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how does a laser tachometer work? should the rotating element have a reflective spot? what happends if it doesn't? regards
Hi, I've done a digital tachometer using a PIC16F877 and an Hall effect sensor wich "sense" a small magnet attached to the engine shaft but I need to make it more "universal". This tacho. is gonna be used with small gasoline engines wich don't have primary ignition coil signal available. What I'd like to use is to wrap a piece of insulated wire
hi I'm also thinking about making a tachometer, but with a different approach. I would stick a ferromagnetic, kinda circle, to the rotating shaft, with one 'cut' into it. on one side of the circle put a small magnet, and on the other side a Hall sensor. The hall sensor would give u a nice pulse you can measure with a PIC microcontroller for exampl
thanks but i need only tachometer base on atmel uC and led display Elektor 2003 magazines uC code not free.
Hello, I'm making a tachometer which communicates with my VW Gol Computer. The only problem I have is that the Enginse "nosie" is getting into my AVR power supply (made with a LM7805) and possible the AVR I/O pins. How can I filter this noise from the Supply and the I/O Pins. Thanks very much Ezequiel
8) PIC tachometer project HN
Hi there I've a stepper motor from HDD drive.HDD model Seagate ST351 A/X, motor that spins the plate. It has 11 pinouts. Can someone tell me which pin is what:) There are some numbers on it: 73i57-870 ("i" or "1"), and REV E/EC5140. I don't know is it unipolar or bipolar, does it have tachometer or something... Another question:) is it possible