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Hi! I want to evaluate an expression with the calculator in cadence. I do a sweep over a variable called "delay_stop". I want to see the actual y-value (voltage) of a pulse signal on that sweep-step. For example: value(VT("/Q1") "delay_stop" 4.738693e-09) Q1 is my signal and 4.738693e-09 is one time i clicked in the (...)
... until a start to get the same gain (128000) no matter the step I use (lower). It kinda like stabilizes. This for a sweep from 1.6485V to 1.6515V with 0.01uV of linear step. Due to positive feedback you get a rather steep gain peak at this voltage - you should see it if you plot gain vs. this input voltage. Th
I'm doing DC sweep simulation with cadence 5141. Now I've got V1~VX plot and V2~VX plot, from which I want to obtain the V1~V2 plot. How to do this? I know that this is possible through exporting the data to MATLAB or Origin and replot, but can I do it with cadence spectre? (...)
Hi, Follow the steps listed here : Everything until step 6 will be similar. Then choose Cgs and if you sweep VGS, you'll have your plot. Credits go to the writer. Natnoraa
hi i have designed a downconversion mixer, i hv measured conversion gain, noise figure, linearity but not able to measure bandwidth or freq range of mixer. i tried PSS + PSP but in this only IF freq i m able to sweep but did'nt get the option to sweep RF frequency. can any1 suggest me wat to do
Hi, I need to plot the difference of a curve with its x axis (which by the way is temperature, my DC sweep variable). Is there a way i can do it in cadence 6 calculator.
Hi, I am running parametric simulations in cadence 6. I am running transient simulations while sweeping a bias current in my circuitry. This means I am getting plots of Voltage vs time. I now want to plot the variations in voltage with respect to my sweeping variable, the bias current, to know if the (...)
Do a dc sweep set to sweep temperature in ADS and then use the results browser to locate transistor output parameters. Thanks, but I am not able to plot gm even after doing temperature sweep,can u please explain in detail.
I've never tried to sweep temperature, but I often use Parametric Analysis to step it and plot stuff. Perhaps the problem is in getting frequency as a scalar value. My version of Calculator has a freq function that can be used on transient simulation results. I have also used a veriloga "widget" to generate a voltage proportional to frequency. Ma
Hi, You can do it from dc analysis. In sweep parameters choose the "component parameter" position, like this: 88817 Run simulation and now you can plot transconductance curve vs w or l of transistor.
I'm doing simulations on a VCO using cadence at the moment (relative n00b to cadence). I've got my circuit functioning and have a plot of the transient performance of the circuit for a set control voltage. What I'd like to do is sweep my control voltage and generate a plot of voltage vs. frequency. At (...)
Hi Rajeshree, setup up your testbench such that your OTA is in unity gain Feedback. Run a DC sweep and measure the output error current. you can connect your output to a current mirror source/sink (it depends on your transconductance design). Change in o/p current wrt change in i/p V is your Gm of the whole circuit..
Does anyone know of a way of extracting more information from an STB analysis in Spectre than appears on the Direct plot menu? I need to measure DC (ie low frequency) gain, 3dB point and the phase at an exact frequency. Clearly I can do this using cursors, but that's not a great tool for Monte-Carlo, worst case or parametric sweep simulations. I've
scatter plot in matlab or octave: plot(x,y,'.') In cadence I don't know exactly. There is a command "plotStyle('scatterplot)" you can type into the icfb. But how exactly you choose series I don't know. I guess the 'x' would always come out as first sweep variable .. ---------- Post (...)
For a nonlinear Class E Power Amplifier, if I want to check its 3dB bandwidth, do I just do a parametric sweep analysis of frequency of the input signal and see the frequency vs power gain plot?Use PSS Analysis with sweeping fundamental frequency which is a frequency of driving signal.
DC sweep the input voltage and look at its derivative.
Hi All, I have a question related to cadence....After i do the DC sweep simulation, I want to plot the variation of some parameter vs any parameter..the cadence won't let me choose this option. It plots "vs" the default swept value. Eg: If i sweep W (width) of a device and now if i want to (...)
Save terminal current of MOS device and make the voltage source sweep and plot it..
Hi afujian, First of all you will perform a dc sweep for Vds.Then from ADE L environment you will access the top menu and find the Results Browser (Tools-->Results Browser).From there you can plot the curves gm vs. Vds and gds vs. Vds independently,where gds=1/ro.After that,you will have those plots in different waveform windows and you (...)
in analysis choose DC sweep for Vgs, and then do "parametric sweep" for L variables
Does anyone know how to plot NF vs QL in cadence where QL=1/(Rs*Cgg*Ωο)? I did the following simulation steps: 1) I defined QL in calculator window 2) I ran a Noise Analysis simulation at 5Ghz (sweep Variable=Vgg 0->1.2) 3) I plotted both NF vs Vgg and QL vs Vgg at the same graph windows and then (...)
I want to plot clock-to-output delay for a D type flip flop versus input-to-clock offset ... ... how to sweep the delay between occurrence of the edge of data and clock signals in cadence. I use spectre for simulation. Could anyone help me plz. Below pls. find a tutorial which describes - not exactly yours, but a rather
Hi members, I use a dc source and I sweep Vin. Could someone tell me how to plot cgg Versus Voltage (Vin) using cadence+Spectre ?
for moscap, C-V fullfill the formular: V=I*Z=I/(jwc) , so |C|=|I/(w*V)| if V=1,w=1 then C=I Insert a dc voltage source in the gate of moscap, set the "ac amplitude" to 1 and dc voltage to "Vin". Do ac simulation and sweep the parameter of Vin from -2V to 2V at frequency "1". plot ac current "I" of the terminal "G" and the C will be the same as
I think 1st just try to plot the gm vs the Id sweep that you might be doing. Check if that is working. Once that works, then plot gm/Id vs Id. That should give the same shape as the one they have in the paper. If that works then in cadence if you plot both gm/Id and Id/(W/L) then on the waveform window (...)
there are so many manuals that come with cadence IC. read the one regarding wavescan and you will learn it is not difficult to create an equation, plot it in a sweep then plot another variable against it.
Run DC analysis. sweeping variable is Vgs (just connect Vgs to Vdc and sweep Vdc voltage). Then using calculator take IS of drain or drain current. Click "Special function" and select "deriv" Then click "x<->y", then "/"(devide) and "erplot"
you can simulate in ADE, sweep the gate voltage as a parameter!
Hiii, How to plot the conversion gain and noise figure as a function of LO square wave amplitude in specter? thanks in advance..... Use PSS/Pnoise of SpectreRF with sweep of LO amplitude.
sweep the vgs and plot the OP("device" "vth")
Can i run a sweep for the size of inverter to chk its performance in transient analysis? I just infact want to chk the effects of size of inverter on delay in a single sweep! pls help me
Gm is Operation Point parameter. U can get one value of Gm for given Vgs value when u do DC Operation Point Analysis. Such way u can't sweep Vgs, so using cadence/SPECTRE u can't plot gm-vs-vgs drawing. If only u've got familiar with OCEAN/SKILL. Another way to plot gm-vs-vgs is to do AC sweep. U need to (...)
THD is run in transient simulation. you can sweep the input amplitude to get the THD. Then try to THD vs input amplitude with other tools
hello, i want to check when a MOS will enter linear region cannot i plot the parameter region after DC sweep
since gm=dId/dVgs u can sweep Vgs and plot Id versus Vgs and u get gm from the slope of the plotted curve
You can plot Vgs at max gm using calculator special functions. Use DC analysis with Vgs sweep and parametric analysis sweeping L as parameter. Then plot xmax(deriv(Id)). It will plot Vgs at gm max vs. L.
Or run a parametric sweep first , Goto the 'results browser' and find the transistor and click on vth to plot it. (using cadence tools that is)
how do you get lambda and Kappa (u_nC_ox) of a transistor and plot it against some sweep variable? Any suggestion will be helpful. Thanks

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