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I'm designing a device that will be powered over an open frame power supply, I'm try to put as much protection to my pcb. Circuit Designers are using series of capacitors for filtering and inductor for TVS diodes. my power supply is 12V/6.25A, what is the best rating inductor that will work for this application. I'm a bit confused (...)
Make sure that the power supply is noiseless. You can check it with the oscilloscope. Grounding is also very important. It is better to use exclusive pcb ground traces for the voice circuit.
Hi, * pcb layout problems? * missing power supply decoupling capacitors? **** * are the supply voltages stable all the time? Klaus
I have a design where I am planning to use two voltage regulators. In the design SIM900 will be interfacing with PIC microcontroller. So I am planning to use LM7805 for PIC18F2520 and LM2576 for SIM900. Is there any disadvantages of using two regulators. Will it create any problem. I am new to circuit design so need some help. The board will be pow
The question can't be well answered without a schematic. Most likely the SIM900 digital output pins are driving the 5V supply through processor input pins and clamp diodes to VDD. Unless you intend to operate SIM900 with 5V powered down (don't see why this would be useful), there's no actual problem, just a bad considered test setup.
I had designed a power supply using PI expert.I designed the same using the PI expert tool for 5V, 0.8 A configuration. I have attached the Schematic from PI expert, Eagle Schematic of the same, pcb design. Only difference in circuit made is the ceramic capacitor attached to BP/M pin is 0.1uf instead of 10uf I got the output as 5V at No L
First thing that have to look in those high-power failures, is the pcb layout. Second have to look to the power supply (bias) filtering and decoupling, and any unwanted coupling between high power components.
Hi everyone, To have a symmetrical supply power of my design, I have put the VDDA to +1.65 (techno AMC c35 3.3V) and VSSA to -1.65V. And I have several blocs that have one node to GND=0V (for example the positive input of the integrator amp-op). As I have finished the circuit layout, I want to add I/O pads to finalize my circuit. I have differen
Hi All, I was wondering in case of OP-Amp circuits running from single supply. Once can derive VDD/2 by using TLE2426 (rail slitter) or by using potential divider followed by voltage follower as a buffer. The circuits work well. When doing the pcb for such design should the ground plane be 0V supply or should it be VDD/2? (...)
Can you help me identify this connector? Connector is used in PC power supply for connecting 230V on PS board. I thing raster 3.96mm, but male on pcb have skiped center pin 132049
I am a new Altium Designer user, and I only have five days to finish a flyback power supply design project assigned by my advisor. Basically, it is a very fundamental and common scheme. But I didn't use this software before. Can anyone give me suggestions to facilitate my using of this software? I mean, five days later, can I make it true to genera
I bought this power supply which have suddenly burned after I checked what was wrong I see that power transistor have been bad soldered. So after that I changed what was dead it is circled in red and power supply works but problem is when I connect on 12V some device which takes about 5.5A power supply starts to heat up really badly. And it (...)
what is the time base on your scope shot? Where is this resistor, is it somewhere in a switching power supply? Was the scope shot done with a neatly terminated bit of x1 coax, or with a scope probe with its gnd lead dangling all over the place.? What is the pcb layout like….are all the signal
You are not going to get 100kV on a pcb. You need to supply more details of what you are trying to achieve? A 100kV is not the sort of voltages that you get on pcbs or what you want to be playing with, it is mains distribution voltage......
Hi All, Please can anyone help me to identify this IC. It is in LG 32LB62 3D cinema TV's power supply. Problem is No power. Power board info : REV2.0 pcb: EAX65391401 (2.7) 125804 If anyone have this schematics, please can you share here. Thank you very much..
Hi, Possible problems: * power supply capacitor * pcb layout * does the xtal fit to the RTC? * does the load capacitor fit to the xtal? * software Klaus
Sounds like a problem of bad circuit layout with large ground loops, insufficient power supply bypassing or similar. The problem can be easily solved with a four-layer pcb and a continuous ground plane, a two-layer layout must be well considered but should work, too. Can you show layout photos, hardcopies or gerber data?
Dear Friends , I have a design in which there are 2 pcbs . One for POwer supply and other for Main controller card. Controller card : 1. 2 pt100 signal conditioning circuits. 2. Microcontroller. 3. lcd and 4 switches . 4. cable connector for connecting to power supply pcb. 5. uln 2003 for driving 3 relays (on power (...)
Hi, I am trying to do a flyback converter. I want to know if the simulation through LTSPICE will translate directly into the voltage supply that I would like. I'm using the LT3574 flyback IC. The impedance at the output I have derived using based on Ohm's Law, with the voltage I desire (25V), and the current that will be input to the next IC
A while back the owner of an electronics shop I frequent gifted me an old pcb for a power supply he had laying around, because he had no use for it and he wasn't sure where it was from either. Since then I've tried and tried to find the proper specifications of the machine but to no avail. The pcb takes 8 inputs, 1x 9V AC, 3x 10V AC, 3x (...)
LOL nice one :lol: On a more serious note.... You have a switch mode power supply, within that supply you have high dI/dt switching loops. Work out where these loops are and lay the components out to make these as small as possible. Look at the SMPS controller data sheet to start of with. If you require more information then we may need more d
- 90 x 220uV/63v high frequency low ESR electrolytic capacitor - 25A bridge rectifier - pcb size: 137mm x 107mm 121106
I recently received a no power Playstation 2 from a friend. I found out that the problem came from its power supply board. After googleing to get some solutions, i found out that it can be run by a PSU of a desktop computer since it needs only 12V DC. So, i took the PSU of my desktop computer and in a little jumper and modification, the Pla
Hello everybody, I'm collecting info with regard to HighSpeed pcb production methods. I would like next to build a pcb including a bluetooh(2.4 GHz) and a WIFI(5GHz) modules. I have read something regarding both "power-supply bypassing" technique to minimize the noise and the ground plane. Is there someone of you that can help me to (...)
Hello guys! I need to supply a noise DC motor using +5v of my sensor board pcb. I am using GND plane and +5v plane to in the pcb and I am afraid that the noise effect of this motor affect to these power planes or other components of the sensor board. My question is of anybody knows about pcb layout technique to (...)
We have a schematic and pcb design that needs to be change to fix few issues and we are looking to someone who can do this. It's a small board, we will supply the files and the issue list that must be changed. Contact: webmaster @ atcbsb com br Marcio
I didn't seen your pcb. For reference voltages reasonable to use intependend ground and supply, connected via low pass filter, based on inductor and capacitor.
Hello. I have a more or less complete design for a lab supply which I have been trying to implement on a 4-layer pcb, even if changes may occur this thread wont loose any value for my progress since they will if any minor. Here is a muck-up of the design to be the subject here: 116719 This is my first such a comple
I often require different power supplies for my pcbs, I need to generate following regulated voltages from a single bench supply: +8V/2A -5V/25mA +15V/200mA +2V/30mA -1V/10mA Kindly help me design this pcb,which takes a single input and genetates multiple supply points as required above.
Are you talking about maximum demand here, and cutting-off the load (i.e., household AC supply) If Yes, Then I think 1A relay is not sufficient to handle the entire load of a house. Please check that first. I am afraid there is no such device also meeting safety requirements : 1 A at 230 V means 230 W
I would like to know what this pcb does. I am not from electronics background, but can understand the basics of it. This pcb is from our AC power supply.
Hello, I want to design a pcb for FPGA prototyping. Please help me understand if I need to supply these voltages and why? Vref Vrefp Vin These voltages are from the Artix-7 Datasheet. I'm using the Artix - 7 236 pin BGA FPGA. I'm only using the FP
I have never laid out a pcb with potential higher than 24 volts, so I'm wary that must some "trivals & tricks" I will miss. so please give me your advice what should be paid attention when supply is 50v or 60v (and the current current may be 10A from the 60v supply.) for example special space between lines, cascade structure .... thanks.
hello dear forum I want design a pcb where uController side and power side supplys are isolated from each other I am using PROTEUS 7.7 my problem is ; I name uC side ground MIGND in ISIS however ARES names it GND and connects power side GND with uC side MIGND how to overcome this ? thank you here are the screenshots [ATTACH
Single ended or differential signals can be either digital or analogue.... Why cant these signal propagate on your pcb.... There is a severe lack of information here please supply us with more details... I also think your view of ac and dc signals may need to change or evolve.
how will i select footprint for BNC connector, ground and power supply in ORCAD 16.3....
COB MCpcb, known as "Chip-On-Board" Metal Core pcb, is a type of MCpcb used in thermoelectric separation application. By using COB MCpcb, the micro-chip (also known as "die") directly touch the metal core where the heat dissipate, and electrically interconnect the trace of circuit board (wire-bonding) so that power (...)
I agree, SMPS running off mains AC are death traps unless you are very respectful of them. However, I can tell you that the fault is almost certainly on the side to the left (fuse side) of the dividing line across the bottom of the board and although it could be almost any of the parts, the most likely culprits, in order are: 1. The switching tra
Hi, I am working on LED bulb. I have made circuit . I have series connection of 16 3.2V LED, and a 1K 1W resistor. But the circuit that is on bread board is working fine but with the same circuit on pcb the resistor is getting very hot. Can anybody tell what can be the problem. Mains supply is 220V. Thanks, Nitin
Are you able to swap the positions of the supply & sensor terminal blocks? Might make the layout of the higher voltage side easier as it's close to the relay it also connects to. If staying as they are then swap the supply terminal block pins & it will layout much better in that corner. What voltage will be on the relay? you have a nice di
Dear all, Please refer to the attachment. I'm trying to design a 3G modem running on windows 8. Due to pcb design error, there is problem with the power output. The recommended input power is in the range of 3.6v - 4.2v. The power is supplied through LTC3113 and is configured to receive 3.3v as input, and to supply 4v to the module. After ma
Hello again troubleshooting an smps power supply...really running out of options after replacing all semiconductor parts from the primary area. Problem is the same. No output, fan spin intermittently. I saw UC3825 pwm, measured the Vcc read 11Vdc. Then I measured Vref and it read also 11Vdc. The specs shows Vref should be 5.1V. So anyone
converters and inverters from 1 watt to 50kVA complete engineering documentation state of the art pcb layout prototyping emc testing
Dear friends, Circuit consists: 1. SIM900B GSM MODULE (3.2V to 4.8V) 2. PIC16F1938 (1.8V TO 5V) 3. PIR MODULE (available on all online store - 3.6 to 5v) Power supply: 3.7v, 1450mAh Li_Ion Battery. Only single power supply used for the entire circuit. I have pcb that was already designed and connect the PIR Module (purchased (...)
I used a heat gun for a pcb with ATMega128 and simple circuit consisiting of serial interface, Power supply and ADC. After the exposure a simple toggling function shows this strange behaviour so when port pin is set to low it shows a very slow decay to reach from high to low. Normally it should be immediate transition to high or low without delay.
Hi everyone, I have done re-engineering work of a product(Microcontroller based dimmer with SMPS power supply as a single pcb). I designed the pcb and assembled all the components on the pcb. Its turned ON and working. What are the "Hardware Tests" should i do to work the product perfectly? Thanks and Regards, Sundar.A
Hello guys, I'm fairly new to electronics so this might be a straight forward question. I was planning to build my own simple power supply using an old printer power adapter and an LM317 as a positive voltage regulator and an LM337 as a negative voltage regulator. The printer supply has 3 outputs.. 32V, 15V and GND. The power supply is only (...)
i will seperate the RS485 IC supply with ferrit bead and caps. It is enough? I don´t know about the precision required for your readings, but to be honest, I would prefer distinct regulators for AVDD and VDD buses.
Could you post a schematic of your circuit? From what I understand of your pcb, RB1 is floating, there is no external pullup, only a couple of connectors for LEDs and sensors? What value has the resistor in series with the Vdd supply to the PIC? Is this a single layer pcb? Have you got a datasheet of your sensors?
pcb Vision Ltd. is a trading company for printed circuit boards from producers both in Asia and Europe. Our head office is in HongKong and we have a branch office in China. Meanwhile, we have three brother companies in Sweden, Norway and Finland, which makes us a very strong and reliable pcb group. We supply all kinds of boards from 1-48 (...)