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Hi All In allegro, the find windown have lots of filters,such as Groups/Comps/symbols/Nets/vias/Pins and so on,and when we executived one command, some default filters for options, for example, when we run the measure command(Display--->Measure), you will find that the part of find filter work(Pins/Vias/Shapes/Cline (...)
Hello, I want to translate schematic and pcb library from an allegro designed board to Altium cause I need to use most of the components of this board and I don't want to redesign schematic symbols and footprints. Is there a way to do that? I interesting for Xilinx Kintex 7 board kc705. Here are the files
Hi I want to add some TI components to the library of my project in allegro but I don't know how. First by means of "Ultra Librarian software" which is provided by TI for schematic symbols and PCB layout footprints, I generate *.brd and *. dra files: but I don't know how can I add them to the library. Unfortu
hi I am doing placment of symbols in allegro 16.3 , i want to make groups of symbols ,so that in future i can choose a complete group in brd . pls help ,how to create groups in allegro 16.3 . Thanks in Advance
Hello All, Is there any options to print the Schematic's of CAPUTURE CIS with Ref Des.. i mean if i click any Ref Des it have to highlight in Pdf, or if i click any symbols in Pdf it have to shows its attribute.. In concept HDL this option is available.. i m not aware about CAPUTRE CIS.. pls help me to find out.. And also., in PCB LAYOUT
Hi everyone! this is my first post, i've a question...maybe a stupid question...I created a new project on allegro, now I've worklib/name_of_my_library directory and I'd like to add some symbols to use in the schematic. for example I downloaded DIT4192 symbol and if I include its chips, docs, entity and sym_1 directories in (...)
Also place NC legend from Artwork tab without that you will not see drill table and drill symbols in PCB
I am trying to simulate a schematic in allegro design entry HDL 16.3 using the built in PSpice, drop down menu called "AMS Simulator". My schematic is just a dummy with only 2 resistors, a GND node, and a floating node (no symbols for a voltage source yet I know we have a long way to go but I just want to get the tools working). Here (...)
hi if you using PCB editor means select tools--> update symbols. and then click ok..
Hello Sapplire_2010, You need to fix the symbols. 1) Set the symbol Origin properly 2) Set the Symbol extents properly so that the whole symbol is visible in the Editor (File extents) 3) Update these two symbols in your .Brd Files. 4) Run the DB doctor once again. Let me know what happens after that....
Hi fiends, how can we import the groups into allegro once we create in orcad schematic? Please be detailed answer. thanks in advance for your effort. cheers, chakri
Hello, I've used allegro and I've been some problems with gerber generating: When I generate for Rs274x standard, allegro fails becouse I haven't flash symbols. What is a flash symbol ? Really I need it to geber extended generating ? Thanks in advance,