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Hi, I am trying to understand spectre RF(pss/PAC/pnoise etc.). I would like to know if there is any good tutorial for that. I have some, but I haven't understood completely yet. Thanks!
Is "noise summary" tool reliable?It is reliable in most cases. Show me analysis statement. I don't know what simulator you use. However I recommend you to set "augmented=off", if you use Autonomous-Shooting-pss/pnoise in Cadence spectre. Try the followings, if you use Cadence spectre. (1) (...)
Hi~ I simulate noise of a fully differential OPA switch cap structure using spectre pnoise . I have some problems First i use pss and pnoise analysis , then i want to see input referred noise , and it is impractical small , just about 20nV/Hz (better than IEEE papers so imust some where wrong.......) my clock 2MHz so (...)
Hi all, i have to calculate the output power of VCO in cadence spectre. i am using pss & pnoise analysis. Actually the Collpitts I/Q VCO (4.8Ghz) is designed by another person. I just know its specs. Its o/p swing is +0.75V to -0.75V. After doing the analysis i go to Results>Direct Plot>Main Form it asks for the resistance value Now (...)
Hello guys, Regarding phase noise simulation of oscillators: which tool (spectreRF - pss/pnoise analysis or GoldenGate) provides the most accurate results? Is there any material comparing the performance of both tools? Mathematically: do they compute the phase noise in a different way? Thank you very much, Best regards,
I am really facing problem while doing noise simulation of Continuous TIme Integrator. I am using spectre simulatior Which is correct method to do noise simulation ? noise in ADE or pss, PAC and pnoiseThey give same result as far as small signal operation. You post completely same question in the following.
Hi all, I have several questions which i will describe by topics. All the circuit design is made in Candence using spectre. 1 - As transient noise introduces noise in the transient simulation, I export the data to Matlab to perform the Jitter (RMS and Peak-to-Peak) calculations. How can I do this in Cadence ? 2 - How can be compared the resul
i think for jitter, you have to measure the eyediagram of the signal. for phase noise of a pll in cadence spectre, just do pss and pnoise analysis. actually you can get the help from CDSDOC file.
Noise Aware PLL Flow is also covered in spectre RF documentation (User Guide, Theory vol1 and 2)
Phase noise plots for oscillators using Cadence spectre (pss+pnoise) in dBc/Hz show noise values greater than 0 at close in frequencies to the carrier (including several plots in their user guide) How is this possible?
Hi, I am designing a sigma-delta pll, and want to do the phase-noise simulation with spectre pss and pnoise. But there are some questions about it, and can anyone help to solve them, please. 1. when I use a OSC verilog-A code as the input reference frequency source, the pss simulation will be failed because of the (...)
for reducing flick noise of folded cascode amplifier, choppered with frequency 1Meg, with spectre rf simulation pss + pnoise, the output noise is as fig. a1 below shows , why not like a2 shows, is my simulation setup wrong?
Hi, I have an RC oscillator circuit for which I need to calculate the Peak-peak cycle jitter. I am using spectre simulator. But I cannot just run a transient analysis and find the same since the models I am using does not comprise the noise component. Hence I am running a pss-pnoise analysis to find the phase noise. And from the phase noise (...)
see the following: spectre -h pss spectre -h pnoise .../MMSIM/doc/spectreRF .../MMSIM/doc/spectreRFTheory .../MMSIM/doc/spectreRFvol2
Hi , When I simulate pss,pnoise of pll(VCO ,PFD ,Divider are written with veriloga), some error comes: Error found by spectre during periodic steady state analysis `pss'. Distributed components and components with hidden state are not allowed with this analysis -- analysis skipped. CP (...)
hi, i am wondering how to set up pss and pnoise in spectre. i have a 2.4ghz differential lcvco and i want to mesaure the phasenoise at 1mhz offset. right now the settings i have are as follows and ijust want to make sure htey are correct: pss: Beat frequency: 2.4G # of harmonics: 10 Accuracy: Conservative tstab: 100n (...)
i think there is another way for you to measure jitter by plotting eyediagram of the signal. in the ADE window, setup-->Enviroment Options, in the Enviroment Options dialogue box, fill in userCmdLineOption with -format psfbin, click OK to save, then run transient analysis in spectre. after finishing simulation, use cscope to open the result file
well, if u r using only spectre (no spectre RF) then can put sin source representing noise signal and do transient analysis and examine the noise at the output (of course this can be done also with the dc offset). if u have access to spectre RF u can do pss then pnoise , and see the contribution of noise at (...)
Can I simulate noise at any transient bias point in spectre? If it isperhaps, how can I do it? hi yes you can. pss and pnoise can help you to do this. jeff
use spectre ,there is pss simulation
Dear all : I am doing the S-C circuit for noise analysis. I know the pss + pnoise can run time-domain noise . Does anyone do it ? Thanks
hi can someone give me a paper about how to simulate a vco using spectre, how to get the Vin-Freg curve?how to do the pss ,pnoise???and what other simulation i must do?/ thanks a lot
I have run a pss/pnoise analysis for my sampling & hold circuit. The structure of circuit is switched capacitor, flip around with a gain-boosted amplifier. When printing noise summary, I found the top 8 noise contributers (they generated 70% of total noise) are not from main amplifier, but from gain boost amplifier (AUX amplifier). It's
I have run a pss/pnoise analysis for my sampling & hold circuit. The structure of circuit is switched capacitor, flip around with a gain-boosted amplifier. When printing noise summary, I found the top 8 noise contributers (they generated 70% of total noise) are not from main amplifier, but from gain boost amplifier (AUX amplifier). It's
use spectreRF's pss and pnoise so you can get it
Hello i want to measure the jitter using cadence spectre,i perform pss and pnoise ;in pnoise options ,it gives me the ability to measure output jitter,,,but i can't set the options in pss and pnoise well,,my ckt is output retimer(D-flip-flop) followed by cml output buffer,,,,,,,,can (...)
which kind you can calculate and also simulate. if you calculate you must use the small signal circuit if you simulate you use pss and pnoise in spectre
pss+pnoise from spectreRF
I use spectre to simulate circuit , but unfortunate the spectre model hasn't flicker noise ,i add it but result is incorrect. So i use spice model in spectre simulator. The DC and ac simulation is right,but transient ,pss and pnoise is not correct.... so anyone can help me ? Is there has some thing i (...)
I finished a spectre pss and pnoise simulation the noise wave can be displayed but the phase noise wave cannot be displayed when I choose phase noise and click plot the message in CIW is as followed: error, evaluating expression (phasenoise (("pss-fd" ? result "pnoise"))) error, ("difference" 0 t nil (...)
yes, you can run pss and pnoise. more example you can find the openbook of cadence: spectrerf
I think that Noman means that he's interested in phase noise at 75kHz offset... If so, use pss in spectre to get the right oscillator frequency and pnoise to measure phase noise (there is a tab to do it in the pnoise options if I well remember). I hope it can help. Mazz
Hi Guys: Can anyone help me out in explaining the way to obtain a tabulation table indicating the noise summary contributed by each transistor in Cadence. I used pss and pnoise analysis in Cadence RF-spectre to obtain the noise figure at 100kHz (flicker noise). I had also attached an example of the desired table. Thanks in advance Rgds
I haven't license. But I use ADS, find HB simulaiton is power and fast compared with spectre pss & pnoise. I will use RFDE after I find the License.
I using Cadence spectre pss & pnoise simulation tools. When pss, there is always a error "Insufficient memory available." and simulation halt. :cry: :cry: :cry: My work setting is Xeon workserver + Linux + Cadence, and Memory is 4G. Can you tell me why? Thanks very much!!