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hi all i work in a tracking system project i need to know what kind of motor i can use ?? what is the differance in DC & stepper motors in tracking system help me please SZ With a "normal" dc motor you can only control revolution (n) and the torque. With a stepper motor you can "step" exactly a given angle.
Hi, You can do one of 2 things: 1. Use a gear to lower the speed of the motor and increase your torque. ( There are many ways, and cheap ones to do that ) 2. Use a step motor. more complecated then the first option, but you can have the abilaty to speed things up... Good luck.
you can use a counter and a comparator to construct a PWM. best regards Hello, I have a controller for stepper motors to microsteps of 1/32, I'm writing for knowing if through a IC divisor was possible to make it to arrive to 1/64. Which thing I can make? what I must use? I pray to you help me.
Hello experts, As for stepper motor, what is meant by "motor type: 2-Phase Full/Half-step"? And what is "connection type: Bipolar (Series) or Unipolar"? Very basic. Thanks for any hint.
Attached is a 40V step down isolated dc/dc (input can also be up to 30Vac) converter. It is rated ≈1A output current and has extrimely low output voltage ripple (<10 mV). For 5V output voltage you will need to change the R10/R11 ratio, and the input voltage will be between 15Vdc and ≈40Vdc.. Regards, IanP
you can drive step motor with mosfet as like as bjt ,when a signal like as signal come from pc or micro the mosfet must be on and the signal can travell throw this part like switch or relay it is very nice !! isn't it? you must bais mosfet for larg signal.. it is very easy easy than bjt.
I'm trying to control 2 unipolar stepper motors using a PIC16F88 for each motor. The control for thse stepper motors is via a joystick. I'm having trouble writing the code & if some one could help did be grateful
when microstepping a stepper motor, must the stepper motor a special type (i.e. supporting microstepping?), or we can microstep any step motor?
hi, I have to control a stepper motor with 8051MCU using feed back. Kindly can any one guide me
Hi there are two types of stepper unipolar and bipolar. Examples and circuits for driving these motors using AVR is given in the book MY EXPERIENCE IN PROGRAMMING AVR MICROCONTROLLER IN C USING WINAVR It is a beginner tutorials you can get it from yahoo group-booksbybibin
I read the tutorial "Jones on stepping motor" ( ), and have a few questions. Feel free to discuss and reply! Permanent magnet motors tend to "cog" as you twist the rotor with your fingers, while variable reluctance motors almost spin freely (although they may cog slightly because of
Sorry but I dont have any good reference to share with you. But let me share how we use starting resistors when starting DC motors. As they have pointed out, current during starting is large which will damage the motor. We use starting resistors, usually 3-4 resistors. The process is actually step-starting, at initial starting all resistors are in
All the answers step by step Control of stepping motors
I am looking for information , book and advice for linear motor. I found many short info about this motor and some explanation but if anybody have good book or construction guide for this kind of motors, ecoders and other info, please help me. I have lot of experiance with servo motors, BDLC and step motor and some usefull projects in (...)
Hi all, may i know which IC can be use to control a 12V bipolar stepper motor (I think got only 4 wires as control signals) If possible schematics as well. by the way, wats the diff between unipolar and bipolar stepper motor? unipolar only turns in one direction? bipolar turns in both directions? do unipolar and bipolar has fast and slow cont
use shift register or other "port expander" or use ic for stepper motors e.g. from alegro. then you need just 2 wires (direction, step)
Hi solid snike, I have a project last year, called MoBot (mobile robot) using stepper motors, what code do you want ? Assembly or C? What uController you are using?
Like Meade LX200 .. but I want to DIY it .. I think 8051 + step Motor maybe can use for GOTO system and some telescope controller also can receiver PC RS232 command have anyone know telescope control command like skyMap /starryNight Pro quide star can not , guide star need CCD camera for focus .
hi, can anybody tell me how can i caluculate timer0 th0,tl0 values. i hav to generate continuous pulses to rotatate a stepper motor. 2000 pulses =1 step, 1 step =8 degrees, i hav to rotate the motor 360degress, and again i hav to reverse the direction. can any body give me sugesions how to do it. at present just i giving (...)
step is the angle that the stepper motor rotates for each clock cycle.. so to achieve that small angle you are talking about i think you have to gate just one pulse of the clock to the stepper motor.... Regards
I don't know exact specification for your project but here is the idea... Use Relays, you can get relays that use dc power to energize the coil... and the contacts,when closed will conduct AC. Now use any microcontroller that you can program and tie outputs of the microcontroller to the coils... Use supressors (DIACS) because any back arcing will
the main feature of stepper motor is that it can rotate in steps which are very small angles... which an ordinary motor cant...
in the data sheet of the stepper motor it is specified that step angle is 15 5 rpm @ 200pps unipolar torque is 60 N/cm Can anyone tell me how to calculate the speed of the motor ?
The above is a basic tutorial by Siemens AG
A 15 Volt, 12.55 Watt motor should be driven by rechargeable batteries. Let's assume the batteries must be able to drive the motor 15 minutes. step 1. Required Voltage One cell has a nominal voltage of 1.2 V. So we need 13 cells in series. 1.2*13=15.6V step 2. Required Current 12.5 Watt at 15 V requires a current of 0.837 A. (...)
Hello friends... I need some help from u guys...I am working on a project that drives UNIPOLAR stepPER motors(6 wire)...the motor is rated at 24V and i am driving it using ULN2803 which gives a logic 1 of around 5V....the problem is the motor locks at all possible step does not move basically To test the stepper (...)
Hello friends.. I am using atmega32 to drive two unipolar stepper motors (5 wired) rated at 12V,~1A I had been using ULN2803 to drive these stepper motors... I face a strange problem.... 1.The ULN gets heated very quickly. 2.I get varied results every time i power up the circuit I am driving these (...)
Is there some guy here done sth about step motor driver, i have confused by the use of chip UPD16835 of NEC. Since it has use feedback circuit to fuction PWM, then what is the fuction of chipper in the chip.
Can anyone help me regarding with the 5phase stepper motor? I have one PMM33BH2 5phase stepper motor but i m not sure whether it is a unipolar or bipolar. So anybody help me check? Also i need to build up one driver circuit for this PMM33BH2. I have found out some driver IC SI-7510, PMM33BH2. But all are really hard to find in the market. I
what is AC1 & AC3 rating of contactor? can anybody explain in detail? according to IEC Category Description: AC1 Non-inductive or slightly inductive rows AC3 Starting of squirrel-cage motors and switching off only after the motor is up to speed. You can follow this link to have more information: www.sea.sieme
the first and second question , you can find a good answer on the internet ! In general, we use stepper motor for robotics application and home automation, they are small motor with not enought torque for complex industrial use. The main strenght for a stepper motor is his precision, it's designed to be controlled step by (...)
Hi! I have to make a project of a robot, with pic 18f258. The robot have 2 motors. My first step is to program the robot in C to move, 2? step is velocity and position. I think i have to use the pwm... Anyone have a example of it? I dont know where to start... Plz help me i dont have experience on this area but i want to learn. Thx for (...)
hey guys... i'm trying to make a mini elevator with 9-floors and i'm using stepper motor in controlling it. i'm also using pic16f877a as a microcontroller. i'm having a problem on which stepper driver to use. i hope you guys can help me.:cry: my stepper motor is 3v and 0.85A. i hope to get your answers soon enough:D
i have two stepper motors at the back of the motor is written DC 2.5 A 1.8 deg type 103H7126-0646 sanyo denki and on the second one dc 14v, 0.7 A 1.8 deg/step type 103-807-1541 can anyone plzz tell me how can i get the specification of these motors..???
Hi It depend on what type of motor do you use? There are many types :DC,BLDC,step,PM.... All the best Bobi
I'm stuck on this project and I believe something is wrong with my code. I'm using a black/white wheel encoder with 24 tics on it, a infrared reflective light sensor (to detect the black and white tics), a dc motor, and a quadruple half h-driver to control the motors movement. I want the motor to move from the black tic, to the white tic and st
Hi. Does it sounds like a good idea to make the controller having six possible combinations instead of three. The goal is to recuce cluttering between steps. Second question: Is it the preferable way to do it, or should I stick to only three combinations? I think like this: If it's possible controlling steppers by half steps (and (...)
If you buy 60 deg stepper motor which is step angle = 60 deg, it means 360/60 = 6 steps per revolution. You cannot modify its precision lower than 60 deg by modifying the program because step angle is fixed but you can rotate it 60, 120, 180 etc... with precision angles. regar
Hi, I have an embedded board running Linux, and a servo motor controller called SSC-32 which has a strange issue when communicating with the board. I'm sure it could be regulated from the router side by programming, but I don't know how so I write here to get help. I found out that to set SSC-32 to communicate with WRT54GL, each time I must
use the SLA70762M stepper motor translator IC from Sanken, its a single chip, more robust than the L297/L298 pairs, it also occupies less space. You can also get 1/4, 1/8 and 1/16 step motion. The datasheet for the part contains a circuit diagram that describes the detailed operation of the device. I have myself used the same circuit to make
hello frnds i need to drive 2 stepper motors. Rating 1.8 deg ,4.7a per phase.4 wires. Please suggest what kind of driver should i use and also tell me what kind of power supply (volts and amperes) would b needed. I saw this motor running in a circuit and was operating on 50 volts . Any help is welcomed..... Jitender.
Hi guys So i am looking for a solution to a seemingly simple problem. I have two DC motor boards and two DC motor brakes. I am using a microcontroller to tell the DC motors to step when i want to. The problem is, my microcontroller sends out a HIGH 3.3V signal to step the motor. I want to be able to cut the power when i'm not using the (...)
UIM stepper motor controller/driver UIrobot featured stepper Motor Controllers size only 42.3mm*42.3mm*13.5mm which include Parallel, Serial and CAN Protocol type stepper Controllers for directly mounting onto size 42/57/86/110 and so on stepper motors. Super compact volume, high performance, standalone or (...)
Hi I am building a robot but have problem to choosing it's motor. my robot's weight is about 10kg with 30kg load of cable . in first step I test DC motors (with gearbox)but when the robot go about 40 m the Friction of cable with earth don't give permission to move . speed of movement : 3m per minutes with this comments, can you help me, I
im working a project using PIC16F877A to generate six gating signals to control three phase inverter.the output voltage from the inverter should be of variable frequency and im using square wave operation(six step modulation) &open loop type. would you pls help me in developing the C code to get a variable frequency? thank you in advance for y
before jumping into the circuit u must know the type of ur stepper motors, here it is Let me google that for you Regards Engr Asad
Hello everyone, i want to start a project with the microcontroller above and i was wondering if i can controll 2 stepper motors with this mC. I only want to use one so i just want to make sure that this mC has the ability to control two motors at the same time. Should i use pwm?? Cause i have found a way that i dont need to use it. Do i (...)
You will need the power drivers. This board gives you only the motion controller part. It will generate the direction for each motor, and the command to put one step in that direction. The faster the step command comes, the faster the motor will run. Are your motors unipolar or bipolar types? What speed you want to run them? An (...)
how to determine the position of stepper motor? any advise?
Usually electrical appliances operate on direct supply voltage (110V/230V) without the need for step down using step down transformer or SMPS ex: water pump motor, electric heater etc While electronic appliances usually makes a step down conversion using a step down transformer or SMPS instead of directly applying supply (...)