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Hi everybody i have a problem to program my 16f877A to control a stepper motor via uln2003A in order to guide my solar tracker. the analogic inputs of the pic are RA0 and RA1 who are connected to ldr,and the output are the impulsions send from PORTD to the uln2003A after the stepper (...)
Hi, I am having problem in writing the program for controlling a stepper motor. Actually i am trying to control a stepper motor by calculating the error between a desired and measured value and hence controlling the motor minimizing the (...)
Hi, You really need to first understand the principles of a stepper motors operation. MicroChip have several application notes on this, some in Assembly, just two links below, search for more. Also many basic stepper tutorials on the web, again one example below. Once you understand how they function then it will be easier for you (...)
i want store a number that i use for sending the sms to run the stepper motor,and use it to verify any phone number used to sent sms to run the motor, where do i store this phone number? and how can achieved this?. If it is a number that is not to be changed ever, then you can store it in FLASH memory. When SMS arrives, you c
Depends on your motor or actuator. You use dc motor, servo motor or stepper motor?
hi this is deva i want to write a program in keil c for stepper motor control using atmel 89c51 . my project involves controlling stepper motor(sanyo denki) which has 1.8 degree rotation per step through san motion driver . i want the stepper (...)
Please help me. I'm going to control stepper motor with these IRF840. Can anybody give me some advices. Thank in advanced Best regards,
Hi all, I have a pcb which is using pic16f72 and ULN2803 for stepper motor control. I need a program for this circuit and schematic. Can anyone help me please. I searched over net but i could not able to find Actually i have bunch of (10 to 15) steppers from old printers, i want to test them and use it (...)
im doign a project on ip using c6713... i need to know whether i can control the stepper motor by writing a code on this dsk and driving it through a driver ckt... is it possible to write a program for stepper motor in dsk to control it...and i need help in writing a code (...)
You look Microchip application notes, there are examples of stepper motor control. You can use them as references.
HI: I have a industrial computer based on S3C44B0X01 arm CPU. I have the program to run the computer (bin file). Recently we need to make a modification for change the time to control a stepper motor. But, the company who make this computer (controller), can't provide assistance on that matter. I'll (...)
In wich program are you going to write it?! Assembler, C, C++, basic, picbasic?! It is urgent? Cause I will write it soon in picbasic, if no one write it sooner. But basically you must say to the micro the phase you want move, I recommend you the "normal step" (it depends on what are you reading they call it diferent) Anyway, the normal st
hi i am doing a project which includes ,IR LED and IR receiver(TSOP 1738)I have to get the receiver output and that output is going to control the stepper motor thro 8051. I dont know how to write program for receiving the signals from the IR receiver. can anyone help??? Regards, dhans.
Hi colleagues, I am a beginner in PIC programming. I would like to program in C for pic 16F84 to control the stepper motor. I want to try from very simple. Please what books or references ? Thanks in advance.
stepper motor interfacing with AVR ( C)(unipolar stepper motor interfacing with AVR ( C)(bipolar this, the program remain same for 8051 Bibin John
Hello I m going to control a stepper motor; forward and reverse with a microcontroller ATMEL 8051 via a Visual Basic program from a computer... Is there any program samples available of both assambly language for the 8051 and the Visual Basic? Thanks for your help! Regards
Hi, I suggest you to use timer0, control the stepper's speed by the reload value.
Start using the SEARCH button (above) and type : PIV AND stepper AND motor ..