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Hi guys, could anyone share your experience on how to draw/simulate Radial stub in hfss. Because my design is a 3-D stucture (CPW-TO-Microstrip), and i know the RS could be easy simulate just by drag the icon in ADS. But in hfss, I'm newbie. Many thanks.:D:D
Hello All, I am trying to emulate the single stub matching network example given in Pozar's Microwave Engineering using a microstrip realization on a 14mil FR4 (dielectric constant = 4.4) board. The 50ohm thickness works out to be 0.675mm for this board. However I am not getting anywhere close to 50 ohms at the port in my hfss design. I have att
Please help me in drawing radial stub using hfss. I have tried arc, polyline etc. But I want to have a radial stub with a thickness, which means it is 3D and not 2D. I need to know how to draw a 3D radial sub in hfss. Radial stub is like a slice of pizza. Please help!! It is urgent!!! Any reply will (...)
please help me design stub loaded helix in hfss . i,ve given the link for the geomatry of stub loaded helix please help me to design this in hfss ....thanks... [
hffs is a field solver. a double stub tuner is a circuit element. You are using the wrong program to simulate the double stub tuner. Start off on a linear simulator that uses S parameters and treats transmission lines as black boxes with a length, impedance, and deielectric constant. you are tying to use a pneumatic Jackhammer to drive a tiny t
Compared with CST, what kind of object is suitable for being simulated by hfss? what kind of question is suitable for being simulated by hfss? Compared with hfss, what kind of object is suitable for being simulated by CST? what kind of question is suitable for being simulated by CST? :cry::|:|:cry: Added after 23
I want to matching bow tie antenna, and to minimize imaginary component i want to use stub, but i don't know how to assign stub in hfss Please help me????
1. The most important excitations are the waveport and the lumped port, and in my experience the second is even more important - but the solutions are/can be slightly less accurate. The waveport is actually a 2D eigenmode solver itself, so it finds (or tries to find) the correct excitation modes to apply. It can be used only on (perfect) conducting
Hi all, I have problem with microstrip delta stub design. I referenced some paper about radial stub, ... but can't find exact program for calculation, even wrote some maltlab m-file for it.But my results are different from others done by some author. Specially, in the paper "A NEW KIND OF RADIAL stub AND SCME APPLICATIONS"-attached (...)
Hi, can anybody tell me how i can make stub loaded helical antenna or how i can add stubs in helical antenna in hfss. please help me...
The probe length is generally chosen to be less than the height of the DRA, to avoid probe radiation. YOu might consider a stub on the other side for tuning the antenna. (Added) other side of DRA on same surface.
Hi guys, I'm new here. Just a quick question: One of my assignment is to simulate an open stub through a transmission line (50ohm) to a load of 155 ohm. I used my smith chart to calculate the distance and length of the stub (in terms of wavelength) but I do not fully understand how to convert those numbers to design a physical (...)
I'm using shud i add a stub to my patch antenna? shud i add it on the substrate itself? also i'v to use a switch as an interface b/w patch and the stub...what are the matching considerations required? shud i "unite" the patch, switch and stub or not? plzzz help its urgent :sad:
Has anyone tried the 64 bit version of hfss 8.5. Is it really any faster
Hi, all! This is also to show why I love M/W/S :) My friend has designed Double Ridged Horn antenna (similar to Vivaldi) in M/W/S. This was the hardest task which we ever simulated. 6 millions of cells and complicated transition between coaxial feeder and H-waveguide which feeds the Double Ridged Horn; transition has also tuning stubs. Simula
I am studing hfss,but i dont know how to use the PML ,anyone can give me some infomation about it . thx.
hfss Antennas_Arrays and FSSs
hi, ansoft guies: There is one simple question about hfss. Since Adaptive 'Single frequency' analysis will allow users to setup 'Requested Passes', what number will be suitable? I used 7. However, issues come up! The results,obtained by 'Single Frequency', differs greatly from 'Sweep' analysis results? Because of the higher acc
Hi guys, I want to know how accurate is hfss to help me guess the value and quality factor of a planar spiral inductor on silicon (integrated circuit). I want to know if, based on the layers description (insulators, metals and silicon) hfss is able to simulate losses and give to me an accurate set of S parameters. Thanks a lot
: Need plugins of Ansoft hfss to compute Q of spiral inductor, can any people offer hand?
The models are implemented in practically every simulation software. I usually proceed the following way. For example a radial stub to substitute a open stub in the bias network of an amplifier. I design the square stub and then it its a starting point for optimization.
8) Hi friends, It is give that "initial error for hfss.exe(0xc000142)" when I run hfss. How about that, and what can I do? Help me, thanks. jamez
hello can anyone tell me what new in the new hfss designer? THX PLASMA
hi,all 8O i have read the documentation,but in vain,i can't understand. anybody help me?thank you
I'm learning how to use hfss by working with some microstrip antennas. However, when I display the radiation efficiency in the 3d fields post processor, I get a radiation efficiency greater than 1. I calculate the accepted power and it follows directly from s11, but the radiated power is larger. Can anyone help me?
HI Do you know "died abnormally" message in executing Ansoft hfss8.0.25 and ensemble 8.0 ? :cry:
hi,all where can i get some applicational material about hfss?help in ansoft hfss is so simple,who can give me some "real" material?thank you!
Hi, I would like to ask those of you who have experience with both PC and UNIX version hfss 8.5 . ( I want more inputs than just ANSOFT tech support.) XEON PC is certainly cheaper than Sun Blade 2000. Which one is better as to the cost/performance ratio? (please consider mesh size as large as 2-3Gb ) Will PC version ever be able to use >
Who can tell that I in hfss " Stitching " electric capacity is when building the pattern, and how to join 。
8O who can tell me if i'm right 1.simulate the structure with transmission lines added to both ports 2.use "into object" direction,define the "length" same with the transmission lines at both ports. 3.caculate i wonder if what i have got is the result after deembedding?
Can someone help to find the ansoft hfss v9.0 license.
For an antenna problem, such as aperture coupled microstrip patch antenna, we set the source at one edge of the substrate, I think now the reference plane is at this position. If I want to see the impedance of the center of the antenna, how can I shift the reference plane to that place. Maybe there are some wrong for my understanding on this softwa
Dear all, I have hard time trying to simulate a metalic rectangular ring slot from 0 to 35 GHz individually and afterwards as a skewed array with hfss version 8. It seems almost impossible, so since yesterday I'm trying it with the new hfss 9 version.I'm disperately trying to get the reflection and transmission coefficient while sweeping from dc
Hi, does anybody know how to simulate on a remote computer using hfss 9.0? There's a section in the program where you can specify the IP of a machine on which you want the simulation to run... However, after doing so, it doesn't really work, returning an error... Does the target machine need to have hfss installed? To have it running? Any
Does anybody have any tutorials for hfss or Designer? If not, maybe some experienced users would be willing to write a tutorial or more. Both of these packages are very nice and easy to use, but as with most EM simulators they have a lot of features that are not fully explained. Besides nothing is better than a couple step-by-step tutorials to
I have only one(patch antenna) who comes with installation, it isn't enough for me. hfss GUI is very strange :shocked!: , solver is :sm28: Anybody can help with any other type of antenna?
Hello, there, Now I'm using hfss to simulate a horn antenna. After I calculate the far field, how can I get the gain of the antenna and relative gain figure? Thanks a lot! BR saryee
hi! everybody, I have cst and hfss.I want to design a microwave cavity filter,but I don't know which is better,cst or hfss?who can give me some suggest
I am using the hfss and I would like to know how to set the port. There are wave port, lump source and gap source. What are their difference ? What shoud I shoud if we use microstrip line to feed? Thanks a lot.
How to simulate a CPW without metal plan in the beneath of the substrate in hfss? How to add a excitation? Thanks.
Hi All, I am now playing with hfss 9. It is interface has been greatly improved but what I find is that it is very similar to that of cst microwave studio. I wonder if anyone have tutorial materials on hfss9? Also, it seems that the nice feature of macro language has been removed. Is it really the case? or my install is not correct. Mesfe
Hi everyone, How can I compute the S-parameters of a RF pad (GSG) with hfss. Which ports to use and how to connect them? Thanks. Boy
Dear Friend, I am a student learning to use hfss. I will need your if there is any design Examples on CPW and Microstrip on hfss. Your Help is needed. Many Thanks ! Best Regards, Zesong
would someone tell me how to add the port of the suspended microstrip in the hfss.the circuit with two side,one is the top ,the other is bottom , the strip ,it is the tapper bulun, who can tell me how to add the port?
Hi everyone, I'm new to hfss and would like to start with a simple PCB antennas whatever it is. Could someone explain how to feed the antenna, I don't understand how to place the port.... :cry: Thanx
Hi all I'm trying to simulate a coax cable to lear how to use the tool. Neither help nor the tutorials coming with the bundle helped me to understand what is going on exactly..... :-( I understood the "terminal lines" though. 1) What's the purpose of an "impedance line" and how do i use it? 2) same question for "calibration line". T
I am looking for a example where I can follow the model setup, excitation of ports, analysis and optimization. Thanks E
Hi to all I want to Optimize a Balun with Ansoft hfss v.8 but i don't have Ansoft Optimetrics, for this, i want to link Ansoft hfss Macro Script With Matlab for Automatic Optimization. if anybody did this work, please help me. Best regards.
how to go about the microstrip line filter design in hfss boundry conditions, defining material and all thanks in advance
:lol: there exits some easy ways to go?: