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Hi everybody; I am using atmega16L for stepper motor control. Port A and port D which i use az output, unable to produce enough current, say 10mA. The output current is as low as 200uA! whats wrong?
Hi I am having a bipolar 12V 0.6 AMPS 1.8degree stepper motor.I am having problem in finding the driver circuit. And secondly If i have to control it using the signals from the PIC how am I going to do it?????/ Any circuit diagram or any related information will be really helpful Kind Regards Quium
This is a project of a small three-wheel robot. Drive is based on two stepper motors from printers LexmarkZ705. The motors are controlled in mode 1/8 thanks to drivers A3967. Parameters of A3967: maximum current 750
Hi, i am trying out a circuit and a code. The code works perfectly in Proteus simulation but in real world, the stepper motor movement is jerky and the RPM is too low for the application. my question is simple How can I increase RPM of the motor. I'm attaching everything I got here. 87107
Hi; anyone have an interest in stepper motors and building the controler circuits? Am new to this but learning the hard way (hehe) the trial and error method. Working on a cnc router/engraver right now. Mike
may be useful
hi all i looking for copy of article on magazine silicon chip stepper motor control pcb is mark # 07208991 i need it article to finish built it board to make pc drill on home best regards muale
Links for building plotter with stepper motor majstor
Some years ago I built a similar circuit and made my experiences with it. This kind of incremental sensor was only usful for armature application. It worked not so fine when the rotation was very slow. When someone uses stepper motors with 4-coils a snap-in effect can be made by contact the not used coils together. Make a simple short circuit t
Hello, I need datasheet or technical specs for this stepper: type 17PM-M012-10 Minebea Co / Astrosyn regards meax98
I grabbed some motors from an old EPSON dot matrix printer. I think it should be stepper motor. anybody has done anything with such motor? how can i use them? anybody has spec on the motor used in EPSON? i see no label on them
I want a basic program for pic to controll a stepper mottor using L6219 Thankyou
Hello, anyone tried to synthetise the atmega core which is freely available from into some Xilinx Spartan2 part ? I would like to know, what amount of resources the core will need. Namely, I would like to use XC2S200 part (200.000 gates) and I would like to be able to add several opencore 16550 UARTs into the FPGA, togethe
MP3 embedd harddisk plyer - sch + source code for AVR atmega enjoy bobi
I do´nt know if it helps you but I have found this URL very usefull Regards
Nice AT90S/atmega/ATtiny programmer - *.BRD (EAGLE 3.55) + *.SCH (EAGLE 3.55) + soft ( VC 5.0 ) can be found at: I think this is standard ISP programmer but soft looks OK.
Hi there I've a stepper motor from HDD drive.HDD model Seagate ST351 A/X, motor that spins the plate. It has 11 pinouts. Can someone tell me which pin is what:) There are some numbers on it: 73i57-870 ("i" or "1"), and REV E/EC5140. I don't know is it unipolar or bipolar, does it have tachometer or something... Another question:) is it possible
I used to use AT90S8535 with bascomAVR then I change to atmega 16 First I try to program it using STK200/300 Compatible isp cable. It program OK But chip atmega16 was work veryslow. Then I read the data sheet it said that default clocksource is internal 1 MHz osc. (I used Crystal 8 MHz) so i need to changed Fuse bit to make it know what clock sour
Can somebody help me with information of nonlinear dynamic models for stepper motor. Links, papers, or recommended books are very gratefull. also links about nonlinear control of these devices are very appreciated thanks nebisman
Anyone have experience in programming Atmel atmega 8L for serial data communication? What I want to do is just programming the atmega to receive and send data to the serial port of a computer. I have already written a pc program to send data to serial port but I don't have any idea in programming the Atnega. Any ideas are welcome. It is great if
Does anyone have protel libraries for smartcard development including the atmega chip? TIA C
What is the minimum A/D conversion time on Atmel's atmega microcontoller family. Nowhere in datasheets is listed what conversion times can be achieved in the 'fast ADC mode'. In normal mode the fastest ADC time is 13.5*5e-6sec.
Hi! This is about stepper motors....... I have a bipolar stepper motor (2 windings and 4 wires 2,6Amp, 24V) and are trying to controll it by using a H-bridge (Mos transistors) and a ? Processor. I have 2 questions. 1: Why using N-MOS and P-MOS transistors, why not only N or P?? (i have a schematic with N and P). 2: My motor wants 2,6 Amps
Does anybody have a simple solution? i wish to control a camera mount, with two steppers, from a analog joystik im thinking to use a simple comparator compuling to determine "up / down" and somehow rig up a voltage controlled oscilator to make a frequency depending on the stick position.. so i can "pan" the camera slowly, or fast when the s
Walt: The above schematic is for a stepper motor, not 3 phases DC brushless. The one I uploaded is for 3 phases DC Brushless. In case of a 3 phases brushless DC motor the current control is generally control on each phase switching. So as soon as the the set value (motor dependant) is reach, the switch is then turned off. As far as the pa
Hi, the new atmega series is described with on-chip debugging. How can I make that work with mine (atmega32). Thx in advance!
I don't think it is possible. You cannot energize the field that fast and produce enough energy to move the shaft. Even if you drive it the field at 8K the shaft will not rotate. Most high speed motion is done with DC motors and encoders if exact movement is required. There is of course a ramp up/down speed with DC. And if you want to hold a single
I need a good schematic of a parallel port driver for stepper motor. I want use it with KCam 4 or similar to make a small CNC engraving machine. Thx Lollo
Please share me a low cost easy atmega 128 Programmer or Jtag schematic with Programming Software.
Someone knows a distributor for xy-tables which accepts stepper it can be used for example for pcb drilling... ah..right...low budget should it be as well (o;
There is a lot of information on the web about stepper control. Several chip manufacturers have dedicated chips for various types of control. You just need to do a G00GLE search. A couple of sites that have good info on basic theory are: Here is an example
Hope this link helps. red 8)
see the stepper motor control example with code
HI all i want to build atmega 169 Evaluation board any one have it S 8O KRAT
Hi Once upon a time there was a 5 phase stepper. If you have 10 wires it must be a bipolar type. So you must have 5 drivers , you can use L298 qty 3. but you must know max current for motor wires ,or you will have a low torque or you will burn motor. Also resolution is bad 0,72/0,36. A lot of steppers around are 1,8/0,9 so... :)
Hello I have found a mototech stepper motor from an old scanner. It has 5 wires (black,red,braun,orange,yellow) The red cable with every other wire is 60 KOhm All other wires have 120 KOhm with eachother. Does anybody know: 1.The wiring diagram of this stepper motor 2. What the colors of the cables mean 3. How should i connect them 4.
Using CPLD to control your steppers is an alternative to trying to use the PC to do so.. If your PC goes away for 150 milliseconds to check if you inserted (or not) a DVD.. It is not taking good care of your steppers. (Under windows I meant of course).. So as an idea, why not use a small cpld to control each of your stepper..? The controller (...)
hi. Can provide some useful link to me for that particular project? If possible, can upload the code? Thanks ah..........
Hi! I need a SPICE model for a 2-phase stepper motor ... or something similar!
Small (512 words total, about 100 words of free space) Powerful Hard-Coded ?Via Comm? Bootloader For Interfaced ATMEL atmega Devices, With Full Memory, Lock Bits & Fuses Accessing And Testing Ability, Supported From Application ?MegaCipher-Server PRO? And C++ Class ?MegaCipher? (source code). FREE test
If U want RS232 for control, you can take a look at site above. You can modified it to control stepper moter. Just very easy.
I`ve already determine the middle-wire with my multimeter and now I want to know the correct current and amperage of the stepper. How can I find that out? I didn`t find any information or datasheet in the i-net. Somewhere I`ve read that it is a 4 Watt motor.If your OLD laser printers are still available, probably you could find out
Now, my goal of this project control bipolar step motor (micro step mode 1/16, 1/32) at 8A with MOSFET IRF530, IR2112S, anyone can show me a good PWM current chopper circuit to handle it. Thanks, You may wish to read this articles from Allegro: FULL-BRIDGE PWM MICROSTEPPING MOTOR DRIVER www.allegromicro.c
hi, please tell me where can i find a parallel programmer (not isp) for atmega series. your \s sincerely.
Hi Every Body Do you know how to build simple atmega 128 Programmer. I Have tried STK200/300 Schematic (Interfaced with LPT ) But I had Used 74LS244 instead of 74HC244 .But It Doesn't work. Can STK200/300 Support atmega? Which Voltage is used for Programming FLASH MEM And EEPROM (5 Or 12)? What is the Latest AVR Studio Version which Can
you can search on google with keywords: 8051, stepper motor. It's easy to find information with this.
The output current from microcontroller might not be enough to drive the stepper motor. Is the logic gate you mentioned CMOS or TTL?
I want to build a atmega JTAG cable (compative JTAG ICE), I can't find out the schematic, help me .
hi all i work in a tracking system project i need to know what kind of motor i can use ?? what is the differance in DC & stepper motors in tracking system help me please SZ With a "normal" dc motor you can only control revolution (n) and the torque. With a stepper motor you can "step" exactly a given angle.
servo motors have 2 inputs but stepper motors have more than 2