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8) pic tachometer project HN
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Please upload the schematic files which are missing from The archive only has asm and pcb pdf's there is no schematic. Digital tachometer by silicon chip mag. It is what i wanted....
hi I'm also thinking about making a tachometer, but with a different approach. I would stick a ferromagnetic, kinda circle, to the rotating shaft, with one 'cut' into it. on one side of the circle put a small magnet, and on the other side a Hall sensor. The hall sensor would give u a nice pulse you can measure with a pic microcontroller for exampl
Hello, This is my first post to this forum, so bear with me. I'm working on writing assembly code for a R/C microturbine tachometer. I'm very new to this so, I really could use some help. I'm using the pic 16F84A micro controller chip, compling the language with MPLAb IDE v 7.30 and assembling the data with Mplasm. I'm having a problem displayi
I Looking for help on conditioning the signal comming from the positive side of a coil on a harley motorcycle.I want to use it with a 4n25 opto for a rpm gauge with a pic processor.Thanks in advance.
Find here a ready made project kit with the same specifications you need.... Microcontroller based Tacho meter. This is an easy-to-make photoelectric based tachometer project for measuring the RPM (revolution per minute) of rotating shaft, shop-floor tools and many household machines without any mechan
m designing a tachometer and and a sms controller using 16f877 and i want the coding in C can anyone help me???? Added after 5 minutes: and i want to display the RPM on the 16x2 LCD
Hi every body ! i have a project with 8051 . I want to design a tachometer . Many people use pic or avr but with me , i'm a newbie so i start learning MC with 89s52 and use assembly for programing . Program button and lcd is so so ! But i have trouble with counter in 8051 . Please show me how to count pulses in 1s -> pulses in 60s
More data please What kind of tachometer? What kind of servo? position or speed? I used a washing machine motor with AC tacho for speed servo ; controling high speed in 5000 -13000 rpm range with uc3843 ,no micro.
Hi , could you help me please to understand the assembly code of this LCD tachometer with pic 16F628 for example I don't undersand the use of blades and how it works ?
Here is a fairly in-depth discussion on the design of a tachometer with source code and schematics: some questions motor speed monitoring You find may example tachometer projects listed in this discussion thread as well. BigDog
Proposed schema: 1. Input signal from sensor in pic 2. start internal timer of pic 3. count pulses for a specific time 4. calculate speed My problem also in how to start the internal time of the pic. The following thread discusses at great length the implementation of a tachometer using a pic and (...)
Hi I am new to microcontrollers and am trying to build a tachometer using the pic 16f690 with a reed switch and LCD display. I am having some difficulties trying to calculate the RPM of a shaft using one magnet and one reed switch. Any suggestion of how to write a program in assembly code to calculate the RPMs? I want the readouts to be valid be
You might benefit from review the following detailed discussion thread concerning the implementation of a tachometer using a pic: some questions motor RPM monitoring It is a similar task, counting the number pulses in a specific time frame. BigDog
Hi, This is my first time actually getting into microcontrollers and designing my own PCB board, having so much fun :) What I'm working on is to measure engine's rotational speed using an array of LEDs, which is essentially 'shift light'. Once completed this will actually be installed in an open wheel race car that we built in an university so
I've done some readings on how tachometers (as in automobile tachometers used to measure engine RPM) works. Apparently modern tachometers drive the needle from the signal received from its signal wire; which is a series of square wave pulses. If I'm not mistaken the frequency determines what RPM the engine is running. So as a holiday project (...)
Hi, I've done a digital tachometer using a pic16F877 and an Hall effect sensor wich "sense" a small magnet attached to the engine shaft but I need to make it more "universal". This tacho. is gonna be used with small gasoline engines wich don't have primary ignition coil signal available. What I'd like to use is to wrap a p
Hello, This is my first post to this forum, so bear with me. I'm working on writing assembly code for a R/C microturbine tachometer. I'm very new to this so, I really could use some help. I'm using the pic 16F84A micro controller chip, compling the language with MPLAb IDE v 7.30 and assembling the data with Mplasm. I'm having a problem displayi
Heres a tip for you: you have to experiment on this though some math might be involve... The motor for the belt must be of a constant speed. Put tachs (tachometer) on the motor (it simple to design and build), take the average cloth length in 1 sec interval and program it in a microcontroller (or a logic counter may be) to display the length on
you should also consider buying one. there are cheap one on ebay now... search for "digital rpm"
Hai srkyboykg and savnik When we can do the same without pic, why to worry? Be happy. Here is the Link. Hope it helps you. Too if you are particular to be with microcontrollers, Here is a similar project kit from designed with Atmel 89C2051 as the he
I have chosen to work on a small project - a DC motor controller - with the objective of building a tachometer with a pic MCU. But I have never designed with a DC motor before, and so I have no idea what the current (milliamps) and voltage that they can handle (max and normal operation). Can someone help? I have attached a picture of the (...)
Nowadays, with microcontrollers and LCDs having become very economical and popular, it is possible to build a compact and low-cost LCD based counter. Here is an example of many can be found on the internet: Home Made 99000 RPM digital contact-less tachometer
The following thread discusses implementation of a pic based tachometer using various sensors in great detail: some questions motor speed monitoring I would suggest reviewing the thread and posting any further questions you may have concerning the implementation of your tachometer. BigDog
Hi all, first I need to say I'm not good with microcontrollers, and I am building my second tesla coil, that is why I need a tachometer for the rotary spark gap RPM. I started to look everywhere for a tachometer project, but I'm a bit limited on "money". I was trying to use pic, because I can use pickit programmer at (...)
So I constructed this tachometer project (it can measure RPM using 3 methods but I just chose one of them which is by IR LED and Photodiode) and I'm really sure that I did it right according to the circuits schematic I got from an electronics magazine, but when I connect the power supply its just dead and nothing works at all, please look at both c