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Compared with CST, what kind of object is suitable for being simulated by hfss? what kind of question is suitable for being simulated by hfss? Compared with hfss, what kind of object is suitable for being simulated by CST? what kind of question is suitable for being simulated by CST? :cry::|:|:cry: Added after 23
Hi guys, could anyone share your experience on how to draw/simulate Radial stub in hfss. Because my design is a 3-D stucture (CPW-TO-Microstrip), and i know the RS could be easy simulate just by drag the icon in ADS. But in hfss, I'm newbie. Many thanks.:D:D
I want to matching bow tie antenna, and to minimize imaginary component i want to use stub, but i don't know how to assign stub in hfss Please help me????
Hello All, I am trying to emulate the single stub matching network example given in Pozar's Microwave Engineering using a microstrip realization on a 14mil FR4 (dielectric constant = 4.4) board. The 50ohm thickness works out to be 0.675mm for this board. However I am not getting anywhere close to 50 ohms at the port in my hfss design. I have att
1. The most important excitations are the waveport and the lumped port, and in my experience the second is even more important - but the solutions are/can be slightly less accurate. The waveport is actually a 2D eigenmode solver itself, so it finds (or tries to find) the correct excitation modes to apply. It can be used only on (perfect) conducting
Please help me in drawing radial stub using hfss. I have tried arc, polyline etc. But I want to have a radial stub with a thickness, which means it is 3D and not 2D. I need to know how to draw a 3D radial sub in hfss. Radial stub is like a slice of pizza. Please help!! It is urgent!!! Any reply will (...)
Hi all, I have problem with microstrip delta stub design. I referenced some paper about radial stub, ... but can't find exact program for calculation, even wrote some maltlab m-file for it.But my results are different from others done by some author. Specially, in the paper "A NEW KIND OF RADIAL stub AND SCME APPLICATIONS"-attached (...)
Hello, I am currently building a demo of a microstrip line with a tuning stub. The transmission line is terminated in a load impedance of 100-50j ohms. The microstrip line has a Z0 of 50 ohms, and the stub has a Z0 of 100 ohms. I know my designs for the microstrip lines work, but I am having trouble terminating the transmission line with the fix
Hi, can anybody tell me how i can make stub loaded helical antenna or how i can add stubs in helical antenna in hfss. please help me...
please help me design stub loaded helix in hfss . i,ve given the link for the geomatry of stub loaded helix please help me to design this in hfss ....thanks... [
The probe length is generally chosen to be less than the height of the DRA, to avoid probe radiation. YOu might consider a stub on the other side for tuning the antenna. (Added) other side of DRA on same surface.
Hi guys, I'm new here. Just a quick question: One of my assignment is to simulate an open stub through a transmission line (50ohm) to a load of 155 ohm. I used my smith chart to calculate the distance and length of the stub (in terms of wavelength) but I do not fully understand how to convert those numbers to design a physical (...)
Open stub Lamda/4 length at F0 presents short impedance. If the length is shorten than Lamda/4 then it acts as a capacitor, and for L> Lamda/4 as an inductor. The capacitor equivalent circuit value is a function of the Characteristic impedance (Width of the line for a known substarte). If you tune the length you can see on Smith chart it changes f
Hi surfing I analyzed the antenna for you with MWS. I assumed a FR-4 basematerial with an er of 3.8 and 1.6mm thickness. The antenna has an impedance of about 150Ohms and is usable starting from about 600MHz. At 900MHz you will have a gain of about 4dBi. The main direction of the farfield is the y-axis (antenna lies in xy plane). The FB ration
Hi all, Can any one tell me how to extract the values of the Left handed material from the simulations i.e. how do we extract the value δY/δω from the S-parameters? Is there any way to theoretically calculate the values of Cr, Lr, Cl, Ll values? What are the design parameters to be considered for designing a Structure using
hiall, I simulated double stub tuner example in pozar pp267 (2nd edition) for 50GHZ in hfss even for very fine mesh im getting match at 30GHz. I used CPW for simulation kindly help thanx
i have to used cst you knw how to calculate the design have stub attached at patch..
Another question: How do you draw an ARC in ads and hfss? I tried both ADS and hfss, but couldn't find any accurate way. I need this to design a DC-bias network. I have two choices: 1) design low and high impedance network 2)using radial stub to isolate the dc bias circuit from RF network. In my opinion, the radial (...)
I want to draw the stub Loaded Helix (SLH) in hfss, which offers a substantial size reduction over a conventional axial mode helix without sacrificing performance. I am having problems designing this helical antenna.I draw the structure,but it didn't work ,it have some errors,may be the stucture i have drawed is wrong.I don't understand,because
you shoud excitate two modes (equiamplitude and in quadrature phase)by some method in rectangular microstrip antenna.on of this method is truncated corners and on of is added slit or stub to antenna.i propose that yoy read some paper in this mater
Hello to you all, I have during the last few week been working on an slot antenna design with a microstrip feed, center feed with an openended quarter wavelength stub. I have worked a bit backwards, I modeled an existing design I found in a box at work and tried to optimize that. This existing design is not good (S11 min -4.5 dB in 2-3 GHz).
You can also put a match stub on port 2 and port 3 to adjust VSWR of S22 and S33. ---------- Post added at 22:47 ---------- Previous post was at 22:46 ---------- Or a impedance transformation microstrip at port 2 and port3.
Here's a patented tuned open cct stub at right angles to the waveguide.