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hi all i work in a tracking system project i need to know what kind of motor i can use ?? what is the differance in DC & stepper motors in tracking system help me please SZ With a "normal" dc motor you can only control revolution (n) and the torque. With a stepper motor you can "step" exactly a given angle.
if motor current < 500mA, try to use,for example, ULN2003 from texas insrument
well, exact model ot stepper motor is nonlinear and you have to take this into account. Wait me and I wil send you some articles related with modeling of stepper motors and their closed loop performance. neb,..
Where can i get SPICE models of mechanical devices like tachometers and DC motors step motors ??
Have a look to there are many components to drive step motor.
Nice for beginners on motors AC/DC and control with online questions. E
only refreshing basics courses from siemens motors and controls nice pdf
Hi, In a project I need two motors to drive an object. The motors always have same directions and speed. The object's weight is below 100-kg. Control system and motors should be cheap. My problem is which kind of motor should I use: dc, ac or step motors. If I choice dc or ac motors (...)