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Hello folks, I have to obtain the consumptions waves traces from a circuit in tanner EDA (T-spice) by commands lines. It is easily obtained from W-Edit, but it is not an option to me. I usually simulate thousands of spices files using bash terminal (without graphical interface). I searched in the T-spice (...)
Hi I have an old tdb file(cub.tdb) to create Layout from tpr in tanner Ledit. I made Layout with this library but I don't have it's extraction file to extract spice netlist. If you have this file or you know a website to download it,please introduce it. Thanks
Hi I created an array multiplier in schematic mode with S-edit,then I extracted spice netlist,but I don't know what is this technology process,because transistors is defined like following line: M2 Out A Gnd Gnd NMOS W='28*l' L='2*l' AS='148*l*l' AD='144*l*l' PS='68*l' PD='68*l' M=1 I want to simulate this netlist with 0.18 micron technolo
Please notice that edaboard rules don't allow posting of or request for copyrighted material. Most tanner libraries are in fact copyrighted and can't be shared legally. There are however free libraries for educational purposes. See e.g.
Hello, Where can I get model libraries for different level operations viz, 35nm, 45nm...180nm, 360nm, for S Edit, T spice and L Edit. Thanks in Advance
here i am attaching two images, one image shows code and the other shows fatal error my problem is i want to print a exponential current pulse in tanner spice with Tr=50ps, Tf=164ps please any one can help me in solving this problem thanks in advance
Hi, I want to calculate the Time Delay (or Timing Analysis) in a full Adder which I have drawn in S-Edit(tanner), Kindly anyone help me regarding that. Do I need to add certain commands in spice file?
hi, I designed barrel shifter using tanner EDA design should have low power.But i am not able to find the total power dissipation using tanner EDA. Please can anyone explain how to find the power dissipation using either S-Edit or T-spice.Please help me.
hai how to plot frequency vs voltage control for vco in tanner spice thanks in advance
Sir, I am using tannerToolsV15.00 for my project to simulate VCO circuit may i know how to calculate power spectrum i.e power Vs Frequency plot using either W Edit or any spice command for plotting, which is helpful to me one more thing in one paper they said like VCO draws only 315uA average current from 1.2v DC source may i know at which
Sedit like cadence composer => need symbol , schematic library .. but many Fab only PDK .. some fab maybe have Laker UDD Tspice => just a spice tool , hspice , Tspice , dolphin smash , smartspice run spice model you need Fab provide process model file . Ledit => ledit can import (...)
Hi, I'm a beginner to the tanner tool for design, on very onset I have designed NAND2 gate but spice simulation has provided me 2 warnings and 1 fatal error, which it stopped showing later on. I'm not able to detect those as what is wrong? While entering for W-Edit waveform viewer, its not showing any waveform, instead proving an error message
Can any one tell me how can i calculate the static and dynamic power in any eda microwind,tanner or LT spice...with an example of simple gates like inverter...???? Please help....
Suppose we design a ckt in tanner tool & simulate it in spice using particular technology. Now, if we operate the same ckt at lower Vdd, the propagation delay is more. Why this happens..?
Hi All, I need to perform in DC transfer analysis to my circuit say simple Inverter . Can anyone help me in doing this. Pls do the needful Thanks, Girish S
Fatal Error : Missing MOSFET model definition for "NMOS25" : Referenced by device(s): : MNMOS_2_5v_1 Fatal Error : Missing MOSFET model definition for "PMOS25" : Referenced by device(s): : MPMOS_2_5v_1 already try this procedure too Follow these steps: Go to setup-->spice simulation Select General on the left pane.Under Files and Direc
Hi Hussain tanner EDA What do you mean by that ? Best Wishes Goldsmith
You can do basic Monte Carlo analysis if you have gauss() and track() functions. I don't know Tspice specifically. If you do not have these random / correlation functions, then the next layer would be to use a scripting language that does, to generate your netlist from the tanner one. The post-analysis, you could do in Excel or whatever. The ke
You have to include the model library file. Follow these steps: Go to setup-->spice simulation Select General on the left pane.Under Files and Directories on the right side,you will find an option called Library files. Click on browse, select your model library file ( *lib) and then press OK.You need to add "tt" or "tm" a
timing error coming in tanner t-spice tool that is time step to low
dear s/m, i want to design a layout for digital circuits ..i m having 0.25um process tanner tool,,, I think if i want do the same for 0.18um,,then it needs tanner database (.tdb),extraction (.EXT) files and then we will include a model file..and we will see the T-spice,,W-edit...(Results)... isnt need any kind of this or it (...)
can anyone provide me the model file for a BJT (PNP) to be used in tanner spice .. thank you in advance
Hi. I am making a cmos ota circuit in tanner for the 1st time. I want to simulate the transition response. Can u help me in writing T-spice code.
If you have both, the difference is that tanner tools is simpler but hspice more qualifying i think.
Hii all, I'm Designing a CMOS Four Quadrant Miltiplier using bias feedback techniques, the schematic for which is attached. I'm using tanner for simulation. Also, i'm following 0.5 microns technology. The specifications for the transistors are as follow: * spice netlist written by S-Edit Win32 7.00 * Written on Nov 19, 2011 at 13:4
tanner EDA has launched new forum page where you can add your posts and questions. The link is can post any questions related to S-Edit, L-Edit, T-spice, LVS, SPR, HiPer Verify or tanner tools.
hello to all knowledgeable people: i need help regarding the tanner t-spice models. i need the tanner t-spice model file(urgent) as well as the tanner libraries(though i have one). if any one has got tanner t-spice models, plz do mail me. :idea: ravi.ymca.vlsi (...)
HI to everyone/i have downloaded model files & want to run in tannerEDA.v13.0. i open these model files by notepad(for general view) how to integrate these model files into my tanner??please tell the complete path.. one library file came with my tanner,loading which all things come like, ALL_IOPADS,LOGIC (...)
i am a mtech student .iam designing circuits in tanner EDA 13 Tool using .5micron technology.I wanted to know a command for power dissipation in T circuit implementation is in S-edit .kindly guide me .
dear all, can somebody post a complete tutorial for tanner tools (preferably v13) exposing the complete tool chain(S-edit,L-edit, T-spice, LVS, W-edit) with some demos.
Does anybody have the tanner spice technology file for AMS .35 process? Could you send me a copy? Thanks. My email address is
Hello, I simulate a cross coupled LC-vco in tanner spice, it work correctly in 2.4Ghz, I need to evaluate gm in the negative resistor. Can someone help me, thanks in advance.
hi sir/madam, i am interested to work in tanner t spice(s-edit) tool for designing low power circuits. but i dont have that software, if any one have it means pls send me the software.. regards, prabhu.
Hi. I am a beginner of tanner EDA 14. However, after weeks of hard work (reading manuals and tutorials), i am still not successful in using S-Edit in my inverter design. My design failed to simulate successfully and T-spice showed that the library cannot be found. I need tanner EDA 14 to finish my fyp. My supervisor requires me to master (...)
Hi guys, I've been using tanner tools (S-EDIT, T-spice, L-EDIT..) for my IC desgin project but recently we got great Mentor tools. but I'm facing some problems as follow: I had no problem in importing layout to calibre but for schematic I just tried EDIT format which didn't work. since I need to do LVS so I need to have a netlist from schematic.
Hi, I have made a CMOS design in tanner Tools L-Edit and have simulated it in tanner Tools T-spice, I was wondering if there is any commands for T-spice that can give an estimate of the dynamic power consumption of the circuitry? Thanks, Elyments
L-edit is the layout tool. Do you have a schematic? T-spice is run from a netlist created by S-edit. If you want to do a post-layout simulation you need to 'extract' the netlist from the layout. You need to read the the layout manual for details of netlist extraction and post-layout simulation. I cannot help much as I have only ever used trial v
Hi, I am encountering a problem in tanner see below.... Please help why is ithis happening... ================================================ spice - tanner spice Version Demo 9.12 Product Release ID: T-spice Win32 Demo 9.12.20040112.04:26:10 Copyright (c) 1993-2004 tanner Research, (...)
dear friends i have put an extracted spice netlist file of a fulladder circuit.backend tool is tanner. can somebody guide me how to get this ready for simulation in wedit thanks in advance srinivasan
hi friends i was trying to implement a fulladder circuit in tanner EDA. Post synthesis in Leonardo spec, i did standard place and routing, DRC in tanner L-edit. Finally i did the spice netlist extraction after which i ended up in getting the spice file which i have attached. i searched a lot regarding (...)
HI there...I am very new to all this SRAM design trying to use tanner tools v13 to design the sram but when i try to test the conventional 6T-SRam after drawing the schematics in S-Edit and trying to simulate the circuit in T-spice i got this erro i am g" missing MOSFET definition for 'NMOS' " if anyone can help me by showing the step b
This is an extract file of transistor NMOS when we have only one substrate ,it is inside deep n well : ***********************extract file****************************** device = MOSFET( RLAYER=ntran; Drain=ndiff, AREA, PERIMETER; Gate=poly wire; Source=ndiff, AREA, PERIMETER;
Hello everybody, Is there big difference between spice simulation design layout and simulation same electrical circuit. Because i find in my simple current mirror with two NMOS bandwidth =13.6KHZ. And when i design layout with L-EDIT tanner and after extracting file spice i find bandwidth=532 HZ . Please help me Thank you in advance
tanner is PC windows base EDA software . as I remember , PC base only tanner Ledit mycad mychip Magice and some textBook have LASI( I am not sure) LASI is free layout for Tspice you can use freeware spice tool or gEda on Linux by the way , some EDA tool schematic tool is no "protection"
above URL link is Tsmc spice model (for spice simulation) and GDS file , but Tech file include some setting , like tanner tdb file design rule /drc/ LVS ..etc
Concerning L-EDIT tanner, we can establish all design rules of drawing of mask of any technology. But the problem in L-EDIT tanner, how we establish on a same substrate N-WELL and P-WELL ? Because we find the parameters spice of N-WELL (and GDS), but the parameters of the P-WELL are not found. is there another method to define the (...)
Hi 1. I have BSim3v3.1 model file ( for MOSFET) to be used in Spectre . I need to convert this to Level 2 model to be used while simulating using Tspice( tanner tools). How do I do this ?. 2. Or where can I find 0.35 micron Level 2 model file which can be used while simulating using T spice( tanner Tools).? thanks (...)
hi all....I have designed a 10 bit 100 MHz current steering DAC in tanner EDA.... To measure SFDR i need to use an ideal ADC at the dac input.....But the problem is that tanner doesnt support verilog A models for ideal ADC...and i cant find a spice netlist for an ideal 10 bit plz do help me....
Hi members, I need an old version of Hiper verify tool of tanner. The tool which encompasses L-edit v11.1 is badly needed. Please upload the demo version. Thanks in advance.
can anyone tell me the book from where i can learn tanner tool,s-edit,l-edit. plz send me some links n if u have any ebook ,then could u send me dat....