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i need the spi coding for the C515 controllers of infenion or siemens the basic structure is similar to the 8051 but with enhance periphirals :?:
Hi Here is the VHDL code for 8051 MC. tnx Uploaded file: 8051 in
Could anyone tell me how to compile my 8051 source into hex file ? Does any kind of application exist for this purpose ? If you know that , Please tell me . :wink:
I am looking for 8051 Schematic or PCB Eagle File with EPROM and I/O Connection for design of applikation. Can somebody help me?
I need full working TCP/IP stack for 8051 controller!
Serial Port for 8051
Which piece of software do you guys think it's the best for the 8051 deisgn??? not freeware software, software in genegeral, doesnt matter the price goosie
Hi All I need Fixed Point C library better if for 8051 THX
I'm lloking for GCC-8051 or other C compiller for 8051, working under Linux
Graphic LCD driver sources for 8051
I SEEk for found very compress (program & memory size) of J2SE Java Virtual Machine for 8051 and avr based system it must get minimum overload THX
Hi! I need some reference books for using Keil software for 8051 for writng assembly programs. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Kumar
hi can any body tell me how do i get data for 8051 mcu. (how do i read x,y position and directiob by a microcontroller) :cry: thanx...........
Hi, It's made for 8051 programmers. Compound All Register for 8051, Save into a File (asm or rtf format), and calculate Serial Baund-rate and Timer ticks. SphinX
Salam, Are there any Bootloaders for 8051 based uC (AT89SXX) ? I saw one for PIC16F87X ? What about 8051 uC? Thanks SphinX
have anyone got it already?
Hello I am a newbie for 8051 family.I have access to Keil Microvision IDE to start I am not so proficient in C I propose to start in Assembler.Can i start with assembler effectively in Keil.Can anybody suggest me some simple projects to start with Keil Assembler or Ccompiler. Is Keil a too professional IDE to start with so that
Hi everybody Do you know a disassembler and an assembler for 8051? Best Regards, NTFS
I gotta make a decision between KEIL and IAR C compilers for 8051 MCUs, so I'd like to hear your comments/experience about them... Additionally, Could you point me any objective comparison ? Thanks, Regnum
hi everybody, im just a newbie in embedded system. im working with 8051 uc. can any one suggest how i can start with RTOS . is there any rtos for 8051. plz suggest
Hello my dears I want to write a program for 8051 to act as a debounce switch. would you help me? regards, NTFS
Hello, I am look out for PASCAL compiler for 8051 controller. I have searched the google but no proper link I found. Please suggest me any good PASCAL compiler for 8051 controller. Regards.
hai everybody, so far i've been working with 8051 alp using keil uvision2 can any one suggest a good book for c for 8051 which is code compatible with keil
hello i need some link or site for downloadin sample program for 8051 family by assembly language. thank you
hi friends please help me on how to interface DS1820 with 89C51.i mean can anybody provide me the code for this. and it is neceesary to use 8051 only and not by using PIC. waiting for reply thanks neelam
Hi all, Could you provide me with links or pdf for 8051 examples? Thanks inadvance.
hai all, can any one tell me good links to learn RTOS for 8051 and PIC, starting with the concepts. thanks in advance
Hi, Anyone can help me Embedded C for 8051 Seminar 4 (Chapter 5), i already type all the sample from page 96-103 (Listing 5.6, 5.7, 5.8, .... 5.2) but how it run/compile. Thank You...
I want to kown ROM Monitors for 8051,plz tell me. thanks.
Can anyone please tell mi is there other way to write the source code for 8051 other than using C program...
Hai I have salvo for pic. but the sourse files in the package have some conditional assembly preprocessor directives which mention for 8051 family also. Can we use the same sourse files for salvo for 8051 also? I have salvo free for (...)
Dear all, May i have any link/sample code/tutorial for 8051 LED dot matrix display in Assembly Language? I am a beginner here and i hope everyone here can help me out =) thankyou
hai all, plz can any one of u send some c projects for 8051?
BCD caunter for 8051 microcontroller.
hi, i am presently doin some project on 8051 programming so i need and IDE for 8051 programmin can any one suggest me the free and fully functional IDE for this please or can any on mail me at
how to create a C code file for 8051???:idea::idea:
hi heres a good material on writing C code for 8051
hi all, I am looking for a good source in 8051-c programing. I have studied a book about C programing and also a book about microcontroller 8051 programing, but it seems now I need a book which relates c programing to 8051 and specializes c programing for 8051 controller. my first (...)
What are alternatives to keil software where i can simulate codes for 8051.
hi i like build a programmer for 8051 what software is good for make it's program? and how i do it and how apply USB port for this work? thank you bye
hi all, Listed are 3 good sites featuring c and c++ tutorials or 8051 specific programming examples. The first one is a good c and c++ referance site. The second site features an article with hardware and schematic but uses assembly code. It is included because it is so informative about 8051 interfacing. It gives a good idea (...)
Hello Every one. I am new To Microcontroller Can any one of you help me to tell the good books for 8051
hey guys i wanted to know if neone has a simple 8051/52 programmer ckt the ones i found through search engines seem to be quite complicated if neone has ne simple one which can be done easily then pls post it
i m presently working on ucos-ii for 8051. the port i have is of john liu. the port is giving redefinition error. wht exactly is this error & how do we solve it.
can anyone help me in getting the assembly code for generating a pulse width modulated wave for 8051 on any one port pin.
Hi sir, Could you provide me with links or pdf for 8051 "C" examples and 8051 projects using C51 Thanks
Please give detail information with some examples how will i use MACRO in assembly language programming of 8051. Also give me difference between subroutine and macro. Thanking you, Sangmeshwar
hello folks i need vhdl code for 8051 & 8086 it is required in my project plz any send it
Hi, Do you have any codings or links that implement AT Command for 8051 mc and External Modem on every two sides? Two Sides Consist of : 1-Modem To 8051 2-8051 To Modem I m appreciated that Hear From you as soon as possible. Best Regards Hamid Reza