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Since the capacitors simply fell off the board with the slightest touch along with some of the printed wiring then your soldering iron might be too cheap and gets too hot since it probably does not control its temperature.
The tip of the soldering iron must be "tinned" which is a thin coating of clean shiny solder. Many soldering irons are cheap without any temperature control which causes them to be too hot and vaporize the rosin in the solder and leave the tip a mess of charcoal. - - - Updated - - - Also
My Weller soldering iron is temperature controlled. The rear end of its tip has a special iron alloy piece and inside the barrel near this iron piece is a moveable on-off switch activated by a magnet. When the tip is cold then the special iron alloy in the tip is attracted to the magnet and (...)
This is an idea how to create and use control over a car radio with use of a remote control. To make this device, you will need the IR remote control which is compatible with RC5, soldering iron and a programmer. It
When you have a soldering iron, its continuous operation can result in too high temperature of the tip. The system is an expanded version of a simple soldering station. It is a combination of a simple generator on NE
It is a simple device that was designed to regulate the power of the soldering iron powered by 230V.
In what settings do you see a gun type soldering iron useful? My gun-type soldering iron is used exclusively to cut plastic. Holding something in your whole hand just doesn't give the degree of fine motor control needed to assemble modern electronic circuits. Just think, do you hold a writing implement (...)
I am trying to make a circuit to control mains AC. I want to control a heating elment (e.g. soldering iron, water heater)... Depending on thermal capacity of target object, is not strictly required a phase control. If time base of heating be much larger than sinewave period, you can manage the power by (...)
Hello, Sorry if it has been asked before or if my post is in the wrong section, I tried to search for the right section before. I am looking to replace my soldering irons (I've got two but they are quite bad) mainly for SMD soldering (48 pins tqfp) and seen some gas soldering irons that look quite good (...)
Hi, I project to build a tempearture control for my iron with digital display. Does anyone have a schematic or a link to give me ? Thanks for help !!!
I'd like to control the temperature of my soldering iron with a PIC micro and a solid state relay (DC input 5-30v ; AC out 220V,10A). I need some advice about the shape (raport/ratio) of square wave that I'll have to generate with the PIC micro. :? :? :? Thanks!