20E/SP on it! I have destroyed this PIC! What can I do now? Is it possible to buy a new PIC and copy the program from another ICD?? Can I program a PIC 16F876 with the MPL876.hex file, which comes with MPLAB 5.00! If this is possible could someone be so kind and send this file to me by mail
I use PICC18 and Mplab 6.2 to compiler a source file of mine,but it generates only coff and cod file,no hex file output,why?Any guys knows why?
Hi all I want to make Frequency Meter from But I cant convert the file (C.language) to hex file Do yo have how convert in C language code.. Thanks for all help Thank in advance Regards
hi, can someone help me by giving a method or code( :D ) in c for converting a hex o/p of the 12bit ADC on the msp to a decimal number ?? i need to do some mul. and div etc. on that data before displaying it on the LCD. any help will be appreciated. :) thank you sam
hi all, I have made an evaluation board for TMS320VC549. I need hex500.exe for converting .out file to intel hex. please send me this file if possible. best regards
Look for DECT type phone's & components capability for sms messagees best regards bobi
:cry: Hi, I would like to use Microchip's C compiler for PIC18F8620, I downloaded it, and made a simple program, compiled and now i got a .hex file. (I assume that it's an 32 bit Intel hex file) But I can't use this hex file with PICALLW 0.15, it says "Checksum error in hex file!" it only supports INHX8 (...)
I use AEC programmer software with AT89S8252. I need to make intel8 hex file for programming eeprom on mcu. Is there any program for making hex after I wrote something like this: on address 0x234 put byte 0x12 and so on... So after that program make hex? Tnx in advance. Mr.Cube