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Hi, can anybody tell me how i can make stub loaded helical antenna or how i can add stubs in helical antenna in HFSS. please help me...
please help me design stub loaded helix in hfss . i,ve given the link for the geomatry of stub loaded helix please help me to design this in hfss ....thanks... [
I want to draw the stub loaded Helix (SLH) in HFSS, which offers a substantial size reduction over a conventional axial mode helix without sacrificing performance. I am having problems designing this helical antenna.I draw the structure,but it didn't work ,it have some errors,may be the stucture i have drawed is wrong.I don't understand,because
HoW do I design a dual band bandpass filter using Ansoft Designer 2 ??? Need help from the initial step..
i need to design a loaded-line phase shifter for phase shift of 22.5 degree i have decided to go for stub mounting circuit...the problem is im using pin diode for the phase shifting using AWR microwave Office how do we actually mounted a pin diode at the end of the stub?? im using pin diode model hsmp 386x ,the spice model for this diode (...)
where u place the active device is somewhat irrelevant. But you may not want to "directly" attach a gate to a microstrip ring, as you would end up with a very low Q resonator. There is decoupling inherently built in, either with a small value lumped capacitor or a physical gap between the ring and the gate stub. With the proper decoupling, your
The models are implemented in practically every simulation software. I usually proceed the following way. For example a radial stub to substitute a open stub in the bias network of an amplifier. I design the square stub and then it its a starting point for optimization.
i have disigned a loaded microstrip antenna using IE3D9.3.i find impedance matching is easy to achieve,but the GAIN is very low! and it is not like what some papers said. who can help me? is there any other EDA software can simulate the loaded microstrip antenna? thanks.
50 Design of cross-coupled dielectric-loaded waveguide filters
Hi, When i try to setup a software called 'proteus', it gives this error Unhandled Exception Error number: 0x80070725 Incompatible version of RPC stub. Setup will now teminate. What is the problem please? I use WIN98 system. Thanx very much in advance
The radial stub has wider bandwidth and therefore less manufacturing tolerance problems. The disadvantage is the board surface area it takes up.
hi any buddy have the paper that describe the design of butterfly stub design pls regards
hi any buddy guide me about program calculate the dimension of butterfly stub that i want to use it in biasing of LNA regards
Dear all: Because IE3D cannot loaded the finite dieletric , Now I want to simulat the cylindrical helix using the moment method,what should I do. I also need some codes about the MOM. Is anyone willing to share?
I have Acrobat Professional installed in my PC. When I clicked on PDF link, the PDF document will be opened in the IE browser itself. Now, I wish to write a program using Visual Basic 6 that uses WebBrowser control to open web site or PDF link. Would anyone pls suggest a method to detect when the PDF document is completely downloaded a
I use the stub tuner to generate the load of PA, to get the optimum load impedance. But I want to get the right impedance at fundamental frequency and the certain impedance at second order harmonic. How can I get this? Besides, any material talks about how to use 3-stub tuner? Anyone know the maury microwave? Thanks,
Hi all, I need to design a 6Ghz VCO. In a post on this board last year there was a question about designing a 5Ghz VCO. The link to that discussion is response from board member "DJ" was as follows: "Simple. Use BJT 681000 (of Nec)or its package or 420000 (Of @gilent). Load the Emiter by
The length of the stub includes the pointed end which overlaps the main transmission line. Here is a very old free program to get you in the right ballpark.
the stub is very short (nearly 3mm) at ku band. that means the filter is very sensitive to fabricate. did anyone design the combline filter at this band? maybe we can talk about it.
simply place the radial stub amd the TL of high impedance with it place a sprameter controller and a termination just it wish this help khouly
Hi all; I need some computational explanation papers on this topic : infinite waveguide periodically loaded with reactive elements. could any one introduce me some papers or books or webs on this topic? thx a lot.
Pls discuss about copper tabs which added at the end of each stub in order to tune the amplfiier ... thanks ...
stub series terminated logic(sstl) thanks
what is the difference between loaded and unloaded monpole ? :D
You need to compare a radial stub connected directly to the line with a quarter wave with an open other end.
hy: Any know how make a optimization process to a radial stub on @DS?? GRacias....
Hello,everyone, How to simulate a resistively loaded or capacitively loaded dipole in CST MW v5.0? Never see an example till now. Added after 1 hours 16 minutes: Anyone help?Thanks!
I am working on filter design and sometime get confused with some terminologies as follow: 1) What does actually mean by 'transmission zero'? 2) How do the 'poles-zeros' affect the response of a filter? What the importance of poles-zeros in this case? 3) What different between 'loaded-Q' and 'unloaded-Q'? Could someone pls help to explain the
What software can modeling Resistivly-loaded Dipole? I'd like to see what kind of process happend - periodic or aperiodic (as shown on the picture) on the Dipole.
Hello All, Can any body help me how to short the transmisson line(short stub) in PCB layout.
This design element is often part of todays microwave design/simulation programs such as Agilent ADS, etc. You will find a lot of articles and information on the Internet using Google search for "radial stub".
Hi Friends, Recently I use hfss to simulate a circular patch loaded with annualr ring antenna. S parameter is ok, but the directivity is below than 1. I seed the air with lambda/10, and the boundary is lambda/4 away from the radiation element, but the result is same. Anyone can give some advice? Thanks a lot! The parameter from hfss: htt
i tried to repeat the work of a slit loaded patch antenna ,but my simulated results are quite different from what the paper shows. Could anyone pls help me check where the problem is? Thank you!
quarter wave length transformer is used only for real impedance matching but stubs are used for any case
can anyone help me with material on double stub tuning? thats double stub matching, any microwave book has that info. your can also Google and find good info as well:for example
Dear, I need to design wide band stubs (Open & Short). I try Radial stub and it works for short circuit, but for open circuit i used a λ/4 stub with radial stub and because of low bandwidth of λ/4 stub it doesn't work.does anyone know how can i increase the bandwidth of a λ/4 (...)
Hi, I am validating the Soc. In a scenario, I need to check whether the free running counter is loaded with preset value. How can we check this in C language?
Varactor-loaded split ring resonators for tunable notch filters at microwave frequencies link: Hi everyone, May i collect some advise concerning square shaped VLSRR figure 1(b) in the paper above?I am using MWO2006 and want to try the design above using MWO.I hope
Hello, is it possible to build up a series-stub for a microstrip line ? elektr0 Added after 27 minutes: Is it possible, if we remove the gnd plane. ................-------------------- .................|..area without..| .................|..gnd...............| ---------------..............
Hi, I'm little confused with the stub position in stub tuning process. Let's say we have been given to match a load using single-stub whether short or open. I did both as an exercise and where I got myself stuck was the position of the stub. The query is: whatever the stub is? whether short or open, the (...)
Hi, I'm little confused with the stub position in stub tuning process. Let's say we have been given to match a load using single-stub whether short or open. I did both as an exercise and where I got myself stuck was the position of the stub. The query is: whatever the stub is? whether short or open, the (...)
Hi dear friends, I need equations for designing a CPW butterfly radial stub. I found just on paper in the net, but it doesn't provide formulas for calculating the input admittance. Moreover I checked in 'Coplanar Waveguide Circuits, Components, and Systems' but this book doesn't provide formulas for calculating the input admittance. I need it for
do anyone have loaded dipole code of MATLAB? I need it to compare with my work.
dear frns.. one of most commonly used method for designing bias circuit is to use a radial stub followed by high impedance line... so frns can any one explain how to design radial stub, with center freq = 5GHZ, for bias circuit design....if any oe know about ieee paper regarding this radial stub design pllz (...)
Hi all! I have to do an exercize for university. the goal is to match a line with a double stub with ansoft designer. the problem is how to rotate 90° the g=1 circonference on the smith chart. I think that i have to add a piece of line λ/8 long. but what's the component that rappresents this piece of line in the circuit design? thanks an
Hi. I'm having trouble replicating the results for a Ring loaded TE11 to HE11 Mode Converter proposed in "TE1l to HE1l Cylindrical Waveguide Mode Converters Using Ring-loaded Slots" in HFSS. Since I'm new to HFSS, I would wagger this is a software related problem (I've checked my calculations for the design 3 times) Long story short, the rin
Hi , I make a project now a days. And want the GDB stub for PIC Microcontroller in eclipse. Can any body help me out that is there any GDB stub for PIC MCU. Bcaz there is GDB for ATMEL but i search a lot for PIC MC but nothing got any thing. PLZ reply me on THANX in Advance to u people!!!
hi I need help on designing the 433MHz loaded loop antenna design( to reduce the effective length of the antenna) , can any one provide the design guidelines to calculate the length and loading cap/ind value. thanks in advance kumar
Hi everyone! I am following the Virtuoso AMS Designer Flow to practice the the simulation of the mixed-signal circuits. The simulation project is provided by Cadence, which is vfs_amsflow. When I compile the project all the components in Verilog-AMS is compiled correctly but the only one in VHDL-AMS has a error. The NCVHDL.log indicates the erro
Hi guys, could anyone share your experience on how to draw/simulate Radial stub in HFSS. Because my design is a 3-D stucture (CPW-TO-Microstrip), and i know the RS could be easy simulate just by drag the icon in ADS. But in HFSS, I'm newbie. Many thanks.:D:D