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hi! an older version of matlab performs the FINDTHETA command. what is the equivalent command in matlab version 7? thanks!
hi all,.. i have a problem in matlab and i urgently need the solution,.. what is the command to display a scope output located in a specific model. thanks a lot
There is a direct command in matlab for images subtraction i.e. I = imread('rice.tif'); Iq = imsubtract(I,50); subplot(1,2,1), imshow(I) subplot(1,2,2), imshow(Iq) You can use any weighing factor with that. Regards Robin
hi! Why is that when I ran a program in matlab with findtheta command an error is dispalyed that undefine command/function 'findtheta'. thanks!
Hi guys I am trying to compute the transfer function for block diagrams in series and parallel USING matlab and I will like to know how to use the parallel and series function/command. thanks
hi first you need to define n , as a matrix n= 1 : 1 :128 ; and then write down the equations and then if you want to plot the two signals in the same graph you use: graph subplot(3,1,1); plot(x1) title('...............'); subplot(3,1,2); plot(x2) title('.......................'); that for example how to use multi
hello i use subs command in my matlab programm: i want to get F in numerical mode,F obtained from integral of f1/f2 in x variable F=int(f1/f2,x); I defined all the parameters like f1 and f2 in matlab program but when i use subs command for getting F in numerical mode : F=subs(F) it gives me: (...)
Hi all im currently trying to design a guitar tuner in matlab and am new to this. Currently I record my string using the following code then bandpass filter it and then FFT it. I get the right result but I now need how to detect my peak so that I can look if it is on tune or not as my code just loops and records agian if the detection is high eno
Hi; I have a problem with using udp command in matlab. from the sending end i send in data. on the receiving end i received the data with data (packets) lost. Can any one please guide me where the problem is. ? the size of my receiving buffer is 8192 Bytes and the data is send continuously.
Hi i have a signal that periodically repeat a structure, i need to find in that signal the structure, which i know previously. For doing that i was thinking about doing the correlation between the big signal and the signal of interest but i do not know how to implement it in matlab. please help me! thank you very much
hi how can I run an external program(or a DOS command) in matlab ? I want to run hspice in matlab thanks
Hello, I need ur help. There is a program written in C language by which a command has been explained and introduced. Now I want to use that command in matlab so matlab should know this command...This command is used to produce the impulse response of a room which is in fact the allen (...)
I am calculating power spectral density in matlab of some data I collected. The various power spectral density calculation methods that matlab provides return y axis units in db/hz, power/frequency. I need to get a plot where the Y axis is in V/rtHz. My question is, is there a command in matlab that will make that (...)
Hi i have a question regading impulse response. I have poles and zeros and i can easily evaluate transfer function using tf command. Now i want to get impuse response in terms of time domain variables. I want to evaluate impuse response from the given poles and zeros. What command i have to use?
Hi everyone, I'm currently writing a matlab problem that has one of this command line x^4+c3*x^3+c2*x^2+c1*x+c0=0. My aim is to come up with the values of x. All the c3,c2,c1,c0 parameters have been properly defined. However it keeps showing the Error File that the assignment statements cannot produce a result. Could I ask why is this so?
you can use subplot(N,1,n), plot(...), xlabel(' '), ylabel(' '), title(' ') for each
Heia.... I Need Help in matlab command with QPSK for ZeroForcing and ask about something if i have N=2; Symbols = '; 1- How to make X choose a 2 random from Symbols ? 2- How to calculate the closest consellation point for each decoded received Symbol ? 3- How to move each calcu
Hello All, This might sound a little bit odd but I have been using matlab from the past 1 year though I have been using it for my class assignments and project I don't know why I don't have good command in is there any book which could actually teach programming in matlab... Thanks in Advance
I am using matlab 2011a at school and the matlab code is working fine. However I am working the same code on my old version matlab 7 on my laptop, this code "modem.qammod" give an error. What command I should use instead of modem.qammod in matlab 7 Thank you.
how can I use matlab to send and receive digital data through parallel port
Hi all : I'm working with matlab for my projects , but I've encountered with a problem . please help me. that problem is : i must write some large equation in matlab but I usauly make a mistake and how can I recognize the number of parenthesis. thx for your attention.
i have a question: i want to check if some values are inside a matrix in matlab.... how can i do this without writing loops ... does there stand a find command (i wish i could right find(this number, in this matrix) ).... thanks in advance!!!
Please how can I filter a signal in matlab using a filter impulse response not as a polynomial but just as an expression h(t)
hi, pretty easy code. there are functions in matlab. the "find" function along with "max" and "min" can be employed to get what u desire for. even find is not necessary unless u want to get the index of those values.. suppose ur matrix is a = magic(5); then max(a) will list out 5 values, with each value the max of the columns of "a". c
I do have a S(f) calculated and now I made a x-y coordinate system using this code subplot(2,2,1); semilogx(f,real(S11)); xlabel('Frequency'); ylabel('Real(S11)'); title('Real(S11) = Real(S22)'); grid; As a figure I get empty drawing so i'm interested how to plot the line for the S that i have calculated.What is the co
hi, if i understand you rigth, you want to zero pad a matrix, rigth. well usaly you do it in order to do soom calc on it, and most of the matlab function do contain another argomant that tells them to zeropad it's inputs before using it. so you should chack with the help XX about whtere your function has this, and any way here's a code that doe
HI friends I'm working on a COntrol project using matlab Using the command MARGIN I've noticed a strange thing that when: =margin(sys) margin(sys) each command get a different Gm... there is a different of about (1-->4)db not the same Why?? Please I need a rapid response
HI friends I'm working on a COntrol project using matlab Using the command MARGIN I've noticed a strange thing that when: =margin(sys) margin(sys) each command get a different Gm... there is a different of about (1-->4)db not the same Why?? Please I need a rapid response
Hello all, How to do "if (x==1 && y==0)" in matlab, the "if (x==1 && y==0)" is in C. Thanks! Davy
In matlab, there are two functions that can represent convolution function. one is CONV, the other is FILTER. But, their output point numbers are different. As bellowing example, stp_rep2 is twice times length than stp_rep3. Which one is more reasonable? stp_rep1=filter(b,a,x_imp); stp_rep2=conv(x_in,stp_rep1); stp_rep3=filter(b,a,x_in);
Hi all; is ther any way in matlab to convert a 1×n matrix to n×n matrix thx.
hi, i need to read a bin file in matlab...for which i use fread command.. fread(fid,samples needed,format)..problem is i dont know the format( have tried different combinations..its not working) shld i write a code to read.. to be precise its a eeg recorded bin file with 59 channel to read that into matlab..any (...)
what is the command to do wavelet transform in matlab. i want to do jpeg compression in matlab.
hi cany any one help in matlb formats...i want to reduce to gape b/w the bits in a no. e.g. 1 0 1 0 is the binary no. i want this no. as 1010..i.e. without the space b/w the bits..or vice versa.can i do so using matlab? thanx in advance Mona
hai, in matlab i need to get all of the filter coefficients like 7.105427357601002e-015 but i got this only 7.1054e-015 what i mean i need to get the full value,not the rounded value. please how can initialize this? help me
hi i need help in reading a image in 3-dimension in matlab.. can any one get me the code for reading such a image.. i have tried imread but that 3rd dimension is bit difficult to be read... also i need help in how to obtain DWT for a 3D image... its urgent ...
what does "freqz()" in matlab mean???? Added after 8 minutes: im doing a filter design... pls help me.. in the can i determine the response using that funtion??
Hi ! If anybody who have the resizing program in matlab , plz forward to me. I am expecting your reply soon. I need program for reducing the size of the image at different pixel levels i.e 128,64,32.. ThankYou.
plz help me in webcam with dsp for dideo compression
is it possible to visualize poles and zeros of any transfer function in matlab????? and if possible can someone suggest how to go about it as i have never used matlab their some simple way to do my analysis where is simple put positions of poles and zeros of my system in it and it shows me 3D diagrams of these P-Z in s-plane.
Hi there, I looked up in the help but couldnt get a good example on how to plot a 3D curve in matlab. I need to plot z =x^2+16*x*y^3 + 64*y^6 + 2*(x-2*xy-4)^4 how can I do this?
Hi there, I'm faced some problem in plotting graph in matlab. What is the meaning of 'b-' in the following code? Thanks in advance. matlab code % Plot the interpolated curve. plot(xys(1,:),xys(2,:),'b-'); hold off
Hello, is there anyone know about state space theory? I wish to know how a random digital signal and the channel coefficient can be transform into state space domain in matlab. Please teach me about this subject or give me some website or notes about the question. Thank you.
i'm doing my final project, about fingerprint recognition. i can delete all the information that stored in database in one time. but i'm hving problem in delete an user's information and keep the other's in database. i always delete all the database, plz help.... thank a lot...
AoA to ALL! I want to read a sound file in matlab, and set the sampling frequency to 8K. and represent each sample in 8-bits. play the result and also plot the frequency spectrum. i expect the spectrum should be from 0 to 4khz. plz tell me how to do all these in matlab. simple & early reply is required.
hi everybody i want to know how i can implement wavelet decomposition for Daubechies 9.7 filter. i hav'nt found this filter in dwt2 or wavedec2 command in matlab's help. could somebody kindly help me. thanks in advance
HI any one of u know how to generate 64 qam in matlab 6.5 please help me thanks in advance regards venkatesh
Hi, Anybody can tell me how to implement Cholesky decomposition in matlab?
hi, how to print colour text in matlab?.. with thanks n regards vanathi
i need to use overlapping blocks to perform Gabor filter on fingerprint images. I'm new to matlab...then how can i release it in matlab?