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Hai I am trying to get WNM of sram. I am following the procedure given in the book "Robust sram designs and analysis". I have attached the WNM graph (Fig1_WNM_book) from this book. My doubt is: As per the procedure, BL line is connected to Vdd and BLB line is connected to gnd. The voltage at source node Q is sweeping while monitoring QB an
how to calculate gate currents(leakage) in sram cell especially in cadence
Hello all, I am working on an sram cell for which I have to perform monte-carlo simulation. During MC simulation in ADEXL window, we found a pop up window with the following error messages after 10 min, while the 6T sram cell was run for 100ns for 2 samples. Please help in this matter. [Error message ADEXL-1921: failed to start new job afte
please help I need to draw butterfly for Write NM for sram cell I cut down the inverter into two halves to get the VTC for both INVA and INVB as it is shown in the figure, the result should be as shown in the graph but I got different result, the green curve is wrong while the red one is right, What is the problem with this curve ?? Please
I am designing a sram in cadence can we able to design the same sram in ADS?
Other parameters to consider include, bit/byte write capability, BIST muxes, retention modes, dual or single port. 1. There isn't a cadence memory compiler. Memory compilers typically come from foundries or IP providers. They generate views that can be used in tools from cadence. 2. Memory leaf cell? Do you mean the bit cell? Search for 6T (...)
Hello Experts, I have a sram schematic designed in cadence, now i want to test the working of it, for which i need to force the bitlines to a initial condition of 1. How do I do it? Please help me.
I am designing single ported sram with 6T cell. I am using cadence virtuoso.The components would be write circuit, precharge, sense amplifier, 6T cell, address decoders. It has to be 4 banks of 256 bits so muxes would also be required. How do I size each of them? All I know is about sizing 6T cell to minimum so it saves area.
Hello, I am looking for some cadence tool in which I can simulate a sram crossbar(1024 * 256). Please advise me some tool. thanks
Hi I dont know how to calculate SNM of the sram 6T Cell in cadence virtuoso. Also i have less knowledge about beta and gamma ratios of the sram cell. kindly help me out with this.... thanks! Madura
Hi, I'm trying to connect 128 symboled sram cells in series using Multiplicity. I followed instructions on to use the parametric option for the value of "Multiplicity". When I want to run a transient analysis using Analog environment, it gives me an error saying that the multiplici
Hi i am very new to the cadence virtuoso layouts . I am trying to make a 6T sram layout . The schematic has two coupled inverters . I have recently added the Nangate 45nm layout in which it has already a inverter layout, so i am trying to use the create instance icon to place the layout of the inverter. when i am trying to place that i can only
Greetings everyone, Since I couldn't find a similar topic I decided to post my problem : I am using Faraday Mem Maker along with UMC90 technology for sram generation. In general, I want to use the .gds and .siz (net list) files from the me maker tool to perform some post-layout simulations with Hspice. The flow utilises cadence 5 and Assura 4.1
Hi all, I want to perform post layout simulation of sram cell in cadence 6.1.4. I have completed drc n lvs steps successfully with assura.But i can't extract gives error that "no directory found". I have attached screenshots of settings for directory please help me if anybody can solve this problem...Thanks in advance...[A
Hello everybody, I'm making design of sram cell in cadence 6.1.4 I have generated layout in virtuoso layout editor but i dont know how to calculate the area of layout... Can anybody help me?..Thanx in advance...
Please post your circuit..image of 1bit sram and the other details also..
hi, can somebody tell me which are circuitaries associated in reading and writing of 6T ,1 bit sram
i have designed a static RAM circuit(32 nm). I wanted to perform simulation for read operation. So i needed to set the bit lines to vdd(0.9v). I used nodeset command to set the initial volatge of bitline to vdd, but the initial voltages remain upto 0.35 volt. So can u tell me what is going wrong or should i use another command if any to set the ini
hi everyone, I am trying to implement sram in cadence. So, I need to perform monte carlo anlaysis on sram and also I need to draw scatter plot of leakege current against process variation vth. I know how to set statistics block and running monte carlo but I donot know how to plot scatter plot for these two. can anyone tell (...)
HI all I have face difficulty in designing of sram design using Negetive word line concept. any body please help me to proceed.any body have complete sram design ( scematic capture) in LT spice....?:???:
can anybody give me a pspice code of 6 transistor sram cell? i need it urgently... please help thanks in advance...
can anybody give me a pspice code of 6 transistor sram cell? i need it urgently... please help thanks in advance... dip
Hey, I am trying to work on sram cell in cadence. Could any1 help with with the simulation of the butterfly curve in cadence? please help me out. Thank you Mohana
I have a 0.18 um 8K bit sram schematic in cadence Virtuoso, I want to scale it to 90 nm, which means to change the width and length of every MOSFETs to half of origin size, But is has too many MOSFETs,I don't want change it one by one, is there any fast way to do it? Thanks~~
Hi, I recently posted a question about 'how to test sram: generating the inputs'. I would like to know, if I write a verilog code (which will have the test data inputs), is there a way to interface the verilog code with the schematic. Thanks in advance for the help. Ps: I have UltraSim & cadence virtuoso.
Hi, I have designed a sram using cadence Virtuoso. I dont know how to test the memory. Basically I want to test each and every memory location, but I am not sure how to generate the input signals. I tested every cell using the stimuli option in the ADE, but when it came to system level, I cannot generate the signals I wanted using stimuli. Al
i need to simulate 8T sram cell on cadence..... how to get read and write timing curves
Hi, I am a new student in VLSI and I am working in one of my project related to sram 6T cell design using cadence tool. Can anybody have material or book name? so I can get idea about sram cell simulation in cadence and How to design sram cell? Thanks,
Hi, To understand the working of 6T sram you can read Digital Integrated Circuits by Rabey.
Hi, I am new in VLSI design. I want to start simulation on sram 6T memory cell in cadence. How can I start? Which material or book can help me? What is spice file? How can I edit or use that file in cadence? How can I get TSMC files and How to use that files for cadence simulation? Thank you.
The gallery shown seem to model the physical process steps without any lateral effects. It could have a good value if some of the important lateral effects are built in. In this case you can optimize the density of a sram cell by checking the 3D spacings. If only metal 3D is shown it the impression that everything is capacitive connected. But th
Hi I have designed a 8 bit register file using 6T sram cell in cadence spectre. I want to evaluate the leakage power for this circuit. can anyone tell how to resolve this problem
hi i just want to know the interconnect structure of 8 CLB FPGA how to do that? and how to simulate sram in cadence?(what are input? clock timming diagram i have to insert in ananlog environment?)
Word line is made of Salicide polysilicon in sram. Salicide process makes polysilicon reduce its resistance. Even though, Salicide Polysilicon have larger sheet resistance than Metal Line. To make sram control command, I realized I have to consider delay in word line. Of course, the delay is due to polysilicon sheet resistance, about 10
Hi, I'm trying to simulate a basic sram cell 6T with cadence Spectre simulator and Ocean script. More precisely, I need to carry out a parametric analysis but I haven't succeeded in. Here's my netlist : ///////////////////////////// // basic gates description // ///////////////////////////// subckt sramCell WL BLb BL M0 net0
Hi, I am familiar with cadence HDL, cadence Allegro and cadence SPECTRAAQuest (ver 15.2) tools in designing PCBs but new to cadence Package Designer (APD). Now, I need to design an sram chip made by Micron. The design is a microBGA and is similar to Tessera TV46. I don?t know how to start this design. Are (...)
Hi, I am familiar with cadence HDL, cadence Allegro and cadence SPECTRAAQuest (ver 15.2) tools in designing PCBs but new to cadence Package Designer (APD). Now, I need to design an sram chip made by Micron. The design is a microBGA and is similar to Tessera TV46. I don?t know how to start this design. Are (...)
Does anyone know how to measure power dissipation of memory block from sdf format? My design is work with sram block, and I need information how much power is being consumed in memory block. Please give me some information about this problem. I am mainly working with cadence and Synopsys tools. THX.