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Hi system verilog is now statndardized and has loads of industry support. Since it is a HDVL will SV proceeed to replace standard verilog/VHDL in design? Will SV slowly replace Vera and Specman/E as the language for verification? Please share your views on this.. Thanks Vivek
Hi.. i want to learn system verilog by my own. so i want to know free simulators for system verilog and from where i get that software freely??
anyone knows the speed for the same function using systemc and verilog. what software do you use? I hope systemc can be 10 faster than verilog, can it ?
I've used Orcad PSIPCE with schematic capture for that recently. I was far from convinced by it as a useful tool (I was only using flip-flops and some logic gates along with a whole bunch of analogue stuff), I'm not sure how it is for handling HDL type stuff.. A few years ago I used AdvanceMS by Mentor Graphics, with I think, the ELDO simulator (it
Hello friends, I am in the learning stage of system verilog, using Modelsim -6.2g version, But it is not going to Compilation & simulation, Will this software work for system verilog or not? are there any other tools which is supporting system (...)
i am new in designing world and this is the first main design project for me , i am responsible for the Receiving side of the high speed serial link after reading , studying many papers and putting the system of receiver by hand , i guess the next step is to make system level simulation what i need for this step ? and which (...)
Hi guys, In verilog we can get the random number by system task $random(seed). If I don't give a seed, does verilog simulator use system time as the seed or still simulation time as the seed? If verilog simulator doesn't use system time as the seed, how do I use (...)
Do anyone know a project (hardware) with software installation? Other then security alarm system.
cadence is a EDA and solution provider. It surpport the tools on the system design, ASIC design, simulation and verification, Layout, packet etc.
I think that problem is not so easy. For n-level pipeline system in the case of conditional jump you need to flush pipline queue, provide delay with (n-1) additional cycles and load pipeline queue n instructions on the jumped location. In the case that you want to add BTC (Branch Traget Cache) unit to eliminate additional (n-1) execution cycl
you do have other poerful languages like vera and the upcoming system verilog. which is more merge the SoC flow? if u mean flexibility like reuse, HVL like vera/system verilog/Specman are much better compared to C or verilog/VHDL
hi sp, it seems u downloaded the Leon code, it was available in web from long back.. The new opensource code from SUN Microsystems is in verilog. rgds eda_wiz
in my company we worked about 2 man-years for modeling a complex soc system. as larger the system get the more fault and netlist errors occured, although the blocks work fine, but simulating the whole system is unimpossible! the design support helped us, but what made me wundering is that the vams software development has (...)
Either ModelSim or VCS-MX. Arcording to me, VCS-MX is the best due to the system task interface it provides.
C is a programming language. It is used to program a computer or a system having a microprocessor. verilog is a modelling language. It is used to model hardware behaviour, so that it may be simulated. It will fall in the category of High level language, but it not a programming language. Kr, Avi
Hi fellows, I am quite familiar with writing embedded software using C and I experienced in describing Hardware using VHDL but I have never used systemC, this is why I ask what it is good for. (serious - no flamewar intended) AFAIK systemC is intended for high level simulation of complex systems with (...)
This subject has been answered several times might find a more detailed analysis by doing a search here at edaboard I will sumerize it briefy .. verilog has a C like syntax ..VHDL has a Ada like syntax .. both are know as hard description languages .. for simulation and syntesis .both are also tricky .VHDL was designed as a multi porpos
Really, i do not have any ideas about that..but i know that as you have written it..the BER is measured in baseband. Is there any cicruit simulation in ADS software ? how can we make the cicruit to simulate the BER ? Thank you in advance, N Added after 17 minutes: For information, I have A
hi my friends; i'm working on a digital baseband processor for zigbee as a part of a system-on-chip(not on FPGA).i use QuartusII for writing my verilog codes and simulation,cadence pks_shell for synthesis and power analyzing,soc encounter for floorplan and layout. but i doubt that i'm using appropriate softwares,specially (...)
Good idea is always to start with simulations. Once you are sure that there are no compilation errors, and your design is performing as expected, then move on to synthesis. Industry follows the similar flow : Design --> simulation --> Synthesis --> Backend flow Modelsim is from Mentor. Latest Modelsim version is Questa Sim which can be used to
Hi, I need help writing a FIR Filter in verilog. The project is as follows: Design and build a co-processor that interfaces to the Leon that implements an FIR filter. Use memory mapped registers on the AMBA APB bus device 12 to communicate with the co-processor. Your C program (and Modelsim Testbench) will transmit the 16 bit filter coefficient
yes, also gcc is for compile c/c++ code and irun is for compile hdl/systemc/system verilog and elaboration and simulation!
Have you guys tried LASI LAyout system for Individuals, this software runs on Windows. You can very well try this. I think it is available freely on this website. Pleas check for this book where you can get tutorials on LASI CMOS circuit design, layout, and simulation By R.Jacob Baker, Harry W
SPW is a system level simulator, something like matlab (although it is more powerful than matlab). It also can used for generating synthesizabel code considering its design rules in system level design. Also it can link to some major HDL simulator like verilog-xl, nc-sim or vcs for direct co-simulation. It has also (...)
I don't know if NC verilog has a 2GB limit, but if you are running Windows with FAT32 file system, then all files are limited to 2GB. Converting to NTFS would remove that limit.
Which platform? In Windows based, you should use different tools to cover the design flow: ModelSim (simulation), Leonardo (synthesis), Ledit (layout generation). But the biggest problem is related to layout generation, because it does not support efficient algorithms to do automatic routing. In Linux based, you can use Cadence packages (IC5.0.
there's no best way. to do front end design is to abstract your mind to higher and higher level. just similar to software design, from assembly -> C -> C++. you must try to move yourself from PNP->Transistor->gate->RTL->behavior->system level. Good luck! Actually, front-end design is a competition of thinking instead of the experience in back
I am not very qualified to answer this but from my experience only SIMULINK blocks can be converted to HDL such as verilog or Vhdl. Also these simulink blocks should be from vendors like Xilinx (system generator) or Synplify (SynplifyDSP) or Altera (system builder).
systemC is more on higher abstraction level then VHDL and verilog. systemC can be used on specification level, architecture level. where as VHDL and verilog are more on behavioral level and below. The biggest advantage of systemC over VHDL and other HDLs is that it supports co-simulation of (...)