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8) PIC tachometer project HN
Please upload the schematic files which are missing from The archive only has asm and pcb pdf's there is no schematic. Digital tachometer by silicon chip mag. It is what i wanted....
how does a laser tachometer work? should the rotating element have a reflective spot? what happends if it doesn't? regards
Signals for tachometers can be pickedup in many different ways: wireless, hall sensosrs, optical sensors .. to name just a few .. Here is one example that shows a magnetic pickup device .. see picture below .. This signal cen be fed directly to almost any tachometer circuit .. here is one example:
hello, how are you? I want to know carbon monoxide emission with MAP tachometer. merlion.
I am from sweden. I need to build a tachometer (reflective mode). The emitter is working ok. Can you please show me the schematics of the detector(receiver) ?I have worked hard on this but still confused. Thank you!! Jey
hello all, idon't know much abt AVR's.but did small things like led blink etc. now i want to build LED based tachometer for my motrbike. like this why AT90s2313 is bcz i want 3 chips and programmer to burn the can some one help me. (for the input of tachometer i want to
hello all, i found this site while i was searching for some good microcontroller forum.iam trying to make LED based tachometer for my motorcycle. i want to drive 20 LEDS using AVR like AT90s2313 or ATTINY2313.why these bcz i already have 2 microcontrollers each. for input signal to the microc
I have a DC motor with its tachometer. There is 2 wires for the DC motor and 3 wires for the tacho. I want to make a control loop to control the speed of this motor. Can any one help me to know how to sense the motor speed from these three tacho wires?? thanks in advance
hello all, iam trying to build 7-segmant based LED tachometer for my motorcycle(single cylinder,4-stroke help me Here 2 full projects tachometers for car (moto). Are published on Siliconchip: Part1 P
I am looking for some ideas for a small remote wireless tachometer. The application would be for an remote controlled helicopter, where the RPM of the main baldes could be measured and transmitted remotely. One basic idea is to mount a small magnet to the fan of the heli - this fan rotates at a known ratio to the main blades. Then mount a sma
Hi there, tachometer is just the current speed of the shaft or something but odometer gives the distance or the no. of revolutuions the shaft has undergone till then.. Hence the readings would be different...
Hello everyone i'm going to build a digital tachometer capable to measure revolutions from 1 to 2500 RPM with resolution of 1 rpm and speed alarm on low and high speed. the shaft generate 3 pulses per revolution. any help, source code or suggestion are very welcome Regards Giorgia
hi I'm doing a project in designing digital tachometer. so kindly tell about sensors assembly code for pic16f84a design parameters
good evening!actually i am doing a tachometer as my college project using 89c2051 .but i dont know how to use moc7811 sensor can anybody help me ? pls its urgent!
please help me with this code, trying to make a tachometer with pic16f887. only show me all the time 330. Set CCP1 capture but in vain .... where is wrong? I put in main.c ccp1_isr (); turometru (); where I wrong? #include "main.h" #priority CCP1, TIMER1 #define BytePtr(var, offset) (char *)(&(char *)var + offset) #byte PI
hi every body i am working in a project which uses a tachometer to determine the speed of the engine but i need to make simulation for the tachometer in Proteus but i can`t find it`s model can any body help me? or what about a library for the tachometer or an equivalent circuit for it in Proteus?:idea:
hi every body i am working in a project which uses a tachometer to determine the speed of the engine but i need to make simulation for the tachometer in Proteus but i can`t find it`s model can any body help me? or what about a library for the tachometer or an equivalent circuit for it in Proteus?
You may find a ready to assemble tachometer Kit with Optical sensor and 89C2051 with LED 7 segment display at . Good luck
I would like to buy a tachometer to measure the rpm of a ceiling fan. Any specifications I should consider? What type of a tachometer would be the best for this job?
m designing a tachometer and and a sms controller using 16f877 and i want the coding in C can anyone help me???? Added after 5 minutes: and i want to display the RPM on the 16x2 LCD
Hi every body ! i have a project with 8051 . I want to design a tachometer . Many people use pic or avr but with me , i'm a newbie so i start learning MC with 89s52 and use assembly for programing . Program button and lcd is so so ! But i have trouble with counter in 8051 . Please show me how to count pulses in 1s -> pulses in 60s
Hai Anybody Got Experienced with LM2917 as tachometer.. DataSheet Seems to be very Poor... and i want to use 14 pin LM2197 (pulsed DC input)... if anybody has experience in this, please share circuit diagram for 14 pin LM2917....
help me in speed control of dc motor along with tachometer circuit
i urgently need to make a microcontroller based contactless tachometer but m getting lots of circuit. can nebody help me with a circuit that is well tested? I just cant understand one thing. Why most of Indian members ask for tested and full projects? You may be an exception. Just try one of the circuit you have and post
More data please What kind of tachometer? What kind of servo? position or speed? I used a washing machine motor with AC tacho for speed servo ; controling high speed in 5000 -13000 rpm range with uc3843 ,no micro.
I'm trying to figure out how to modify the tachometer circuit in my car to accept the signal from an aftermarket standalone ECU. Unfortunately I DON'T have enough electronics knowledge/background to figure this out first time through on my own :( . Help would be much appreciated. If you want to see my original thread about this on the car forum
Hi , could you help me please to understand the assembly code of this LCD tachometer with pic 16F628 for example I don't undersand the use of blades and how it works ?
Here is a fairly in-depth discussion on the design of a tachometer with source code and schematics: some questions motor speed monitoring You find may example tachometer projects listed in this discussion thread as well. BigDog
Hi, this is the my first time posting here, but I'm in a hurry and I don't know anyone who can help me. If this isn't the correct board to post this, I ask the moderators to move the right one. I'm a Brazilian college student, and I'm trying to build a tachometer and a speedometer for a vehicle with LM2917N 14pin version. I'm study to be a mec
Hi, I have this project where I have to design a tachometer using VHDL. The thing is I m pretty new to the field of electronic projects and I m very new to VHDL. The project asks me to count the Rotations/per Minute from a motor. It has to be in the range 19-98 RPM, the measurement time is 1.1s, and the display resolution is 0.1 . The good
A tachometer from Ford Orion (diesel) was used in this project to Fiat Uno with fuel engine 900 on single-point injection. In diesels, signal for tachometer is taken from alternator, there is not counting system. Such tachometer w
I've done some readings on how tachometers (as in automobile tachometers used to measure engine RPM) works. Apparently modern tachometers drive the needle from the signal received from its signal wire; which is a series of square wave pulses. If I'm not mistaken the frequency determines what RPM the engine is running. So as a holiday project (...)
I wanna make a tachometer using IR and LCD. I used PIC16F877a and the code is in below. Please help me to show me the exact way for the project. Now what should i do???? Please help !!! The code is: /* Lab 7: Timer0 as a counter Internal Oscillator @ 4MHz, MCLR Enabled, PWRT Enabled, WDT OFF Copyright @ Joy@Nadim January, 20
If either Resolver, Encoder or tachometer is connected on a shaft of motor for feedback to vfd then it means vfd is configured to run in vector control method ? thanks
...or make a web search: "tachometer PIC project"
Hi there I've a stepper motor from HDD drive.HDD model Seagate ST351 A/X, motor that spins the plate. It has 11 pinouts. Can someone tell me which pin is what:) There are some numbers on it: 73i57-870 ("i" or "1"), and REV E/EC5140. I don't know is it unipolar or bipolar, does it have tachometer or something... Another question:) is it possible
Hello, I'm making a tachometer which communicates with my VW Gol Computer. The only problem I have is that the Enginse "nosie" is getting into my AVR power supply (made with a LM7805) and possible the AVR I/O pins. How can I filter this noise from the Supply and the I/O Pins. Thanks very much Ezequiel
thanks but i need only tachometer base on atmel uC and led display Elektor 2003 magazines uC code not free.
The input current usually goes up when stalled or overloaded. This can be sensed. A more sophisticated method is to use a tachometer to measure the shaft rotation speed.
I want to built a cardio-tachometer. I want to use a photoresistor in the detection circuit. Can anyone tell me a senzitive photoresistor? Also need the characteristics/price.
Hi all. I'm new to this list and I'm an 2nd year EE engineering undergraduate. I'm building a tachometer for a project in the university. I need some schematics which generate a pulse after receiving an IR beam. I'm planning to generate the pulse as follows... 1 > stick an IR reflecting piece of tape on the rotating shaft 2 > sending
Hi, I've done a digital tachometer using a PIC16F877 and an Hall effect sensor wich "sense" a small magnet attached to the engine shaft but I need to make it more "universal". This tacho. is gonna be used with small gasoline engines wich don't have primary ignition coil signal available. What I'd like to use is to wrap a p
I want to build a circuit that will pick-up induction from a pulse generated by an engine sparkplug and create a nice digital signal from it... The trick is to wrap a wire about 10 turns around the sparkplug wire. The problem is that I don't know how to filter this noisy signal. The maximum spark duration will be 0.5 ms. So I need a c
hi guys! can anybody guide me how to interface a dc servomotor using pc's parallel port without involving a microcontroller stuff?? description: we should enter speed of motor in rpm through pc and motor should adjust itself to the given speed....if there is a load connected on its shaft, or due to some other reasons its speed reduces....we s
Hi friends, My project is rotation per minute meter, it will be helpful to all that don't have a tachometer on the instrumental board in your car. To rx5 the DDB file you will open it with PROTEL 99. here is the scheme of connection of my device to my old Renault 19 chamade car
Hello, This is my first post to this forum, so bear with me. I'm working on writing assembly code for a R/C microturbine tachometer. I'm very new to this so, I really could use some help. I'm using the PIC 16F84A micro controller chip, compling the language with MPLAb IDE v 7.30 and assembling the data with Mplasm. I'm having a problem displayi