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Do you mean "save all sentence in memory map " and just scroll it? Not the sencence, but the alphabet bitmap. The standard strategy is to program the code in different functional layers: In short, one to define the character (in general, in static memory), other to scan each character, and another to scan
Works fine for me. Possibly the rendering software on your computer doesn't like the fonts. It has three embedded fonts in it rather than using 'standard' ones. Brian.
Hi All, I need the help of an electronics engineer in the US to build me a custom battery charging circuit. I have drawn up all the specifications and have identified most of the components and the basic design. We are using standard TI chips to charge the batteries and the evaluation board pretty much has all the components and design. I need
hello, Free tool for student or hobbyist, a electronics design tool, down load from attached file below. A DOS console program only 70KB in size. The tool solves standard electronic circuit problems by choosing the best preferred resistor values for all your standard problems. A must have. 5) Find the nearest resistor value (...)
Hello, Say i want to cool power diodes in flyback converters with heat pipes, is it economically feasible?, there is no data on the web regarding the cost of heatpipes in relation to just using normal heatsinks. How much do heat pipes cost? There is no cost data on the web Do standard heat pipes exist? heat pipes to cool electronics. http:
In early days, manufacturers had to make do with approximate values, because they were not able to make resistors with 1 or even 5 percent tolerance. It was common for them to declare a tolerance of 10 percent (plus or minus). Say they wanted to make a run of 100 ohm values. They would mix up a batch of carbon slurry and pour some resistors. Thei
Quark electronics started to provide our own brand electronics products from 2014 based on our 12 years cultivating in electronics design industry. We aim to provide the industrial standard products with affordable prices. Three remote control products were released and about 100 units were sold for each product everyday. (...)
u need to be more specific in ur question....u can get all the details about the design of sepic converter in any standard power electronics book....
Hi, I was wondering if there are standard design for commercial programmable power supplies such as these: Are they based on SMPS or linear architecture? How can I build one?
What's company or who's drive this green technology to electronics industrial ? I'm suspect this technology become any standard, yet ? Or this laid on what part of process ?
5V at 100mA is the standard 'allowance' for USB ports, though some are capable of significantly higher current such be enough to drive a small 6V fan you might want to place a diode across the fan to suppress back EMF.
2 oz (70 ?) copper is pretty standard for power electronics PCB. Thermal reliefs are probably unwanted for components carrying high currents. When boards are reflow soldered in production or professional prototyping, they are uniformly heated and copper weight isn't a problem. But it makes rework slightly more difficult and may require preheatimg i
I don't what "bias" means in this regard. Gate driver supply by isolated DC/DC converters is standard in power electronics, particularly for switcher voltage levels that can't be achieved with bootstrap circuits, or if other requirements demand an isolated driver supply (100 % duty cycle capability, startup conditions, ruggedness). I translate
Hello, First I must say that I am pretty noob with electronics design, but I try to understand things best I can. I am having a hard time with one embedded system I trying to get to work. Problem relates to USB which is used as communication infrastructure. There is a host device that has several PIC based devices connected via USB hubs (ma
standard CMOS technology - the workhorse of semiconductor industry - has been scaled to such dimensions (at present, ~20nm technology node in or near production, ~10nm technology node in development), that further scaling may be impossible due to fundamental physical limitations. We are forced to think that if there is no further scaling in semi
Guys, I need information for DFM standard of drill detail for all basic electronics components..and suggest me,details of impedance matching,RF while in designing a PCB. How to design a GSM,GPS,boards what are the detail we consider Drill standards can be found in IPC-2221 (previously IPC-
Hi, For the plans etc , just search this forum and the Electro Tech forum where Bill frequents. The programmer firmware is standard Microchip PK2.
10?F 1206 ceramic capacitors up to 16V rated voltage are industry standard, up to 35V available.
That specific driver was intended to boostrap the drive current to a high voltage offset switch. So if you are not doing that then FvM's explaination for standard Bootstrap circuits is applicable as is the Wiki example with the desired effect to raise input impedanc
It is a standard construction of a linefollower. Main assumption was to create as light as possible robot. electronics: electronics is quite simple: 20 sensors KTIR and comparators. Microprocessor used
1. Isolated power supply is the classical means in high power electronics. The DC/DC converter is usually designed into the gate driver modules. 2. Due to the involved power losses, noone seriously considered this solution 3. Negative gate voltage is also standard in high-power IGBT applications, apparently small power IGBT circuits (home applian
Seriously speaking, I see only few cases where the usage of liquid flux in hand soldering is necessary. In most cases it would be rather a waste of time. In so far it seems obvious that cored solder is the standard. I'm not aware of coreless solder offered for general electronics purposes. I also never felt a need to get it.
IEEE standard Dictionary of Electical and Electronic Terms. Publisher: The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Inc Distributed by: Wiley-Interscience, a division of John Wiley and Sons, Inc. I have the third edition. As far as I know, it is still being updated regularly.
Is there any heat sink to dissipate 4W ? the module size is 6 mm x 6mm. 6 x 6mm is aproximate standard area of TO220 semiconductor, that heatsinks you have in every electronics shop. 4W is nothing spectacular, there is much higher dissipations like 50W and more on that surface area! Buy or make heatsink fro
VHDL / FPGA /ETHERNET project VHDL - layers of a standard TCP/IP stack VHDL / specman / with scripts log files and waves specman eRM- simple UART, tested with ncsim VHDL, verilog, design, verification, scripts, ...
No standard test is available for identifying the onsolence of electronics components. Your component engineer must be in touch with all device vendors and keep updating the device inventory whenever there is a PCN release from the manufacturer. Whenever there is a revision change of device- such as die, all relevent tests will be done by the c
A standard RC receiver IC (TSOP1838) is specified to achieve 35 m range with 300 mA send current.
I had installed FEL earlier. "Fedora Electronic Lab" targets mainly the Micro-Nano Electronic Engineering field. It introduces: * a collection of Perl modules to extend Verilog and VHDL support. * tools for Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) Design Flow process. * extra standard cell libraries supporting a feature size of 0.13?m. * e
I once implemented a power electronics design (150 A output current) with 6 oz (210 ?m) outer layers, but it hasn't much to do with regular PCBs. Minimum feature width was about 700 ?m, allowing standard SO-ICs as smallest package technology. There are many detail issues that can't be discussed in a brief. The design finally served it's purpose.
I don't see, that the problem calls for an absolute value amplifier. Pulse inversion will be achieved by a basic inverting amplifier. Pulse stretching respectively peak hold is a different topic. It's a standard function in classical nuclear electronics and you'll find a lot of related literature. Available ADC speeds have considerably increased ov
To make this computer it isn't necessary to know a lot about electronics. It is only required to know how to program. It's a simple device with standard functions displayed. It has two software versions. One for bas
Here's one with a standard 16x2 LCD interfaced to the 82C55: Interface LCD with 8051 using 8255 PIA Are you looking for a GLCD interfaced to a 82C55? If so let me know, I'll keep my eyes open for one. ---------- Post added at 05:41 ---------- Previous pos
I always wonder how people try to invent quite impossible things like you do. Electronic components are generally designed for a "standard" environment where also people live. In some cases, temperature extremes are asked for, etc. If you insist in putting your electronics into high-pressure oil, you would find that some components cannot survive
Maybe you can try Speaker recognition (Know who is speaking). A well standard signal process MS. electronics & Control Projects
At this relative low frequency and low power, even a standard 0603 SMD resistor will do the job: SMD / SMT Resistor :: To minimize the parasitic inductance of the resistor (and also to increase the dissipated power) you can place in paral
As far as i know , NMEA 0183 is standard . And all manufacturer follow it.
RE:SAGE...yes...I am VERY impressed with may not be up to the Mathematica standard yet BUT the price is right and it is very good and very fast! I believe it can use R also...if you need advanced statistics check out R... The R Project for Statistical Computing rt
I am not sure what your breadboard looks like but my guess is the hole is 4mm for a standard 'banana' connector. You use that to connect to the power supply. You then use a piece of solid wire from the breadboard to the screw terminal, crushed under the screw. Keith
You probably want to separate the PWM function from the power path. Look for suitable bridge drivers and feed them from a standard PWM. You're not going to get a "PWM in a can" that is capable of the power dissipation required, I'm pretty sure. Figuring that (say) 50kW motor power is going to leave 5000W of heat in the power electronics, y
Hi, I am an electronics student and have my final year project. I have elcted to design and make a wireless acoustic kit (two wireless guitar links and a Wireless microphone link). I am after some help with the design of my ccts. I would prefer to use ICs such as the MC2833, instead of the standard 3 step FM transmitter setup using inductors and
you can do this with a simple interrupter with 4 circuits ... no need for any electronics in that ! something like this
By replacing copper with copper, you don't need to consider conductivity. standard PCB copper thickness is 35 um, possibly 70 um for power electronics.
Hello Everyone, Can anyone tell me For RFID product what testing standard required?suggest me test method,also suggest me basically for electronics product people follow what type of test method?
You need to fire the triac with the Diac. You can calculate the firing angle with the help of the breakdown voltage of the diac. Refer to some standard textbooks on power electronics.
Study about Butterworth filters. There are different order butterwirth filters that can be implemented using R, C and OPAMP. You will find them in any standard electronics book.
Without going into a lot of maths and physics very simple explanation. 1 When a transistor is saturated it is in a fully conducting mode and there fore will not offer any resistance to the current path ( or very very little). 2 Once you exced the quoted VA from a transformer the voltage will not follow the standard load calculations.
Hi,are there different standards for making gerber file?what is the usage of these standards? Thanks alot
can anybody send some solutions which are possible using PXI standard..any applicaiton note or also let me know what kind of examples can be possible using PXI standard. also i m intersted to know the latest trends or we can say latest challenges in electronics industry. specially application note or example based on pxi on this (...)
Hi, I am wondering if anyone can tell me areas where placement tools for macros/blocks may be of use? I am thinking of designs that may contain either pure macro cells or ones that may have a minimal amount of standard cells along with macro cells. - Audette
All what you need is so called "4-WAY SWITCH" .. see picture below .. Between two standard 3-way switches you can install as many of them as you like .. And, btw, it has nothing to do with electronics - this is just pure electrical wiring concept .. Regards, IanP