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Hi everybody; I am using atmega16L for stepper motor control. Port A and port D which i use az output, unable to produce enough current, say 10mA. The output current is as low as 200uA! whats wrong?
Hi I am having a bipolar 12V 0.6 AMPS 1.8degree stepper motor.I am having problem in finding the driver circuit. And secondly If i have to control it using the signals from the PIC how am I going to do it?????/ Any circuit diagram or any related information will be really helpful Kind Regards Quium
i want to make an irrigation system using atmega8535...... i need to write the code using C the system has sensor to check the water level from the main canal then a stepper motor pumps water to the land ana another sensor checks when the water reaches the last point of the land soooo it stops the motor from pumping water........ so plz if anyone
This is a project of a small three-wheel robot. Drive is based on two stepper motors from printers LexmarkZ705. The motors are controlled in mode 1/8 thanks to drivers A3967. Parameters of A3967: maximum current 750
Hi, i am trying out a circuit and a code. The code works perfectly in Proteus simulation but in real world, the stepper motor movement is jerky and the RPM is too low for the application. my question is simple How can I increase RPM of the motor. I'm attaching everything I got here. 87107
Hi I tried to send the step signlas to the driver of stepper motor using PORTC of atmega128. The driver does not consume much current(less than 2m A). The stepper didnot run. After analysis I figured out that the pins 2,3 of PORTC are not working as intended. Following are the observations. 1.When only one of the PIN2,3 is made High ( (...)
Use Fire sensor (Using LDR or 555 timer circuit ), Intruder sensor(using IR), use a buzzer to indicate any danger, Use stepper motor to open and close the gate or use GSM to send message to owner or police station in case of emergency.
Hi I need to use an atmega MCU to vary the voltage from 0-220Vac on the primary of a 220V//2000V transformer. I was looking into using a stepper motor to control a variac using a pulley/belt system. But considering that this is only a part of the bigger picture, it seems complex as I need to take into account torque considerations and such.Any
hello Guys I am using the proteus for the embedded developement with the AVR microcontrollers with the peripherals like LCD , ADC , stepper motor and others in the Proteus and I compile my program code in the WinAVR and than run it in the virtual atmega microcontroller of the proteus . But Now I have moved to the ARM developement and I want