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hi all plz can any one help me with my project (decible meter/sound meter)or (sound detector) thanx
someone can help or teach me to built sound detector using pic.. i very newbie in electronic....:sad:
i'm a newbie. i want to design sound Level meter base on LM3915 IC but i dont know how to connect the input signal. LM3915 bassicly is to display driver. Suppose i use my PC microphone as a sound detector. so if i place the mic at my table and start talking, the LED (drive by LM3915) should be able do display according to the noise (...)
Don't forget your acoustic options. You can use a microphone and a low pass filter to get the heart beat sound. Then you can use a comparator to get a logic pulse for each heart cycle.
Here is my proram DTMF detetor using sound card, the audio sinal input is mic_in or line_in, enjoy :roll:
Need more information: What do you know about the characteristics of the uncorrupted signal for which you are trying to detect the noise? hi kral..what do you mean? amm... our field of study will be a public place like libraries...its like a voice detector but in this project we will focus more in determining the level of n
I still stand by with what I said yesterday: this circuit has nothing to do with "zero crossing". It has several comparators inside but none of them uses 0V as reference .. And, on top of that the so called ""zero crossing"" signal is taken from pin17 .. ??? For examples of zero crossing detectors goto:
I want to design a input circuit for my sound Level Meter with LM3915. this is my first project with an audio signal. LM3915 is bassicly a display driver. the aim of this project is to display the signal received form microphone to sound level meter. example, let say the Mic receive a noise from sorrounding area(people talk), then the (...)
If the quoted statement is true you would not be able to hear any soud from speaker. And it is not the average value of the signal that produces sound but it's rms value.
One simple way is to have a necklace on the cat with pulsed LEDs . Then in each room there are optical sensors. Their outputs are amplified through band pass amplifiers tuned to the pulse frequency. The alternatives of sound generators on the cat would irritate it. Radio methods are more complex because the receivers can detect through wall
First of all, I must admit that my knowledge on opamp is very limited. Would someone pls advise what are the functions of IC1A and IC1B in the circuit? How do we relate the sound -> microphone ->
Hello, I wonder if any of you can reccomend a 3 channel sound to light unit circuit for me? I have 4 LED spotlights that have individual Red/Green/Blue LED's in them. I am planning on wiring them up in my daughters bedroom at some point, with a sound to light unit that will flash them in different colours etc to the beat of the music. (she's
You can find a number of site for Zero Crossing detector, Applications Notes of Op-Amps etc, I am giving you only one (but good one) site . i.e. Zero Crossing detector
I answered you in a PM and on two other electronic chat forums. The LM358 will work but it is old and will reduce the sensitivity to sounds above 5kHz. the MC33172 responds well up to 26kHz in my circuit. Newark has them. Farnell is worldwide in 32 countries and now owns Newark. My prototype has been blinking for over 3 years and still works
A selective glass break detector in contrast to a simple shock sensor senses the high frequency solid-borne sound specific to breaking glass. It's almost unsensitive to false alarms e.g. from clicking against the window. You can consult the descriptions of professional burglar alarms to get an idea of their operation. I would generally suggest piez
yes..I know this may sound weird but I need this one too. I'm having a DLL right now. As I tested the complete loop. I found out that the input frequency and the feedback (from my 4 stage current starved delay line) has this ~500ps phase difference always. With this, the PD keeps on producing UP signal which always charging the capacitor and never
I want to be able to store some sampled sounds, compare them to live samples and trigger an event when they are the same ... Example - Save the sound of a footstep being made on a gravel path (in fact several at different attenuations) and detect and trigger when a fresh footstep is heard. A fairly simple security application but hopefully reas
Use a transformer that after rectification and smoothing gives around 24V dc and here is an example of a circuit that will produce zero-crossing pulses .. IanP :D
Hi, It depends on the zero cross detector circuit. Of course, you need to write code to detect zero cross, but the amount of code to be written depends on the detector circuit being used. Have you decided which circuit to use? eg. You could use something like this: or something from [UR
We need to know what is your signal source and input signal level. Output signal level = ? (Gain ) and load impedance = ? and signal bandwidth = ?. Some examples you find
need to measure the sound Pressure from 30 to 110 db and display on LCD using PIC 16F877. on the internet i found using LM358 (pre amp + peak detector) and CA3140 (no high gain, mean preamp) for single supply and TL071 (pre amp) with LF351 (half wave rectifier) with Dual supply. any idea how to show db values using these circuits and will
Sir, My humble suggestion is that - for better and serious application use both main types of smoke detectors- ionization detector and photoelectric detector along with a heat detector to warn of a fire. This is the only way to make a better fire alarm. In either type of detector steam or high humidity (...)
please read your datasheet, there it says: Working: Power up the sensor by 5VDC using pins ?VCC? and ?GND?. First of all a 10us trigger input has to be given to the pin named ?Trig? on the sensor. This starts one cycle of range conversion and sends 8 bursts of sound waves from the transmitter. As soon as the signals are
Hi everyone, I am trying to connect an electret microphone to the ADC port (port A) of Atmel Atmega16. My aim is to light an LED when there is a sound. I have directly connected the mic to the input port of the micro controller. But there is no voltage detection at the input, even after changing the potentionmeter value. Please advice me
sound like this may be need DLL file , collect template to protocal for communication . Library is required from mobile producer , I think it's hard to decise to corperate company. So u may use the sms chip, 2 chips form the communication system, that easy way right.
If you put a 9V battery to your tongue, you'll find out what volt level will give you a shock. It will not harm you but you'll feel it. :^) So if you moisten the gauze pad on the underside of a band-aid, and secure two wires underneath, and run 9V through the wires, that may do the job. You'll need to amplify the sound, because it's only a volt
Hi friends I saw some article about building metal detector with cd, dvd, calculator and headphone!! i made it but i didn't hear any sound, anybody have some experience with this kind of metal detectors? can this detectors work?!!! i don't think so!!! Regards
Hi Elvis P what is the size of the table you have to observe??? If it is really big maybe you could build a resonant circuit where the capacity is tuned. A big metalized plate under or on the surface of the table and when a also metalized piece comes close the capacity will change and togehter as a swinging circuit with an inductor your r
I do not understand exactly what you want. would you please describe more. What do you want to recognize? words? consonant , vowels? continous speech? or just voice, such as the sound of a door, or sound of a breaking window? For each of the above situations, there is a solution using matlab. Example: want to detect, the breaking window (...)
Look here. It is a 25 pages pdf. Medical Imaging 79.1 Introduction 79.2 Image Information Content Measurement of Imaging Performance 79.3 X-Ray Imaging X-Ray Imaging detectors 79.4 Computed Tomography Reconstruction of an Object from Projections • Clinical Measurements 79.5 Nuclear Medicine Measurement of Physiological Func
You can try to use "zero crossing" detector (shouldn't matter if the signal doesn't really cross 0V).. Try this link: Regards, IanP
I would like to build electronic units to detect termites in the wood of a building via the sounds they make. I have been thinking about what sort of an amp (preamp) would be needed to pick up their sounds. Would an off the shelf part work or maybe a op amp? 3v0
hi, does anyone have any ideas if 2 analog sound signals are need to be compare at the same time, to know which one has the highest amplitude? note: the microphones has 1v dc offset and due to the fact that PIC16F877A can only convert 1 analog to digital at a single time, so how i can compare 2 signal at a time? issit possible to us
This is a ramp (zero-crossing) generator I developed for a theatre-lighting The trace shows how a corr
Use zero-crossing detector circuit and you will have 100 pulses per second .. Here are examples: Regards, IanP
hi : i have worked since a year with Biometircs Properties : for finger Print and Voice detection... i used mainly Matlab, for the sound you want to record , you can use serial Port and define an Object and may be you can store in a file... and you can resue it with C file, if you want to use 8051, or you can use Matlab generating C code and d
I'm Interesting and built a satellite detecter with LED as far I know is that a sat biper is a sat detector but with noise but I want to built with LED to check the status detection to the Min to Max. The Satbiper contains the following parts One-HEF4046BT that is a IC-CMOS,PHASE LOCKED LOOP One-LMC60 that is a Single AMP that is
You can manage the problem by using tuner-IF section of a TV receiver. It has I2C for channel selection and IF section with video and sound demodulators. IF amplifier-demodulator chip has AGC pin which gives a voltage proportional to antenna signal and it can be used for signal level measurements. want people to write the whole book here? Yea kid, try wikipedia. Vibration sensor can use an accelerometer or a vibration sensor...the name is vibration sensor. sound sensor, just use a mic. Motion sensor, you can use ultrasonic motion detector, IR motion detector, or even a CCD base motion detector. (...)
can somebody please help me how to write program to interface metal detector circuit with atmega8 ???? o/p of metal detector circuit is beep sound....
Hye for you all...newbie here need help:cry: i need some one to help programming my circuit that must use very dummy to make programing... here is some info: project: water level detector -3 level of water -3 sensor, which build it my self using concept of water as switch... -3 led indicator that will show the water level
Curiously, D3 has no function in the said circuit, because it's permanently reverse biased. If you put a capacitor in series with R13, it would have a purpose. As a general remark, it's a very simple proximity detector, because it only measures intensity rather than transit time of ultrasonic sound.
Hello Guys, I am a newbie here and am quite facinated with the helpful forum site. and specially with few of ppl like Audio Guru And FvM... I wanna do a project n need help from you ppl. D othr day i saw a Test tone generator.. But i thought its a silly project (for IIIrd Yr Student). So i want to make something which detects this test tones
Hi, The amount of phase shift varies a with time...though the output frequency remains constant.... does not sound like the constant phase shift you have mentioned
One circuit creates ultrasound signal through a pipe (to determine whether pipe contains liquid or not, I had liquid in the pipe already), a detector convert that sound to a very small signal (continuous pulse), so it has a amplifying circuit I draw the circuit here, that pulse acrossed the filter (with dc offset about 1.7Vfrom another (...)
Designing a ultrasonic receiver consisting of JK flip-flop 74hc107, LM311 and a peak detector using tl071. When sound is detected the buzzer will activate. But how do I connect the comparator lm311 to JK flip-flop? Because at the moment the buzzer is always ringing on Q bar output 74hc107. Updated posted: file attached
i am using the infrared as the smoke detector,but the problem is i dunno how to reduce the voltage so that whenever it detect certain type of smoke(cigarette smoke),it will become "4.5V" and send the signal to the PIC,then only the PIC will started to record down the total amount of cigarette that being detected. and everytime the smoke is detect
There are no polarized and non-polarized transducers. All have (or should have) a polarity marking relating input voltage to sound pressure polarity. It's meaningless in most applications. The sensor's datasheet is somewhat incomplete. Do you expect to get the missing information from edaboard users? But fortunately, these 40 kHz sensors h
Some points sound confused. "Load modulation" e.g. is a specific technique involved with inductively coupled passive RFID tags, also Figure 6.12 is about this. I can't imagine a relation to a wireless 300 m link at 1 GHz
Hello Adithya, I gave a look at the circuit. Unless I am completely wrong, you will be never able to build a wireles headphone with this circuit. This device seems designed for a different purpose, in facts I think it's a simple noise detector. The sound level at the microphone determines the voltage at pin 5. When its value goes beyond the "logi