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See "spectre -h tran".
Default value of maxstep is followings. For errpreset=moderate, maxstep=tstop/50 For errpreset=conservative, maxstep=tstop/100 See "spectre -h tran". In your case, you should set maxstep lesser than 20u/50=400n.
Hey, I want to change some parameter (say, threshold voltage) of all 5 transistors in a circuit, one by one, and measure overall delay for each case. So after each alter statement, do I have to run a transient simulation tran and write a measure statement for each of the 5 transistors? Or will (...)
I run transient state simulation in cadence ADE with spectre. it generated the result in the folder of named : my_test/spectre/schematic/psf/(netlist in :my_test/spectre/schematic/netlist/) the result file is namded tran.tran.trn. and I activate the spice explore in the (...)
Hi All, When I run the VCO PSS simulation, the spectre gave me the attached log file, saying the frequency is divided by 2 at a node. The node here is a terminal of DC biasing resistor, nothing special and there is no divide-by-2 block. The nominal frequency should be twice of the 6GHz, which is verified through tran (...)
Anyone had any success (in silicon) with the any of the various GOC switched cap CDS integrators? I am designing a biquad HP filter using the nagaraj style GOC integrators and the offset correction is not too impressive in simulation (I'm using spectre for tran sims and spectreRF for pac & pnoise). For example a (...)
I have problem in matlab when I run this command cds_srr to get the data from spectre this is my codel %================================================= rdir='/home/usr/simulation/ADC /spectre/schematic/psf'; data = cds_srr(rdir,'tran-tran','clk' , 0) %======================================= (...)
I can't see figures. Btw, if you are using spectre you can minimimize you simulation step by clicking on Options (for tran Analysis) and then set step and/or maxstep to 1ps for exemple.
Hi, I'm using spectre to simulate my analog circuits. But the circuit is slightly complex. When I run transient analysis for 2 us, the output file (named tran.tran.trn) is as large as 40G. So I set software output time to 1.5 us. Then the output file is much smaller. However, when I plot some signals to verify the (...)
Hi, I'm using spectre to simulate my analog circuits. But the circuit is slightly complex. When I run transient analysis for 2 us, the output file (named tran.tran.trn) is as large as 40G. So I set software output time to 1.5 us. Then the output file is much smaller. However, when I plot some signals to verify the (...)
Hi guys, I use spectre in IC5141. I want to extratct the operation point at an exact point of a schematic. After this I want to restart the simulation from this point on. Do you have some experience how to manage this? By the way, is there a solution to change temperature in a tran. simulation? Thx.
I have a model file for Mntecarlo simulation for 90nm Process from a foundry for Cadence spectre. I want to perform mismatch analysis considering actual layout of the circuit. My chip has two modules which are far apart (say 6mm to 8mm apart) and the modules themselves are very small. I need to consider the fact that all Module A (...)
Hi, I am designing a sigma-delta pll, and want to do the phase-noise simulation with spectre PSS and PNOISE. But there are some questions about it, and can anyone help to solve them, please. 1. when I use a OSC verilog-A code as the input reference frequency source, the PSS simulation will be failed because of the hidden-state in the (...)
I am doing the dft analysis to an ideal sinwave using the calculator, I use the conservative to run the tran analysis,but I get a result of only 55db for an ideal sinwave. So can anyone tell me what's wrong with my simulation, what is needed to be set in the spectre ? Thank you very much. the sampling frequency i used was 200M, and the (...)
Hi,guys, I'm going to draw the psd of my tran output, but i've got some question about how to setup the 'psd' function. Dose anyone to show me some refrence about this. Thank you so much. With my regards!
AC analysis from the spectre is enough to detect the curve, sweep the control voltage as a variable, and after ac simulation, you will get what you want.
I've just finished the SD modulator.Because of my poor verilog about filter,i want to find some tools which can provide ideal DAC and simulate my .tran file by spectre directly.
Commands you can use: openResults selcetResult ocnPrint For example: openResults( "./simulation/opamp/spectre/schematic/psf" ) selectResult( ?tran ) ocnPrint( v( "/net56" ) )
Waveview from Sandwork can open standalone spectre generated simulation data. But if the spectre is invoked within the Cadence ADE, waveview can not open the resulted siulation data. even though the netlist is the same one.
what does ".stb analysis " means?:?: cadence's spectre stability analysis
Hi, Which tool are you using? If you are using spectre-RF then choose PSS analysis and in the menu there is an option for DC sweep. Prakash.
If I want to know the load of res and cap at one node in the circuit, but I don't calculate approximately. Which simulation in spectre can give me the data, dc ,tran or others? thanks!
i have this 10-bit pipeline ADC that operates at 6.75Mhz, i wanna test INL & DNL factor for my ADC, i knew it supposed to be done using transient analyses...what type of input i should give, i've differential input in to ADC. ANd how long u need run & how many hours does it takes???
Hello~ I'm using spectre. and simulation a circuit, a problem occur in logic gate. I wanted a transient analysis. but warning message occur like "warning from spectre at time=25.08ns during transient analysis 'tran'. I4,M3 : Vgs has exceeded the oxide breakdown voltage of (...)
Dear all, In the spectre simulation, how could I set the step size in the tran simulation? Best Regards, wccheng
I would suggest you to stimulate a step-response. It's a fast and good verification. Look for "Characterizing Differential Amplifiers for Communications Circuits", a Cadence tutorial from David. This one is fantastic. I have uploaded it many times, therefore please search in the forums. Also look for the Kundert book (Designer's guide to Spice and
generally there are two ways, one is to do the tran simulation with either spectre or hspice, then do the FFT, the other way is to do the PSS with spectre or use the ADS to do harmonic balance simulation.