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Hello. I have just gotten into sinewave inverters because I want to build such a device to power certain labb equipment in certain situations(and I simply want to learn more about these sort of devices). I have chosen to skip modified sinewave inverters all together and I understand that there are a few different ways to realize a pure sinewa
I'm installing a TFTP server on Ubuntu. I have read many tutorials on this but I'm stuck on following step found on all tutorials. Create /etc/xinetd.d/tftp and put this entry: service tftp { protocol = udp socket_type = dgram wait = yes user = root server = /usr/sbin/in.tftpd server_args
Hi, Now iam using ubuntu 10.04, and i wants to install uclinux on ubuntu.I need step by step procedure to installing uclinux on ubuntu. Thanks in advance, Alex. Do you mean " How to install the development tool chain? "
I am using ubuntu 10.04. I want to install Oracle's Java 7. In following website 15 steps are mentioned to install java. Here in step 2... it is mentioned that openjdk should be removed before installing oracle java. Is it correct way ? Will i get any problem after removing o
check these links Installation of SUSE Linux
Running NS2 in windows is very easy. Here is a step by step tutorial how to install it in Windows: Ns2 Installation on Windows | I just did recently and I found it very useful
Can anyone tell me the step by step procedure to install cadence icfb under linux 5.0? Documents will be ok or any link for document.
hi, Please help me with your detailed inputs installing/loading this NCSU cdk library. I have followed the steps in document, But I am not able to find the lib during "attach library" Please help me with step by step. I hve very limted knwledge in Linux & Virtoso. Thanks,
Every freshman/woman: I just run successfully some commands in delsig toolbox. There is at least a necessary step not mentioned above, that is search path setting. Please enter menu File-- Set Path...--Add Folder...--, then browse into the target toolbox path where you have put it.(e.g. C:\MATLAB7\toolbox\delsig\delsig). enjoy it!
It seems your tar files has broken. Can you describe which the step of showing these messages during installation ? :)
hi can any body provide the procedure of installing $ilvaco @tl@s on windows,linux and solaris machines.our institute has recently bought licences but there are installation problems. if some one can specify step by step procedure for installation i will be thankful thanks in advance konqueror
now I has a question,after I finished installing CD1,why system didn't prompt me to insert CD2? which step and when to insert CD2? Thanks a lot!!!
I install SPW4.82 in Solaris UNIX9 u2 under vmware. But why after the step of "specify the CD-ROM mount point",there comes an error notice: "/export/home/spw/install/bin.sun4v/io_filtr: syntax error at line 1: '(' unexpected Broken Pipe dd: I/O error /export/home/spw/install/bin.sun4v/softload: bad substitution"