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if you are new to electronic or have knowledge about schematic diagram then go for video tut at labcenter support web page where you can find tut how to draw a schematic using proteus and how to add source file to it Fragrance
Hi all, Can anyone tell me how to write a code for current source in carbon nanotube field effect transistor(CNTFET's)? kindly help!!
Hello Sir, Can anyone provide me simple matlab code for joint source channel coding. Thank you.
Hi, Is there any way available to automatically detect the coding changes done in any two source code files. If i did any change in a coding last month with the file name "apr.c" and then again if i did any changes in the file and create a new file named "may.c". Other than manually finding it through documentation, Is there any (...)
hai can anyone pls send me matlab coding for 4*4 mimo mccdma system.i need this for my btech project.pls kindly someone help me,since we dont have any source online.
There is no concept of "calling modules". You can instantiate the full adder module in source2 and access the ports of the full adder module in source2.
I am new to vhdl I need to calculate the speed of dc motor for taking it as feedback for comparing with reference speed in closed there any source code available or what is the way to do it.I am using vhdl for implementation of controller in fpga.
Why should you write them yourself? They are already written and working. If you mean you want to be able to see the source code yourself, just type the following into Matlab: edit huffmanenco edit huffmandeco There will be some extra error-checking stuff that you probably won't really need... but you can strip do
Hi I am working on an audio file in simulink .I have given the A-law compressor and expander for source coding and used digital pass band modulation and demodulation and unbuffer and buffer but still Im not getting an output without noise. Im unable to find out where is the mistake and how to rectify it. Please help me to solve this.
Hello, i worh with two way relay network, so, i have two source nodes A and B. i want to sent the sum of its signals to the relay. since ba(i)=1 or 0, and bB(i)=0 or 1 ( i is the index of the bit information), the sum of two signal will be bR=0,1,2. after modulation, the signal become (0,2,-2). my question is how can i write sigma in this case( t
Let me know how to write the verilog code in xilinx. 1. Open Xilinx ISE/Vivado 2. open a new project 3. add a new source file 4. Start typing Verilog code in the Xilinx text editor Now wasn't that easy? FYI, edaboard isn't where you go to request someone to do your homework assignments for you.
Hi. all! I am working on Distributed source coding using LDPC codes, if any one can help me in this regards? any help or suggestion will be highly appreciated. With best regards.
Hi Can someone help with Matlab code for Slepian-Wolf theorem? Thank you
i am working on destributed detection of a nuclear radio active source using fusion of correlated descisions in that i want to plot probability of detection versus probability of false alarm, but i cant get success in coding in matlab....please help me...
hii frnds.. i need one help regarding video watermarking coding in me to get a code in matlab Wavelet Video Watermarking 1.0 - Matlab source code Imperceptible Video Watermarking
Hi, i need a to make a coding in MATLAB, in which i have to find the direction and location of unknown source emitting signal.kindly help me
suppose you are using repetition code (source coding) to send your symbols across the channel. If your channel remains in deep fade for time which is approximately same as your total symbol time (for one symbol = k*T) than all replicas of one symbol will be in error. if you use interleaving than due to deep fade not all replicas get in error but so
Hello, I wanted to control ADF4106 Synthesizer using ATMEGA128-16AI and AT892051-24S1. Im not able to understand how to go about controlling.Before i worked only on 8051 microcontroller. Can anybody help with the coding.Can i get any sample programs for this controllers Please help
Hello, In his paper, Laneman says that the mutual information in the first hop for distributed space time coding is given by: \frac{1}{2}\log_2(1+\frac{2}{m}\gamma) The question is why the factor (2/m), where m is the number of transmitting nodes: one source, and m-1 relays. Thanks in advance
89S51 (I really dont know why people use 89C51) with keypad, RFID and LCD You have source in C, description, video presentation,... just register its free.
anyone good in 8051 coding?i dunno how to interface with the lcd and keypad 4x4..i need a c code for a basic calculation (addition,subtraction,multiplication, and division)can some provide the source code for me?
its in the Layer 1 (Physical Layer) of the OSI model... example of line coding are NRZ and NRZI coding, source: OSI Protocols
can i get "New Frequency-Time Scheduling Algorithms for 3GPP/LTE-like OFDMA Air Interface in the Downlink" this matlab source? plz send here...
thanks for yr solutions......its really helpfull. this is the received power Pr dBm = Pt dBm +10 log10(Gl) + 20 log10(λ) − 20 log10(4π) − 20 log10(d ) where landa(λ) = c/f. f is frequency, c is speed of light. can you run it on a matlab to generate the source code. in other to plot a graph of received powe
Hey Fellas! Got three questions, if anyone can help with that please, would really appreciate that. 1. Which is the easy to understand RTOS. 2. How to start coding with RTOS. 3. How to flash RTOS with my source Code on to STR 9 Comstick (STR912F ARM9 MCU). Thanks in advance. Cheers, Ab
Try out my RTOS posted on eda board here for sample coding. Simple to use with full source code.
Hi. First of all, sorry for my english :D I'm trying to simulate a 64-QAM modulation with LDPC coding and raised cosine transmit filter. The source block has a sample time of Ts=4.873148e-10, seed = 25 and outputs frames of dimension 32400 bits. Then the LDPC block codes with a coderate 1/2 and outputs frames of 64800 bits. The LDPC uses the pa
any body have the coding of zigbee transceiver for transmitt and receving ie for normal mode
Have you looked at the ardupilot-mega project? It is open source autopilot and the code can be downloaded. Maybe you could take a look at the code and see how it has been done in that project. ardupilot-mega - Official ArduPilot Mega repository - Google Project Hosting
Dear all, I am working with IEEE 802.16-2004 OFDM PHY link, Including Space-Time Block coding using MATLAB 7.8 R2009a. I have attached the simulation model. i can not find the source of prm80216ds.Peven and prm80216ds.odd Please open this model and double click on space time diversity combiner block. again double click on prm802.16ds.peven or
% No.of Carriers: 64 % Single frame size: 68 bits % Total no. of Frames: 100 % Modulation: 16-QAM % No. of Pilots: 4 % Cylic Extension: 25%(16) close all clear all clc %OFDM TRANSMISSION %% Block 1 (SERIAL DATA source GENERATOR) % Generating and coding data t_data=randint(9600,1)'; x=1; si=1; %for BER rows FS=4096; %IFFT/FFT
I am doing video coding test, and looking for the H.264 complete encoder of HDL source code, but in opencore I just find an encoder without inter-prediction(motion estimation); who have the complete code, plz send to me,,thanks a lots.
Just some remarks about the coding (not necessarily about if this code does what expected or not). First, using 'w_temp' as a derived clock is generally not a good idea. In general, clocked processes use the same clock source. Using the 'count' variable in the process does not do anything (I dont' think the value is persistent between activat
hello everyone I need the matlab program reed solomon encoder decoder and the convolutional coding i need the code source using matlab thank you in advance
That sounds like noise on your input signal. Even is you simply supply the ADC from a potentiometer it could have noise on it. Also, some ADCs need a low impedance source. A capacitor on the input to ground may help...' read the recommendations with the micro/ADC. Keith
Hi, understanding of an assembly code is quiet difficult than a c code. can you shift your programing language from assembly to c. if yes then there are a lot of support available on internet regarding source codes for PIC series try following for C code 12F675 : RS232 Serial transmitter the code is retargetable to any PIC htt
I want carry out 'a signal processing chain' on simulink (huffman code and convolutif coding and their viterbi decoding) encoding source section(huffman) I do it on matlab and after a using block (for work space) I encode with the convolutif code the problem that out is 2 bit more than the entry i need length(out) = (...)
Hi, Have a look at Regards, Anish
Hello! Can anybody give any materials (or hyperlinks) dedicated to comparison of different floorplan representations (SP,B*-tree, GPE and so on)? I have met a set of such papers, but they cover only a tiny subset of representations. Which of them is fastest in coding and decoding? By the way is there any published open-source project, (...)
This is a very good source code for H.264 video coding.
Has anyone already worked on this topic? I'm currently working on it and I would have enjoy to discuss about it with other people. I have a research of DSC using LDPC codes and I am also interested in the distributed source coding under noisy channel.
I am currently working with Infrared Perimeter/Gate that use RC5 coding. Could anyone help to change the source code of decoder part in order to suite my application(IR gate/fence). What I needed to do is to continuously monitor the encoded IR light and the output of decoder will be an LED or alarm. When the IR light is obstructed by someone, the
Hi all I'm implementing good thomas FFT for lenth N=12..can anyone please guide me in implementing the algorithm in RTL coding...The above mentioned algorithm is explained in the following link in chapter 6
sorry, I can help in basic theory (source coding, channel coding, modulation linear and CPM, equalization, ciphering, entropy, I did not work in MCCDMA field
i've to do project about led dot matrix message display..for my project. i'm using pic16f877a and coding using assembly language.. i've got the source code but ive some problem to understand it..can someone help me to understand the assembly language.. ABJADA MOVLW D'10' MOVWF D3 MOVLW D'25' MOVWF D2 MOVLW D'25' MOVWF D1
hi i m doing my fnal yr project "To design BPSK modulator using DSP kit" can anyone provide me the source coding in matlab for the bpsk modulator or in any language also can anyone have used dsp "starter" kit TMS320C6711 THANX REPLY SOON
hi! i need full block diagram explanation of WCDMA which contains following parts. 1. source coding coding 3. interleaving 4.spreading 5.modulation 8.deinterleaving decoding 10.source decoding
I also need turbo decoder source code for evaluating my implementation. If any one has it, please upload. Thanks..
Hi, Huffman coding is a source coding algorithm not a channel coding. BR
Any material is welcome. The purpose is to study the digital communication system design. From channel coding, source coding to detailed design procedures. Thanks.