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I2C speed is actually limited by the bus capacitance, although "cut-off frequency" isn't the usual term.You find respective calculations in the I2C specification by Philips/NXP. Due to the fact that the specification has fixed speed limits of 100/400 kHz, bus capacitance isn't a problem for usual applications. spi can be implemented with (...)
how does spi protocol has higher throughput than I2C? Is it just because there is no need for the master to check for the acknowledgement of slave; so it can keep on transmitting data?
whats the idle state of the lines of an spi if not connected to a slave ?
During the design devices we added modules on the spi bus. PCB now looks like this. spi CLock track on PCB have now 106mm and connect three module (yellow arrow) On each module have PCB track 40-70mm. For example from bottom to top 1. LAN module with MAC and PHY ENC28J60 ( minimum comunication over ALN 2. TFT LCD with (...)
Hi folks, I am working on a project where there are few spi memories on the bus. To have a cold sparing, some memories are turned off with an aim to be turned on when there is a problem with the power ones. I have tested few spi memories, but whenever you have unpowered spi device on the bus, the lines (...)
i want to extend my spi bus running at 500 khz to 1 meter using am26ls31 and am26ls32 ic, can i do this kindly explain.
The description in your post is correct, but not implemented so in your code. Wrong spi framing for the cascaded bus. You should take CS low, write 4x16 bits, take CS high. LOAD_LO and particularly LOAD_HI must not appear in write_register(), it's only used once for the full frame. And NO_OPERATION() should only perform one write_register().
1) What is a "daisy-chainable" ADC? If you're using spi, all the devices can share the bus, with discrete select lines. 2) Look at Microchip MC3008. It's about $2 in single pieces.
Can I use I2C and spi device on the same bus ? I want to use PIC18LF4550 for my project. It has only one spi / I2C bus and the pins used are common. So, can I use a spi SD Card and I2C DS3231 on the same spi / I2C bus ? The SD Card will have a CS line and I2C will have an (...)
74hc165 if spi if prefered
What are some modern fast/flexible Intermodule / PCB-to-PCB busses commonly used with FPGAs/SOCs? That is, buses that are off chip and off board. Some I can think of off the top of my head are. Serial: I2C, spi, and RS485: very simple but flexibility and speed are limited. PCI Express: Fast and flexible, but would need an FPGA on (...)
Compared with spi: I2C is slower (100kHz ~ 400kHz tops), spi could be faster (1 MHz or more), I2C uses only 2 wires, spi uses 3 or 4 wires commonly. compared with RS232(UART): I2C is synchronous, UART is asynchronous, I2c can have a lot of devices in the bus, RS232 is only peer to peer (2 devices per (...)
I believe, you can find out how many 512kBit EEPROMs are needed to store 1.7 MByte of data, either using a pocket calculator or pencil and paper. Unfortunately, you can't address more than 4 devices on an I2C bus. There's no simple solution using serial EEPROMs. My suggestion would be a 16 MBit serial spi flash, if you live with page wise erasur
if I were to guess, you have some noise coming in on the spi bus, and it resets the state of the synthesizers, or goes from transmit to receive, due to the corrupted register values.
Hi everyone, I'm trying to figure out my expected throughput using this fast ethernet controller and having a conceptual problem more than anything the part claims to be able to support 100Mb/sec communicati
The interesting parameter is the actual spi bus clock frequency, not the maximum rate of 75 MHz. You should also probe the CS line.
You see anything from a few MHz to 50MHz or more depending on the parts in question Devices operating with the conventional standard spi need pull-up resistors, which makes the bus somewhat "weak". For frequencies above the MHz order, must consider use an electrical standards based on differential pairs.
Hello, I am using this PICAN board for my project I would like to write ultrasonic sensor values to the can bus which in turn communicates to the second node.. I have tested spi loopback using this code
Hi, I wonder if i can connect spi Flash (this ) directly to standard spi bus of a CPU ? CPU spi bus has only one data line. I use parallel NOR flash as a booting memory. I just want to use spi flash as a real-time memory
Hi, I am about to use a CAN bus with raspberry pi. The idea is to write ultrasonic sensor distance values to the CAN through spi. I have tested loopback with CAN . There is a driver for python which is Socket CAN . Unfortunately this doesnt work (i could not import can module in python). Another way is to use C (By using wiring pi, spidev (...)
I havent really gone through the datasheet for LPC2148 but i can say that the chip hasnt got the built in CAN controller. You can use any CAN controller using spi bus and connect to an CAN transceiver. Try using MCP2510 as CAN controller and TJA1042 as CAN transceiver. uc--> MCP2510 --> TJA1042. To view the CAN data transmitted or rec
You can't use pins for both spi and I2C at the same time. Well, you're going to have to write the code to implement I2C, or else find it somewhere on the web. Somebody has probably already done this. You need to have pins that are open-drain in order to implement I2C.
Hi, Could any one please guide me how to sync two AD5668 DAC. I referred to UG-155 eval board users guide and both the AD5668 (U1 and U2) has got same net name \DAC_SYNC. The signal goes to a buffer U4-A and other end of the buffer is connected to FRAMESYNC. I am trying to use spi bus and what would be the chip select for AD5668 if I us
Hello - I do not have access to the MIPI specifications as I am not a member. I would like to seek advice on a high level, what the differences are between the MIPI SPMI interface vs. I2C vs spi for example? It would seem to be that its a multi-drop bus protocol, similar to I2C. but i am not sure on the details. Help is appreciated.
How is the DDS connected to the PIC? I wire mine through the spi bus. You would then send the 5 bytes using the spi module.
Is there any free spi protocol analyser software?
Hoc do you connect two CC1101 chips to a single spi bus? There must be separate SS lines and also separate GDO0 inputs handled in the code.
I want to use Soft spi Communication between NRF24L01+ and PIC16F628A. Is it possible with PIC16F628A ? internal oscillator ? which is 4MHZ. or do i need to use 20 MHZ External Oscillator ? I have read some where "Minimum ideal spi bus speed is 2x data rate" what does that mean ? It is certainly possible with
Internal eeprom memory will not be sufficient to hold all the data. Is it a college project or a job project. 8051 also doesn't have spi and I2C. If you want to store data in eeprom then you will have to write software spi or I2C routines to store and retreive data. I can help if PIC18F is used. You can also use SD card to store data. Data can be s
I want to interface the spi bus of beagle bone black with the spi of AMC7820.There will be 24 AMC7820 i need to know how to select a spi buffer ic?what should be the design criteria?
This can be done for some of the following possible reasons: The core of your Arduino platform presumably may be 8-bit data bus. EEPROM referred on above code is an external I2C or spi whose data bus is sized to 8-bit. In both cases, scaling original acquired data to 8 bits magnitude will lose some precision after restore.
Hello everybody! I tried everything possible but no data is been moved on the spi bus. It just activate and deactivate the IC. I'm simulating using Proteus. I disabled the ADC pins and set the TRIS settings accordingly. But no good. Pls take look at the code and tell me where I have made the mistake. I'm using PIC18F45K22. I have attached the proje
Both Diagrams.Also why we have to use this buffer for spi communication?is there any importance for bus capacitance in this?
You just need to make sure that one and only one of the slaves is transmitting at one time; the other two need to have their outputs tristated. Are these all on the same PCB? You might want to look at I2C or spi.
Hello! The advantage of spi is that it's a lot faster. I2C is usually limited to 100 or 400 kbps. With spi, you can have faster access. The advantage of I2C is that you can address more than 1 device on the same bus. But if you just use one device, the advantage is not that great, and on top of that I2C is often tricky to tune. I was used (...)
Hi, Same thing happened with me. I resolved this issue by low level formatting. The issue was Master Boot record (MBR) got over written. You can check and compare the hex data written in SD/MMC via different software's. Hopes this helps. One more thing did you pulled up the spi bus? Enjoy!
You can't use an spi device on an I2C connection or the other way around. Even the number of wires is different. I2C is normally used because few designs use ONLY an RTC so making it share a bus with other I2C devices is preferable. In an spi system you normally need individual select wires to each peripheral on the bus. (...)
I am using the Cypress SDK PSOC5 board. I chose the MAX11040K 24 bit ADC for my input. The MAX11040K has 4 differential channels. I only need to use three. The interface uses the 4 wire spi bus. I am trying to develop the code to read the MAX11040K. I am for "a lack of words" stumbling over my code. Has anyone written or can guide me to reading 24
Guys, How can connect SS pin on SDCard ? directly connect to SS pin on ATMEGA128 and set ATMEGA128 as spi master ? any ideas ? thanks
Implementation of LCD can be done on various ways such as using 1-Wire, spi, I2C, ... Additional you can use bigger LCD displays 2x20, 4x20, 2x40, 4x40, ... Best regards, Peter
Here are 3 ways to make a clock using a C8051: 1.) Use a 8051 and a 1 line LCD display. The LCD connects to the 8051 using the spi or I2C bus This is the most expensive and it can be hard to connect to the LCD without a PCB 2.) Use 4 7 segment displays connected to the 8051's GPIO pins. This is a little less expensive and can be wire wrappe
Hi All, I'm looking for a USB Hub controller (High/Full speed, v2.0, 2+ ports) that supports configuration by acting as a SLAVE on either a I?C or spi bus. There are lot of hubs out there that do have I?C or spi port, but it is configured as a MASTER for accessing memory peripherals like EEPROMs. Does anyone know of such a IC that (...)
I would hope that one of these outputs could be configured to trigger the transmitter on the RMF12bp ??? Minimal RF12BP interface when used as a transmitter is a 4-wire spi bus plus a TXEN signal. If you don't have this as spare signals (3 spi wires might be shared with other spi peripherals), you'll most likely want to (...)
Hi I am trying to connect a 16MB spi Flash Memory (SST25VF016B) to one of SSP buses in LPC1788 but after some studies in LPC1788 datasheet I realize that the Address length in SSP bus can vary only between 4 to 16 Bits. Obviously I need 24 Bit address length in my application. In your point of view is there any tips or tricks for connecting (...)
Apparently, you did neither analyze the spi bus paralleling nor the power supply problem thoroughly. 1. Unless you have multiplexers combining the two bus masters, both must be powered, and one of them threestated to avoid blocking the bus. 2. PIC processors can be powered with about zero power consumption if you (...)
Hello! Usually you don't need to release chip select. I've seen only one device that needed to deassert, I'm not sure, but I think it was a RTC chip (max 1390). The advantage is also that you can feed the spi bus with DMA. Dora.
Many solutions: Serial protocols : UART I2C spi Also, You can implement a very simple custom parallel communication using the GPIO of the MCU
Its just marks for connectors pins, pay attention on LPT port pins and spi port pins. When you connect programmer to board for programming, watch that you connect appropriate pins as SCK to SCK, MOSI to MOSI, MISO to MISO, +5V to +5V, Gnd to Gnd, RST to RST. Connect appropriate bus connections between each others, as CK to LPT port pin 6, DO
Hi All, I am a newbie to DSP based system but have enough amount of experience with microcontrollers. I have made a system (dspic30f6014) base microcontroller that gets an analog signals (Speach) and stores the digital signal in to a SD/MMC card using spi bus. The sampling frequency is 8 KHz. I can paly/listen the stored signal back using (...)
I don't believe that the processor should be setup as a spi slave. But it explains pretty well why you don't see any bus activity. I would try master mode.

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