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Hi guys I posted a request for the solution manual for this book earlier but it got deleted for some reason. I've been trying to find the solution manual to the homework problems but have not had any luck. The subject field consists of the study of the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum and focuses (...)
Rencently, I am studying the book named "Time-Harmonic electromagnetic Fields," by R. Harrington by myself. But I met some problems in it such as lack of the corresponding resource. And there are many problems in the text. When I finished some of them, I don't kown whether my answers were right. Meanwhile lots of them really puzzled me. So I b
Hello Can anyone give me the solution manual of electromagnetic waves and radiating systems by Edward C Jordan? reagards
The following webpage one can found the book online: electromagnetic Waves and Antennas There is also solutions of Chapter 1 & 2, but I need the solutions of Chapter 6. If someone has these solutions, please share it with me. Thank you very much....
Hello, I have electromagnetics book written by J.D Kraus Also electromagnetic waves & Radiating systems by Jorden. Does any one has solution manual for these books? I have old editions of these books ( 2nd edition )
Hi, i need a lot the solution manual for the following book: Foundations of electromagnetic Theory by Reitz, Milford and Christy. I hope someone have it. Thanks :D
who has got 6th edition sol hayt electromagnetic?
Does anybody have a copy of the solutions for this book by Roger Harrington?
you can download solution manual time harmonic electromagnetic by harrington from link: or from link: these file are solution manual chapter1, 2, 3, 4 dont forget press helped me.
does anybody have "solutions to Time Harmonic electromagnetic Fields" by R.F.Harrington ?
need solution of "time-harmonic electromagnetic fields" by Harrington urgently.
i can't download the solution manual of time harmonic electromagnetic fields from rapidshare site. can anyone upload it or send it for me? my email address is:
I would suggest the folowing at this level: W. Hayt and J. Buck, Engineering electromagnetics, McGraw-Hill. i need solution manual of 7th Edition of this book by these authors! Please share the link if u know ... Thank u
hi dear I want a correct solution for this problem (5_44): refrence:time harmonic electromagnetic fields (roger F.
For a good understanding of the electromagnetism, I recommend you to read the "Field and wave electromagnetics" by David K. Cheng The solution manual for this book is available on the internet.