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Is there a part for a simple switch in pspice, single pole single throw. I could also use a single pole four throw switch, if available. Otherwise I'll just break or connect a wire connection. I'm selecting resistors to change the output frequency of a 555 timer. Thanks
i'm trying to simulate sepic converter in pspice(v 16.5) but i'm unable to make pwm switch in pspice .can u help me...........thanks
I asked for how to use a push button switch in Capture. In Microsim pspice there used be a switch where one could specify both the closing and opening time for the switch. I couldn't find anything like this in the libraries for Orcad pspice. If anybody know whether there is anything like this please tell me. (...)
Change t=0 to whatever time you want the switch to open or close. I think you may want to use an "E" which is a VCVS. See here or look in the pspice user guide on how to use "CONTROLLED
pspice is not a good choice for simulating a switching circuit. it will take too long a time for simulation. hock
1. if u know that i/p of this Eblock is a digital cct to control the switch pattern of this mosfet; what is the need of E block then?...cant we connect the digital cct through buffer directly to the mosfet. 2. where is the right place to apply modulation on this it the enable labeled E ?... refer to my picture attached at first p
Can anyone hep me to simulate SMPS in pspice using TNY switch 2(TNY268)? SMPS specs input =240V/50Hz Output=4V/1.5 dc thanks & regards tramp
One way would be to add a switch driven by a waveform for the on/off timing of the current pulse. Keith
Hello all! I am working on my project called 'waveform selector'. I am trying to run a simulation of my circuit in pspice. I have constructed the circuit in pspice schematics (please see attached) and I still find that there are floating nodes though I have connected the AGND (analog ground) component to my circuit. Kindly enlighten me on this is
Hye..can somebody help me to undestand how this switch function.. and can u do the simple simulation using this switch.. 90744 look at this simulation switch on (pin1 & pin2) conect if pin 13 high switch off (pin1 & pin2) disconect if pin 13 low
Hi, After creating and simulating a RF MEMS switch in HFSS, whenever I try to export equivalent circuit in .lib or HSPICE format, I am unable to generate circuit from .lib in pspice. I tried TINA, LT-SPICE. I tried conversions between .lib and .cir but no luck. Here is my netlist, the error is: "Circuit not found". I know the problem
Hi, You can use voltage controlled switch (Sbreak) or current controlled switch (Wbreak). This components are also available in the lite version of pspice, pspice student.
I will try to help, but I am not sure it will be adequate: You are using the MOST as a switch? If so, in which voltage does it operate? Did you tried transmission gate instead of single n-MOS or single p-MOS? Have you placed dummy ( MOST connected as diodes) before and after the switch? If you do the above, your switch will work (...)
switch-Mode Power Supply Spice Cookbook covers it and includes a pspice model - it is included in smpsrecipes.lib and you can see the example netlist in for voltage mode. I don't use pspice so I don't know if there are symbols made - if not, it's easy to make them. good luck!
how to simulate the averaged switch model in the pspice?? I dont know how to create the model and the subcircuit in the pspice....i using version 9.2 and this version have a model editor or not?? ************************************************************ Orcad avarage models
do anyone know how to replace the switch network with averaged switch model and simulate using pspice???
Can someone help me with a lumped element model of a N-Channel Depletion Mode MOSFET? One that doesn't have the body diodes in it (being used as a switch). If someone can post the schematic or a drawing it would be greatly appreciated. I found this one and I guess I can just remove the diodes. I would be shorting the body to the source. [
you need to know your boost converter's worse case applied voltage & current. then multiply that number by 1.3 and find a mosfet with at least that much rating. then evaluate your losses of conduction vs. switching frequency. try to find a mosfet that will give you average losses of the same value in each while working at rated conditions.
I'm running into all kinds of problems as I attempt to simulate the flyback converter in pspice. I think the transformer is most problematic, as is switch control. I'm trying to simulate the proposed and conventional converters in the following schematic. The conventional approach doesn't include auxiliary switch and series cap. (...)
i need somebody to tell me where to locate the modulator on which switch for the 3-level diode clamped i need to apply vpulse and spwm and thpwm modulations on my cct on pspice...the cct is done on pspice widout modulation and all i need a help in modualtion..if there is ready tools for these modualtions in pspice that i can (...)
Dear all, I have some questions about switch model in SPICE as the following. For example, S1 1 2 3 4 switch .model switch sw(Ron=0.01, Roff=1000, Vt=0.001, Vh=0.0001) 1. From the above code, switch S1 (output is node 1 0) is controlled by node 3 4, am I correct ? 2. What is Ron and Roff ? Anyone please (...)
Add Initial condition to any node or capacitor. This will force simulator to skip the "BIAS point calculation". Not exactly. SPICE will still calculate an initial solution that fulfill the given initial condition. In most cases the result will be different from skipping bias point calculation. Tos tart with a discharged capacitor, a
You can find switch in analog library. part names are S (Voltage control switch) and S_ST Voltage control switch with hysteresis effect. You can find some details about primitive devices in pspice reference guide.
Hello, I am trying to simulate a flyback switch mode power supply. i have ONLY the PWM controller chip UC1844A and associated circuitry. i try to first see this device switching, 50% duty cycle. then, when that works, i move on to model rest of circuit. but i can not get UC1844A to simulate at all without causing Convergence errors!! ha
I think you are using the dac for delta modulation or sigma-delta modulation. Note: It is very important for you to know that also this dac has only 1-bit, the resolution for the dac has to be as "linear" as your overall adc!! However, for a 1 bit you will always get perfect linearity. But therefore the signal source of the dac (the voltage r
Hi, You can add an open collector stage between the logic signal and the command pin off the analog switch like that :
hi the pole of out pot filter in dcm flayback convertor is changed by load variation. then the gain cross over point is moved. i want to know how much it is? is it possible that the cross over frequency move from 100 Hz to 5 KHz in no load and full load? how can i simulate a switch mode power supply especialy dcm flayback convertor in pspice ?
Hi, I want to add a "smoothly transitioning" switch device to my SPICE3F5 simulator. There should be a smooth transition between Ron and Roff as the controlling voltage is swept between Von and Voff. What I really want is to replicate the behavior of the Vswitch device in pspice. I have the "Adding device to SPICE3" document out of (...)
In Unix or Linux it is easy if you have for example Berkeley Spice. Almost every program can work from command line. pspice is rather windows program... maybe it has a parameter or switch for textual mode, but I do not think so. Invoking Spice in Matlab is my dream :-) Or my dream is a Spice with a true programming language or scripting...
Hello everyone, Currently I am studying the switching characteristics of IGBT using pspice simulation. I downloaded the spice model from manufacturer's website (for example, Infineon and International Rectifier) and used the same dynamic test circuit recommended by the product datasheet. I found many simulation results for switching loss (...)
Hi all, I want to simulate a Flyback and a Forward converter. I've been trying, but there is a convergence problem in pspice. I need the simulation to be quite long (1 sec or more) so all the transitory effects are stinguished. I simulated a Buck and Buck-Boost with no problems. I'm also a little lost finding a model for the transformer. I'd lik
i am using international rectifier IRF5852 in my design as MOSFET switch, Thier site gives ORCAD model as .sip file. Can anybody tell how to use it in ORCAD pspice software as it accepts models only in terms of .lib and .olb files
Hi, Iam new at using Orcad, I am trying to simulate a dc-dc converter. The "Sbreak" Vswitch component is supplied with a DC input "VPulse" with v1 at 0V and v2 at 5V. But the switch which is suppose to turn on at 1V and off at 0v as its model suggests, does not switch and keeps giving a 0V at the output. If anyone has any (...)
ha.. you have a difficult project ahead of you. which version of pspice are you using? the hard part will be how to deal with the floating grounds of your system. each "upper" switch in your bridge has its reference to the center node between teh 2 switches. you know what i mean? each switch needs a gate (...)
i need help to find the best pwm value to triggering single phase 3 and 5 level CHB inverter..using IGBT for switch...convert dc to ac voltage.tq
Also try to set the minimum step size lower (pspice setting), if you set the simulation time high, orcad will automatically select the minimum step size, if the simu. time is larger, the minimum step size will be larger, for some circuits which need more steps, this could lead to convergence errors. If you switch large currents(not your case) and
Hi. I'm designing a buck regulator. I'm using IR2110 to drive high side mosfet as switch and low side mosfet as a freewheeling diode. schematic is attached. when I run it on pspice the message come "there are no data values in section 1. ignoring this section". and output file message come "INTERNAL ERROR -- Overflow in device X_U1.E_MD3_DlyHS_ABM2
can you advice why I do not see the same in following circuit? circuit and waveform are given below. Circuit is simple stepdown regulator, running in continuous conduction mode. controller is PI, feedback is inductor current. Inductor current is directly fed at input of error amplifier, reference is DC voltage, so I believe this would be average c
There are two capacitors C1 (4 F) and C2 (16 F). They are separated by a switch. The switch closes at t=0. When t<0 the voltage in C1 is 10V. What will happen when the switch is closed? What will be the voltage across C1 and C2 now (ie t>0) ? Thanks in advance.
I don't know about floating nodes, but it won't like C3 - it will produce infinite current on switch on. You may as well remove it as it is across a battery with zero series resistance anyway, or add some series resistance to Vdc. Keith.
I should, simulate below circuit by HSpice. but I don't know about below switches(S1 & S2 & S1.YL & S2.Y switches),. and can't simulate this circuit by HSpice. 71427 please help me. excuse me, for my sentences , because I'm poor in English
Hello, Search for how to drive high side mosfets. An N-channel mosfet requries a gate voltage that is higher then the source voltage. So when you want the upper mosfets (high side mosfets) to act as a switch, they need a gate voltage that is about 8V above the 50V supply (that is 58V). You need a high side driver for that. Maybe you have some h
Hello! I'm a newbie on this forum. I'm currently desinging a h bridge circuit based on a larger scale energy harvester project. Unfortunately, I'm now stucking on the schematic design by using pspice simulation. The circuit is actually a quite simple h bridge by using ideal switches as the picture shown in the attachment. G1 is the voltage
Hye everybody.. I have problem with my pspice... i want to see capacitor charging when the switch off and switch on continuously... in this post i attach my circuit..can anyone here help me to solved this problem... thanks..
Hi all, I am currently building an RFID system in which i need a transistor for the communication front end. In principle the system achieves backscatter modulation by switching a single RF transistor, connected to the scattering antenna. The transistor?s gate is directly connected to a MCU output pin and its collector to a SMA antenna connector
If you're talking about new PCB Cad*ence studio (it includes ORCAD 9.2.3) then the improvements are really big: - the SMA*RTROUTE still exists, but the new SPEC*CTRA is much , much better - Instead of Layout you can switch to Allegro - new libraries But if you don't use autorouters (SPEC*CTRA is really amazing thing) maybe there is no sense t
Dear All I need a good tutorial for OrCAD(10) everything from sechmatic to PCB just like Protel. I know Protel so good but newbie in OrCAD :roll: . Protel is so straightforward but has some limitation specialy in routing so I want switch to OrCAD. Thanks
hi guys, do you know some software to help the design of switched power supplies? how can i start? tks, Daniel
Hi all, I want to simualte small signal responses of SMPS (switch Mode Power Supply) in PC. I want to use original circuit of SMPS not linearized small signal model. i want to find Gvd(s) (control to output) or Gvg(s) (input to output) or Zout(s) (Output Imedance) of my circuit by simulation and plot them vs. frequency. It is better to attach
spice syntax from pspice . Dolphin smash , synopsys hspice , Ledit tspice or silvaco smartspice some little difference in netlist . but more import is asic use hspice/Tspice/smartspice switch level use aditspice/hsim /smartsimXT PCB use pspice/ I-spice /multisim