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i'm currently working on a project in which i will pwm control a lot of leds (current draw will be around 10-15 amps) and i want to power the project using a switching power supply most likely i will be using a 5v power supply from this series: i will be controlling all of
Maybe you should consider 30VA (or slightly bigger) step-down transformer and step the mains voltage down to, say, 25-30Vac then normal stuff: fuse, bridge and smoothing cap .. After that you can use the LM2575ADJ (or similar) switching step-down converter .. Google for it's data sheet with applications ..
I want to build a 1000V/10mA switching power supply with 220V input (single phase). I am looking for a schematic of a similar power supply or something close to help me to find out how to start.
Hi I want to build a 2500V/10mA switching power supply with 24V/10A input (Battery). please help me about transformer and switching circuit!!
Is there anyone experienced with 7805, which input is supplied by switching power supply ? I use +12 V from regular PC power supply. Just now, it went broken. Is it wrong to use switching PS for 7805 input ?
i have 400w switching power supply,but i have a problem of the noise around 100khz and 300khz pleas if you have any solution for that problem to move this switchin frequencies to moor the 4 Mhz . thanks you I think if you want to reduce noise use Switch_regulator + Linear Regulator
A 13.8-V, 40-A switching power supply.pdf
This 'simple' step down converter is one of the most expensive I ever seen. (1977 it's ok, but today too expensive) This regulator has a poor efficiency. I think the losses in the switching Darlington transistor are > 10W. So you are in need to cool it well with a very expensive and BIG heat sink !!! A mechanical disaster. Modern concepts are
switching PS with variable o/p is very much possible. Chane the reference voltage of the error amplifier to vary the o/p voltage. bimbla.
I want to design a step down switching power supply ckt with following specs: I/P mains: 240V(~), 50Hz. O/P: 15-20V, 2-3A I'm new to power supply design, so please provide me information related to standard techniques, circuits and components.
the switching power supply tech. what are the advantage and disadvantage??
Hi All For a mass production project I'm looking for a switching power supply manufacture , who can manufacture a power supply with the following abilitys: power supply unit Fully tested & certified universal input -> 5V@1A MTBF 250000 Hour 25 c (...)
I am designing power supply using 7805 to get 5V for Microcontroller use, but at the same time I am using LM298 to control motor by the microntroller. If my power supply from the transformer output is 6V, 2A, can the 7805 stand for this 2A current. As my knowledge, it will burst up! How (...)
Hi I need a switching power supply (SMPS) for a digital circuit, with following specifications. What is your offer? The offer may have lowest price or lowest components count or highest efficiency. 1) Input Voltage: 5-12V 2) Output Voltage: 3.3V 3) Output Current: 200mA 4) Isolation: NOT needed 5) Protections: NOT needed
Both are same SMPS Switch mode power supply SPS switching power supply
switching regulator (higher efficiency): or Linear regulator (a lot of heat): Regards, IanP
it depends what level of short circuit protection you want......... there are 2 levels.... 1. Converter stops switching in the event of an output short circuit. .....some PWM controllers have ways of detecting this and "do it for you". 2. Load is switched off when short circuit happens.
I have a switching power supply 12v 50A, it runs perfect but the problem with that is it produces a loud whistling sound when a load is attached to it, I know that sound comes from a Transformer bcz of high frequency switching, is there any way to suppress this noise ??
Hello, I have bought a MeanWell 3.3V switching power supply but when I measure (with a multi meter) the voltage is gives 18 volts. (Measuring over the V+ and V- poles). Is the unit malfunctioning or am I doing something fundamentally wrong? The datasheet: Regards Edwin
1.1.1 Start-up Phase As any member of the VIPer family, VIPer22A has an integrated high voltage current source linked to Drain pin. At the startup converter, it will charge the VDD capacitor until it reaches VIPer startup level (14.5V), and then the VIPer22A starts switching. 1.1.2 Auxiliary supply VIPer22A has a wide operating voltage range f
Is it typically bad practice to run multiple MOSFETs in parallel to handle the load current of a switching power supply? Are there any tricks to performing this safely?
Take a look at these tutorials National Semiconductor Linear and switching Voltage Regulator Fundamentals On Semiconductors Linear & switching Voltage Regulator Handbook. HB206/D Alex
Hi I have a doubt about the operation of a switching power supply and I would appreciate your feedback. Suppose that we have a transformer rated at 1A , we are using a full wave bridge and a capacitor and suppose that the rectified output is 12v DC. If I use a switching regulator (like LM2576 or LM2676 etc) but (...)
I have a small electronic device with speaker. Device is powered by standard, general purpose impulsive AC/AD power adapter (12V, 1A). When I first powered it up, I heard a switching noise from speaker. Then I tried my Lab power supply, there were no angry (...)
Hello , I have idea make switching power supply with variable output voltage , for example 2-50V 100W. For simplicity, let's say we used TOP271 from TOPSwitch family. On picture is design for 50V 3A PS designet with TOP271, with whom I replaced one winding 12V ​​from an (...)
I would like in switching power supplies controlled TopSwitchJX (flyback) replaced the error amplifier with an external reference.Suggest you consult as compensation network, gain, etc.? Basically my point of replacement TL431, operational amplifier and a fixed reference point I used the DAC to control the output voltage of the source.
I would like input chokes for switching power supply 200W transformer wound on a ferrite core. I have 2 sector core E2005 with ferrite CF138 Al=1350 nH (ungaped core). It is good idea for make 2x10uH EMI suppressor?
I understand the basic work that a switching power supply does, but I am a total noob in this field and I am unable to build one from scratch and I'm not even able to evaluate if any scheme found on Google is OK or not. I'm looking for a switching power supply to power 108 (...)
What topology would you recommend for switching power supply - input voltage 230V - output voltage 2-50V - output power 0-200W If appropriate half bridge. There exist a more modern version TL494? I have a proposal hlaf bridge power supply experience, so I would welcome a circuit in which (...)
On 2001-05-01 23:18, Rfboy wrote: Hi, I'm looking for a project or information about a switching power supply with these caracteristics: - Input : 110-260 Vac - Output : 48 Vdc 18 A with PFC. Thank you put your email i will send you pdf files.
hi there, I'm lookin for a project of a modified PC AT switching power supply so that its modified voltage (0 - 30V) is made variable. Any help is welcome! regards, 2000
50 kV is not a standard isolation for production power supplies(2 kV is more like the isolation limit of mass produced supplies). You will have to make it yourself. I suspect that you will have to use air core transformers and high switching frequencies. An alternative is to get a mains transformer used to power the lights on AM (...)
brothers, I'm going to make my own switching power supply. Does anyone have schematic ? any help is welcome ! :)
Reduce track area and length which are switching,( drain to power inductor and diode) the ground can have a big plane. I think 4 layer board is overkilling, it will only increase the cost. 8)
Hello I am developing a power supply with two floating outputs. Each output is opto isolated from a control board. The pcbs are in a metal case. My problem is that when I use a scope, connecting the ground lead causes a glitch on my ground causing the opto to switch. Any ideas how to stop this. Thanks
Does anybody have information about: VARIABLE switching power supply?, i need information about it, but i haven't found neither papers nor books; please upload information about it, or tell me a web site where i might find information about it. thanks
your answer is word "switching". because of fast switching it can make some noise such as electromagnetic noise. it noise can effect on some systems.
about switching power supply:
Hi everyone... I´d like to know if you have any schematics or info/tutorial on how to make a DC power supply with universal AC input, 50~60Hz and 100~240V. Thanks in advance Rafael
Hi, I would like to know some hw did bode plot was plot for L5973d switching power supply module. I would like to know if i could calculate the Fc and phase margin using tranfesr func given in the data sheet
anybody who knows how to construct a simple, low cost, effecient switching power supply good enough as bench power supply for hobby projects.
Hi all, I'm new here. What is valley switching power supply?
here is a link
dear frinds i have to design a switching power supply(flyback converter)and i need help to design transformer and control circuit.
What is Off-line switching power supply? and What is soft start switching power supply?
There is a good book out there: A.I. Pressmann, Switch-Mode power supply Design. There is another book: K. Billings, switching power supply Handbook. You can also go to the TI website and download the Unitrode power supply design seminars. You will find enough material (...)
Hi Can anyone tell me wich chip should I use for isolated 220v to 12v switching power supply. (20-40w autput power)
Hi Can anyone help to me for this power supply circuit ? switching power supply (+ or -9V , 3A) output Thanks .
hi to all i need advanced information in desingning a switching power supply thanks ashein
I want to build a power supply with 240VAC and the output should be 12V,60Watt. Do U all have any good reference site for me. Or any book or ebook.

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