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If it is 2stage flash ADC, it should be fast ADC, isn't it ? So, single ended is a non-sense, because the digital will make a lot of noise that will come on to signal. If you keep on working with single ended, split as much as you can analog and digital, especially within the ADC. Split the power supplies, use star-routing. Finally fill any blank
Hi There r different types of topologies like Daisy chain, star, remote star, H-shape and user can also create his own topologies. Topologies r nothing but how u place different components on the PCB and route them so that the signal reaches its destination without any loss and the circuit behave properly. One topology might work for one
star topology is used for DDR2 designs chk out this one
The link below describes the types of routing techniques and the advantages of each topology. If you are using star topology than you have to match lengths beetween all the traces meeting at the main VIA and also use termenations (if required) at all the ends. In daisy chain u dont need to do
Hi, What are all the inputs required for the star-RC-XT. (Extraction) How will you ensure that the extraction data is clean of shorts & opens and how to ensure that the extraction data is in sync with the final PnR database ? Thanks, Gops
hi all, do we need a netlist for the starRc extraction?..and what is the use of LEF file in star RC extraction
Dear all, i know that i should be carefull in the way i route vdd and vss, but that's all i know, can somebeody give me the big issues with routing vdd and vss ps: it's an analog block i have heard about ground planes star connections, avoiding supply loops , can somebody clarify for me those concepts or/and give a good reference or link abou
Hai, I am little bit confused about the routing/wiring to form a star ground. I have a designed a signal averager (box car averager) circuit with few digital ICs (10 numbers) 74ls00, 74ls04, 74ls244, 74ls393 and analog ICs (26numbers) (like lF356 and LF398 e.t.c). I have made two individual grounds for those type and called as analog ground (
what is the best tool for analog routing 20Hz-200Khz
Open your schematic design. First select Schematics in the project window, then choose Tools from the menu bar and click on Annotate (the first time, you choose unconditional reference update, when you change something to your design, select incremental reference update) , then, select Create Netlist from the Tools menu. Select the LayOut tab, a
star grounding is All your grounding points,. IE. transformers, smoothing, sockets, PCB boards, chassie connections all come to gether at ONE CENTRAL POINT . It takes its name from the apperance that the connections have , it looks lick a star . Barrybear
how to run different corner in star-rcxt. I have defined corners in .mapping files, however, all the results are the same.
Hi InternetCAD Placement and routing Software (download) 1. -> t tnx
Hello all, i am looking for someone who could help me in routing and placement of a PCI based backplane card. i need to know about all the considerations which are taken care of in the design of such a critical design. Has anybody experience in furnishining the above task?? please help me..... regards....
As I know , the original name , when it was a product of META & then acquired by Avant! , it was called " HSPICE ". After Avant! had had it , the name became " star-HSPICE " . The reason MAY be to just change & inform of a new brand ( someone correct for me if it is not true " Avant! had had also some products named star-..... ). After Synops
Who can tell me where I can download the star-Rail or other IR-drop tools? Thank you!
Hi, Someone knows which product of synopsys contains start-rc and star-dc ? Thanks.
now I try this flow, however, there are some problems: 1) the GDS SEED PROPERTY ORIGINAL query for calibre doesn't work. 2) the mapping file which maps calibre runset to GDS doesn't work. so when I run star-rcxt, there are some error: ERROR: Connected database layer "STIE2" does not have a valid GRD layer. ERROR: Connected database la
Do you have a demo & User Guide for star-MTB? I need it.
Could anyone provide star-rc tool? RC is phase-out. Synopsys don't support it anymore.
You need to set the layer stack manager to turn off the layers not in use. In the layout program right click on the workspace, click the last menu item options, click layer stack manager. Or just use the shortcut keys D, K :D On the bottom left hand side click on Menu, Example layer stacks, Single layer. Then go to Rules using short
Any one can tell me, what version of synopsys SOLD have star-MTB document?, thank!s
IM guessing if anybody could tellme wich PCB routing tool for dense routing you consider is the best? Thanx all.
Hi Everybody, Could somebody tell me how to run star-RCXT with multi-cpu ? Which setting i need to modify(c-shell,runset file) and how to use command ? Thank you. Best Regards, chyau
hai, how can i design pcb routing in orcad for manual partial ie power plane and remaining signal autorouting. thanks
Hi, I'm looking for some materials describe about the routing topology and their affect on signal integrity and timing. Can anyone help? Thanks,
90nm routing guide
Hi Top side SMT component should accept only top trace but instead it is accepting both the top aswell as bottom trace without via.Here I'm using PAD Power PCB version -3.0. SureshR.
I'm Protel DXP user and need some info about Impedance-Controlled routing. I'm at my first experience with this routing constraint, and this make things more difficult to me too of course... :) I understand I can set the min - max preferred characteristic impedance value Z0, in the Signal Integrity Rules, and this value will be used
Hi, Where shall i get the Layout(routing) guidelines for mother board. Thanks in advance. Regards, Devi.
Hi Guyes Is there any precausions when routing voice channels of communication application PCB . I have designed a card but I hear noise when switch to voice channel at the same time data channels are working correctly
I have some problems with RF amplifier routing. Our amplifier has STRIPLINE elements, calculated by RF engineer. The board haven't empty space for it. Can i modify form of this elements saving actual length or we must recalculate all STRIPLINEs? Workin frequency is 400MHz.
Hi all for manual routing in powerpcb, how can trace width be changed easily?? it is very troublesome to change the width segment by segment. if i insist on autorouting, what are the most important parameters to set/take care(besides clearance, if i am not doing highspeed circuit, any special thing for analog circuit)? what could be ch
Hi all, as you know multicast is new topic in the CS and in the computer networks , Is any one here know about multicast routing my main focus is a game theotic approach to this subject Best. Ali
hi please comment "Differential pair routing " binu g
Mentor Power PCB is quiet useful Its simple to use and quiet powerful. A supplier came to me to introduce the new version of Zuken's cadstar software. Cadstar 6.0. The new version seems quiet good but i've yet to test it. Free use n download but certain functions are disable for the freewares. "The new improved CADstar Express (...)
Hi Synopsys Delivers Galaxy 2004 with 2x Performance, 2x Capacity and 2x Yield Enhancement Features Synopsys announced the release of Galaxy? 2004, a major upgrade to its complete design platform that delivers across-the-board improvements in run-time, capacity, quality-of-results (QoR), silicon technology support and turn-around time. These
Hi, What are the rules to be followed while routing LVDS signals on a PCB. Is there any constraint on the length for the LVDS signal wires ? Thanks
Dear all Anybody can share with me any routing schema for FF1148 BGA package? Thanks advance!
Layout plus (10.0+sp2) has a lot of error. It is terrible for manuel routing. What are shortcuts that are usually used when routing manuelly in specctra ? 10x
Does anybody know how capable is Leonardo to extract routing estimates? I know that this is backend work primarily. So if (most probably) Leonardo doesn't imply even the simplest methods for routing (early-level) estimation, i have another question. Is this possible with their new tool, Precision Synthesis? Plus: is Leonardo a DeaD tool? Caus
I have pcbs and I scaned them to draw a similar PCBs,how can I put these JPG pictures in a cad program like protel to draw the tracks on an another layer over the picture that I scaned them ? Thanx
When routing track around a corner: I have been told that 90 degree routing is not allowed (due to the possibility of acid traps I think). Idealy it should be 45 degrees (mitered). I have also been told that 90 degree routing is ok for large tracks e.g. 50 Thou (thousant of an inch). Why does acid get trapped in e.g. 20 Thou bends (...)
There are several manual routing track modes in Pr0tel - linear with right angle corners, linear with 45deg corners, linear with 90deg arc corners, linear with 45deg arc corners, and any-angle track. You begin manual routing by selecting "Place Interactive" from the menu, or by using "PT" from the keyboard. Once you have placed the (...)
I used now Protel DXP, but this is not good for single layer
Hi I want to do the global and final routing in my design. Silicon Ensemble routes with standard width 0.5 um but I want more. Does anybody know how can I do it? Thanks
Hello, I encounter a problem that a set of memory bus signals are very long on the board, and my friend suggest me to use the type a routing, he said the long parallel wire will cause crosstalk. But I think type a is longer than type b , and will cause voltage drop. Which type of routing do you prefer? And when you encounter this problem, wh
I was wondering if anyone can tell me more information about the routing matrix in the high-end FPGAs especially the two dimension matrices, Also I would get more intact with placement constraints and any success stories regarding this area would be very educating
Try to make ground on bottom and VCC on TOP layer. Keep in mind that you need to use star topology to distribute POWER or ground to each element.
Hi, there, In PADS PowerPCB, there is the manual bus routing, which helps to route the bus traces together. I wonder if there is similar function in the PCB studio (allegro)? Many thanks