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hi all, i'm actually doing a project that includes the 3-8 decoder. while some of u think a 3-8 decoder has a simple schematic with the standard truth table, which schematic should be
I'm working on a control for a humidifier. As per UL standard UL998 a spacing of 6.4mm is required. I'm doing the PCB layout. "The spacings between wiring terminals of opposite polarity, between a wiring terminal and an uninsulated non-current-carrying metal part, or between a wiring terminal and uninsulated live part of opposite polarity shal
I dont do HSpice model check for standard cells. But the set up time in standard cell libraries is independent from load. Latency is related to laod and trasition time though.
The libraries are third party supplied and not supported by TI in any way. I may not be alone, but I prefer to make my own library parts and use a standard for building them up and layer assignments etc. Third party libraries are OK, but i do not know any professional PCB designer that was ever happy with a standard footprint :D
GDS file is standard of industry. You can import to L_edit the GDS file out put from Cadence, but the technolgy table of Ldedit have to set the same as Cadence (layer number, Layer name, color...) have to be the same, so the look will be the same
Seems that I need to genearet TLU tables. How to do that? I only have layout lib for standard cells and technology files
library characterization is generally separated from typical ASIC design flow..The standard cell library generation itself requires well-defined flow.. Typically it contains development,characterization,view generation and view validation...
I am doing a mixed-signal design, the thing I am trying to do is to synthesize the digital part using standard ASIC flow and merge the digital layout with the analog layout in Virtuoso. I got some standard digital cells from Artisan, they also provide a GDS2 file containing the physical layout view for (...)
I need to design a circuit based on standard cell - Use Silterra 0.18 um CMOS process technology - Use tools from Mentor Graphics - Circuit that need to be designed is count the number of times of bit changing from 0 to 1 - The input to the circuit is 4 binary bits let the 4bit binary as A B C D, and the number of times of bit changing fro
it should come with your pdk. i dont think theres a standard file extension, i've seen it with .lmt, .map, .strmMaptable... but it is always written in the same format, the column headers are #cadence name | layer purpose | gds number | data type for example poly drawing 1 0 m1 drawing 2 0 etc...
There are liquid pressure sensors available that give industry standard 4-20ma output. Probably the best long term reliability, they would require calibrating to compensate for the shape of the tank, probably a lookup table if irregular size.