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Dear all I need a matlab file (m file) simulates the snr versus the ber for the convolutional coder and Viterbi decoder with QPSK input if anybody can help please upload. Roshdy
The symbol error probability in each of two arms is 2(M-1)/M Q(sqrt where M=sqrt(16)=4 here. If you were after bit error probability in each arm Gray coding of bits onto the 4 levels would leave you with about 1 bit error per symbol error, so to get P_b you could multiply the above by (1/log_2 M). After multip
Hi all, I hope you would be able to help me out. I have written a turbo code encoder and decoder in matlab with the specs below: Channel Additive White Gaussian Noise (AWGN) Modulation Binary Phase Shift Keying (BPSK) Component Encoders - Two identical recursive convolutional codes RSC Parameters n = 2, k = 1,K = 3 G0 = 7, G1 = 5 I
hi guys !!1 i want to do ber vs snr plotting for 4QAM modulation ...but can you ls say what i really have to do in this case and can you pls provide me the code of matlab with some xplanation to this!!! i really badly need this ...have to do some homework! thanks in advance!!! pls xplain this.......... (...)
I am trying to calculate the ber of OFDM system, lets say using simplest BPSK modulation. I have experimental measurements of the channel impulse response, PDP with amplitudes and delay of the multipath components. I have formed OFDM symbols, modulated them and now it is time to pass them to channel. What is the most (...)
i have thos [project and my dead line in two days pleas can any one help me for doing this project i could also understande my pro need it to be written in matlab Project 1.2. Consider a communication system that transmits a positive (negative) rectangular pulse with length T to represent 1 (0). Assume 1. (...)
I am trying to simulate a 16 QAM modulation in rayleigh channel. However the ber is always around 0.5 no matter the Eb/No is. The channel model I am using is: ch=1/sqrt(2)*(randn(N,1)+sqrt(-1)*randn(N,1)); where N is the number of bits. (...)
Hi In order to implement diversity combining you need information about the channel condition. In your noncoherent case you need to know the snr in r1 and r2, which is either obtained from training signas or previous data symbols. with this information you calculate the necessary weights for each branch. (...)
has anyone got the snr vs ber graphs for Amplify and forward or any other cooperative MIMO scheme?
Hi, Can any one tell me by what factor do I need to multiply with randn command.. to plot ber graph for different values of snr Hello! If you're using matlab you can use awgn function and change the snr values directly.. for (...)
Hi I have simulated a QAM modulation in AWGN and I want to compare my result (e.g; ber vs. snr) with a reference to be sure of my detection accuracy. Can you introduce me a reference. Proakis' figures are : ber vs. Eb/N0 as well as matlab ber Tool. I have defined snr (...)
Hi all, Now, I am preparing my project to simulate UWB technology simulation using Simulink and matlab, especially to evaluate the correlation beteween snr vs RANGE. I am trying to study more the UWB model was created by Martin Clark from But, as a n
Space-time block codes (STBC) versus V-BLAST: The objective is to evaluate the effect of increasing average signal-to-noise ratio (snr) and channel correlation on the bit error rate (ber) of STBC and V-BLAST for a prescribed spectral efficiency. Consider two wireless systems: i) Alamouti STBC 2x2, (...)
dear sir i am smulating ofdm in matlab but in this mentioned code i am not able to draw graph between ci and ber(ie snr n bit error rate only one point is displayed . plz have a look and help where i went wrong plz correct thanks dhruva % Simulate effect of interfarence noise % (...)
If you plot ber vs. snr with a log-log scale, your error rate curve should be a straight line in large snr region and the slope of the straight line should be -1.
hello! i need help in standard ber VS. snr for GSM
Q1: Can anyone shows the snr v.s ber curve of MB OFDM under(bit rate: 55.5M,80M,160M,200M,320M,480M...)in AWGN and multipath channel??? Q2: can some one tell me ,when works under the 200M,as standrad given the parameter (spreading rate=2),where should times the parameter???? is it after the IFFT block????? does (...)
Hi all, I am working on the performance analysis of Time Hopping - BPSK systems. Can anybody post the matlab code for its implementation and ber vs. snr analysis. Thanks.
Thanks for your reply. I suspect my problem is with the noise generation, I have used the inbuilt matlab function to genrate awgn noise y = awgn(x,snr). Is there another way of generating noise apart from this? I can post the code if it will help. Thanks again
hello, I am currently studying wireless communication and I am facing a problem in my MIMO OFDM simulation using mimochan function. My problem is mainly that my input signal is not time based and therefore, whatever sampling time I use in the function the snr vs ber is always the same. I would like to (...)
Hello, for example, when we want to simulate the ber in matlab we send bits over a channel ( fading or other channel ) and then count the bits that do not match. Now, I want to know how do we simulate the Outage probability ( the probability that snr falls down below a specific value ) in (...)
send me the basic requirement , aither ur doing snr vs ber perfromence, which modulation and encoding, so that i can frwd u
immediately i need a matlab code for IDMA using matrix interleaver... i have to plot graph for ber vs snr... and also i have generate the graph using tree based interleaver.... if anyone know means please help me to complete my project.... thanks
I draw the ber vs snr and i can't draw the data rate vs the snr as i can't get a direct relation between the data rate ans the snr in the equation? anyhelp?
Hello everybody, any one can help me how to write a code can plot y axis in log scale and x axis in normal scale. thanks, - - - Updated - - - What i am trying to say is i've got results displayed for ber using matlab simulink but i don't know how to plot curve of ber. i would be so appreciated (...)
What parameters have to be changed for the two models to be distinguished from one another?? I have downloaded the WLAN files from and 802.11a from . On simulating both the files the outputs are the same in ter
Please check matlab codes for bellow. matlab Source Codes -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- analemma, a program which evaluates the equation of time, a formula for the difference between the uniform 24 hour day and (...)
Is there anyone who can help me by providing the matlab codes for qpsk & bpsk modulation in riccian channel to find the ber vs snr ? Plz , it z too urgent
Has anyone generated a rayleigh fading channel where there are two transmitters(T1,T2) and two receivers(R1,R2). The information from T1 is to be sent to R1 and information from T2 is to be sent to R2. What is the effect of interference of T1 over R2 in ber vs snr? Is there any (...)
Hi! I support another example that I wrote befroe. It is a example to run the ideal ber/snr curve of BPSK and QPSK system. The simulation result shows the two different almost get the same curve. Hope that is helpful for you. %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% % the (...)
i am new to this stuff....can anyone help me about this.... how actually to plot this ber graph from matlab....suppose to use pragramming in matlab or simulink? can anyone show me the code to simulate this ber... thx first.... Added after 2 hours 13 minutes: If i already simulate a QAM-16...n count t
i have attached a m-file (in the form of txt file) from my previous post graduate assignment which requires me to simulate a bpsk transmission using baseband envelope approach; using either rectangle, sync or raised cosine pulse shaping through a AWGN or Rayleigh flat fading channel. i have also wrote the commands to plot the (...)
@tmltanml : i am sorry to say your attachment doesn't contain any stuff on berTool. @m_llaa : biterr is only useful for getting the ber balue for a set of data..but i need a plot with varying snr..I had written a function for the same purpose as the biterr does(by using xor (...)
Hi, i am simulating the 4QAM in matlab. there i need to scale the noise to get the snr vs ber graph. Can any one of you plz tell me the factor by whcih we can scale the noise...and also how u get this factor? P.S. my noise if of type ... noise = randn(1,N) + i * randn(1,N); Waiting.....
Hi guys ... I need your help! Can you give me any matlab code which inclode simulation of ber vs snr for single user and multi users in CDMA system! Please help me I'm not very good in matlab :(
Hi, This problem occurs when the data is not enough. So, you have to increase your data; especially for high snr. Ahmed
You can take up several simulations in matlab.. to quote a few .. 1) Simulating Various Modulation methods both analog and digital 2) Calculating ber or snr for each modualtion 3) Fading simulation (Mobile Communication) 4) CDMA or GSM Simulation 5) OFDM Simulation Thanks, Mathuranathan.V (...)
Hi, Could you please help me how to use the Maximum Ratio combination in Multipath Rayleigh fading channel, using matlab comands, and have a look for the program bellow you will see the error that I have, and could you tell me the problem, and how to solve it. clear all whos (...)
ur way may be correct but the thing is that i want to implement it in matlab and for that i dont think if i need quantization. the problem i m facing is that my soft viterbi decoder works fine in AWGN channle but when I apply my soft viterbi deocoder in Rayleigh fading channel with white Gaussian noise the ber vs (...)
Hi there, I am looking for a matlab code which computes and plots the spectral efficiency and/or the throughput in a MIMO system for different types of modulation (BPSK, QPSK, 16QAM...). Is there any formulas based on the ber and/or the snr (...)
HI dear, Can you please help me for a two-hop system simulation? i want to simulate the problem of two hop system and then ber vs snr plot. reply plz Added after 45 minutes: please email me, i am also new in this field and want to discuss some problems with you. thanks[/e
I am trying to simulate ber vs snr for MB-OFDM. I have code of OFDDM. Can anyone help me. I am using matlab.
Hello, I think to reduce the ber, you have to begin sampling your received signal at its maximum value. This will give the maximum snr.
Coherent ASK detection has the same Eb/N0 characteristic as coherent FSK detection. If you have matlab you can utilize the bertool... snr = (0:1:18 ); ber = berawgn(snr, 'fsk', 2, 'coherent'); figure; semilogy(snr, ber); grid on; xlabel('E_b/N_0 (...)
hi, I'm trying to convert the dvb-t 2k demo in matlab r2009b to work in 8k mode. I made some changes to commdvbt.mdl file and to table_gen.m file. The demo works, but not correctly. It gives ber around 0.5 for all vaues for snr in AWGN channel. What could be the problem? biserka
Dear all I am in urgent need to solove the quary in wimax MIMO-OFDM mode. In this model, after running the program, 1 is to be entered for including the MIMO and O for single input single output system. How ever my qaury is in both the cases, with same parameter (i.e. channel bandwidth, snr etc), i am (...)
Hello everyone I have made the following code but there was a problem and am seeking help % the first task is to generate a bpsk signal and simulate the ber and the second task is to convert this to MIMO clear;clc; N = 1e4; % Number of data bits Nt = 1; (...)
Hello Everyone I actually need of a matlab code which is using matrix interleaver in idma. i want to check its ber vs snr performance. and i also want to simulate my interleaver in place of matrix interleaver. So kindly tell me what are the parameters on which interleaver performance (...)
first of all, create your modulation then pass it through the channel, this must be done in steps as follows: 1. create you multipath channel object using this command (rayleighchan). 2. use the filter function to add your signal to the channel using this command (filter(x,channel)) 3. create a loop for your noise such as from 0 to (...)
Hi guys, this is my first work in optical and first simulation in matlab. I am sorry if there is mistake and im really new to this. Here is what I did, im simulation an entire Radio Over Fiber system with matlab, linear system. Let me insert my code first, %*****************************Defining (...)