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hi all plz can any one help me with my project (decible meter/sound meter)or (sound detector) thanx
What type of sound sensor you are using?
i'm a newbie. i want to design sound Level meter base on LM3915 IC but i dont know how to connect the input signal. LM3915 bassicly is to display driver. Suppose i use my PC microphone as a sound detector. so if i place the mic at my table and start talking, the LED (drive by LM3915) should be able do display according to the noise (...)
We need to know what is your signal source and input signal level. Output signal level = ? (Gain ) and load impedance = ? and signal bandwidth = ?. Some examples you find
Hi everyone, I am trying to connect an electret microphone to the ADC port (port A) of Atmel Atmega16. My aim is to light an LED when there is a sound. I have directly connected the mic to the input port of the micro controller. But there is no voltage detection at the input, even after changing the potentionmeter value. Please advice me
Can I use LM358 in place of MC33172 for sound amplification without changing biasing circuit in a sound level detector circuit? I know LM358 will work upto 4Khz only but thats naot a problem I could not find MC33172. I have attached image of circuit
Don't forget your acoustic options. You can use a microphone and a low pass filter to get the heart beat sound. Then you can use a comparator to get a logic pulse for each heart cycle.
Here is my proram DTMF detetor using sound card, the audio sinal input is mic_in or line_in, enjoy :roll:
Need more information: What do you know about the characteristics of the uncorrupted signal for which you are trying to detect the noise? hi kral..what do you mean? amm... our field of study will be a public place like libraries...its like a voice detector but in this project we will focus more in determining the level of n
I want to design a input circuit for my sound Level Meter with LM3915. this is my first project with an audio signal. LM3915 is bassicly a display driver. the aim of this project is to display the signal received form microphone to sound level meter. example, let say the Mic receive a noise from sorrounding area(people talk), then the (...)
If the quoted statement is true you would not be able to hear any soud from speaker. And it is not the average value of the signal that produces sound but it's rms value.
Hello, I wonder if any of you can reccomend a 3 channel sound to light unit circuit for me? I have 4 LED spotlights that have individual Red/Green/Blue LED's in them. I am planning on wiring them up in my daughters bedroom at some point, with a sound to light unit that will flash them in different colours etc to the beat of the music. (she's
You can find a number of site for Zero Crossing detector, Applications Notes of Op-Amps etc, I am giving you only one (but good one) site . i.e. Zero Crossing detector
A selective glass break detector in contrast to a simple shock sensor senses the high frequency solid-borne sound specific to breaking glass. It's almost unsensitive to false alarms e.g. from clicking against the window. You can consult the descriptions of professional burglar alarms to get an idea of their operation. I would generally suggest piez
yes..I know this may sound weird but I need this one too. I'm having a DLL right now. As I tested the complete loop. I found out that the input frequency and the feedback (from my 4 stage current starved delay line) has this ~500ps phase difference always. With this, the PD keeps on producing UP signal which always charging the capacitor and never
I want to be able to store some sampled sounds, compare them to live samples and trigger an event when they are the same ... Example - Save the sound of a footstep being made on a gravel path (in fact several at different attenuations) and detect and trigger when a fresh footstep is heard. A fairly simple security application but hopefully reas
Use a transformer that after rectification and smoothing gives around 24V dc and here is an example of a circuit that will produce zero-crossing pulses .. IanP :D
Hi, It depends on the zero cross detector circuit. Of course, you need to write code to detect zero cross, but the amount of code to be written depends on the detector circuit being used. Have you decided which circuit to use? eg. You could use something like this: or something from [UR
need to measure the sound Pressure from 30 to 110 db and display on LCD using PIC 16F877. on the internet i found using LM358 (pre amp + peak detector) and CA3140 (no high gain, mean preamp) for single supply and TL071 (pre amp) with LF351 (half wave rectifier) with Dual supply. any idea how to show db values using these circuits and will
Sir, My humble suggestion is that - for better and serious application use both main types of smoke detectors- ionization detector and photoelectric detector along with a heat detector to warn of a fire. This is the only way to make a better fire alarm. In either type of detector steam or high humidity (...)
Hi. I am trying to do a telepatic talk devide. It is just a magic trick :) I will make a program to my mobile and it will receive a text answer from another people. Than i will convert it to morse code and produce the sound. Now I just want plug somethin in sound output and it cause small eletric shock in my body. There are any trick or devic
Hi friends I saw some article about building metal detector with cd, dvd, calculator and headphone!! i made it but i didn't hear any sound, anybody have some experience with this kind of metal detectors? can this detectors work?!!! i don't think so!!! Regards
To detect a light on will be easy to do. To detect people will be a challenge. They could be moving, or they could be stationary, for unknown periods. Hence it could require a combination of detectors: infrared motion sound light etc.
An LM3915 IC has 10 comparators connected to a resistor ladder and the 10 outputs have their output currents set with one resistor. There is an accurate adjustable voltage reference. It can make a moving dot with one LED lighted or a bar of lighted LEDs. Use an electret mic. Your circuit is completely wrong because it does not have a resistor l
I am looking for metal detector's shematic based on microcontroller. I'm especially interrest by the tesoro's metal detector shematics. If someone could help me. Thanks
I have stored 2 kind of metal detector based on microcontroller. I build both and i am sur it is good. Have a look at filemanager: Neron/metal_detector. If someone have other schematics i am interrest.
Hi guys! I'm looking for any schematic, pcb etc about metal detector. Only thing I need is a WORKING CIRCUIT. I anybody know where to find it, please tell to me. I´m looking metal detector schematics, pcb's theory, or any related thing, specially any circuit easy to make it.
Hi! For example, RFMD's RF5117 and Intersil's ISL3984 Does Somebody know how to design the peak detector(or power detector) for WLAN HBT power amplifier? Thanks!
Hi! For example, RFMD's RF5117 and Intersil's ISL3984 Does Somebody know how to design the peak detector(or power detector) for WLAN HBT power amplifier? Thanks!
The telephones cellular GSM of the Alcatel has of the rings with a bad sound. Is the problem the particular chip used for give birth to the sounds, the software ,the speaker or other?
Hi Elvis P what is the size of the table you have to observe??? If it is really big maybe you could build a resonant circuit where the capacity is tuned. A big metalized plate under or on the surface of the table and when a also metalized piece comes close the capacity will change and togehter as a swinging circuit with an inductor your r
Can anyone help me to find resources about RF/ID detector design?
Hi Bimbla..long time hearing from you,!!!!!!!!!!!! give more details to me..Iam doing a HD filter) it is not the surround sound but infact it gives a rotating effect with a cross synchronisation on right and left speakers Check the ST electronics website and i think old filemanager has some data sheets on virtual surround audio processors ..a
Someone may find this link useful. It has a lot of helpful schematics including : Power Amplifiers and Accessories Preamps and Accessories Crossovers and Effects Power Supplies Musical Instrument Mixers, Meters, etc. Digital Audio Applications Test Equipment Microphones and mic preamps Miscellaneous Lighting H**p://sound.westhos
This project has been made by Pablo from Poland. Total power is 24W for four channels. This amplifier can be controlled by pilot (RC5 code), by PC computer (serial RS232 port) and by buttons on the front of panel. It has 3 inputs + 1 quadro from PC card (sound Blaster Live!). The worst problem is get one component - electric steering ALPS potientio
Are there anybody can share the Pyro-IR detector LHI958 (by HEIMANN) Datasheet or Appliction Note with me? Thanks!
Hi all, Does anyone know a manufacturer of this kind of systems? (I'm looking for a simple one, just needs to send an impulse when he detects a car, not a complex one, like 3M, with time-stamping etc.....) Thanks in advance P.S: it should be able to detect both stoped and moving vehicles.
hi I need to have a list of Ics that can play a programmed or recorded sound (I can program sound files /samples )
Hi , I am looking for the schematics of LPG gas detector using Figaro's LPG gas sensor TGS 2610, I have the sensor application note but the sample schematics doesnot work properly, please any one out there help me out thanks :?
hi, AVR based metal dedector.
Maybe You can use LINE-IN instead of microphone in Your soundcard ? With responce, Kit-the-great
I don't know if this project was posted before but if not here is all you need A system to record and/or play sound in a bitstream format using just one digital output pin. This is a sound playback system for a PIC or any other microcontroller. It uses a clever encoding system to mathematically model the actual performance of the RC filter
Digital Oscilloscope Uses PC sound Card for Input OS win98 Description: Oscilloscope for Windows is a Windows application that converts your PC into a powerful dual-trace oscilloscope. Oscilloscope uses your PC's sound card as an Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) to digitize any input waveform (speech, music, electric signal, etc.) and then presen
Hi all, I have to build a solid state sound recorder. Anyone has information in this? The recorder I want is 1. able to record about 20 seconds music, something like guitar or piano 2. the sound quality should be as high as possible. Anyone has idea? mesfet
About to take delivery of a demo board based on the Micronas UAC 3554B USB sound Card interface. Just wondered if anyone has any experience of it.
I believe you mean , how can you reduce the background noise from you automobile when you are lisening to your in car stereo. Some work has been done to reduce background noise by monitering the sound and feeding it in to your stereo with a 180 phase reversal . I think BMW have tried this and first experiments have proved quite succesfull. Fair
I´m nedding schematics of pico ammeter to use in a gas cromatography. FID detector
"Speaker Workshop" can be used to measure drivers, enclosures and room acoustics. The full version is free. Installs in any PC or laptop with a sound card.
Since I have to relax sometimes I enjoy playing RPG with my friends. So... now we need various sound effects recorded from various films. Any idea how to do that so that I can record a few different effects and simply start each with different button? We're using recorded CD but it is SLOW and not very practical.