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... I get a list of input sidebands and output sidebands. ... What are input sidebands? I think these are just back-computed input frequencies due to the output sidebands. At least I found a hint about this in the spectrerf Simulation Option User Guide: 113190
Hi, I use tsmc18 RF model to model my NMOS. The RF model of the NMOS itself is a sub-circuit. When I run pss with spectrerf, it showed warning for the NMOS: "M0: Missing bulk-source diode would be forward biased", but I actually tied bulk and source together and they are tied to ground. I run transient and probe the voltage of bulk and sou
You should do a pss analysis first to determine the frequency of oscillation then PNOISE to get Phase Noise at offset frequencies. But you should refer to spectrerf User Guide for more explains the pss+PNOISE analysis for oscillators in more detailed.
dear all i need your help,here is my question:i want to use PXF analysis of spectrerf simulator to evaluate the power noise effect on the phase noise of VCO output.but i cannot get the waveform. my pss setting is like this: .beat freq=400M //VCO output 426M .number of harmonics =10 .accuracy default: moderate .tstab=200n .
Not observing the suggestions for pss analysis of oscillators in the spectrerf manual?
Greetings Reader, I am simulating an amplifier (A simple one) The amp is merely a differential pair with a tail current source and resistive load. Differential Input Differential output. I placed 2 ports at the Gates of the Pair - each of them having first and second sinusoid amplitude set to pin in dBm and swept pin in a swept pss analysis
I have tried a simple circuit to check the harmonic. However, the harmonic is observed for the input port. I have no idea for explain this. Very appreciate for you any help. The following is the main flow in my work, (1) Schematic: Only one capacitor 10 pf, Port 1 is set sin source with 50 ohms res, freq=900MHz,Power=30 dBm, Port 2 is set as DC
I have a /4 divider ahead of the mixer. I wanna know how to set the simulation station in spectrerf environment. Use Qpss or pss? What's the value of fundamental frequency? Best thanks!
You can see this material:Simulating Switched-Capacitor Filters with spectrerf~I designed one 4th order switched capacitor biquad filter in UMC 180 nm technology using cadence software (version 5.10.41).This circuit is operating on a two phase non overlapping clock generator (i/p frequency = 1 kHz). To simulate this circui
I am trying to simulate a current-mode mixer which simply consists of quad switching pairs. At first I used isource at the input. But when I want simulate the mixer's distortion performances, e.g. IIP2, IIP3.. with spectrerf, I need to replace isource with power based PORTs. The problem is my circuit input is driven by current, and I need to fill i
Hello guys, Regarding phase noise simulation of oscillators: which tool (spectrerf - pss/PNOISE analysis or GoldenGate) provides the most accurate results? Is there any material comparing the performance of both tools? Mathematically: do they compute the phase noise in a different way? Thank you very much, Best regards,
Hello everyone, I encounter some boring warnings and errors listed as follows during pss simulation in Cadence spectrerf. Warning from spectre at time = 475.28 fs during periodic steady state analysis `sweeppss-014_pss', during Sweep analysis `sweeppss'. M0: Vgd has exceeded the oxide (...)
Hello, I am trying to run a pss analysis with spectrerf for a Ring Oscillator and at the end of simulation, while transient simulation is completed succesfull, I get the following message from pss: " Even after adjusting the tstab value, pss still failed to converge". Does anybody suggest a solution for this problem, Thnx
I have the following question: If I do iip3 simulation for an LNA and after choosing the output, the iip3 is -3dBm for example. If I choose the net of the input as the output for iip3 calculation, it will be -3dBm(ideally it should be infinity), Why does this happen ? I use pss followed by PAC for simulation. thanks in advance, Moham
Hello, everyone I have design a up-conversion mixer, IF=400MHz,LO=2600MHz and RF=2200MHz. I want to use pss+PAC to simulation mixer IIP3 follow "spectrerf User Guide", and find a question when set PAC simulation"Array of indices" Because I set fundamental tone of 200MHz, Lo at 2.6GHz, and two IF tones at 400MHz and
hi Also I have the above problem. Why there is not any newer version of "simulating switched-capacitor filters with spectrerf" document for spectrerf2008? In the above doc the netlist defines only the period and maxacfreq; while in specreRF there are so more parameters required, for example "Fundamental tones" and beat frequency simultaneusly. A
I read that for doing a pss analysis in spectrerf except clock other signals (including input) should be zero. now if I want to do at first a pss analysis and then based on its data do a PAC analysis for a circuit, what is the detailed procedure? please say each step in detail for spectrerf environment. For the above (...)
As I read in spectrerf (product version 5 2003) there isn't fundamental tones block for pss analysis and only one fundamental frequency is needed. But in spectrerf product version 6.2 (2007) there is a block with "fundamental tones" title and it is for pss. How is it possible to use more than one tones for (...)
Hi, all Somebody in this forum said that, the OTA with S/C CMFB simulation could be done by pss, PAC...., with spectrerf, but could anyone explain the detailed procedue or just give me some documents on that? I need it badly now! thanks a lot, and best regards Added after 5 hours 17 minutes: I tried t
I have problem for my oscillator. I use one oscillator to inject a clock which is running at 6G to another oscillator which is working at 3G as a divide-by-2 frequency divider. But pss dosn't converge. I don't know why because I can see the the function of divide-by-2 can be observed on time domain. I use spectrerf. I'm a new designer. Who ca
hello there, does anyone know why the fundamental frequency in pss analysis in spectrerf is called beat frequency? what does ''beat'' mean here?
Hi, Has anyone used spectreS simulator in Virtuoso to simulate pss and pnoise of a circuit? I am trying to simulate a chopper amplifier. If I set the parameters and run it it will run but there is no output for the pnoise analysis. All the posts I have seen online refers to spectrerf and that is somehow different that spectreS. Thanks, Mohsen
find the cadence manual for the spectrerf, u had better find out the latest release.
Hi how to pss& Pnoise simulation Switched capacitor circuits? I`m designing Sigma-Delta Modulator Using Hspice I heard using the spectrerf pss Pnoise simulation available But I`m not simulate the Specter. any Reference or Manual??
It seems that spectrerf pss does not work with ideal transmission line model from Analoglib, tline. It gives a warning about unable to deal with distributed components. Actual transmission line component works fine with pss. I am now using tools in ADS to build matching network, but only with ideal components. Then after replacing them (...)
Hi,walker56778 If you have cadence icfb and ADE,you can use spectrerf. its pss,pnoise adn pac are very useful.
Question: To do normal divider's phase noise simulate with spectrerf(pss + Pnoise). The Sweeptype "relative" or "absolute" have great effect to the phase noise simulation result, why? If sweeptype set to "relative", the phase noise is about 140dBc/Hz(at)100KHz, but if sweeptype set to "absolute", the phase noise is about 85dBc/Hz(at)100KHz. Why
Question: To do normal divider's phase noise simulate with spectrerf(pss + Pnoise). The Sweeptype "relative" or "absolute" have great effect to the phase noise simulation result, why? If sweeptype set to "relative", the phase noise is about 140dBc/Hz@100KHz, but if sweeptype set to "absolute", the phase noise is about 85dBc/Hz@100KHz. Why
Hi U can plot VCO phase noise itself. Now U want to plot of total PLL's performance. Considering my before experience, it's so difficult to simulate Because you used pss and PNoise function of spectrerf. If you have enough time and physical memory of your machine, You can do exact same method as VCO phase noise. My suggestion 1. How
Hi, In fact, both autonomous and driven(non-autonomous) circuits can be successfully simulated with pss but you need to be aware of how to configure the simulation. I quote following from the spectrerf manual. Just a moment ago, I have simulated a SC circuit with pss, Qpss (with periodic clock signal and sinsoid input). (...)
see the following: spectre -h pss spectre -h pnoise .../MMSIM/doc/spectrerf .../MMSIM/doc/spectrerfTheory .../MMSIM/doc/spectrerfvol2
You can do that with spectrerf. PDF somwhere there doc/spectrerf/spectrerf.pdf. At first you have to do pss analysis and then the one everything to do with s-param (I forgot how is it called)
Hi! I'm simulating a mixer IP3 with pss+PAC. Please, explain me how to calculate the sidebands in PAC analysis ?
Hi, I have designed an oscillator using a custom made inductor. The inductor was designed in ADS Momentum. I wanted to simulate the oscillator phase noise in Spectre. So I exported the S parameter matrix from Momentum (touchstone file), and used a 2-port black-box (analogLib) with data from this touchstone file. The 2-port black-box essentially
Hi, I have designed an oscillator using a custom made inductor. The inductor was designed in ADS Momentum. I wanted to simulate the oscillator phase noise in Spectre. So I exported the S parameter matrix from Momentum (touchstone file), and used a 2-port black-box (analogLib) with data from this touchstone file. The 2-port black-box essentially
Hello, I am trying to simulate the front-end, which includes LNA, mixer, OSCILLATOR and LO buffer. Just wonder whether it is possible to get the gain, NF and IIP3 using The spectrerf manual has the example using a port/vsin for the LO, but if the port is replaced with an LC oscillator, how to set it up ? Thanks
pss, qpss, pac, ... belong to spectrerf, you can consult with spectrerf reference manual, user guide, theory doc
Hi,I'm designing a pa.I want to know the out psd of it and the bandwidth is 3G-10G.Would you like to tell me how to do that by spectrerf? Thanks!
now i'm using to use it to simulate s-parameter.
Dear all, I design a LNA + low IF mixer. I have combined them and do the voltage gain simulation using spectrerf. I use pss + PAC to get the voltage gain result. However, it gives out a strange result. Actually, I need to set the RF input port PAC Magnitude in a certain value for simulation. If I give different magnitude, the voltage gain is dif
Actually I need pss+pnoise settings... thanks
i take the same way for vco ,but failed!!! need your help! thanks!
There are several methods to simulate IP3 in spectrerf. 1) pss/PAC analysis 2) Qpss analysis 3) Rapid IP3 using pss/PAC analysis 4) Rapid IP3 using AC analysis What is the difference between them? And in different applications, how to make a choice of the proper method? Can anyone help me? Thanks.
Hiii, How to plot the conversion gain and noise figure as a function of LO square wave amplitude in specter? thanks in advance..... Use pss/Pnoise of spectrerf with sweep of LO amplitude.
i can't quite set the initial conditions for my colpitts oscillator, i think. i am using cadence. ii can't get ithe oscillator to oscillate. i am following the tutorial on VCO using spectrerf (VCO533AN.pdf), the pss analysis doesn't yield results, i don't know what i am doing wrong. can somebody help me?
Hi ,everyone : Does anyone konw how to calculate or simulate the jitter of LVDS's receiver ? hi, i think, spectrerf can help you to do it by using pss and pnoise. good luck. jeff
Hi, all, How to get the right phase noise curve in spectrerf?? I got the positive one for the close-in, thought it must be wrong. Thanks in advance, Ruri
I am simulating an oscillator with reference circuit. Among the reference circuit, the bandgap is designed with chopper technique. If I want to get the oscillator frequency by using pss of spectrerf, there will be a problem. The pss isn't allowed a large signal (chopper frquency) for oscillator option. How can I solve it? Thank you.
try the pss in spectrerf or, even better PAC...
I need to simulate the noise figure of an I/Q polyphase filter using spectrerf. Does anyone has a test bench (plot or Cadence schematic) and instructions how to setup the pss and Pnoise? Thanks.