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sonsivri com , www sonsivri com
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same time i can't access for this new forum i think is very good replace for old (very very good forum) sonsivri
i Hope sonsivri is ok!
A couple of links are there in "" forum. Try to search there.
try salvo for pic w picc
Hi some of the links for projects are 1) 2) 3)refer sites of MIT, UCBerkeley , BITs,IITs or NITs
Hi friend! you can link to website ( )
you can link to ( )
you can look
If you search on web ( I should sonsivri ), there is an "compatible" version with full schematic, fw ( binary ) and board. You could study, if the hardware is the same, I would dessolder the original AT91SAM and solder a pre-programmend with this "compatible" version, that is the way to save few bucks with an compatible hardware sold on on many sto
see you proton pluss compiller manual download manual the command is: download the compiler and user guide to see "the power is back" see rego post "compilers and proton" _________________________________________ Syntax Variable = CF_READ Overview Read data from a Compact Flash card. Operators Variable -
proteus is the best i believe
hi i have just found this book"Visual Basic for Electronics Engineering Applications - 2nd Edition" iam also trying to programme for electronics here is the link hope it helps!
look here... lot of schematic.. hope this will help u... regards
Try this one Microchip Master's Conference 2008 CD pass is
hi guys can somebody tell me if there is any free download available for IC station and design architect tools from mentor graphics i tried looking at sonsivri and some other torrents,but of no use looking for an early reply thanks in advance
u can read PIC Ebook searching in
I am not well aware of MMC cards or proteus , but after reading your question just gone for reading about that in the internet , and found a site where they have tried to do the same thing . I am sending the site address to you , wishing that it can help you .... :D
Check out the video in this link. He has installed in debian , but procedures are almost similar
hi friends i have downloaded soc encounter zip files from sonsivri iam trying to run it in ubuntu i have fix_soc.tar file which gave me file this file will give me a single soc encounter iso file i dont know how to work with this shell file can somebody guide me in this regards srinivasan
Best tool is Cadence SOC Encounter GXL. It has complete RTL to GDSII flow Other options include Magma Talus RTL to GDSII flow, Synopsys Lynx Just go to the respective websites and download their datasheets and compare ur requirement Importanat thing is all the softwares are very costly. It will be nothing less than INR 50-75 L Check ou
I Thought so too until a saw this proteus tutorials by Smainj. Check it out, if you find out how he did it, pls let me know. Thanks Check it here : Added after 13 minutes: Smainj was able to do it with mikroC, that means it might as well
But one can be a member of this forum only through invitation from any of the members from that forum. Cheers
for the LM311 I am not sure you will find one for the LM567, but you could look here or search for LM567 spice model. Keith.
try use v15
CADSTAR: How to create a part with a dummy footprint: - sonsivri ---------- Post added at 15:08 ---------- Previous post was at 15:07 ---------- YouTube - CADSTAR 12: Autorouting using the Embedded Rou
PIC18F4550 USB Data acquisition project or USB DAQ PIC18F4550 USB DAQ - sonsivri
You can try Pickit 2 or DL4YHF :) ---------- Post added at 12:18 ---------- Previous post was at 12:15 ---------- PIC16F84 -> PIC16F628A programmer - sonsivri
Here from PIC based automatic Voltage Stabiliser Using PIC16F877A Here is the circuit of an automatic voltage stabiliser that can be adapted to any power rating. Its intelligence lies in the program on PIC16F877A—a low-cost microcontroller that is readily available.
hi thanks to edaboard this is better than sonsivri,electro-on line ................ edaboard the best
MOVING MESSAGE DISPLAY - sonsivri need help in moving message display using Matrix LEDs(8 bit) - All About Circuits Forum Check these links, may be it will helpful for u.
How to make PCB in proteus - sonsivri ---------- Post added at 13:19 ---------- Previous post was at 13:12 ---------- YouTube - ‪Proteus Isis Tutorial-part 2‬‏ [url=
check this discussion link.... PT100 RTD based temp indicator - sonsivri
Please refer to this topic.
I think this might help Problem on RB0 interrupt in HT-PICC Alex
Full project - labpowersupply smps 30 Volt 20 Ampere - sonsivri lookout here to get the idea
I have the same problem. ---------- Post added at 15:23 ---------- Previous post was at 15:21 ---------- Just found from For windows: Start -> Programs -> CST Studio Suite 2009 -> CST update Manager Import, browse for the .sup, install.
I have recently made a Pickit2 clone programmer on bread borad from the following link Microchip PICKIT 2 Clone - Schematic+PCB (PROTEUS) - sonsivri I program the uC from Pickit2 from some institute, when i attectched the programmer to USB some time it says "USB doe
How can i use the PWM of timer 1 to regenerate sounds ? I am using Atmega16 sound samples captured from 10 bit ADC at 125 KHz Pulse-width modulation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Yes it can. Just google. See this:
Dear shuang, Have a look at this address : In This site you will find everything you need. regards
hi a full working project you can find here Regards Fragrance
Hi Bonbonshoo♥ , These are the links which i came across.See if these can help you to go forward
Has anyone come across PPViS 1.1 chloride software an knows where I could get it from? By the way, could I use the PPSet 2.0 software from this thread To reset the battery on the mentioned chloride UPS, or should I use the PPViS 1.1. Thanks Robert please v
I guess you are asking for cracked version. You can get one from
Sorry, if this post is in wrong place or another rules. I need invitation to this forum, can anyone send me a invitation, using private message, if possible!!! I've tried several times to register, but could not. Thanks.