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Use a comparator to convert the sine wave to square wave. You can fix the threshold based on the duty cycle that you want. Fix the swing of the comparator based on the peak to peak signal that you want.
Hello Friends, I am Programming PIC18f4520 to generate 2500Hz square wave with timer 1, no prescaler. However I have achieved this using following piece of code; void delay() { T1CON=0x80; TMR1L=0x0C; TMR1H=0xFE; TMR1ON=1; while(TMR1IF==0); TMR1ON=0; TMR1IF=0; } but when I change the above code like; void delay()
Obviously, yes! But can be square wave, triangular wave, sine wave, arbitrary....
I need to generate a stable square wave (max frequency 5K) with the serial port. with a simple program in basic I see an irregular square wave, I think due to the interrupt management. A solution should be to use DOS but, is possible to do the same task in XP? Regards A. Under (...)
You can use DDS, check the Analog Device datasheet. DDS can reach more resolution than 0.01Hz, it can output square wave, sinewave, or some modulation signal. You also can search "DDS" in this forum, there are many links. Cheer.
You could use a software delay, however a more efficient method would be to use a timer and interrupt. You can set the timer to 1/2 period of the square wave and switch states from high to low and low to high using the timer interrupt. Using a timer would also offload the work to the generate the PWM, to the timer and interrupt system, freeing th
If you start with any 20MHZ square wave oscillator, no mater what the duty cycle, and pass it through an edge triggered flip-flop you will end up with a 10MHZ square wave with a perfect 50% duty cycle. Just use a crystal oscillator. To be even more accurate you could start (...)
i am designing a pll based clock generator of 2.4 GHz. For that i need to convert sinusoidal output of VCO to square wave with sharp clock edges. i don't have any clue, how to do it. which will work for GHz . plz suggest me regarding this.
Hello, I would like to shift a square wave operating between 0-1.8v to one operating between 1.8-3.6V. I tried using a conventional level shifter (domino like circuit). Unofrtunately it only shifts the upper level and not the lower , i.e., the wave output is between 0-3.6V and not 1.8-3.6V (desired). Please help me with (...)
i'm in real need to know how to design a ring oscillator that produces a square wave and how to tune it over a wide frequency range from few hz to 100's of khz? Are the any papers that talk about ring oscillators design?? and i also need to know if there's another circuit that can generate a square wave
how to design a circuit to give a square output from dc power supply without using 555 or 566 somebody please help .........................
Hi there, I want to build a perfect square wave using spectre, but vpulse imposes that rise and fall time must not be zero , So how to build a perfect square wave?? Thanks Julian What is that for? Nothing is 100% perfect But, you may use a very very small rise/fall time
Hi ppl.. I need help & advices on the following problem, How to configure a NE555 chip to achieve a continuous square wave with a frequency of 1300Hz & 50% Duty Cycle? Pls advice.. Thank you.
The question makes no sense, the impedance is different for each frequency component of the square wave.
Dear osoenbolsa , If you need to vary the frequency from the minimum to the maximum , The Tie should be varied from the maximum to minimum. As VIPUL said you need to use the timer interrupt for the perfect waveform generation. Try with the usage of interrupts , else if you find it as difficult try with the delay routines . For 1 (...)
tellMeDaBasix, Consider a sine wave voltage with a peak amplitude of 1V driving a 1 Ohm load. The RMS value of the sine wave is .707V. The power = V^2/R = 0.5W. The average value of the sine wave is 2/pi = .637. . Now consider a square wave with the same average value (...)
thanks for reply. I have one more question which is quite different from this. i want to generate the verilogA model for square wave and sine wave with jitter in both.Like same amount of random jitter in both. I tried looking designer's guide and i did get the square wave generation (...)
Hai how to log an Sine wave with microcontroller... is it possible to measure and log with ADC in microcontrollers.... .
Hi i am doing project on synchronous rectification for automotive alternator.... I am using PIC16F72 for my project I am using CCS compiler..... First let me explain my project.... I am taking three phase voltage from the alternator and giving to comparator as input. The comparator here acts like zero crossing detector circuit...... For non-inverti
To lower the square wave signal, we may add at the output a resistor (say 1K) followed by a rather fast diode (1N4148 low-cost and may work); its anode connected to the resistor and its cathode to ground. Feeding the pulse to the RD network will also affect the risetime. A low impedance resistive divider, e.g. with 50 ohm output res
Dear Astrid Why you don't create a square wave in this frequency , directly ? Respect Goldsmith
Hi buddy Assume we have a square wave with specification bellow: frequency: 400Hz duty cycle: 50% Positive peak voltage: +24V Negative peak voltage: -20V I want to remove DC offset voltage and supply 50 ohm load. I'm not sure if I can remove offset voltage with capacitors; because in negative cycle of (...)
I believe it was YOU who was talking about simulation: I quote: "simulation in "NI-Multisim" shows the exact square wave with reduces amplitude by factor of 10..." An ideal transformer has no core losses, no impedance, and perfect coupling. We've already established that your ideal transformer will couple a (...)
Hi, i will write a PIC18 program in C and examine my program using MPLAB simulator to generate a square wave signal with 60KHz frequency and 60% Duty cycle so how can i do it if any one can help me (me new in microcontroller world) thanks for all
I'd like to control the temperature of my soldering iron with a PIC micro and a solid state relay (DC input 5-30v ; AC out 220V,10A). I need some advice about the shape (raport/ratio) of square wave that I'll have to generate with the PIC micro. :? :? :? Thanks!
Hi there, I have to drive a fluriscent load (About 2KW) with an AC signal, but i only have a 220VAC square wave , not a sinewave. I had many troubles doing so, specially the very large startup current. Is there any suggestions, Anything special with this type of loads? Thanks in advance. Yours,
Dear Sir: I need help to find a voltage controlled source whose frequency can be adjusted by with rail-to rail (square wave) output. Or say it is a VCO with square-wave output. in CADENCE ADE environment. Thanks in advance. :|
the square wave mixing will generate alot of harmonics , to be filters out the sin wave mixing will not gnerate these harmonics but square mixing is better in performance in general check http:
Tell me how to generate the 18KHz square wave using 8051 microcontroller Why do you use Timer 0 interrupt ???It's is very easy to do. In the KeilC complier, there is the good example for U ! You can download the demo version in the web (2K limited) and then setup to see the example
I'm trying to write a program in C++ to communicate with an AVR microcontroller's SPI via the LPT port. I have to generate a clock (SCK) signal on one of the pins of the LPT. I am using the WinIO library. I'd like to have way to create a square wave of a given frequency (within some limit of course). (...)
yes,Lc circuit is a resonator cicuit..u can generate square wave.
I am working on a project to transmit data from PC to a microcontroller. I wrote my own protocol for transmission (A variation of PWM) But I can't get the IR receiver work. I have a 3 pin receiver. It is written on it 6038. It seems that it means the Receiver will work with 38 kHz carrier signal. I used a nice function generator on our lab to trans
i need to design 11.0592Mhz square wave generator i need help in that thanks.
I'm trying to design a square wave generator with a tube.A cross coupled multivibrator is the standard circuit for it. You need two tubes or transistors to build it.
Hi, I have been trying to design a pll to multiply square wave corresponding to a frequency of about 1.2 Hz using cd4046 by 12. I've not built it yet but I want to know if CD4046 can synthesize such low frequency and if it can work on square wave input. Second, does the cd4046 have a minimum lock time? third, the (...)
Hi firends, I have generated a simple square wave frequency generator with 0-5v amplitude using uC, but i need the amplitude range from 0.8v-to-5v how can i do that? thanks a lot, regards, garg.
It can be done with CMOS version of the 555-timer .. Here is an example of a square-wave-generator based on the standard version (should work up to 100kHz): First, generate 2Hz to 2MHz, then to make perfect 50% duty ratio divide it by two using
is it possible for just an RC filter A higher order filter with about 12 kHz cutoff frequency could basically do. I don't understand, what you want to suggest with the driver circuit, however. To drive a motor with a sine wave, you either need a PWM modulator, a linear output stage, or an (almost) lossless LC filter between (...)
Hello Every One. I need to work on the project. Task is "Simulate single phase square and quasi square wave inverter with resistive and inductive load. Using the quasi square wave based control design the dead band to eliminate the triplen and fifth order harmonics. Show all the (...)
I want to generate 40khz square wave by ATtiny 2313v microcontroller in order to drive my ultrasonic sensor, how could i do this?
Hello all, I've designed a square wave generator on proteus and i want to check its output on the virtual graphic mode but it seems i've a problem with the design itself I got this error "Singular Matrix : check node ....." here is the simulation file 83628 Your help is much appreciated :) - - - Updated
hello friends. in my assembly program the microcontroller has to do two tasks. it should keep complementing P2.0 and when timer0 interrupt is generated(at delay of approx. 71msec),it should complement P1.3 and then jump back to main program and start complementing P2.0 again. in this way it should generate a square wave of T=142msecs at P1.3 (...)
I have been trying for days now to configure the timers of AT32UC3C0512C to generate a simple square wave. I am sure that the clock is reaching the timer module, but there is no output. I am posting my code here. Can someone please help me on this? Its been a long while since I am doing this and continuously being unsuccessful. I am trying to g
If 10GHz signal amplitude is more than 100mV. your can convert this sinusoidal signal to squarewave by using Cherry-Hooper amplifier configuration.For more information search google. I believe you can design a Cherry-Hooper amplifier with this process.
try google: thousands of circuits using the 555 exist. yes it can create 50% duty cycle 200kHZ square wave. Do you want A pulse or square wave generator? w
Sinometer UT30D Pocket-size Digital Multimeter with 50 Hz square wave Generator Why 50hz squave wave generator? to test what at 50hz squaveform? They have these DVM meters with square waveform mode outputs What are they used for because the (...)
If the internal transistors of the Gilbert cell mixer are not biased to work in saturation (and in SA612 case, they are not) is preferable to drive the mixer at the LO input using a sine wave signal. There are many switching-type mixers where is mandatory to use square LO signal, but this is not valid for some of Gilbert cell IC mixers.
Look for example at the datasheet of the LM324 here: This is a very popular cheap Opamp and you will find some kind of application notes in its datasheet for example a square wave oscillator. best regards
Hi, it's so easy for example to creat 1khz square wave using ccs c compiler. We calcualte time duration T=1/1000Hz = 1 ms Then divide it by 2 ---> 1ms/2 = 500 us while (1) { output_high(PIN_A1); delay_us(500); output_low(PIN_A1); delay_us(500); } Bye
A friend of mine ask me if I could find a circuit that can measure the frequency of a square wave and display it on one or more seven segments displays , i couldn't find any circuit on the NET so I'm asking in this great forum , can you help ?