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i need the spi coding for the C515 controllers of infenion or siemens the basic structure is similar to the 8051 but with enhance periphirals :?:
thank all! i think these info will help me! AVR can access the card more easy,because 8051 have no spi interface,maybe more difficult.maybe what must do is to simulate a spi in 8051?am i right? thanks a lot! best regards! shanren
what? Humidity sensing is simple, all you need is a humidity sensor/meter, then an ADC and a microcontroller. Just create a program on reading an ADC be it serial, parallel, I2C or spi. Calibrate the results to fit on your desired output, convert it to BCD, ASCII or whatever chracter fit for your display, then display into an LCD or an LED.
can anyone help me 2 program for interfacing 93C46 with 8051 using spi protocol.Thank you.
Yantrix - the power to empower Low Cost Breakout modules for AT89S51/2 Generic Development Board With Headers In System Programmer Board With spi Cable, Cross-Platform Hex File Downloading S
Hello, for my project, I have to interface a 4MB (Flash/EEPROM) memory to 89V51RD2BN. I suppose, there is only 1 way to interface memory to 89V51RD2BN and that is spi (as it is inbuild :-D) Can anybody please tell me which low cost memory should I go for?
All ADI energy meter chips have to be connected through spi. Because a basic 8051 doesn't expose a hardware spi interface, you need to implement it in software using bit banging. 8051 example code can be found on the internet, I guess. P.S.: microc for 8051 has e.g. built-in software (...)
You haven't specified the exact 8051 variant you are utilizing and particulars vary widely depending on the specific device. The following are ATMEL appnotes which pertain to the ATMEL 8051 variants: ATMEL 8051 spi Program Examples ATMEL AT8
Try to use mikroC PRO Compiler and its spi library to communicate with the device. I don't have that device with me now, so can't write the code a test it. Try to write a program and post it here. Somebody will help if it is not working.
a) Read Atmel Application Note ANM055 to get a second Async Interface on 80C51 b) Or use a 8051 with two serial ports. ( Dallas - MAXIM) c) If you use an external UART, you will waste a lot of I/O pins. d) Another option, but I don't test it yet: An Atmel 89S8252 has an spi interface. You can connect an spi UART there ( MAXIM - MAX (...)
The easiest would be to use the built in hardware spi Bus in slave mode to clock out the data at the MISO pin with an external clock connected to the SCK pin. Look at page 253 in the daasheet:
I suggest you can begin to understand all kinds of interface with MPU. Example: I2C , spi , CAN , USART...etc. Because you have to use MPU control other chip via these interface.
What about future implementation for recent 8051 based models. I get under the impression that Labcenter's plannings are focalised mostly on PIC series and AVR with no substantial updates for new 8051 models. I'm thinking to Philips LPC900 series, Cygnal, new Maxim's products or extended support for Siemens (...)
Hi I have decided to drop the USB storage due to complex and excessive cost. So any alternative storage? Maverickmax When I need a large storage I use Atmel's datflash. All it needs is an spi bus and a "little" bit of software :-) Look here:
Microchip have just released a new 28 pin ethernet IC with an spi interface. It also has 8K of onboard ram. ENC28J60, this looks very interesting. It has some nice touches like automatic CRC calculations. I am trying to get hold of a couple of samples but it has only just been released.
I'm designing a Spartan 3 dev board, which will have a USB interface via Cypress 8051 EZ-USB chip. I need to configure the Spartan3 via on-board flash or via USB. The 8051 @ 48MHz has only one 8 bit port for general usage. I thought of using an spi flash ( 4 lines ) and connect the other 4 lines to FPGA. This would work, (...)
But the arcitecture is the same? It's the same architecture, don't worry. If you want to compare: for AT89C51 data sheet : for AT89S51 data sheet: The main difference is that AT89S51
I do agree with glenjoy, I personally use the ISD5008 which is spi compatible. Great results no headeache :-)
texas instruments TMS320F2XX series dsps are meant for motor controller applications.i have implemented BLDC(brushless DC)controller.induction motor,PMSM(permanent magnet synchronous motors)steppers can also be done likewise. they have provided abundant literature in TI's has all the required peripherals like ADC,spi,SCI,timers,event ma
The spi interface can easily be implmented in software by bit-bashing. If the 8051 is going to be the master, then you do not need to use the interrupt. Simply start shifting data in/ out as you wish. The timing is not critical, as long as you do not exceed the maximum speed of any of the slaves (I find it hard to believe you could). If the 8
Hi I have been trying to find 8051 with extra features such as spi, I2C and 8-bit ADC. So I could not find a suitable chip. Do you know any 8051 has I2C or spi? Is there any database online for me to look up the 8051 chip? Maverick Max
Here are some examples of 8051-derivative programmers: 89C51/2 89S52 programmer Atmel Flash Micro Programmer spi programmer for 89S52 Regards, IanP
ADE7754 has a built-in spi interface. Data is shifted out of the ADE7754 at the DOUT logic output on a rising edge of SCLK. Until the next rising edge the DOUT output level is constant. Usual the data is read by microcontroller on falling edge of SCLK. for compatibility with 8051 series with 1 or 4 cks / machine cycle : CLR C SE
First of all look at the marked chip. An AD7714-3 means it will operate at +2.7 to 3.3v AD7714-5 ot will operate at +4.75 to 5.25v You can avoid a lot of surprises when interface with 8051. Then review a little your application requirements, especially ADC input configuration, reference temperature drift for current desired resolution and so
you can interface CAN to uc in two ways 1) memory mapped IO, used 8 bit address and data bus AD0 to AD7 2) you can use spi interface which is available on some new chips and map it to the CAN chip. SJA 1000 dose not has spi interface but many other chips have this interface. hock
Hi Actually I depends on the Processor you are using certain advanced 8051 series with internal flash provide certain standard interfaces like spi. AT89S8252 uses this i have used this you can also download the PRogrammer for it its free for download
Please Give me detail circuit diagram and assembly language program for interfacing of ADC with 8051 using spi protocol. Give detail information about spi protocol. Thanks, Sangmeshwar
Dear Sir, I have something confused in FPGA design. Would you please give me any suggestion ? My FPGA is CYCLONE II EP2C8-208 1. SDR SDRAM control : May I always enable CKE and always disable DQM for saving my IOs ? 2. spi serial flash : - There is a "hold" pin , I need to read/write spi flash , but this pin (...)
hi i m trying to make 8051 microcontroller programming kit i got its circuit from "Easy-Downloader V2.0 for ATMEL 89C51/52/55 89S51/52 " is it right digram for this kit but i could't made 89c51 ez52.hex because it need spi downloader but i did't get spi downloader circuit diagram from this site can (...)
DEAR, I download this file this file you can find programs needs to program AT89S8252 through spi (with serial port).You can use for AT89S5x & AT89S89xx. With a little modifications i think you can use it for AVR.But you can't use it for AT89Cxx series. note : base url of this document :
for parallel port based ISP Programmer please look at photonix
"The Analog Devices ADuC812 is an 8051 based controller with 8-channel true 12-bit ADC, Dual 12-bit DAC's, On-chip DMA controller, 32 I/O lines, 3 Timers/Counters, WDT, spi, UART, 9 Interrupts Sources/2 Priority Levels, 8K Flash EEPROM Program Memory, 640 Bytes Data Flash EEPROM, 256 Bytes On-chip RAM, RAM banking up to 16M Bytes external address s
Go for the "S" series .. 89S51, 89S52, 89S53 .. Codes are the same, but programmers are simpler, also "in application" .. Here are examples: Regards, IanP
There are no compatibility problems between ad7751 and 8051, According to the AD7751 datasheet, The AD7751 Supplies Average Real Power On the Frequency Outputs F1 and F2, it is not a spi device
look on Analog's website for fully integrated DDS chips. They are interfaced with spi.
thank you so much for the schemes. But I need help about programming 89s8252 in order to interface with mmc or sd platform. I am using spi protocol to communicate with mmc card. Also I have used sofware spi communication called bit bang or something like this. I have send to the mmc CM0 command but I never get anything from (...)
Use enc28j60 ethernet controller. You wil need spi for communication with enc28j60.
There are several RTC chips from Maxim/Dallas Semiconductor. Several of these use either spi or I2C interface. This is the easiest way to add RTC to the 8051. The small RTC chip uses a 32kHZ crystal and often also has a separate battery input for use when the 8051 is not running.
kit_714, you can't program a 8051 - it is maskROM based... If you want to program an 8051-derivative, you need to state which one. But, if you are happy with any serial-based programmer (of the type which does NOT bit-bang an spi-like protocol using the RS232-handshake lines), you can use an ordinary USB-serial "cable", or a
Be more specific about your RAM/ROM sizes, the way the 8051 should communicate, types of your memory ( serial, parallel, spi, IIC, ??? ), speed requirements, other limitations and the purpose. This may help to get answers.
hi,here is that schematic. and software for it is spi flash programmer by asimkhan
dear friends i am working on a rf tranceiver using chipcon cc2500 and at 89c51 i would like to get some tips from you experianced people can we directly interface the system to the 8051 pins? people says that we have to configure the cc 2500 before using how's it possible will the normal spi interface program will work with the same? (...)
There are two methods to make a clock: 1. Use timers for counting the seconds and increase some variables wich will be your minutes, hours, etc. This is not so accurate 2. Accurate method use some RTC (real time clock) chip, e.g. from Maxim Dallas. They've them on i2c or spi Regz
Hi , The way you put it , it does not sound like you need duplex data transfer simultaneously on the port. 1)If that's the case then you could use something like a 74HCT151 to switch the signal from either of the transmitters ( viz. modem / fingerprint reader) , by the micros software. Similarly for the receiver. 2) You could implement a b
I am also trying to learn about it. I guess it is the Ethernet transceiver which convert the serial data to Ethernet physical signalling. Some other Ethernet IC allows data in UART, I2C, spi Best Regards, Siong Boon MODERATOR - SIGNATURE LINKS ARE NOT ALLOWED
Hello, I am using "ADC0804 with Optocoupler" and 8051 for measuring Analog Voltage. Now I want to use MCP3202 which is spi Protocol Based, Becasue is required Less pins to interface with 8051 Microcontroller. I have read from datasheet that It required ?Anti-Aliasing Analog" which is MCP601". My Question is (...)
Hello, I am using "ADC0804 with Optocoupler" and 8051 for measuring Analog Voltage. Now I want to use MCP3202 which is spi Protocol Based, Becasue is required Less pins to interface with 8051 Microcontroller. I have read from datasheet that It required ?Anti-Aliasing Analog" which is MCP601". My Question is (...)
what kind of tranceiver did you use? what's type of communication betwen your uC and the transceiver. The communication protocol use to simulate that. as it's I2C, spi, or UART? or maybe the other one?
First of all , let us know which controller of 8051 family u r using? cs5460 communiates on spi port.