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Hi guys, i'm trying to simulate Multi-hop Relay cooperative communication using Quantize-and-forward to find ber vs snr. The result isn't correct yet, and i'm really confused right now. I really need your help guys. Here's the matlab code i've made (just try to run it on your (...)
a random Rayleigh flat-fading channel object based on Jake?s model is generated in matlab with sampling period of 10 μs and the maximum Doppler shift is set to 200 Hz. The additive white Gaussian noise with snr of 23 dB is used. The required ber is set to 10−3 and the average (...)
for BPSK, the probability of error, ber = Q(sqrt(2Eb/No)) where Eb/No is the absolute snr per bit (not dB) and Q(X) is the common Q-function (area under Gaussian for x>X) Hope it helps
Hello, I was wondering if I could get some help on implementing "cross layer protocol" or "UW(Underwater)-MAC protocol" in matlab? What kind of algorithm could I use? for example: Comparing ber and snr? Thank you
Hi all, I'm in dire need of the matlab code for ber of ofdm with MRC receiver over rayleigh fading channel for different modulation scheme such as BPSK, QPSK, M-QAM. If u have those, plz send to me: Thank u in advance.
Has anyone generated a rayleigh fading channel where there are two transmitters(T1,T2) and two receivers(R1,R2). The information from T1 is to be sent to R1 and information from T2 is to be sent to R2. What is the effect of interference of T1 over R2 in ber vs snr? Is there any (...)
Please check matlab codes for bellow. matlab Source Codes -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- analemma, a program which evaluates the equation of time, a formula for the difference between the uniform 24 hour day and (...)
hello my friends. I need matlab code for a mimo(alamouti methode) channel with ISI. I have in these channel for finding ke out put stream , we should use "conv(h,s) " or "fft=> s*.h " instead of production of stream and impulse response of channel but when I use them , my (...)
hello my friends. I need matlab code for a channel with frequency selective fading. in these channel we should use "conv" or "fft" instead of ".*" but when I use them , my ber/snr grapp is constant!! can any one help me?? its realy important and imergency thanks for Ur help :)
can anyone give me the matlab code for bpsk and qam (ber andsnr performance plot) with proper xplanation i m badly in need of it .....thanks in advance ...waiting for the answer!!!
Hi everyone, i have written a matlab simulation to compute average ber per average snr over a Rayleigh Fading Channel. I want to know how do u calculate the average ber per snr for AMC, do u restrict error contributions per AMC mode, or do you add all bit errors contributed by different AMC (...)
send me the basic requirement , aither ur doing snr vs ber perfromence, which modulation and encoding, so that i can frwd u
Can anyone help me???I have the following code and i find the problem with the large ber ~ 50% is my OFDM can anyone help????? snr=15; car=512; bits=4096; a1=randint(bits,1); t = poly2trellis(,); a2=convenc(a1,t); a3=pskmod(a2,4); bit2=length(a3); a41=reshape(a3,bit2/car,car); for (...)
Hello Everyone I actually need of a matlab code which is using matrix interleaver in idma. i want to check its ber vs snr performance. and i also want to simulate my interleaver in place of matrix interleaver. So kindly tell me what are the parameters on which interleaver performance (...)
Hello dear friends, I should simulate a wideband M-ary FSK system with an LDI (limiter discriminator integrator) receiver in order to analyze its performance and obtain the relationship between ber and snr in rayleigh fading channels . This project should be done with (...)
I am trying to simulate ber vs snr for MB-OFDM. I have code of OFDDM. Can anyone help me. I am using matlab.
HI dear, Can you please help me for a two-hop system simulation? i want to simulate the problem of two hop system and then ber vs snr plot. reply plz Added after 45 minutes: please email me, i am also new in this field and want to discuss some problems with you. thanks[/e
Hi all, I am working on the performance analysis of Time Hopping - BPSK systems. Can anybody post the matlab code for its implementation and ber vs. snr analysis. Thanks.
maybe a simulation of ber vs snr for different modulation techniques under AWGN. It cant be more easy..... if you know a bit of matlab
Hi! I know similar questions have been around, I searched the forum but I couldn't find the answer. I'm running some LDPC on matlab, AWGN channel and BPSK modulation. If I have code rate and snr-ber graph (data), how can I calculate and plot Shannon limit? Thanks in advance.
Q1: Can anyone shows the snr v.s ber curve of MB OFDM under(bit rate: 55.5M,80M,160M,200M,320M,480M...)in AWGN and multipath channel??? Q2: can some one tell me ,when works under the 200M,as standrad given the parameter (spreading rate=2),where should times the parameter???? is it after the IFFT block????? does (...)
Hi all, I need urgent help to simulate the ber versus snr for COHERENT ML RECEIVER using BPSK ,AWGN and RAYLEIGHT CHANNEL. i face a problem to find the right shape,as snr increas ber decreas but in convex way rather than concave way. is there any idea?:!:
Anyone can give some papers about the ber and snr , and the simulate method with matlab or the matlab code about the ber simulation? thanks
Dear all I need a matlab file (m file) simulates the snr versus the ber for the convolutional coder and Viterbi decoder with QPSK input if anybody can help please upload. Roshdy
You can take up several simulations in matlab.. to quote a few .. 1) Simulating Various Modulation methods both analog and digital 2) Calculating ber or snr for each modualtion 3) Fading simulation (Mobile Communication) 4) CDMA or GSM Simulation 5) OFDM Simulation Thanks, Mathuranathan.V (...)
Hi I have simulated a QAM modulation in AWGN and I want to compare my result (e.g; ber vs. snr) with a reference to be sure of my detection accuracy. Can you introduce me a reference. Proakis' figures are : ber vs. Eb/N0 as well as matlab ber Tool. I have defined snr (...)
Hi, Can any one tell me by what factor do I need to multiply with randn command.. to plot ber graph for different values of snr Hello! If you're using matlab you can use awgn function and change the snr values directly.. for (...)
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi guys ... I need your help! Can you give me any matlab code which inclode simulation of ber vs snr for single user and multi users in CDMA system! Please help me I'm not very good in matlab
Hi guys ... I need your help! Can you give me any matlab code which inclode simulation of ber vs snr for single user and multi users in CDMA system! Please help me I'm not very good in matlab :(
Hello! I have implemented in matlab some classical channel equalization methods (I used AWGN,BPSK). I have to make ber vs snr simulations and should do this in different channel environments (rural, hilly, urban..etc). I'm looking for the corresponding impulse response values for (...)
Hi bleach: at first and for simplicity you suppose that you are simulating a BPSK transmitter and reciever and you are going to plot the ber versus snr. so you should do these three stages : 1. you should generate a sequence of binary data which are in form of BPSK , (...)