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Hi ho, I have ap roblem with a entlist and DC 2001.8 under linux. In the netlist, there are a few verilog statements with the keywords pullup and pulldown ( i,e, pullup (zero) ). So, my DC cannot read in this. "pullup not supported by synthesis" or "error at or near token pullup" ( only one instantiated module with the name pullup. i.e
hi,anybody knows how to open the switch of macro defination in ise4.x/5.x series software,i use xst to synthesis the verilog code,because my codes have some ifdef...else ...endif,but ise seems like not to support this kind of defination?is it right?any solutions?thanks
hi, what option/switch must be turned on/off to sign-off asic if use verilog-xl and nc-verilog? thanks
run ncsim with -compatibility switch. if it works, then it is like joe2moon said.
Who can recommendate best SW for ATM-switch simulation (Internal Structure)
Good time to switch to VHDL and use the generate statement. Just kidding, so no flames or starting of a religious war between VHDL and verilog, okay? I think what a lot of folks do is run a pre-processor, like a perl script, on their verilog code to handle things like this. I mainly use VHDL but I worked at a verilog (...)
Hi! The problem was solved fortunatly. Error - wrong switch in my script was the main problem. :? bart
Dear people, I would like your help in a problem that troubles me a lot. I am using Cadence ICFB with technology files of TSMC_0.13 I have sucesfully run Synopsis and produced a synthesized verilog output. Then I went to Cadence and imported the verilog file (with reference library TSMC013) and created a schematic view. note th
Need VHDL TDM switch example I find verilog code ( ) , but I`m need VHDL. Could anybody share this, or TDM switch tutorial or good Internet resources for this topic, please?
anybody tell me how to develop behavior model for switch-cap block? which language and which simulator to use?
One side of the switch, if left unconnected can give rise to convergence problems. Also two nodes that are being inadvertently shorted out can create a problem. It is difficult to answer without more information. Use a voltage variable resistor as a non-ideal switch and configure very high res for open state and very low res for closed state
hi , I wanna write signals to a file using $fdisplay in verilog testbench ,and how can i decide which line to write? that is ,is there any pointer like that in C that I can switch between the lines in the file being writen? (after each $fdisplay , the file will automatically switch to another line, how can i switch back to (...)
i want to implement an ethernet switch on the fpga i want to use spartan 3 board it got 200 000 gate would that be enough??
hi verilog is easy to start for hdl. once u learn u can easily switch to vhdl.
1. Read is easy since it is output from your register. All you need is branch the data out to the data input of your modules. 2. Write need arbitration. You should prioritize your modules, or have a fairness engineer to even the access right for each module. The arbitration logic would switch write access for your module, depends on the rule you
hi in such case I put bits (for every switchs state)in a byte and then i use switch-case command. switch(keys){ case 0:break; case 1:..... }
I have 3 sub-blocks and a top module load them with the conditioanl compilation command, here is parts of the top module. `define N45TT; `ifdef N45TT N45TT N0TT1 (.in(output1), .out(OUTTT1)); //-------------------------------------------------------------- `elsif N50TT N50TT N0TT1 (.in(output1), .out(OUTTT1));
Hi, Perhaps you know this already: ncelab has a -notimingcheck - but that is a global switch - truns off for ALL instances. If your concern is X-propagation due to timing violation (and not the violation iself), try using no_notifier flag, again global. For instance specific stuff few ideas: 1. If you like this no_notifier kind of thi
whats the meaning of the switches access, rc, delay for the simulator NC verilog explain.
A disconnected output also has a voltage value. To see the high-z effect, you should connect another low-z driving source to this node. Can you advise me how do i code this in verilogA? Thanks :) Add another module with low Zout. Short the ouput of these two module. If one (and only one in this c
if my verilog code contains `resetall which from the documentation said it will reset to the default compiler directive value of vcs What is default value for VCS? where can i get the default value? `uselib (without any arguments) what does it do? Does it swith off the previous `uselib in your design? What does it mean by switch off?
professionally, when it comes to industry, most of the companies use either Emacs or VI .. I have previousely used VI and it is fantastic in editing text .. it gives you almost everything to do whatever you want with text .. the first thing I learnt was to copy a column in the middle of the text file and that made me interested in continuing with V
I am woking on 2 bit home security system with following inputs. 2 bit passwords 1 bit from door sensor on and off 1 bit switch monitor or not to monitor outputs led1 act as alarm when door is opened witout entering correct passwords i.e door sensor is set to 1 led2 will glow after 10 sec timer if correct password has not been e
Thanks, but the controller does not have the local side data IO. I need the data IO to switch the SDRAM between the two DSPs. I may need to modify your code. Thankz anyways.
You already know VHDL so it'll be so simple to start in verilog, since it's much easier than VHDL. verilog is similar to C, so if you have a background on C then life would be rose :D. Some of the "features" of VHDL are dropped out in verilog, and that's what makes verilog much simpler! There are tons of books here in the (...)
Hello everyone. I am trying to cause an LED to have a delayed (1 second delay) on / off response to a switch which is being toggled. How do I go about creating this delay using VHDL? I am currently using the Spartan3a development board. I was thinking of using a 'for loop' to cause the delay, but I am not sure if this is the proper or best wa
hi, i have a doubt realted to switch level modeling in verilog. can the switches called nmos pmos, cmos, tran, tranif0, tranif1 be also used for analog signals.i mean can we give an analog input at the source or drain of these switches and expect an output depending on the control signal which is a digital signal. (...)
the program i write is //cmos inverter switch network module invert(out, in); input in; output out; supply1 vdd; supply0 gnd; pmos p1 (out, vdd, input); nmos n1 (out, gnd, input); endmodule and the errors Line 19: ERROR, syntax error near 'pmos p1 (out, vdd, input)'. Line 20: ERROR, syntax error near 'nmos n1 (out,
I am having code for same in VHDL .Check it out whether it is useful to you or not. If USEFUL PLEASE PRESS HELP BUTTON. Code for Hamming Distance Transmission & Reception. --Program for HAMMING CODE TRANSMISSION & RECEPTION . -- ( generating Hamming code parellely , ssending it serially & -- receiving it parallely for error d
Hi everyone I was wondering if there was a way to model a floating node in verilog-a. I was actually working on a simple model for a switch (including its on-resistance). What is wish to do is to 'float' the output node when the switch is off... Cheers Nihit
modelsim does support systemverilog, try to use the switch "sv" along with vlog to compile systemverilog files. e.g : vlog -sv
Hi, I need help designing a circuit with verilog to output a picture onto the screen. I know how to do this with one picture, but I don't know how to do it with multiple pictures. The objective is to show a picture at a time, which is switched according to user input. I think I could do the FSM but I'm getting frustrated since I cannot use ou
There is something wrong with the spectre5141. After switch to spectre5033, the problem disappears.
Hi, I am trying to simulate a 10 bit 80Ms/s pipeline adc using verilog A models for switch and amplifier, but when i extract the output codes and plot fft i get only around 30 dB. The output codes are fine as i checked them using a ramp test and have no missing codes. I have tried this for different input frequencies and different sampling
Check out for SV and vmm complete simple switch example. If you are interested in developing a environemt for any other protocol, Go to and verify any rtl. If you found any buy in the rtl, send the bug details to .
You have to interface multiple ethernet PHYs with your FPGA, you have to define the intended switch operation (switching on which ethernet layer), you can possibly reuse existing ethernet MAC (and if applicable, IP layer) designs and add the switching logic. can you provide me some details of design like what are th
For starters, add "veriloga" to both your switch-view and stop-view list. If you find you need to assert netlisting targets on master- by-master basis, you may have to create a config view with the Hierarchy Editor to get that control. Otherwise the switch-view priority will be in the order that the view types appear in those lists (...)
I am trying to make a PWM to the specifications in the attached word document. I get no errors or warnings in my my synthesis or implementation, but the design does not work. When my program/enable switch is high, pressing the buttons does not increment or decrement. The word document is located in the zip file and is called Lab4.doc. The
Hi, How to scan the rotary switch using verilog. I'm new to verilog and FPGA, I've to look for the rotary switch movement and have to increment the data. when i turn the rotary switch it makes FPGA pins to get contact with GND. So in the user guide it has mentioned that we need to pullup the FPGA pin (...)
can you correct my code... i dont how to use switch with the clock. so that when i on the swicth the clock start j is start counting. plez help me. module counter( output reg keluar, input clk, input switch, ); // reg result = 6'b000000; reg en = 1'b0; reg i = 0; integer j= 0; always @ ( posedge clk) begin
Hi, I want to implement an ideal switch using veriloga code. Can any one help me out with this issue. Thanks in Advance,
you have used system verilog syntax in your code. either you need to remove that key word or use -sv switch to proceed.
I have written a code which i have implemented in Spatran 3E kit. The program glows the LEDs of kit in sequenceform when i select the DIP switch. I mean first of all, first LED glows, then first two ,then first three and so on. What all i want is that when i select second DIP switch, what so ever numbering is going to Diaplay LED, it should Halt a
maybe, it is not work because of the 'debounce' switch..hehe
Not sure about the exact syntax for NCverilog. In ModelSim the switch to be included at command line goes like this: +incdir+directory_for_include_files There should be a similar switch for NCverilog, if not the same one. You will have to use: `include "my_include_file.v" In every file you use those constants.
Hi, I am using verilog-A to generate a three terminal(3 nodes) switch in CADENCE. My verilog-A file generates the correct IV characteristics that I expect, but when I try to simulate the fan-out(FO) of a device, I realized that Cadence does not capture defined gate capacitance value in verilog-A. In order to capture the (...)
Hi everybody, I am doing my final year project using switch on de2 board to display VGA, code verilog, can u help me! Thanks regards
check "ram_style" switch in XST, you can use "-ram_style distributed" if you don't want memory to be inferred as Block RAM
with respect to vcs: provide the switch : +libext+.vp in the vcs compilation command; rest the vcs tool will take care of it.
Hi,I need a verilog code for a banyan switch... if there are two inputs say x1 and x2 and two outputs say y1 and y2 there is a select line s for s=0 i must send the data through upper port for s=1 i must send data through lower port.