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Hi, can anybody tell me how i can make stub loaded helical antenna or how i can add stubs in helical antenna in HFSS. please help me...
please help me design stub loaded helix in hfss . i,ve given the link for the geomatry of stub loaded helix please help me to design this in hfss ....thanks... [
I want to draw the stub loaded Helix (SLH) in HFSS, which offers a substantial size reduction over a conventional axial mode helix without sacrificing performance. I am having problems designing this helical antenna.I draw the structure,but it didn't work ,it have some errors,may be the stucture i have drawed is wrong.I don't understand,because
HoW do I design a dual band bandpass filter using Ansoft Designer 2 ??? Need help from the initial step..
i need to design a loaded-line phase shifter for phase shift of 22.5 degree i have decided to go for stub mounting circuit...the problem is im using pin diode for the phase shifting using AWR microwave Office how do we actually mounted a pin diode at the end of the stub?? im using pin diode model hsmp 386x ,the spice model for this diode (...)
where u place the active device is somewhat irrelevant. But you may not want to "directly" attach a gate to a microstrip ring, as you would end up with a very low Q resonator. There is decoupling inherently built in, either with a small value lumped capacitor or a physical gap between the ring and the gate stub. With the proper decoupling, your
Hi all, I need to design a 6Ghz VCO. In a post on this board last year there was a question about designing a 5Ghz VCO. The link to that discussion is response from board member "DJ" was as follows: "Simple. Use BJT 681000 (of Nec)or its package or 420000 (Of @gilent). Load the Emiter by
My best results have been with plastic coathangers drilled out 1/4 wave and a metal rod glued to the interior, the base of the coathanger can be done like-wise to use as a tuning stub. coax may be soldered to the the first rod and the shield can be glued to the outside, be sure to use epoxy, wood glue as a well as a wood coathanger won't work. S
Polyethylene is cheap: McMaster-Carr Emerson cumming makes a loaded polystyrene if you want to be fussy. thanks for reply my ask. i visit the McMaster site for polyethylene, but i couldn't find relative permitivity (er=?) of material. is there er=10.2 ? a