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Hello, i have microcontroller 8051. now i want to interface pendrive using spi communication with microcontroller and want to save my data in pendrive as .CSV file. does any one know how to interface this thing and between pendrive and microcontroller which ics i need to use.
For the peripherals (UART, spi, I2C, CAN, usb, ...) that are part of Zynq micro-controller (part of PS) you can select if peripherals pins are MIO or EMIO. MIO pins are predefined, you can pick pins from predefined sets of possible pin connections for the particular PS peripheral. If you run Vivado or PlanAhead Zynq configuration, the tools will gu
Hi, I would like to check if I doing this well. I am designing a board which has a samS70 controller (100 pin LQFP version) that uses i2s, i2c, spi and usb (but the connector is next to the SAM device). There is a wifi module next to the SAM as well (ATWiNC1500-MR210PB). I have done most of the routing on top and reached a 80mm x 80mm board.
What's the intended RAM size, 1- 2 Mbit or Mbyte? The very low data rate allows to multiplex the access from both processors to a single port RAM, either with parallel or spi interface. spi interfaced SRAM is presently available up to 4 Mbit capacity.
1GHz and lower than 100$us??? and you don't like the raspberry pi? I think the new raspberry pi 2 with it's quad core ARM SoC should be enough. + it's cheap, very cheap! 35$us + ARM Cortex-A7 processor (32 bit) quad core at 900Mhz that you can overclock(careful there) has usb and ethernet (and spi usart, and general io) you can buy 'shields' and e
Hello, Basically I am developing a GUI to represent received data on a display. I have successfully implemented everything FPGA related except the input part. Ive been thinking of using spi but the connector on Altera Board is HSMC and I have not used it before. Is there any usb to HSMC or RS to HSMC converter cards that you might know? I've fou
it's true that usb is very difficult for beginners, so i want to ask you a few questions... - why do you want a gamepad in your project? if it's for generic input I suggest you a simpler shift register like the SNES gamepad or a spi interface for a Playstation dual shock 2 (you can even get the analog values! and vibrate the controller!!!, but not
Firstly, welcome to the forum! Due to the popularity of usb, there are various converter ICs available that handle the conversion between usb and various protocols such as spi, I?C, UART etc. FTDI, Microchip, Texas Instruments are current manufacturers of such ICs. You'll have to figure out the protocol used the the camera in question (...)
Hi All, I am considering some projects and would like to know partnumbers of MCU based on the minimum requirement below. - Current consumption: less than 100uA (Sleep); less than 500uA (Operational) - Communication: I2C, UART, spi, (usb and bluetooth a plus if integrated) - 4-8 I/O, A/D I don't know if this is to ambitious or what, s
I2C, spi, UART is no problem. usb depends on what you mean. If you mean interface to an external usb chippie that provides you with a fifo and control signals, then yes. If you plan to implement usb3 in fpga, best buy several crates of energy drink and tell friends & family not to call you for a few months. ;-)
Hello, I am using pic32mx795f512l and i am trying to code for external eeprom (25LC256) to store the last value of LED. I want to use spi communication for EEPROM. I need sample code to done this. Please help me with some sample code. Thanks in advance
The PGA is programmed through a Serial Peripheral Interface (spi). The PIC also has a spi interface. Now you need to go read about spi, and about how to implement it in your PIC.
if you use the Microchip product selector you can enter the number of PWM outputs (plus any other requirements such as digital IO, ADCs, spi, I2C, usb, etc)
Tiny ARM based controllers with Analog I/O exist for $20 with lots of serial interfaces like spi usb. But your software requirements are not defined for signal profile, processing, bandwidth, User interface. The +/-5V to full scale output requires a card with bipolar supplies or a negative -5V pump regulator.
I am selling cheap usb spi programmer. Here you can find supported ICs, photo of device and circuit. You can but it here on ebay
there are number of alternatives 1. UART to UART is probably the simplest and you can use hardware flow control if required 2. I2C or spi if the devices are close to each other 3. usb - make one PIC32 usb host and the second usb device 4. wired Ethernet or wireless for distances over 10 metres
Hi, i'm having problems with the design of a development board based on Atmega32A which has usb connection. The development board that i've been designing has the bootloader already loaded (it was loaded using spi), the problem is that when i plug it on the usb port of my PC, it doesnt recognize the board, and it says that it is an (...)
Hey guys, This little gizmo looks pretty nice, but there ar BIG BUTS. The software is on this page. Support is NON EXISTANT through email and telephone. I can't gat any responses and they won't call you back. That said: I'm running 64 bit UBUNTU 120.04 LTS
G'day, I've been tasked the job of cleaning up someone's failed attempt at what they thought was going to be a simple data acquisition system. The system has two 8 channel 12Bit 500kS/s spi ADCs. (Actually run at 20kS/s per channel for a total system throughput of 3.84Mb/s + overhead) An embedded Linux controller (Raspberry Pi) interfaces with t
Microchip’s In-Circuit Debugger, MPLAB ICD 2, is a powerful, low-cost, run-time development tool, connecting to the host PC via an RS-232 or high-speed usb interface. This tool is based on the Flash PIC MCUs and can be used to develop for these and other PIC MCUs and dspiC DSCs. The MPLAB ICD 2 utilizes the in-circuit debugging capability bui
i want to fetch RGB led matrix frames from spi RAM and scan it @ 60hz. i have decided that one controller fetch data from spi RAM and share it to other controllers through its usb port they will do scanning and PWM stuff. this will save complex h/w like dual port ram etc. any suggestion regrading this ???
In contrast to serial interfaces with embedded clock (like PCie, usb, Ethernet), there's no need for an idle pattern with spi.
Hi friends, I have to communicate with a radio which have spi interface but my PC doesn't have spi interface therefore i have decided to accomplish my task by using arduino as a interface between PC and radio. Now i want to send my HEX data serially to arduino, store it then send it to my radio via spi. Plz i am a newbie to arduino, plz help.
Hi All, I plan to integrate 3G/4G module to our system. I have noticed that most if not all 3G/4G modules are having usb for the fast data services. We don't have usb in our CPU system but we have 5mbit/sec uart. Does anyone has experience with SIMCOM/TELIT/WAVECOM/Cinterion 3G or 4G modules using only UART/spi interfaces? Best (...)
Hi, got an Atmel mXT1664S1 IC (based on Atmel AVR32) with HID usb/I2C host communication. Have a customer that wants to use Serial communication protocol instead. Anyone know of a simple Atmel or other solution to try? Is there complicated code to write to make it work so data transfer is semaless as with the I2C/usb?
Hi, I am in search of lowest cost but with good linux BSP support for an embedded web-server solution. The solution must support both Ethernet and Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi must support both Adhoc and Infra-structure mode of network. My Hardware should have following features: 1. UARTs 2. spi (for Wi-Fi) 3. usb (for Wi-Fi) 4. Boot from spi (...)
You have to provide more details such as, number of ADCs required, interfaces like I2C, UART, spi, number of IO required, amount of flash and ram. These all counts while selecting a micro
is it possible to interface pic18f458 and arm(lpc2148) With can 2.0??? yes you can... PIC18f458 supports CAN protocol and for LPC2148 you can interface thye CAN by means of spi. FOR spi-CAN interface you can refer the following link...
I am working on zigbee home automation and i want know that is there any end device has addresses how tow or multi zigbee talk to each other directly how device know where it send to data ? and am not asking for Xbee plz adn am working on which it has spi interface so how can i configure it it dosn,t have usb port
Guys, What's the popular chip from Atmel wirh ARM core and usb,spi peripheral ? Thanks
Hi All, I'm looking for a usb Hub controller (High/Full speed, v2.0, 2+ ports) that supports configuration by acting as a SLAVE on either a I?C or spi bus. There are lot of hubs out there that do have I?C or spi port, but it is configured as a MASTER for accessing memory peripherals like EEPROMs. Does anyone know of such a IC that (...)
I believe to fully understand each of these standards you will need to have "hands on" experience with both the hardware and software. There are many "stick" processors (SiLabs, Ti, etc.) under $40 today with these interfaces. A low cost logic analyzer or at least a oscilloscope is useful for spi, I2C and CAN and protocol analyzers for usb and Eth
a simple alternative for usb communications is Microchip MCP2210. It is a translator from spi to usb and Microchip provides a driver you can use applications easily. It is the simpliest alternative I have found, and the micro is inexpensive.
What is the problem you are facing? BTM 180 works at 3.3V. Are you trying to interface BTM 180 to MCU, MCU Board, or PC? What is the working voltage of your MCU? What is the clock frequency? BTM 180 supports UART, usb, spi, PCM, and PIO type data transfers. You can easily get UART on most MCUs. BTM 180 UART pins are TTL level pins and you can cr
Hi, till now I used only uart interface for bluetooth module and the top baudrate is 115200. But how can I transfer files very fast like that in mobile phones? Which interface they are using, other than the uart ? I am using HC_05 bluetooth module and it have different interface like usb, spi etc...
Well, I have this code I'm working on, made with Keil's (ARM) uVision. It was ported from STM's usb-FS library examples and Domen Puncer's SD/SDHC spi fat implementation. So far I managed to make a 1GB SD card
Hi, Yes, you should be able to use usb and spi together as they do not share pins. You could also run spi and rs232 if you used a Software Usart with some other free i/o pins, don't know if your C library will have one though ? - might find one ready made on the web.
Hello all, I am working on a project where I need to implement usb mass storage device. PC(host)---usb---Controller---SD card My SD card is communicating with controller on spi2. As this microcontroller doesn't have the library for spi so (...)
I don't see a relation to usb. But a MISO pull-up (or pull-down) would allow to detect more easily, if the spi slave is activating it's output driver when selected.
I am confused between interface and port. Suppose usb which is taken as both port and protocol. Now a new term comes interface. See the table in the picture there are different interfaces comparison. If interface is a physical term then how can I2C and spi be interfaces? Because these are serial protocols. The other c
I don't think there is a single book, they all serve different purposes. Some of them are best explained in datasheets and app notes, e.g. I2C, spi, because they were devised by particular manufacturers, and they are not too complex to describe in half a dozen pages in datasheets. Parallel ports only serve one main purpose (printers) so would not b
if 8051 is to be used for serial communication then for loopback
I suggest you to learn more pheripheral, not changing different microcontroller. It's like ADC, PWM, UART, spi, I2C, usb and their application or device about this RS232, RS485, Modbus, CANBus. Also, interfacing mcu with VB and android. I also have learn more than 2 years but still more to learn the list here[
I'm trying to connect my RS232 with MAX232 to my ATMega32 ( ) for ISP but I think I must be missing a component. If I'm going to do ISP, do I need something to convert the UART from RS232 to interface with spi? What would I use to do this? Is there a chip that converts UART to spi or something? Also, I found
Look at this: TIAO usb Based Multi-protocol adapter manual: TIAO usb Multi Protocol Adapter User's Manual - TIAO's Wiki program cplds: [url=www.tiao
I think you've got only one I2C/spi port on that device. But, you can hang multiple devices on the bus, they just need to have different addresses. That's the short answer. The long answer is: you'll need to educate your self about I2C or spi-but it's not that hard. (At least, not as hard as usb or Ethernet). Actually, with (...)
I am not familiar with usbasp but I think you have misunderstood. usbasp uses 1. usb port to communicate with the PC and 2. serial data transfer (not UART, it is spi) to ATmega32. U could have used serial port of computer (UART) to transfer the data's. Here usbasp using spi to (...)
SOC design is a term used for integration of smaller subsystems into a single system block on a single IC. A microcontroller is a "system on chip". It integrates the CPU core and various peripherials (usb , spi , I2C , ADC etc...) on the same IC. A SOC can be implemented on either FPGAs or ASICs (wich is termed VLSI).[/QUO
Hello I'm using VNC II usb controller in order to access a usb flash disk drive. The VNC II is connected to a AVR microcontoller via their spi interface. A spi slave interface of VNC II is used. The data transmission AVR to VNC is ok works well, but VNC to AVR is not working. Also unnamed mode of spi slave (...)
There is no code to directly recieive the Bluetooth data. Check your circuit for the interface betrween Microcontroller and the Bluietooth receiver. This could be probably spi, usb, I2C or a parallel bus. Accordingy your code neds to be written..

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