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In my case I would need a 100 ua meter to read 5000 RPM since my plug fires twice as much as most engines. The schematic shows a potentiometer in series with the meter. By running the engine at some known rate, and then adjusting meter travel to match, that ought to be sufficient to calibrate your tachometer.
I want to find a circuit to level translate the output of the coil (12v) to the input of a microprocessor.
I am using a pic16f877a, an EM-506 GPS module, and a 16x2 LCD to display the Speed Over Ground and using Timer 0 as the timer and Timer 1 as a counter to display RPM's. I can get the RPM's and speed to display individually but not at the same time. For the tachometer, I set the pre-scalar to 0x07 to create the longest delay possible prior to servi
Can somebody test this MAX7219 tachometer in hardware ? It uses PIC16F887 and 20 MHz crystal oscillator. MAX7219 is used for driving 8 digit 7 Segment display. I tested it in hardware using EasyPIC v7 and seeedstudio's DSO Quad (5 KHz square wave, 50% duty) but value varies a lot and vale is never stable. The device reads pulses on INT0 pi
My PIC12F1840 + 12C LCD tachometer using IOC feature This is the first time I used IOC feature. Maybe the code is not correct. Maybe there is unwanted interrupt firing. If anybody finds such thing in my code then tell me how to fix it. Code written in mikroC PRO PIC 6.4.0 Compiler.
Basically a tachometer is a 1shot per cycle averaged into a Low Pass Filter. 0 to 30MHz would require a 1/30 us 1-shot or 33ns or less. The unknown part is your spec for the input waveform, as errors can occur with any F2V convertor unless the input has well defined constraints. such as harmonics, noise, amplitude sensitivity, slew rate input ra
i'am doing tachometer using microcontroller AT89s52 in this i'am using sensor to detect the pulses of motor and i want display the speed in lcd that is for below 100 rpm i want to display two decimal point and below 1000 rpm i have to display one decimal point and above 1000 rpm their won't be any decimal point please some one give me a code or els
Constant display of 3000 RPM seems to indicate 50 Hz hum but no tachometer signal at the counter input. Looks like a hardware problem.
It is not necessary an optical apparatus for achieve that. There are fan models available with 3 wires: two for motor supply, but another one acting as an internal tachometer ( output open collector ). The purpose of such feature is the ability to evaluate the "health" of the fan, that due to being exposed to dust, often reduce spin rate, or even s
I followed this project : But on powering the circuit I only read 0000 on 7-segment! NO OTHER VALUE! I cant find any rpm! I think I might have screwed with the IR DIODE AND PHOTODIODE STUFF since I didnt knew how to differentiate them! Is there a way so that i might check whet
Hi everybody, I builded an old Digital tachometer with LED bar ( ) thanks to a few members from this forum (they posted schematic and soure code, ), so maybe someone can help me to rebuild source code to display the time instead of RPM. For exa
I see a Wireless tachometer. Also an Infra-red tachometer. Both on Ebay. What 'pickup' do they have? I thought I'd make one, if it's not too complex. Thanks for any advice (other than buying one) that I may use.
Why this tachometer code not working as expected? I have used the code from the book "Embedded C Programming and the Microchip PIC" page nos. 150 and 151. mikroC PRO + Proteus files attached.
Hello.... I want to make project on tachometer using IR leds with AT89S51. I want to know how to program time/counter to take measurement in RPM and how do I display on 16x2 LCD and how to convert pulses in RPM...what is the formula for it??? I m programming microcontroller in Assembly 99 000 R
You should use the processor for which you can get the best hardware (e.g. development board) and software support. I don't think that ultrasonic will give a suitable on-board vehicle speed measurement. I presume, everyone will see why when thinking about it a bit. First choice would be tachometer pulse counting, if available. GSM module with G
IKA-TACH Contactless tachometer project is based on an ATMEGA48 AVR micro controller, and is able to measure very high RPMs, as well as very low ones. It is based on an IR (Infra Red) opto-couple to detect shaft rotation. A tachometer is a device used to measure the number of revolutions per minute of a
I have an older 0-5000 RPM analog tachometer that I'd like to install on an old points type ignition farm tractor. Am looking for a simple device to multiply (double or triple) the tach input, so 0-2000 RPM (actual) will indicate closer to full scale on the faceplate. Full output RPM of the tractor is 1750. The most ideal solution would be to f
A tachometer on my boat got fried when I was cruising. I saw two 'blow ups' one after the other and I observed smoke. Attached are some photos of the schematic. I tried to look for the schematic but it was in vain. I managed to get the values of the two capacitors; 015J400 and 47uF polarised. However the power resistor was totally burned I c
On the fan, the three pins are Red = +12V, Black = Ground, Other Colour = tachometer. You do not need to use the tachometer output - it is used on a PC for measuring the fan speed. Ignore it. Just wire up so that the Red fan lead/pin connects to +12V (Battery +) and the Black connects to Ground (battery -) Personally, I would just cut the Mol
So I constructed this tachometer project (it can measure RPM using 3 methods but I just chose one of them which is by IR LED and Photodiode) and I'm really sure that I did it right according to the circuits schematic I got from an electronics magazine, but when I connect the power supply its just dead and nothing works at all, please look at both c
I'm building this circuit "LED Strobe & tachometer" so it uses a microcontroller (PIC16F88-I/P) and I have the HEX code, but for some reason I don't know the code won't be verified when installed on the chip (neither can be read), and here is the code (LED Strobe Folder) : ANY HELP PLEASE!
hi dears. I'm a bit new in Electronic, and now want to make a tachometer. I designed protection and supply circuit according to CS8190 datasheet and another tachometer's PCB. I've produced the 8.9v DC voltage for pin8 of CS8190 and a square wave to pin3. but now I can't see any thing in pin2. Can any one guess where the problem can be?
If either Resolver, Encoder or tachometer is connected on a shaft of motor for feedback to vfd then it means vfd is configured to run in vector control method ? thanks
I wanna make a tachometer using IR and LCD. I used PIC16F877a and the code is in below. Please help me to show me the exact way for the project. Now what should i do???? Please help !!! The code is: /* Lab 7: Timer0 as a counter Internal Oscillator @ 4MHz, MCLR Enabled, PWRT Enabled, WDT OFF Copyright @ Joy@Nadim January, 20
I've done some readings on how tachometers (as in automobile tachometers used to measure engine RPM) works. Apparently modern tachometers drive the needle from the signal received from its signal wire; which is a series of square wave pulses. If I'm not mistaken the frequency determines what RPM the engine is running. So as a holiday project (...)
Hi, This is my first time actually getting into microcontrollers and designing my own PCB board, having so much fun :) What I'm working on is to measure engine's rotational speed using an array of LEDs, which is essentially 'shift light'. Once completed this will actually be installed in an open wheel race car that we built in an university so
What you need is a variable DC power supply for this you need to know the ratings of the motor. Depending on the motors design a tachometer system should be included. As said before, running some sorts of series motors off load will lead them to over speed and self destruct, such as car starter motors and spin dryer motors, others such as electric
What is hidden inside that rar, and what is relation of that rar with your question ? See this projects:
A tachometer from Ford Orion (diesel) was used in this project to Fiat Uno with fuel engine 900 on single-point injection. In diesels, signal for tachometer is taken from alternator, there is not counting system. Such tachometer w
Hi I am new to microcontrollers and am trying to build a tachometer using the PIC 16f690 with a reed switch and LCD display. I am having some difficulties trying to calculate the RPM of a shaft using one magnet and one reed switch. Any suggestion of how to write a program in assembly code to calculate the RPMs? I want the readouts to be valid be
Hi, I have this project where I have to design a tachometer using VHDL. The thing is I m pretty new to the field of electronic projects and I m very new to VHDL. The project asks me to count the Rotations/per Minute from a motor. It has to be in the range 19-98 RPM, the measurement time is 1.1s, and the display resolution is 0.1 . The good
You should search like "tachometer" or "rpm", but you must pay attention on accurency, because this is not car tacho with x1000, you have only two digits. Car tacho have about 60rpm accurency. I will see what can be found.
With old analog radios you might have a chance. There one could control the volume by a voltage-controlled attenuator, like an optoresistor lighted by a tachometer output proportionally. Modern radios are computer-controlled, not allowing similar attempts. You will have to design your special audio amplifier to be added before loudspeakers, emplo
The following thread discusses implementation of a PIC based tachometer using various sensors in great detail: some questions motor speed monitoring I would suggest reviewing the thread and posting any further questions you may have concerning the implementation of your tachometer. BigDog
Hi, this is the my first time posting here, but I'm in a hurry and I don't know anyone who can help me. If this isn't the correct board to post this, I ask the moderators to move the right one. I'm a Brazilian college student, and I'm trying to build a tachometer and a speedometer for a vehicle with LM2917N 14pin version. I'm study to be a mec
Have you considered utilizing a RPM/tachometer sensing the revolutions of a rear wheel or a part of the drive train, e.g., drive shaft. The resulting RPM can then be used to calculate the velocity of the vehicle if traveling in a relatively linear fashion. Another option, although more costly, is using a GPS module, which can provide fairly accur
It rather looks like a kind of moving-magnet or moving-iron instrument driving the tachometer hand.
Hello, sorry fo my English. I have the following problem. I made a induction tachometer with a PIC16F876A (28 pin) and I view the RPM on LCD display. I am attaching the electronic scheme of my circuit. In input to optoisolator 4n35 arrive the pulses induced in a wire wrapped around the spark plug. The maximum induced voltage is about 4V. Th
What are Resolver, Encoder & tachometer ? Differences between these Feedback techniques ? When to employ these ? thanks
I am building a tachometer on IR base. The schematic is ready. But how can I simulate a tachometer (signal). I read something about placing a "Digital Probe"?? But how does one do this?? Also I am writing the code in MicroC. Now I am using a 20 MHz crystal and trying to get every interrupt action over a RS232 to a PC. This to show the curve from
Here's a tachometer project with MikroC source code: SH1_Tacho How to make a contact-less digital tachometer using IR-light reflection technique. Part 1.
The purpose of work is not clear. You want to measure speed or angle ? If is only speed, a tachometer counter could be enought, but direction rotation information will be lost. However if is angle, should consider Index pin, to resset account and correct some accumulated error, every time turns at position 'zero'. PS : Some microcontrolers,
Couple small dc-motor or spepper motor to measured motor axle (now you have tachometer) and measure generated voltage . It is function of rpm. Fix screw in radial direction to axle, measure with proximity sensor or with small , coil magnet inside , how many pulses it generate in 1 min. = rpm. Clue small white or reflective piece radial in
if you are still trouble in hall effect sensor try tachometer speed measuring idea. if you are interested to control speed from measured data, go through following link PWM Motor Speed Control Uses AC tachometer Feedback you
I want a female plug to place onto this one is at the back of a mini-mill SX2 from the manufacturer SIEG it has outputs for a tachometer I would like to make myself ... I cannot find any of these plugs. there are 7 pins, 5+1 pins, but never 6+1 pins also if s
Hi everyone. I'm trying to determine the frequency of a incoming signal at roughly 7KHz. This signal is correctly identified using a scope and is at correct logic levels. I am using the 16bit tachometer digital block which adds a second interrupt. It is basically a 16 bit timer with the added interrupt. I have a 1MHz input clock which should g
I am designing and building a turbojet engine and need a pcb to monitor high speed rpms and exhaust gas temperatures and do an emergency shutdown at a presettable overspeed rpm and control start up and shutdown procedures. Can anyone give me any help? I am pretty much illiterate when it comes to computer programming and electronics construction!
Hi , could you help me please to understand the assembly code of this LCD tachometer with pic 16F628 for example I don't undersand the use of blades and how it works ?
I'm trying to figure out how to modify the tachometer circuit in my car to accept the signal from an aftermarket standalone ECU. Unfortunately I DON'T have enough electronics knowledge/background to figure this out first time through on my own :( . Help would be much appreciated. If you want to see my original thread about this on the car forum
Hi, Recently I visited the page Frequency Counter by PIC16F628 Now I'm very much interested to build the circuit with modification to use it as a tachometer(or rpm meter).The hex file is working correctly for frequency meter. B