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hi we developed our own RF protocol based on the free S.N.A.P i think is to big to fit in a pic it was designed to run on avr mega 323 and mega 128 the latter being for a pc link and the 323 used for a handheld monitor unit and a loadcell telemetry unit. it uses a low level hard ware driver so we could drop
I have used this PLM in the past. You can implement snap protocol to communicate the devices. In my case I used a HDLC implementation. Here I have attached a document about snap. Regards. Attachment deleted Look below ... /mikasi
I developed a wireless network to environment monitoring using snap... But I had to do few modifications to improve the performance of the entire system... I´ve chosen snap after looking many others protocols... Let me know your application and I can suggest something more... See ya Rafael
Take a look at the snap protocol (and source code) at HTH's On-Line Catalog - S.N.A.P
some info here : On same site snap protocol and some code exemples.
I want to do a RS485 network, based in snap protocol with PIC'S 16F84A. If somebody know could help with information, I'm agree. Thanks
I do, quite simply, by waiting a certain period of time to allow the line to settle. In my case the network consists of 32 units, all talking asyncronously. Take a look at snap protocol. It's free. I use my own protocol but snap looks good. trace
Have a look at ST7536,ST7537,ST7538 on ST website, you will also find app notes with schematics/source code. HTH have info about the snap protocol, commonly used in these analogue modems. I think ST are the only company left doing analogue modems, most are now looking at dsp based systems for higher data rates. I know ST are
Use RS485 at a physical level and the snap protocol to the application level. ( )
Use a RS485 network with the snap protocol URL HTH's On-Line Catalog - S.N.A.P
There can be S.N.A.P ? Look
Hello. I'm hesitating between the Modbus and the snap protocols. Which one is better and why? I personally prefer snap, because it looks easy to implement and it has lots of examples for BS1 and BS2, which can be easily adapted for Picbasic pro. But as I can see, most of the users in this forum are commenting Modbus. Are there any (...)
Take a look at
Anybody know where I can find info on the RDS protocol?
who have the 802.112 protocol?
Hi, Does anybody have any information on the exact protocol & data format / sequence used by Credit Card terminals (like Verifone, Hypercom, etc.) to talk to the bank / verification server ? I know that the link is set up on a low speed (V.22 or V.23) dial-up connection. I have also learnt that the basic method is a Synchronous protocol. I ne
I need for protocol Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) Someone has it ? ***************************************** Please don't reply unless you have useful information to add on this post.Thanks Any other replies are always welcome via PM.
Hi The Linux Home Automation project is a bit of a misnomer. It's really meant for use under any Unix like operating system. We already have one gentleman who uses QNX so he'll keep me honest. :wink: I fully intend to keep the source code as portable as possible. And I'm working on getting a *BSD system up and running real soon. The initial inte
Hi, I search informations on the negotiation protocol of the V23 standard after dialing. What are the data sended and received, what is the format and timings, how does the transmission baudrate on the line is selected ? Thanks. Beuch.
I want to build a battery charger for my nokia 6185 phone. The style of charger would be like the ones that plug into the acc. jack. Also, I am looking for the protocol for the phone to be able to talk to it. Any help? Thank you.
Does anybody have any information on the Wiegand protocol used in security systems? I have noticed that there are a few different implementations of the protocol but I can't find any information on the net. Is there a specification available, and where can I get hold of it? Can somebody please help? Thanx TheBoss :(
Hello! Does anyone have CAN OPEN protocol books or code in C? Regards!
Looking for specifications or tutorial about the protocol used to send SMS. The aim is using a PLC connected to a standard modem to send alarms. I think it s the TAP protocol but I haven't find anything really interesting about it.
Hi, I'm trying to emulate a AT keyboard with pic, but there're some obscure points about protocol that I don't understand, and have no information about. all information will be welcomed: Questions: 1- if keyb is retransmiting last byte (because host sent a Resend) and host inhibits the bus in the middle of transmition , after processing the
Hello! Surfing on web I have find this description of NOKIA protocol. the best i have seen until now. Best regards!
Do somebody knows how to communicate with a Motorola cellular phone,i.e. Motorola StarTac 7867,Motorola Tango 300e(Motorola 325 Wireless Phone) to dial numbers, and make a normal communication, through your communication protocol ???? Regards!!!!!!
Anyone built adapter for conection to S7. Does anyone know S7 MPI protocol? Regards!
Hello, I'm looking for information about the SMPTE timecode. I found a lot of stuff in google, but the most was about the protocol and not the physics. Here are my interests: SMPTE timecode protocol(s) -> detailed description SMPTE timecode physics -> which hardware do I need for in/output. Thank you in advance, cube007 PS: En
Hello, I am working on a Car MP3 player. I want to use the head unit (Clarion with CeNet) for controlling the MP3 player through the CeNet. The CeNet is a two wire serial bus. Does anyone knows the protocol that Clarion is using? The MP3 player is using: - a C167 controller of Infinion - 256Kb RAM - 256 Kb FLASH - IDE harddrive
Hi, Have anybody a complete protocol description for AB DH-485 and any c/c++ sources example?
Hi, can anybody recommend Bluetooth protocol stack above HCI UART/H4 level? Whether there are free or demo implementations of stack with source code? Or compiled for ARM7 processor? I am intended to use CSR BlueCore2 chip. Do you have experience with its BlueLab and BCHS (BlueCore Host Software) stacks?
I'm looking for a stand alone protocol analyser for RS-232. It's will be better if I can order it for the Canada or Us. Thanks for your anwser
has anyone got some info regarding this protocol,as well any interface uC experience?
Dear Everyone, I'd like to implement HTTP Client in an embedded 51 system, to transfer file/data by PUT command to remote web server. I've require HTTP protocol in details. Could anyone suggest me, Where can I get it? THX IN ADV. ZeRoN
Anybody to know something about this communication protocol about heatmeters, electricity meter ?
when i design a soc ,i will realize communication interface with FSK 1200-2200 .i found the obvious phase shift occur on input signal, how much degree phase shift should be tolerance? I need documents for design fsk protocol .
Need MSP430 JTAG protocol, who can help me?
Hello, I am looking for the protocol called CESA200 It is used in communication between alarm system and tele-watching/telecontrol is is 200 bauds FSK . any information appreciated, MB.
I need protocol specification for DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface). Someone has it ? Tanks.
Hi I need a pdf on p-net protocol and if anyone have a c code driver for it please upload it. for more info about p-net p-net is an induterial network protocol. bye
I need to capture and analyze communication between USB device and PC. Anyone know something about software for this purpose?
Hello all, I have to transfer data from a PIC(16F877) to a PC using modems on PSTN dial up network. The data is of 1Mb . This data has to be transferred from the PIC to the PC at 9600 bps max. I want a reliable data transfer protocol for PIC. Does anyone have similar stuff ? Or has anyone used FTP on PIC ? Thanks in advance.
I need serial protocol of Control Techniques Commander SE (SE11200075) motor driver. Regards
Hi all, is somebody know about the IR port that found on mobile phone ? Is exist specification or norme (like RC5 of remote control ) to define the protocol to exchange information between mobile phone and other electronics part ? Thanks in advance, Paul 8)
Does anyone have the programming protocol to the GAL22? I know the chip is old. In the late 80s, Xilinx had the protocol in their databooks, but they removed it in the 90s.
Hello all, First, thank God elektroda alive again. Does software only usb protocol analyzer is enough? Is there any hardware usb protocol analyzer project in the net ? Does anyone have idea how to build one? Regards Weeyndha
Friends, I am starting at the universe of microcontroller. I need developer a equipment to comunicate with a pc using a modbus protocol in an rs-485 network. Can Somebody help me?? Cleber 8O
Hi friends, as I ask, do you know which protocol uses an Spanish Ford Mondeo? The connector has the following wires: 4: Black 5: Black/Orange 7: White/blue 16: Ornage I've seen on that ford uses PWM, but it seems that this car is using ISO 9141. The car was made in 1996. It's a TDI 1.8 (diesel). Has anyne t
Anyone got any pre-release information on the upcoming RDM protocol (Remote Device Managementprotocol) for DMX512? MrEd
Does anybody have informations about CROW's KB5001 terminal for alarm systems ? I need informations if it is possible to use this terminal as general purpose terminal for micros ( schematic, communication protocol etc. ).