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I have a solid, mesh-like structure that I wanted to plot the surface current on. However even though the model and hfss mesh look correct, you can see the surface current plot has a strange gap between the spokes and the centre ring, and the current is discontinuous between them. What do you think is (...)
thanks... can you explain how to deal with the message : mesh generation minor surface error is required No idea, try changing your messing parameters. i am using lumped port Lumped ports and wave ports don't use the total field/scattered field approach.
There are ways to define adaptive surface meshing and limit # of Elements to generate the mesh. Try a coarser limit.
To get a seed mesh, place a vacuum object (or unassigned surface) wherever you have very small gaps in the PEC/copper. Then, right click on the object and select "Assign mesh Operation". Select Length-based, and for the minimium mesh size choose the smallest feature size (pitch) of the gap. This will ensure that (...)
you can set the maximum normal deviation angle (try 60degrees) under surface approximation of mesh operations.
The skin effect can be modeled explicitly in hfss by solving for the fields inside the conductors. By default, the surface impedance approximation is used, and the field inside "good conductors" is set to zero. You can override this default, and "solve inside" the conductors. This will necessitate an extremely dense mesh within the (...)
hi, I am using hfss 12.1 and designing antenna but getting error everytime I want to simulate and the simulation terminates. the error says "surface mesh is deformed too much on bodies: (Port 1)". Can anyone explain why is it so? Thanks
Hi, I want to simulate backscattering RCS of a conducting thin metal plate in hfss. I could not find enough information like pdfs, example projects etc. So can you help me with a document or answering my question? First of all, I drew the plate and and sphere which is the mesh termination surface that we have to assign radiation (...)
If you draw a dummy plane in hfss, then you should be able to view a contour plot of the field on that surface using hfss GUI. To create a surface plot as requested by you, (I think) it requires exporting the mesh and field, which is not that easy.
Hi all , when use hfss simulation ,during mesh generation.There will be an indication :minor surface repair is required should I solve this problem ?Thanks a lot.
I think DXF is not good for this problem :wink: Try STL format (it describes 3D object by mesh that is spread on object surface .. so if you have scanned object by 3d laser scanner the STL format describe your object with no problem). Originally, this format is developed to this task (STereoLithography). 400 000 faces are quite good. Sometimes
Hello, does somebody know which mesh type is to chose in hfss for plane structures? And if I have a radiation box which mesh type is to select for this. I have read that for round structures with surface approximation the result will meet fast the convergence criterion. And to decide whether the mesh (...)
hi how can i refine mesh for curved surfaces... i have seen hfss mesh operations but i cannt make any sense of the m , i mean how can i explot them .. is dere can kind of guide lines for setting the different paramets like λ based refinement , aspect ration etc .... any kind of help would be highly acknowledged. (...)
Hi Frequency Domain Solvers are memory-hungry. I recomend trying CST Microwave Studio, I-solver. It meshes only the surface of the metallic reflectors I did a 53 lambda reflector antenna plus its feeder (open WG) in a 6Gbyte RAM desktop PC. good luck!:D
In hfss, is it possible to control the number of tetrahedra at the initial mesh stage? I have tried the surface approximation settings. No use. Thanks for help.
Thanks! Menuitems of hfss\mesh operations\.. are not what I want to discuss here.. I have tried below actions: 1. Adding a point object on the surface of the object I want to mesh. The point can't be a model object. It doen't works. 2. Draw a sheet (e.g. rectangle) on the surface. If it (...)
Using "On selection" "Length Based" feature of the "Assign mesh Operation" one can improve the meshing on the surface. Very nice feature, but the mesh is fairly equal on the whole surface (center and edges). What I would like to do is to improve the mesh on the edges of the (...)
Have you tried using surface approzimation on the curved surfaces ? Select curved objects . Right Click->Assign mesh Operaiton -> surface Approximation. Change the normal angle from 22.5deg to 5deg or so. Itai
Hi, tompson, Don't worry, " Initial mesh, process mesh3d : Unable to recover all the surface triangles." might be caused by the large ratio between the layers' length/width and thickness. If you have very thin layers, please merge it into other layers. In simulation, the simpler substrate definition, the better. Hope this helps, Rur
hi, i would like to know the reasons for which the error "unable to recover surface triangles occur" in hfss v9. i get this error very often in my microwave filter designs. i use VB scripts to draw my design. please help. thanks
Dear all, I am trying to simulate the spiral antenna in my application. I used the spiral function in hfss. I first drew a line segment (in xy plane), then use the spiral function (use the axis Z, and specified radium and turns, etc). Finally, I assigned this surface to PerfectE. No problem. When I tried to analyze it, I got such an error "Por
If there is any way you can get hold of Agilent Momentum or Zeland IE3D, those will be much better tools for this problem. The infinite dielectric comes for free. No worry about PMLs and you just mesh the surface of the metal of your circuit. Excitation is very easy too, just specify a port and let it analyze. I view IE3D as faster and Momentum
Have you tried defining a mesh operation->surface approximation on the object ? Itai
hi my coupler design gave below error. can anybody predict the reason of this error? I attached hfss file. thanks. Initial mesh, process mesh3d : Unable to recover all the surface triangles.